Thoughts From Eagles-Cowboys

Carson Wentz Vs. Dak Prescott No Longer A Debate: Wentz Is Better

Remember when debating Carson Wentz or Dak Prescott as the better quarterback was a thing?

Well, let’s just put that talk to bed for good.

Dak Prescott looked mediocre and average against the team’s defense, connecting on just 18 of 31 passes for only 145 yards with three interceptions and a lost fumble. Prescott turned the ball over four times, and wasn’t able to do anything to get his offense going in a critical game for his team.

On the other side, Carson Wentz continues to make some incredible throws. Despite a slow start, Wentz picked things up in the second half. The numbers (168 passing yards) don’t jump off of the page, but some of the throws Wentz made were just off of the charts. Several times with Dallas defenders closing in on him, Wentz was able to hang in there and deliver strikes to his wideouts, including a big throw to Alshon Jeffery on a third down in the second half that kept a drive alive that led to a touchdown.

Oh, please tell me more about how Prescott is playing without his left tackle, his star running back. Wentz has played without Jason Peters for over a month, and hasn’t missed a beat.

To me, the true mark of a great quarterback is whether or not they’re able to make the other guys around them better. Aaron Rodgers does this for Green Bay. Drew Brees does this for New Orleans. Tom Brady does it for New England. Carson Wentz is doing that for Philadelphia.

Dak Prescott is not doing that for the Dallas Cowboys. He’s never been in sync with his best aerial weapon, Dez Bryant. He hasn’t adjusted well to life without Ezekial Elliot. Dak looks like he’s just a guy to me.

Quick Thoughts


  • You have to love how the run game is operating right now. Jay Ajayi, LeGarrette Blount, Corey Clement, and even Kenjon Barner are all involved in the offense, and all are very effective.
  • Ajayi, Blount, and Clement each had a minimum of six touches.
  • Clement’s knack for finding the endzone has really been impressive. Clement added a rushing touchdown tonight, giving him six total scores for the year, and also got in on a two-point conversion.
  • Ajayi’s 71-yard run in the third quarter was probably the play that really took the Cowboys out of this game mentally. After setting up another touchdown, Dallas likely already conceded that they weren’t coming back tonight.
  • The offensive line was tremendous tonight. They did a superb job blocking for the running backs, and shutdown the Dallas pass rush.
  • With his touchdown tonight, Alshon Jeffery has found the endzone in three straight games.
  • Torrey Smith got himself on the stat sheet tonight with three grabs for 28 yards and a touchdown, his first since the Arizona game.
  • Brent Celek came down with a key 28-yard catch-and-run on a third down in the second half.
  • Just two catches for eight yards for Zach Ertz tonight.


  • The defense deserves a tremendous amount of credit for keeping the team in the game while the offense started slowly in the first half. Jim Schwartz’s group held Dallas to three field goals in the first half, and kept them off of the scoreboard in the second half entirely.
  • Ronald Darby made his return to the lineup, and played a strong game, with eight tackles, an interception, and broke up a pass in the endzone intended for Dez Bryant. What a boost for this defense to get a corner of his caliber for the stretch run.
  • Big game for Derek Barnett, who recorded two sacks, and forced a fumble which Nigel Bradham scooped and scored on.
  • Brandon Graham and Tim Jernigan each also recorded sacks.
  • The Eagles’ run defense did struggle a bit with Alfred Morris tonight, who picked up 91 yards on 17 carries.

Special Teams

  • Jake Elliot was injured early in the game, leading to Kamu Grugier-Hill handling kickoffs, and he wasn’t half bad at it.


Final Thoughts

One of the biggest downfalls of Andy Reid as a head coach was that he rarely made in-game adjustments after his teams would come flat to start again.

Thankfully, Reid’s disciple Doug Pederson does not seem to share that flaw.

The Eagles struggled offensively through the first half in Sunday’s game against the Cowboys. After their opening drive which resulted in a touchdown, the offense went ice cold for the majority of the first half, picking up just first down after the first possession.

However, halftime came, and the Birds came out of the locker room with a renewed commitment to running the football, and Pederson’s offense led the charge for a 30-point second-half rout.

Just sit there and think that in a game of this magnitude, the Dallas Cowboys couldn’t manage a single offensive touchdown against this team.

The Eagles are now 9-1, and have all but wrapped up the NFC East. Now the focus shifts towards securing the top seed in the post season, with key matches against the Seahawks and Rams looming in the next few weeks.

41 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Cowboys

  1. Nothing will stop us from getting to the Super Bowl besides injury. We are the only ones in our way.

    Can Jared goff in his second year come into Philadelphia and win in the cold playoffs? He’s a calafornia boy and hasn’t played in a lot of cold games.

    Can case keenum win in philly? Vikings are a dome team.

    Drew Bree’s is my only scare

  2. Great win tonight. Unfortunately some NFL commentators ( Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin ) cannot give us credit where credit is due. I’m tired of these shitty ex-NFL commentators who think they are so smart

  3. First I need to do a mea culpa. First one to Derek Barnett who i did not want the Eagles to draft. After he was drafted I said “Meh”. I was wrong, Barnett can get after it and will be a play maker for the Eagles for years to come. Two sacks and a forced fumble. Kudos to Derek and thanks for proving me wrong.

    Second..Jason Kelce who I killed and called for him to be traded. Kelce is flat out getting it done this year and is playing at a pro bowl level. Now Kelce stated he knew he was not playing well last year and he admitted that he put on weight to help anchor the line so i was not completely wrong about his performance, but he has gotten himself together and is playing great. Keep this o line intact.

    Third…I just want to say we may have absolutely found our future Left Tackle with Big V (Vaiti). I won’t even try to spell his name.but he’s been ballin, rarely do you here his name unless they are mentioning how well he’s been playing.


  4. Personnel matters and at the executive level ,howie ,has separated himself from Jerry Jones ,and other ,executives around the league .This wasn’t a dance on the star win ,it was a s–t on the star game..The scandals,stains,and elimination of the cowgirls is the epitome,of how satisfying this Eagle season has become.Just a year ago ,we all knew the apparent holes that the birds had,and each and every one was fortified,including the porous back end .Im so excited to see the birds in LA ,and will be representing ,hoping to attend the NFC championship game at home in Philly..Ray Lewis ,who knows a thing or two about defense,said these Eagles are Men ,punishing teams and taking their will..this team has mirrored the city ,and the embrace,will likely grow,as we ascend to the gold standard ,which for way too long has eluded us..

    1. Last comment is the most important HAC. Dline and Oline having their way makes all the difference. Allows them to run the ball and gives Wentz time. Allows them to get off the field on 3rd down because they are putting teams in 2nd/3rd and long.

      The defense is just so good. Makes plays when they have too. Patrick Robinson is out of his mind this year. Adding Darby back to the mix. Look out.

      Offensively, another solid point. 11 doesn’t have to win every game for them, but he makes plays when he has too and dude is the total hype man too. Gets jacked up on big plays ad shakes off bad ones. Puts them in a position to win every week.

  5. The second half was rediculous. No kicker no problem – 4 tds (and 3 2pt converts) made it look easy. That was essentially 7 tds in the redzone. The failed 2pt convert should have been in too, not Wentz fault.

    Defense is getting it done. period.

    Dallas fans can cry they didn’t have a LT, RB, and MLB. Last time I checked Peters, Hicks, and Sproles (arguably top rb at time of injury). Eagles are on a high and hopefully it keeps going.

  6. Corey Undlin the MVP of this defense. Its no coincidence that the Eagles DBs are playing lights out while Denvers DBs all of the sudden are getting lit up. Coaching, coaching, coaching. The Eagles are definitely going to lose some coaches this off season but short of a HC job for Undlin I wouldn’t let him go. Also I would resign Robinson if possible to a 2 year deal and move Douglas to safety to groom him behind Jenkins and McLoud. That would leave us with Robinson, Mills, Darby and Jones at CB. Nobody knows if Jones can actually play and/or needs another full year to regain his form. If all goes well maybe in2019 you can trade one of these CBs for a nice return.

    1. Good call Dag. They have been great.

      I think that it would be pretty tough to re-up Robinson as much as they would like to keep him. He has played great and he is probably going to get paid. He deserves it. I think that he is a lower priority than someone like Jeffrey or Bradham. I trust Howie with the cap mgmt, but he may look at this and wonder if it makes sense.

      Wonder where they are with Jenkins. He is the heart and soul of the defense, but his number jumps to 8.5 next season. Not bad for a safety of his caliber, but they have a crapton of money in that defense.

      1. My guess is Robinson walks… CB seems to have one money guy and then young guys….and as mentioned the young guys have been coached up and are playing great.
        As for the loss of coaches…. success breeds that. I think you instantly assume Schwartz is a goner and possibly Reich. Then you worry they don’t poach your staff. In that case maybe Undlin is your new DC and DeFilippo OC…. say what you want about the fat man but with only an exception or two late in his days here he has a hecking if a tree under him

  7. Eagles have no money tied up in CB. If I’m correct every CN is on their rookie deal. Robinson has been lights out and is a known commodity. I look to see what is his asking price does he like playing here. Like I said Douglas ,to me looks like a natural safety. If push came to shove to shove I’m looking at saving money on McCloud and may release him to keep Robinson and move Douglas to safety. Also I’m saving on Peters, Celek, Curry.

  8. The Jerrigan signing is soooooo puzzling. IMO DT is the easiest position to fill in football let alone already having a stud under contract already. Water under the bridge now. So I’m definitely cutting ties with our version of Sean Lee in Jordan Hicks. We play with 2 LB most times anyway. No way I give him any type of money in the future especially with 2 highly paid studs playing DT in front of the MLB. The future at DE is Barnett and Steven Means who they love and extended even though he isn’t playing now. Graham will be off the books in another year also.

  9. Howie is a wizard. Make it work. Hopefully since Jeffries isn’t going to put up great numbers he would resign around 10mill a year, Bradham 6 mill and Robinson around 6 million. In the draft I’m definitely looking to drop into 2nd round and picking up a 2nd and 3rds and drafting LB, Oline and WR/PR. Our return game sucks. Damn I miss Sproles and his 4-7 long punt returns with 3 TDs.

    1. Dag im with you on hicks, you gotta sell high on him he’s too injured prone…..i keep bradham, trade curry, hicks, and surprise here try to sale high on aggs, we are not picking up his option and I like Johnson and Mack 10 better, but only if we resign alshon

  10. Oh My Cox in trouble. Its being reported that Cox is being sued by a womans husband for ruining his marriage to her by having an affair. Its being reported that Cox also sent pictures of his shit to her and told the married woman he wanted to get her pregnant. WTF Cox All them hot ass young girls that aren’t married and will do anything you want you have to break up a marriage and send pics. WTF.

  11. Case keenum is looking amazing. Buying time. And stepping up in the pocket. He was a winner in college, and now with a great team around him is realizing he doesn’t have to do it all. Looking excellent

    His demise, and bad game will come however. Especially on the road in the playooffs. Vikings are a dome team. And on the road at Philadelphia will be a different story.

    Carson played against that Minnesota defense last season as a rookie and didn’t play too well. Look for him to improve against it this season.

    He did throw two early picks, and ended up not throwing anymore the rest of the game defense bailed him out.

    Saints, I see as biggest threat cause of that Qb. They beat us last Time in Philly also with nick Foles and chip Kelly 2014.

    Goff, in second year in Philly I cannot see outplaying Philly and wentz

    Saints and Atlanta are the biggest threats

    Even tho Atlanta beat dallas and Seattle gave them the game with terrible coaching

  12. Mhenski

    If Vikings keep winning, Teddy will
    Not be getting his job back this season. Maybe next year

    They want him to get as far away from that knee injury as possible. Give him a full offseason as the starter in OTa, mini camp and training camp etc

  13. Another Sunny day ,literally in philly .At this juncture,we want to remain injury free and rely on ,our birds to entertain ,home field advantage throughout .The Rams vs Saints …game will allow for a finer tuning ,of the major competition in the NFC ..reliant on nobody ,but themselves …the Birds will fly west and take on the Seahawks and Rams …in what we assume will bring ,the NFC through broad street

  14. We are easily in a position to re sign one more roster FA this season ..Jeffery is obvious,however ,he’s got nothing as an incentive to leap at any offer now.With Blount ,likely gone ,he’s out .smith ,hasn’t dazzled and will likely be beaten out by Mack Hollins.sproles..nope…trey burton ..and the winner is bradham..In control of ajayi unbelievable ,at $750k ..and Wentz ..with philly becoming a destination for free agents as cuts and roster moves ,adjust for a post Super Bowl 2018 ..roster with so few holes Agholor ,is comeback from the heap award recipient and if jeffereys re ups ..draft will be of few needs and depth ..O line and or a talented weapon for Wentz

  15. You guys know how with technology to pull old posts ..that. Would be an entertaining holiday gift. The return of Pman kool songs ..greatest hits ..or misses?..

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