Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins

Franchise Quarterback Takes Eagles To 6-1

Remember when the Cleveland Browns patted themselves on the back for passing on Carson Wentz, whom they didn’t so much as consider a top-20 quarterback?

Yeah, about that…

Carson Wentz turned in another spectacular performance in primetime in a big game.

Despite a slow start, the franchise quarterback rallied the team for two quick scores before the end of the first half. Wentz broke the Eagles out of their early funk with a beautiful 64-yard strike to rookie Mack Hollins.

After the defense pitched a quick three and out, Wentz got the ball back with just over three minutes remaining in the half, and drove the team right down the field for a score, putting the team up 17-10.

The two scoring drives before the half really swung the game in the Eagles’ favor. The Redskins had really controlled the first half, but Wentz and the Eagles took their best shot, and put it to shame by going into the half with a seven-point lead.

Wentz wasn’t done yet. Coming out of the second half, the quarterback led the team on another drive down the field, capping it off with an incredible touchdown pass to running back Corey Clement.

Wentz faced pressure from the Washington pass rush and was nearly sacked, but somehow managed to hang in there and make a big-time throw where only Clement could get it.

Wentz had some more magic in him to ice the game. With the Redskins showing a little life in the fourth quarter, the Eagles faced a third and six. Wentz dropped back, seemed doomed to take a sack, and somehow found a way to break out of the pile and run straight up the middle for a first down to extend the drive. The offense would ride the momentum down the redzone, where Wentz capped it with an effortless touchdown pass to Nelson Agholor.

Wentz is budding into the next great superstar right before our eyes. He’s performing at a level far beyond what anyone would have anticipated in year two of his career.

He’s making big plays at big moments in big games, and he’s making guys around him better. This week, 288 yards and four more touchdowns, giving him three straight games with three or more touchdown passes. Wentz also added 63 yards on eight carries, leading the team in rushing.

This guy is special.

Major Injuries Dampen Win

Unfortunately, not all of the news from Monday night’s game was good.

The Eagles suffered two key injuries to Jason Peters and Jordan Hicks.

Hicks was lost on the first series of the game to an ankle injury. It was the third time this year that Hicks has been knocked out of a game.

Peters suffered a devastating injury to his knee, and was carted off of the field. His season, and possibly his career, are finished.

It’s a heartbreaking end for Peters, who was still playing at an incredibly high level. This is a loss that the Eagles will feel as the season goes on.

Quick Thoughts


  • The Eagles really couldn’t get anything going on the ground tonight. LeGarrette Blount was held to just 21 yards on 14 carries, and Wendell Smallwood managed just 25 on eight touches. The offensive line just couldn’t get any push in the ground game this week. Defenders were in the backfield almost instantly.
  • Zach Ertz continues to own the Redskins with five more catches for 89 yards and a touchdown.
  • Nelson Agholor caught four more balls for 45 yards and a touchdown. Confidence has made all the difference for the third-year receiver.
  • Once again, minimal production for Alshon Jeffery, who caught just two passes for 37 yards. The team did try to get him involved, targeting him throughout the game, including several times in the redzone, but it just hasn’t clicked yet for Jeffery.
  • Torrey Smith failed to register a catch.


  • Mychal Kendricks sat out the game with a hamstring injury, which was a tough loss for this unit, which also lost Jordan Hicks early in the game.
  • Derek Barnett had a breakout game, registering two sacks.
  • Fletcher Cox picked up another sack of his own.
  • Malcolm Jenkins led the team with 10 tackles, and recorded a sack.
  • The Eagles continue to just be stout against the run. Rob Kelley was held to just 18 yards on the ground, and Chris Thompson picked up most of his 38 rushing yards in garbage time.
  • Tight ends gave the team a lot of trouble tonight, with Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis combining for 12 catches, 131 yards, and two touchdowns.
  • One strange thing from tonight’s game was that Jaylen Watkins seemed to be playing ahead of rookie Rasul Douglas.

Special Teams

  • Kenjon Barner ripped off a 22-yard return in the first half to help set up the Eagles’ first field goal.
  • Jake Elliot drilled two of his three attempts, with a long of 50 yards.

Final Thoughts

The Redskins had the Eagles’ number for years. Now, those demons have been fully exercised.

Washington came out of the gates playing hard, and looked primed for a road upset, but the Eagles took their best shot, bounced back, and sent them to 3-3.

The Eagles are now 5-0 in the conference, 3-0 in the division, and own a season-sweep of the Redskins.

At 6-1, they stand alone with the best record in the league.

They’ve got two more games at home before the bye week, with a very favorable matchup against the San Francisco 49ers next weekend.

35 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins

  1. Carson Wow.

    We finally have the guy. That guy with all of it at one time. I knew it last year but boy each game it’s more and more clear.

    Thank you Cleveland, Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you…….

  2. Apparently Peters injury isn’t as serious as originally thought. Could be MCL?

    Hicks has ruptured his Achilles Mortensen his reported

    Eagles not trading Kendricks has paid off even more. Thank god we have that man for depth and we rested him tonight after having 11 days off.

    Keep him off the field against 49ers and Denver. I believe we can win without him.

    Rest him up for that dallas game

  3. Hopefully Peters isn’t done for the year. Everyone thought Darby was done, but he dogged a bullet. I’m crossing my fingers and pray Peters will be back at some point during the season. All I can say about this game is…CARSON CARSON CARSON! Dude amazes me every single week

  4. Sounds like hicks with an Achilles and peters with a mcl tear and both out the year. dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnit

  5. I got something to say about donovan mcnabb – all the boneheaded plays, all the worm burners, all the goofing off and not being dialed in, all the dumb shits hes said and done, him saying us getting wentz was dumb – i overlooked all of it, and showed love to him and loved his ass. But today thats over

    This idiot went on tv or radio this morning and proceeded to gush over goff and said ““Now all of the sudden, to be honest with you, he might be the best quarterback in the NFC. And he might even lead the league in passing, if Tom [Brady] starts to fall off.””

    This guy is an insecure, condescending, bumbling, drunken, hater, idiot – fuck off #5 and dont ever come back.

    fuck outta here yaidiot

    is tsjohnson mcnabb?

  6. Dolphins released CB Byron Maxwell.
    QB David Fales was signed in a corresponding move. Their best corner last season, Maxwell has not been active since Week 3 in part because of a hamstring injury but mostly because he fell out of favor with the coaching staff. Despite a disappointing start to the year, Maxwell should find another team quickly. The Dolphins will move forward with Xavien Howard and Cordrea Tankersley at corner.
    Related: Dolphins
    Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter
    Oct 24 – 10:23 AM

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    KOOLBREEZE WHERE YOU AT ?????????????


    1. mhenski..Koolbreeze declared right before the start of the season that he was following the Vikings until Howie Roseman was no longer a part of the Eagles organization. He then said Wentz was garbage(along those lines). Lol.

      I wonder how he liked watching Bradford his last two games played which resulted in him looking horrible and being pulled from the game due to bad performance and injury. Bradford was very skittish in the pocket and could not make a pass to save his life…he was sacked without being touched by d linemen..they were pressure sacks which Bradford just fell down once pressure got close to him..lmao.

      No question..Kool feels stupid right now and roots against the Eagles and Wentz because his ego is bruised…what a LOSER!

  7. 6-1 ,lofty expectations and a team that the media ,has already annnointed best in the NFC and google searched directions to Minneapolis .All of .this will take an adjustment on our behalf..we’ve seen rats jump the bow of the ship in kool TS songs Pman Dag..if negadelphia is replaced with this new shiny floor model and we are buyers we’ll need temper this new found enthusiasm so as not to gush and drive the price too high..Football Gods have ways of chipping away for a16 game marathons season ..injuries as last nights are toughest to endure ..As we navigate the steps towards the rocky statue and sidestep the fallen heroes in Peters ,we need a coaching staff that stays humble,stays the course ,and remains determined to improve week by week ..We are on a collision course with Dallas ,and all of us to a man ,are anxious to see,how we can continue this journey and fly eagles fly. Pride

  8. Being the hunted and ascending star ,will be an interesting new perspective from which to observe the coaching staff and its new media darling ,in Northern Idaho tough attempts to “brand” wentzilla

  9. Losing Peters and Hicks is such a huge blow to this team. My question is this, since Big V played 30 snaps last night and did not give up a sack, do the Eagles keep him at LT, or do they slide him over to RT and Johnson to LT? And it would not surprise me if the Eagles trade for a veteran MLB. Not sure Joe Walker is ready to take on that roll. F #5 HATER!!

  10. The loss of Peters is a real pisser.

    a – its Peters
    b – they now call ill-afford any more injuries on the oline.

    Just as I was getting giddy…..Optimism is still there, but that’s a tough loss.

    Once again, 1st round pick on OL next year pleeze.

      1. You don’t want to make too many shifts at the offensive line. Keep Johnson at RT and let BIg V learn and take over that left spot:

        The good news is, he has gotten a lot of experience over the past 2 seasons.

        Jordan Hicks is a blow. Has had a history of injuries since college. But Michael Kendricks should be able To jump right in and play with Bradham.

        Eagles draft Oline in first round next year. I’m guessing a tackle?

        Will be interesting to see if we keep Blount another season. Or if we draft another RB or LB

  11. Great win by the Eagles, unfortunately at a heavy price with the loss of Jason Peters and Jordan Hicks. If Mike Kendricks can stay healthy, he’s a very good player so the drop off isn’t much, if any at all. The loss of peters is a hit though. Keep Lane Johnson at RT and play Vaiti at LT to keep as much consistency as possible.
    On to the game:
    Wentz aka “MEH” continues to show why he is a stud franchise QB and is being mentioned as a league MVP as well as playing like a top 5 QB, he exhibited deep ball accuracy, touch passes, escapability, grit and toughness and football smarts during the game. He is showing why I kept saying that he was a stud franchise QB before the Eagles drafted him and maintained that position even when other people on GCOBB wavered and questioned his skill as he encountered some struggles last year. You have to give these players time, if you watched Wentz NDSU games, you could see his continuous development..especially with the deep ball accuracy as he became more in tuned with his receivers. Wentz is to skilled and his work ethic is to good not to be a top 5 QB in the NFL. The TD pass to Corey Clement was crazy, the touch passes to Alshon and Ertz were great, the run from the pile as he appeared to be sacked was unbelievable and the Mack Hollins TD pass was a thing of beauty. Speaking of Hollins, he should be getting more playing time. He has great hands and explosion, I also stated after Hollins was drafted he can be a 2 WR…I believe he will take Torrey Smith’s place next year. Hollins and the revamped Nelson Snagholor gives the Eagles two good to possibly great WR combo. Round that corp off with Ertz and you have some potent weapons. I am not sure what to make of Alshon, right now I would not over pay for him going into 2018.
    The defensive line is great, I think/hope the Eagles re-sign Tim Jernigan, I’d prefer the Eagles pay him than Alshon. Graham and Vinny Curry continue to be effective in their roles and Derrick Barnett looks as if he’s starting to step into his role as a pass rusher.
    The 2017 draft is looking pretty good.


      1. Look at his effectiveness against the can’t just measure his performance by sacks. Is he performing up to the contract in terms of sacks? No, but he’s one of the better DE’s against the question. What is Taylor Hart doing now..working in the Stroehman Bakery as a bread test taster?

          1. E0S…I am LMAO at this one. Taylor F’ing Hart. Honestly, the dude is a stiff, but, I would be happy and sing his praises if he became a good OT like Alejandro Villanuevo. Maybe I can speak that into existence.

  12. TS johnsons QB had another press conference melt down this week, rolling his eyes and walking out after another pretty standard question where a company line, stock answer would have been appropriate… guy doesn’t understand what the “franchise” in franchise QB means…

  13. A q.b. who is a multi millionaire, rolling his eyes ,or having a meltdown,at a press conference and walking out is” someday soon”going to be a quasi. normal occurence , I remember when a big league baseball pitcher used to say before a pitch Im a thow a pea at yo knee!His initials were S.P. and today trash talk is standard, So will a multi. multi , millionaire brown eyed handsome hero to some ,,not me, of course, I am my own person , but to the followers, in life

  14. I just saw the Cam interview…C’MON man, you’re a grown damn man rolling your eyes like a middle school girl. I never concerned myself with the towel over the head…kind of ignored the sulking..but the eye rolling is over the top for a grown man. He’s all smiles when he’s winning, doing the superman pose…never mind superman, just be a stand up man…disappointed in Cam. he can take some lessons from Wentz on the field and off the field.

  15. NFL Networks Kurt Warner just named Carson Wentz the #1 QB of the week for his Monday Night performance. #2 was Derek Car, 3 Russel Wilson, 4 Dak Prescott, 5 Blake Bortles.

    Warner stated that Wentz is the best young QB in the league right now as he is making special plays..but MEH what does Kurt Warner know…Wentz is middle of the road..right TS?…lmao!

    The fans poll had Wentz as 1, 2. Carr, 3.Jared Goff , 4 Russel Wilson and 5 Tom Brady. Dak was left off that list.

  16. Oh b.t.w. gents. By this time,I would not be shocked, nor surprised if the Q.B. we mean, is dating the Lady he admonished last week . You know, the one mr mehenski went out of his mind over being abused,The Q B. we speak of being labeled a sexist ,over a few mildly obnoxious , statements, Mr mehenski, the young fella who only reads playboy mag, because he likes the intelligent articles right? Me/ well? I used t o read Jet and Ebony because I am a sexist, I have not grown as a P.C, cop yet ,as mr mahenski has…

      1. honestly I feel bad for pat. Not sure what ur condition is pat but u should see a dr. I’m hopeful medicine can help

        1. That Sixers loss was rough man. DAMN!!

          Wait till this man Fultz hits the court. Exciting times are ahead man. Could u imagine the sixers and eagles dominating simultaneously?

          I was a die hard sixer fan before eagles fan as a kid simply because of A.Iverson

          Can’t remember a L that hurt more then that one

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