Video: The Amazing Carson Wentz TD Pass To Corey Clement

In the fourth quarter of the Eagles battle with the Redskins, quarterback Carson Wentz dropped in the pocket and looked into the end zone for an open receiver.  Late in the play with Wentz looking around for an open target, the Washington linebacker stepped forward to put a hit on Wentz.

A sack seemed to be on the way, but Wentz got rid of the football at the last split second and threw it down the right sideline to running back Corey Clement, who had first ran short square out.  He saw his quarterback was in trouble, so he turned up the sideline and took the route deep as a way of getting open.

Some how Wentz saw Clement had a step on the linebacker and he delivered the football to the rookie running back.  Clement went up and pulled the down for an Eagles touchdown.

9 thoughts on “Video: The Amazing Carson Wentz TD Pass To Corey Clement

    1. That’s what franchise QB’s do..make the talent around them better. Look at Zach Ertz production this year compared to the last3-4 years, look at Agholor. of course coaching and hard work has played a role too, but, the QB has to get these guys the ball and put them in the right situation.

      1. I would say that Wentz, oops I mean Meh, has answered any questions from the negative nitwits about his accuracy– wow– re-watching some of his throws from Monday and it is just impressive.

  1. I think we trade with buffalo for Henderson if not just for depth purposes only. A 5th maybe a 6th should get him. I’d say Donald butler at least he’s played at a high level and would have time to get adjusted behind walker and najee not “goode”

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