4 thoughts on “Video: Mack Hollins’ TD Catch And Dance Has Gone Viral

  1. It’s going to be fun to watch Mack 10 continue to develop chemistry with Wentz. That long TD play is what Hollins was known for at NCU, nice to see the moment was not to big for him on Monday night where he made a great pure hands catch in stride on a perfectly placed ball. Hollins looks more fluid, quick and smoother than Ashon Jeffery. Mack can be a strong 2, maybe a number 1, he definitely should be replacing Torrey Smith by years end if he continues to capitalize off of his opportunities the way he has been. The future looks bright with Mack, Ertz, Agholor and Wentz getting them the ball. It would be nice Shelton Gibson develop, he has the speed and agility, his hands are a mess though. Perhaps it’s mental like it was with Nelson Agholor.

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