Eagles Trade For Running Back Jay Ajayi

The Eagles made a big move ahead of the NFL trade deadline, picking up running back Jay Ajayi.

The team gave up a fourth-round pick to pick up the Dolphins’ starting running back.

Ajayi gives the team an upgrade at the running back position, and is under team control for next season as well.

Credit Howie Roseman for staying active and finding a way to upgrade the team in both the short and long-term.

47 thoughts on “Eagles Trade For Running Back Jay Ajayi

  1. nice trade, guess not much confidence in Smallwood (IR maybe?) Is this a bit of a block on Dallas too with Elliot looking like he might actually have to serve his suspension?

  2. we seem to have a connectivity with the fish ,I love this kids tenacity ,and in my estimation it’s a positioning to concentrate on a tackle high in the upcoming draft …the accountant is the new “mailman” never fails to deliver !

  3. Adam Gase after 40-0 loss to Baltimore this week.
    Gase has pointed out that running back Jay Ajayi needs to do a better job with his decision-making, saying he needs to accept four- and five-yard gains and not try to get touchdowns on every run.

    “It’s on the running back,” Gase said. “Do your job. That’s what you’ve got to do. It’s not hard.”
    Traded a couple days later to Eagles.

    1. Adam Gase? the guy we should have hired instead of Doug?
      or was it Hue Jackson the guy we should have hired instead of Doug? Oh maybe it was Macadoo, the guy we should have hired instead of Doug… hilarious!

        1. Makanin? vilify? I thought it was a great hire– guy did a lot of good during his time with that young team– it was the plan all along- introduce the kids to a ‘baseball’ man and bring in his own young guy, nerd type–
          hey what do you care? you are a tennis fan…. so shut up

            1. Doesn’t need a name or a catchy phrase…. a plan by definition….go comment on a tennis blog… for someone who doesn’t care you sure keep up your negative nitwit comments

  4. EOS..ajayi is a 24 yr old running back ..His stats receiving are 48 receptions for 308 yds receiving ..in 2016 he rushed for over 1200 yds and 8tds. This year the coaching staff soured on his “preparation” and running behind a no threat QB and 28th rankedO line ,may have allowed for this trade ..we have 3 4th rounders and we are trading for ajayi the 2nd highest of those. Either from New England or Vikings trades ..to be determined

  5. So let me get this straight…. The Dolphins recently cut a high priced player that Howie dumped on them in a key move to draft 11…. a couple days later we get a cheap, yet productive back from the same team? fool me once…. damn.
    H the A!!!!

        1. Brilliant trade.

          Jay A is worth a 4th rounder. Eagles do not need to use a draft pick on a rb next draft. Address other needs.

          Did Desert really say alshon isn’t a number 1 wr???? LOL!!!

          1. Yes he did…why do you ask? It’s certainly not his string of dominating games…
            I think he is good, works well for us. I believe he put up his numbers when he had a #1 opposite him… and that’s not a criticism btw
            I’m on record as a PIA #1 WR may be more trouble than they are worth… OGB is the best WR in the game, how is that working out?

            1. Dez Bryant and Beckham have 12 years combined in the NFL, they have won a total of 1 PO game (wildcard) in which DB had 3 catches for 48 yards…
              Even D. Thomas during the broncos SB run was mediocre and hardly impactful during their SB run
              #1 WR is for fantasy players… give me balance.

              1. Alshon Jeffry demands so much respect from the opposition that it is absolutely comical.

                It’s not a coincidence Nelson and Ertz are balling!! It’s because of alshon so much opens up for the TE, other WRs and running game.

                He also has 3 TDs on the year and EASILy could have 5-6 if wentz doesn’t over throw him. Alshon has beat his man multiple times and wentz has just missed on the deep ball.

                Granted AJ hasn’t exactly won some rough 50/50 balls, but they would have been insane catches. U cannot really compare those to a wide open touchdown.

                Not to mention alshons “team first attitude” is perfect. Exact opposite of T.O

                AJ > Demeriyus Thomas

  6. Give me Alshon over Dez and OBJ anyday!!

    It cannot always be about talent. When you can have the talent, and Team first attitude, it’s not even close.

    That’s what u have in guys like AJ, Mack 10 and Nelson A.

    It was also why I loved Jordan Matthews. Glad the trade worked out the way it did, cause of Darby and NelsonX but he would hav had a baller year if he was in Philly still

  7. AJ Demands so much respect and attention from the opposition that it’s comicall.

    It’s not a coincidence Nelson and Ertz are balling!! It’s because of alshon so much opens up for the TE, other WRs and running game.

    He also has 3 TDs on the year and EASILy could have 5-6 if wentz doesn’t over throw him. Alshon has beat his man multiple times and wentz has just missed on the deep ball.

    Granted AJ hasn’t exactly won some rough 50/50 balls, but they would have been insane catches. U cannot really compare those to a wide open touchdown.

    Not to mention alshons “team first attitude” is perfect. Exact opposite of T.O

    AJ > Demeriyus Thomas

    1. Matthews and retarded had pretty decent years last year with a rook QB, no running game and no LJ…. you can throw stats of other guys all you want…, a “number 1” as you mistakenly call them get theirs as well….
      also, 5he word “if” is not a part of sports vernacular… it’s just what it is… no such thing if….
      again I like him and think he’s a valuable member but you are trying to have it both ways… is he team first or number 1
      DT still gets his

      1. Thomas doesn’t get much. They scored 13 points over 2 weeks and barley could score again last night.

        It’s about who makes his teammates better. Alshon is having low key a BEAST year. The connection and chemistry will only get better.

        By far the best wr the eagles have had in a long long time. Probably since T.0

        He’s better then Desean and Maclin just cause of his tangibles (6’3 210 and very long)

        1. Thomas doesn’t get his… look eagles zero… before you make dummy statements look at the numbers… Jeffrey had two pretty good years… they were the years that Thomas had monster years… Jesus Christ don’t talk like a dumb ass. Don’t chain yourself to lunacy… Jeffrey was a great “2”… again that’s a dumb term… Thomas is ten times better

  8. Ct. Let me take a moment and express my statement regarding Jeffreys .i feel he’s a 2 and a huge upgrade over Matthews (the number one receiver last year ) ,however he’s not a one ..a One gets 50/50 balls consistently and has coordinators up late designing defenses designed to his specific talents..I have a troubling time with ones vs twos ..lets just ,suffice that if the Eagles were rumored to be sniffing an upgrade ,unlike myself ,they get paid ,for those decisions ..I am absolutely a huge fan of ajayi ,and we control him ,for 700k..so check off ,another box that may not require a high pick next draft where we are thin in picks..masterful maneuver .Id anticipate a heavy dose of Blount ,and ajayi both in the 4th quarter ,wearing down defenses and remaining fresh with the depth now at running back..we lose sight ,sometimes ,that the organization has its eyes on available draft players and the birds are most probably narrowing their draft needs so they can focus on their guy …with Darby and kendricks (predict he wins defensive player of the week honors shortly) I think he’s that ,impactful ,going forward ..Funny how sproles going down ,has yielded in more depth at running back ,and hicks going down ,slides kendricks (with a chip on his shoulder) into a prominent role in Schwartz system..ill be watching as we all will Big V as the competition level increases with Denver defensively ..ajayi is a big back and does chip block guys very well ,and I’d envision him leaking out afterwards as a safety valve for 11.. There’s genius ,in this move ,if Wentz attempts to throw decrease and reduce the amount of hits he must endure …increase the workload of the depth at running back ,and bring a fresh 11 to the finish line ..Gold standard in maneuverability

    1. Excellent defense, only team to score 20 in 12 straight. Add Ajai, Darby, big V gets better….
      question geniuses…? How do you defend the birds? I’m thinking they try 7-8 in box, continue blitzing, take away run… then drop a couple in coverage, 11 turns, gives for 7. Seems to be a plan… oops zero… should I say process?

      1. Hac. The Eagles at the moment are about to enter their bye at 8-1 in all probability ..nobody in their Divison appears a serious threat ,and the division ,in which home field is doable ,means are 2017 Birds have Been thrust into the “favorite” role ..nationally .. Negadelphia ..I think not .its apparent that they’re only enriching their ground attack and with peters going down are envisioning a remaining 7 games after the bye ,with new Orleans Minnesota and the Seattle Seahawks as their opposition ..(health considered) ..who scares you ,in philly? in a game to go to Minny …our defense vs those Qbs? We’ll need beat Seattle when we go out their and the Rams ..that one two west coast trip will further define this squad ..its been known that the Eagles intend to stay on the west coast and train at Anaheim stadium in front of trout ..ill be there ..this is a story book season and I’m just praying to the football gods to treat us kindly

        1. I have them at 12-4… maybe with a meaningless loss at the end.., however I’m not comfortable predicting records. I’m a big believer that the best team doesn’t always win. A jay makes them a pound it out team with 11 having options and knowing what to do with those options…, I guess that’s what you get for mortgaging the future.
          Eagles are embarking on an era where selected rooks will blend in w/o a real noticeable deer in the headlight look… 11 is on the verge of being TB… emphasis ON THE VERGE

  9. Jeffrey is a bonfire wide receiver who in 2013-14 posted back to back 1000 yds seasons and 17 touchdowns ,his numbers tanked as in the next two years he missed 11 games and hasn’t eclipsed 850 yds and never had more than 4 tds ..CT at the half way point he has in 2017 28 rec for 416 yds 14.9 avg.3 tds. At 14 million ..is that a one ?

    1. He played in Chicago. A dumpster fire organization with no quarterbacks whatsoever.

      He was basically the only wr they had after Marshall left. Injuries and suspensions occurred. A hand injury to be exact.

      It was a bad situation. Everyone keyed in on AJ and still couldn’t stop him. The catches and plays he made were unreal.

      Can’t think of any elite WRs that BALL out with no talent around them. Can u?

      Deandre Hopkins
      Dez in his prime
      Tyreek hill
      AJ green
      Amari cooper

      All of them are on good teams with damn good qbs with talent around them.

      Alshon had none of that

      1. First reaction without thinking research… Super Bowls? That’s all I care bout.
        Jeffrey is fine, was much better with Thomas and I believe the same QB
        Dez in his prime! .? Shit Romo was a stud… at green.., u funny.. Julio lost

          1. To Tom Brady 100 Percent without a doubt.

            Losing him has hurt Brady more then any other injury. Brandon cooks has been coming along, and Brady has been doing Brady things with the number 1 offense

            But that super bowl catch was a number 1 Wr play. I believe IF we make it Alshon will have him a career defining play in the SB

  10. Alshon is exactly what we needed. If the money is reasonable we must keep him. He provides Clutch for Wentz. 86 and 17 are security. 13 and 10 are sizzle but only work because of the other 2. 82 get that pi called lots but 10 is flashy.

    This system doesn’t need a target man cause 11 picks the right open guy more times than not. If we were focused on one guy then 3rd down efficiency would decrease because opponents can take your go to guy away for a play.

    1. to say anything “has not been good through the first half” and “the current ratio is AWFUL” is silly as is most of what you say– that is nitpicking at its finest– the offense is PROLIFIC-12 straight games with over 20 points I think- I think 8 straight with 25 or something like that– 7-1 misery– the offense may get better with Ajay–I don’t know– there is still only one ball– for christ sake a PROLIFIC offense that may get better– wow!

          1. I give positive comments every game. I kissed Mills ass for his play this week acknowledging his quality play since the Chargers game. I praised Ben Simmons this week also for increasing his personal game high best total to 24pts in a win. I even acknowledged that my make the playoffs rage rant is moot since Howie and Jeffery appear to be on the cusp of accomplishment.

            1. Dude you need to chill out on the whining about stuff that is going well- put things in context- for example everybody has weaknesses in the nfl- the cap and limited roster dictate it so stop nitpicking- I watched a bunch of football sunday cuz it was a nasty day- anyway just about every team I saw (especially SF) are decimated by OL injuries– its the nfl- enjoy the good things, stop criticizing w/o merit– you begin everything negative until proven otherwise then you jump on board with positives. dummy

  11. Just because things are going well, doesn’t mean you can’t point out that we all thought that the Wentz/Jeffrey connection was gonna be epic. It hasn’t been but I agree that it doesn’t matter really as Wentz doesn’t have to force the ball to Jeffrey because he has so many options. Looking for the mismatch on each play is the way to go and that is Ertz most of the time and Agholor on the 3rd CB, a safety or a LB for the love of Mike. It doesn’t have to be great, but it would be nice for that connection to develop a little more down the stretch too. Tough sledding this week, because the Bronco cbs are really good.

    1. AS I pointed out after the chiefs loss and the sky was falling crowd wanted Pederson hung or fired or both– they are going to game plan to win-not to get this player so many catches, or runs or whatever– we have a good staff

      Broncos will be tough, they are desperate–

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