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Video: Big V’s Challenge Of Replacing Jason Peters

Eagles second-year tackle Halapoulivaati Vaitai has the unenviable job of taking over for probable future Hall of Famer Jason Peters on the Birds offensive line.   Vaitia has his work cut out for him as he takes over at the left tackle position.  I wasn’t sure which position he was going to take, the right offensive tackle spot or the left offensive tackle.

It had been up in the air, but it’s official now, Lane Johnson will be staying at right tackle position and not moving to the left tackle.   In the following video, Johnson, Brooks and Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich talk about Vaitai taking over for Peters. on Facebook

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44 Comments for “Video: Big V’s Challenge Of Replacing Jason Peters”

  1. So then he’s taking over for Lane Johnson not Peters??

  2. Lane Johnson did not look good verse Buffalo in the 1st home preseason game this year playing left tackle. Is that rookie 1st round draft pick from Stanford the 49ers edge rusher who gets first crack at Lane the left tackle? I’m more concerned about Lane than Big V next week .

  3. Bob mcnair just opened Pandora box. He was saying a well known phrase but with the protest and sensitive climate, shit got real. I didn’t take what he said offensive but man optics is everything. This could turn into a Donald sterling ordeal real quick……i got my popcorn ready. Gotta watch what you say man in today’s pc culture

  4. Eagles trying to lure Calvin Johnson out of retirement ?

  5. Not sure if either teams O has set their alarm clocks ..yawn ..getting a turnovers the Dee ,would do us wonders..stop letting miners Hang around

  6. Flat… they were due. Hopefully they wake up and stop letting them hang in… 49 offense is just terrible

  7. That’ll work. Dee is special ….chase 2 here?

  8. Hac. The fact that they’re stacking the line with extra tight ends and simmy..makes me wonder wether they’ll be ,looking to tighten that left tackle up.Theyre are some left tackles ,available like houstons hold out ,who just recently returned ,Duane Brown ,who is rumored to be entertaining a trade with Seattle for tight end jimmy Graham for brown. I’d love this acquisition and I’m a huge fan of Fitzgerald. ..

    • I wonder if the weather is having a big impact? I’m not sure that we can determine the difference between real or perceived weaknesses. Just a blah game… get out with a win and no injuries

      • It’s not a help to have an off track .i do think it’s more than Big V ,can handle,walking into a hall of farmers shoes.I trust in the accountant ,to show his passion for mid season replenishments.

  9. Didn’t zero say Barnett was a bust? Hilarious

  10. I am the biggest skin fan on the planet

  11. Another excellent game from Vinny curry

    Where are his haters at?

    Brilliant move resigning him. Can never have enough pass rushers and great players at stopping the run

    • Lolskins do it again Kirk coupons

    • CT, I agree. Vinny Curry had a very good game. I am waiting on Eagles0bowls to comment about him and the great game Taylor Hart had.

      • He won’t comment he’s too busy calling our players dirty……hes worst then pman

        • Pierre Garcon was late hit out of bounds into the Eagles DL coach never to return with a neck injury. Gilliam’s knee was chopped. Staley’s eye poked.
          You do realize that Vinny Curry is the weak link on the DL. Last week verse the Redskins Derek Barnett played more snaps than Vinny Curry. What is obvious to me seems to be ignored by many here.

          • Piere Garcon was headed out of bounds, he was not out of bounds when he got hit, hence no flag by the ref who was right there. Secondly, the coach who was hit and hurt was Ken Flajole, the line backers coach ,not the d line coach whose name is Chris Wilson. For the record Flajole did return to the sideline after half time, so not only is your information wrong, you simply do not know what you are talking about. A little bit of reading, research and paying attention will take you a long way instead of throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks. Lol, you ignore research and the facts, that’s what’s obvious to me. Fact is Vinny Curry played a hell of a game today. I know that fact makes you cringe, but, it’s a fact…deal with it!

            • whoopie, Vinny Curry got a sack against an 0-8 team off their 5th best tackle. Hurray, what a bargain for the 12th highest paid DE in the NFL. Maybe the Eagles won’t keep giving Derek Barnett his snaps anymore now.

              • You ignore research once again……we rotate everybody and keep everybody fresh… are seriously becoming unbareable with your hawt takes…..your trolling is bad and the fact you do no research on anything makes you look so stupid

              • No comments on the DL coach who got hurt and did not come back to the game ….lol, or the Garcon being pushed out of bounds while he was in the field of play as the ref was right there and felt no penalty was committed….lol.
                How many pancake blocks and blitz pick ups did Taylor Hart have yesterday? Lol.

              • Pierre Garcon was slammed into the eagles coaches and injured his neck never to return – who the hell cares about an insignificant eagle positional coach health status during the game. It was a cheap shot. Three 49er offensive starters succumbed to injuries on cheap shots ( Garcon, Gilliam, & Staley ) sidelined for the rest of the game.

              • Garcon shot was not a cheap shot, he was not out of bounds yet. You willfully ignore the fact that the ref was there and did not call a penalty…still waiting to see what happened to Joe Staley, since you are omniscient explain to me what happened on the play where Staley goes down and breaks his orbital bone. There is no clear shot available yet that shows Fletcher Cox taking a cheap shot…but explain to me in detail exactly what happened. I can’t wait for this 🙂

      • What is obvious to me eagles0 is your trolling because you don’t like Howie. We get it dude. You are nit picking things that really don’t matter. The QB situation last year, the Curry contract. None of that has stopped the Birds from having a successful season. 7-1 brother. Plenty of time to nitpick later, but right now I’m gonna enjoy them playing a sloppy game and still winning by 23.

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