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Eagles Podcast: Projections For The Second Half Of The Season

The Philadelphia Eagles have gone into their bye-week in control of the NFC at 8-1.

On this week’s podcast, Denny Basens is joined by Tucker Bagley and Jesse Larch. The three go back and revisit their initial projections for the 2017 season, and offer their takes on what will take place for the Eagles in the second half of the year. on Facebook

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24 Comments for “Eagles Podcast: Projections For The Second Half Of The Season”


    Thank u Howie!!! Genius signing

    Now find a way to keep Burton and Robinson

  2. Howie the accountant… you salary cap dummies should just shut the fuck up… eagles see the value of stopping the run

  3. And rushing the passer. U can never have enough!!

    Ask the Giants who got two rings

    Howie gets that rings are won and lost in the trenches

  4. Jerrigan. Ajayi….I mean, its just ridiculous that for the past two years, every single time the Eagles make an announcement, I say to myself, “that makes sense.”

    Finally make a move for a franchise QB – that makes sense
    Dump Bradford – that makes sense
    Sign Jeffrey – that makes sense
    Sign Blount – that makes sense
    Trade nothing for Jerrigan – that makes sense
    Extend Cox – that makes sense
    Draft DE with 1st pick – that makes sense
    Draft CB, CB early in draft – that makes sense
    Trade nothing for Ajayi – that makes sense
    Extend Jerrigan – that makes sense

    They might not all work out, but I cannot complain about any of it.

  5. Rogers out, Elliott out, Sherman out…….

    I don’t want to get too giddy but…….

  6. Love watching the sixers blow another game.
    That’s two games where we have lost on a last second shot.

    Difference between 6-5 and 8-3 smh…

    With that being said, kings have some major talent

  7. Greg Robinson cut…wouldnt mind picking him up for cheap and seeing what he has…maybe change of scenery??

  8. Howie has gm of the year award wrapped up. The only moved I want to see him do in offseason is get alshon signed, bradham, p Rob if he can take little money, hate to say it but trade curry because as much as I love him this yr his contract is high and we have depth with Barnett and means. Also cut brent, I’d put Peters at LG and try to get him to take a pay cut because of his injury history. If he won’t then I trade him for something. We need to try to sign Burton if he wants to start somewhere then let him go and let Billy Brown develop. I would not pu the torrey Smith option just let Mack 10 get his spot, and let the Johnson, Gibson get reps. Go heavy o line in draft, and I would trade back a lot this yr, so we can add more depth to our roster

  9. Rams and Eagles game is a compelling matchup of the two conceived coach of the year candidates facing one another.Both QBs 1 and 2 face eachother ,and the outcome may very well determine home field thru the NFC ..The NFC east went O fer..with a beat down against the cowgirls ,the Divison may very well be won ..At the movement the birds are in Vegas 6-1 to win the whole enchilada ..started the season at 60-1 ..The weeks of preparation ,a well rested birds flock with Darby and others return at full tilt..It’s truly great to be in the position to stick a fork in the girls ..

  10. @ Dallas – Win
    Vs Bears – Win
    @ Seattle – Loss
    @ Rams – Win
    @ Giants – BEAT DOWN WIN
    vs Raiders – Wom
    vs Cowboys – loss (home field throughout will have already been clinched. backups lose a close one her)

    • Might need that win against cowboys at home, to get 1 seed

    • Seems about right. Eagles should win the next 2. Then split the trip out west. Win one lose one. The Giants will totally be falling apart at that point so that should be a win. I hope they don’t fire their coach the week before that game.

      I think the Eagles will go either 5-1 or 4-2 over the next 6. If its 5-1, they’ll have clinched the bye and will rest guys on the final week vs Dallas. 4-2 and it’ll be close. Rams have a tough slog their next few games.

      Vikes have @ Atl @ Car @ Det on their sched…there’s at least one loss in there.

      NO has @Rams Car and 2 against Atlanta. There’s a loss in there.

      I am not at all afraid of Minny, Carolina, Atl, or the Rams coming to Philly for a playoff game.

      N.O. or Seattle would be a tougher out. I was just at the NO game in Buffalo this past weekend….they frikkin’ steamrolled the Bills. Used to be the Saints were a joke outside their dome…..and the idea of them in Philly in late January was a guaranteed win……but now not as sure.

      • Last time saints played in philly in the playoffs they beat us 23-24 last second FG.

        Horse collar tackle by Cary Williams on Darren sproles they set up saints offense at the 50 yard line. Didn’t need much and get enough yards to set up the gw fg.

        Remember it perfectly

        Eagles would drop saints this time

      • im big time afraid of a sleeveless minny; if case keenum keeps starting they are an insane team. probably the best wr in the nfl, nice running game and sick D. im real scared of them in the playoffs. but if they turn to teddy we are golden, he blows


  12. eagle0superbowls your boy Taylor Hart has been cut in order to sign 32 year old OT Will Beatty. Hart never had any business back on this roster. He just can’t play.

  13. Damn Embiid dropped 46 on the goodness

  14. Tyrone smith is out!!!! Put the pedal to the metal …. lets score 50 more.

  15. Just finished watching Sixers vs Lakers from last night. Man o man Embiid and Simmons…that is an awesome Duo. Embiid’s a monster and Simmons’ a stud.
    Simmons made Lonzo Ball look foolish when he Euro stepped him and scored.
    Lonzo Ball..putrid 1 for 9…missed 7 three point shots. Wussup with your boy Dag?…his struggle is real. Benched in the 4th qtr for the second night in a row…lmao..smdh!

  16. The dummies have disappeared…

  17. FLY EAGLES FLY…9-1

    Started off fast then slowed down. Great halftime adjustments by the coaching staff. This is what I am talking about.

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