Video: Joel Embiid Has Good Start In Loss To The Wizards: 120-115

In the first game of the 2017-18 season, the Philadelphia 76ers came up short, 120-115 in a battle against the Washington Wizards. Surprisingly, the star of the game for the Sixers was Robert Covington, who scored 29 points and dropped seven three pointers.  He helped the Sixers keep it close all the way to the end.

Joel Embiid was pleased that coach Brett Brown and his staff let him play more than they had planned on.  The big center talked about he and the coaching staff being willing to listen to each other.  He said he felt good physically after the game.

Embiid finished the game with 18 points, 13 rebounds, 3 assists and one block.  He was 7 of 14 from the field and he made scoring 18 look so easy.

Ben Simmons had a very successful opening game.  He displayed his ability to take the ball to the hoop and finish.  Of course, his passing and ability to see the floor stood out. Simmons finished with 18 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, and 2 steals.

Here you have some comments by head coach Brett Brown after the opening game loss.

18 thoughts on “Video: Joel Embiid Has Good Start In Loss To The Wizards: 120-115

  1. The Richaun Holmes injury is a lot bigger then people think. He basically is Nerlens cheaper, better version.

    Only other option is okafor, and he’s awful at defense. Was hoping to see him play over Johnson though

    1. As much as we get on our rookies, Jesus I think lonzo career over already and nothing to do with his talent. NBA guys are going to eat his little pussy ass all day, because of lavar Kardashian, his defense is 20 times worst then fultz. Ingram is still pure garbage, la la land gonna be dissapointed a lot

        1. Bryan Colangelo traded the laker pick they received for Carter-Williams to move up from the #3 draft position to the #1 draft position in the 2017 NBA draft for Markelle Fultz. Boston currently retains the Lakers first overall selection in 2018.
          Bryan Colangelo aslo traded the OKC first round draft pick acquired for Jeremi Grant for the 25th overall selection 7’1” Latvian center Anžejs Pasečņiks in the 2017 draft, who the Sixers stashed oversees for a few years.
          Sixers still retain the Sacramento Kings first round selection for 2019.

          1. according to this new invention called the world wide web, I dunno its a new fangled invention but on this computer thing-a-ma-chiggy…. the sixers still have the rights to the lakers pick—
            so eagles ZERO– to hook up to this world wide web- first hook your phone up to this thing called a modem, then dial into the internet, it will make these funny sounds like a fax machine- then type in “sixers 2018 drafts” and like magic about a million articles from people who seem to know a little something will show up saying they have it.

          2. Zero you don’t know what the hell you talking about they only get the Lakers pick if it falls between 2 and 5…..i can tell you are new to the whole pick conveying part so I’ll let you figure out the rest if it doesn’t convey to celtics……hint please do all the research don’t come spewing non sense without doing the total research part, makes you look dumb as usual

              1. e0s lmfao at this guy. anyways ur wrong on the trade scenario. i know uve morphed into this crazy weird troll and im trying to figure out where all this is coming from but in the meantime let me correct you

                boston does not have the lakers pick. however if this years lakers pick falls between 2 and 5, boston gets it (HENCE WHY I SAID WE NEED THEM TO GET 1).

                if boston doesnt get lakers pick then they get sacs

                troll on cliff?

              2. Allen Iverson and Jerry Stackhouse literally fought for control of this team. It got so bad one had to go. Markelle Fultz not only didn’t put up a fight with Ben Simmons; he got beat up by Jerryd Bayless. TJ McConnell comes into the game and steals the ball right out of his hands and says I’m in charge of the second unit go stand in the corner and wait for a pass. Please explain what I’m missing? Underwhelming

  2. Cripes. Did you see Stephen A interviewing Lavar after. 2 dudes just yelling at each other but saying nothing.

    Can’t wait to see Lavar interviews after every damn game. Cripes.

  3. Try not to admonish. the thoughts of mhenski. He is still in recovery from the Cam newton fiasco, Where Can became an instant sexist,”mhenskis words” after the mild encounter with the female doing the first female play by play gig. Remember Mhenski used to read playboy , only for the articles,No lusting of course , that would be sexist ,However I do suspect there were a few pages of these lovely. desirable, femme fatales that were seriously stuck together. lol. lol.

    1. Man not only can’t you read and write your brain can’t remember 1 week ago. But now your a creepy pervert making up sexual fantasies of a internet commentator. You’re a nut job

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