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Video: Rookie Markelle Fultz Debuts In Sixers Loss

Sixers rookie Markelle Fultz debuted last night in the 76ers 120-115 opening night loss to the Wizards.  There were times when he shined for the Philly squad and there were other times when he struggled.  He scored 10 points, grabbed three rebounds, had one assist.

Fultz did a nice job of moving in the paint to get open for scores on layups.  He also made some nice passes to set up Joel Embiid for a score or two in the paint. Fultz pulled down two offensive rebounds and one on the defensive side.  The youngster definitely has the ability to finish by the rim.

The youngster was 5 for 9 shooting and most of his shots were from inside.  He’s got to improve his free throw shooting which is hampered because of his injured shoulder.  He shot 0 for 2 from the line. on Facebook

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30 Comments for “Video: Rookie Markelle Fultz Debuts In Sixers Loss”

  1. disappointed in Fultz. Sixers are using him exclusively at Shooting guard and he can’t shoot. So Fultz is partnered with Simmons and McConnell who both can’t shoot either. Big disappointment so far. He has no range. So far with his timid outside game I would give Colangelo a 2 out of 10 for the draft pick. Looks like Colangelo blew it.

  2. That’s close to an all time record for zero being a total loser ZERO! One NBA game and management blew it… 19 year old kid playing against grown men in his first game and the GM blew it… even good OL fraudman would have given it a month and we all know what kind of a negative nitwit! ZERO makes him look knowledgeable

  3. But they got back a major asset? Are you really that stupid or just trolling?

    • I’m underwhelmed by Markelle because of his perimeter timidness. I expected that from Simmons not Fultz. Which is why I’m disappointed.

      • Well, I believe he should quit the game, get back to college and get that degree… all because some nitwit watched 20 minutes of a 19 year olds first game …which as has been proven to said nitwit is about par for the course to great NBA players… but then again, here I sit arguing with a dumb dumb..,

        • Danny Ainge in the house tonight. Not only did Ainge pass on Markelle Fultz he doubled down saying he wouldn’t have drafted Markelle first overall anyway and suckered the Sixers into a draft pick. How much DAWG does Markelle have in him. Ainge essentially called him nothing special. Laid back Fultz going to take it or prove him wrong?

  4. I do agree Rhyne Sandburg was a total stiff

  5. Fultz is in the best spot of any number one pick ever… they have two other number one picks with only 31 games of total experience… but they have age experience… ( I know embid was a three but…)

  6. Embid 0-8… I assume zero will decry the sky is falling

  7. Boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Same ole crappy Sixers.
    Brett Brown and Bryan Colangelo Boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    102-92 Celtics humiliated the Sixers bigs with tinnie tiny nowbodies.
    Amir, Joel and Dario crapped their pants.

  8. Sixers looked like 5 guys who just met up at the gym and chose sides (celtics didn’t look much better)… I could not imagine paying for that. I almost bought season tickets but thank god I didn’t… such a terrible product.
    Sixers will be below 500 for the first 25 games of the season but finish the season at 500

    • The Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid combination isn’t clicking. Time to consider ending that experiment and give Markelle the starting point guard job. The Markelle and Embiid pick and roll so far is better than the Simmons/Embiid pick and roll.

      • They tanked for like 100 years and the process people were patient (maybe delusional)… they will figure out how to play all 3 at the same time.

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