Thoughts From Eagles-Bears

Eagles Deliver Yet Another Thrashing

What the Eagles are doing right is just off the charts.

I know the Chicago Bears were a three-win team coming in to today’s game, but you know the story with these games. All week, the narrative is that the Eagles had better not sleep on this team, this a trap-game, the Eagles better not look ahead to Seattle, you’ve heard the “trap-game” storyline at least five times this year, whether it came before the Cardinal game, the 49ers, the Broncos, and now the Bears.

This Eagles’ team is as focused, well-coached, and well-prepared of a team that I’ve ever seen. They don’t play down to the level of their opponents. They come out week to week and exert their will on other teams, whether its the Bears or the Panthers. Nick Foles, the backup quarterback, has been called on for mop-up duty in three of the last four games!

Look at the results of this team going back to Week 4 against Los Angeles. A 31-3 win today. A 37-9 win over Dallas last week. A 51-23 win Over Denver. A 33-10 win over San Francisco. A 34-24 win over Washington. The only game that was remotely close was a 28-23 win over Carolina. A 34-7 win over Arizona.

So when you look at those results, two things jump out at you. The Eagles are obliterating teams. They’ve dropped 30 or more points in all but one of their last seven games. And the defense has held opponents to 10 points or less in four of those games, including three of the last four.

When looking at this team, this is easily the best the Eagles have been since their trip to the Super Bowl in 2004.

You could say that this team is better than 04 right now, and I wouldn’t argue with you. I’m not quite convinced that’s the case yet, but after two more weeks I may be well ready to declare that the case.

Carson Wentz is leading the league in touchdown passes. I don’t think Alshon Jeffery is better this year than Terrell Owens was then, and none of the current running backs can hold a candle to Brian Westbrook, but collectively the skills positions are deeper and more well-rounded than 04.

Defensively, I think this team is far superior to the defense of 04 that featured Eagle greats Brian Dawkins and Jeremiah Trotter. The defensive line is dominant against the run and the pass, and the secondary, which many expected to be this team’s great fault, has been one of the best units on the team.

Quick Thoughts


  • LeGarrette Blount was the team’s featured running back this week, taking 15 carries for 97 yards. Blount was dominant, running wild and causing all kinds of headaches for the Bear defenders.
  • Jay Ajayi took only five carries, but ripped off another long run, this one going for 30 yards. Ajayi did fumble on the play, but Nelson Agholor scooped it up in the endzone for a score. Ajayi also picked up a first down on a fourth-and-one call in the first half.
  • Zach Ertz surfaced after a quiet game in Dallas, busting out for 10 catches for 103 yards and a touchdown.
  • Alshon Jeffery and Carson Wentz continue to thrive together, with Jeffery picking up five more grabs for 52 yards and another touchdown. Jeffery could have had a much stronger statistical game if it wasn’t a blowout at halftime.
  • Nelson Agholor got back into the offense today, catching three balls for 32 yards and a touchdown.


  • Just another absolutely dominant performance against the run today for the Eagles’ defense. The Bears were held to just six yards on 14 carries. Jordan Howard, who is third in the league in rushing, was held to just six yards on seven attempts.
  • With no running game, Mitch Trubisky looked very much like a rookie, throwing for only 133 yards and two interceptions.
  • Brandon Graham tied for the team lead with five tackles, recording a sack and a forced fumble.
  • Malcolm Jenkins came down with an interception, but fumbled it away.
  • Corey Graham got a pick late in the game.
  • Fletcher Cox and Tim Jernigan are just going to be a treat to watch over the next few years. There may be no more complete defensive tackle tandem in the league.

Special Teams

  • Jake Elliot, back from his concussion, nailed his only field goal attempt and all four of his extra points.
  • One of my favorite plays of the day came in the second quarter, where Kenjon Barner alertly pulled his teammate away from a punt, preventing a turnover for the Bears.
  • Steven Means, active today, got his hand on a punt in the first half, resulting in a short kick.

Final Thoughts

The team’s greatest test in the schedule is now in front of them, with two critical road games against the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams.

Over these two games, we’ll really find out how strong this team is.

I’ll this though. If the Eagles go into the playoffs with homefield advantage, I don’t think there’s a team in the NFC that come out here and beat them in Lincoln Financial Field.

For years, the Eagles had teams that didn’t properly utilize the homefield edge in Philadelphia. The DeSean Jacksons and the LeSean McCoy types, talented as they were, were the types of guys that would piss and moan any time the fans booed the Eagles. But this team is so much different. There aren’t ego-driven underachievers, its a bunch of winners.

46 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Bears

  1. AJ might not be T.O, but this WR corp for Philadelphia completely destroys that WR corp in 2004. Tight ends are also better and deeper then the 04 team

    Jay, Blount, Corey Clement is also a better running back tandem then the 04 team. Even tho Westbrook is more talented then all of

    Give me the better, deeper team any day of the week.

    Gotta believe the Oline is better in 2017 even though 2004 was damn good

    Special teams has been best in NFL since 2013, can’t remember ever saying that during the Andy Reid days.

    This eagles team would wins 30-24

  2. A well oiled machine is rolling and leaving remnants of overmatched coaches and teams in its exhaust fumes.What we are witnessing is very special,as we didn’t see it coming .As Merrill said ,I knew this was a 10 win team..I just didn’t know it was a 10 win team the Sunday of thanksgiving..head west ,bond and dominate ..and then elements that this machine hasn’t experienced yet may be its stiffest opponent ..

    1. Let’s just pray we all stay healthy heading into playoffs. This is a very young team and coach and we have looked dominate all season.

      Does the egg come eventually? In the cold, playoff atmosphere?

      Does the injury?

      Long way to go.

  3. For Desert Eagle:
    April 12, 2016 – 12:05 pm

    Yes…a good sales job…
    I’m not buying and the Eagles would be stupid to buy into a ‘sales job’
    Look the kid may be the next greatest QB…”The Guy”
    But he might be a bust and a total flop!
    For example, Kevin Kolb was great in shorts, could make all the throws, was smart and had great ‘footwork’…
    All of that went straight out the window when one of those big mean NFL linemen smacked him in the mouth…and then all of his ‘intelligence’ went out the window and he became a straight bitch who folded under pressure.
    Wentz has not been close to the speed of the NFL game, he needs time to develop, time to grow…and then we need to see more than the sales job…can he stare down the barrel of koolbreeze
    April 12, 2016 – 9:06 pm

    Funny, EHL…you give a bunch of credence to what Coach Pederson is “rumored” to have said…as opposed to what he all know that he has actually stated:
    “Sam Bradford is a top-notch Quarterback”
    The Eagles have paid him like a top-notch QB as well.a nasty, mean NFL player coming at him with bad intentions…
    He hasn’t seen anything close to that in his college career


  4. koolbreeze
    April 12, 2016 – 9:10 pm

    Yes…who knows..maybe the Eagles do make a dumb move and get Wentz or Goff or trade up for one of them. There is always the “possibility” that we could be wrong….just as you all were dead wrong about the Eagles resigning Sam Bradford…but I doubt it for several reasons…
    1. What will they give up to trade up? 2. Other teams like the 49ers have much more ammo to trade up 3. Its all a smoke screen and the Eagles want someone else…I dont know who…but it aint a QB for the first round!
    Book It

  5. Canttakeitanymore
    April 12, 2016 – 5:50 pm

    There is NO WAY they are trading up for a QB. For those that are hoping, just stop now so you are not let down.

  6. IrishEagle
    April 12, 2016 – 8:37 pm

    Bottom line – If Goff or Wentz falls they will take their shot and draft them a la GB with Rodgers, but no way in hell are they trading up for them…..Mark it down and get your tissues ready for draft day.

    1. Did I say that?

      Wow I was wrong about that… I’m so glad to have been wrong!

      I’m loving Carson Wentz!!! I havn’t had time to post too much recently, but I’m still going to all the home games and having fun!

      1. Nothing wrong with giving your opinion as a fan. you weren’t the only one that thought such a trade up was reckless. history as shown time and again such a move rarely pays off with qbs. The margin for error is just too small. But to Howie’s credit his gamble paid off big time and we fans are the beneficiaries of a rare talent.
        Those that like pointing out your “at the time” understandable pessimism are just being their usual juvenile douchbag selves.

    2. Here’s what I see me saying

      April 5, 2016 – 3:27 pm

      It would take guts for the Eagles to commit two 1st round draft picks to Wertz. It would most likely cost the #8 pick in this draft plus next years 1st round pick. Wentz would really have to be good in the mind of Pederson and Howie to pay that much.

      If they feel he’s worth it – do the deal.

        1. I was quoting the remark posted by this guy…. read the last line.

          April 12, 2016 – 5:50 pm

          There is NO WAY they are trading up for a QB. For those that are hoping, just stop now so you are not let down.

          These are the same people who were anti-bradford from the beginning – media and fans included. First, it was “no way they are signing Bradford”. Then it was “they are going to trade bradford before guaranteed money hits.” Now its “they are trading up for Wentz.” Just accept that they are going to give Bradford every opportunity to win this job for the long term (right or wrong). Here are three crystal clear reasons why they are not trading up:

          1. Bradford’s deal is not a bridge deal as many claim. The first step of rationale that all of the “trade up” crew point to is that Bradford is not here long term and the team is not sold on him as their franchise. The deal they gave Bradford says to anyone that cares to actually look at it that they want to give Bradford every opportunity to be the Franchise QB but needed to protect themselves in the event of injury or if Bradford doesn’t materialize. The built in protection does not mean that they have completely lost hope in Bradford. Why would you give him that contract (or any contract) if you are giving up additional assets to trade up for his replacement? Trading up for Wentz guarantees that Bradford is gone after next year which would mean they are not giving him a legit chance to be the franchise. This makes sense for the anti-bradford crew, but makes NO sense when you look at the money and their moves to date.

          2. The amount of money spent on defense this off season would make no sense if your ultimate goal was to tread water while your rookie franchise QB was groomed. Most of the contracts given this off-season will either need to be reworked or players cut in 3-4 years which is right when your rookie QB will be ready to start winning. Again, if you look at the entire picture, their actions to date do not reflect an ideology of hitting the reset button with a rookie QB. Plan “A” is for Bradford to become the Franchise and therefore they will be ready to make a push in the next 2-3 years.

          3. Beware of players that become “can’t miss” in the three months leading up to the draft. I say this because if Carson Wentz was this year’s Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, or Jamis Winston we would have known about him a long time ago. Those are the guys that you trade assets to go get. That fact that Wentz was an unknown for so long raises his bust potential by a 1000. I know there are always risks in the draft, but if you are going to trade multiple assets to draft someone, you better make sure their risk level is as low as possible. None of the QBs in this draft fit that formula and therefore it would be foolish for anyone (let alone the eagles) to trade up for them.

          Bottom line – If Goff or Wentz falls they will take their shot and draft them a la GB with Rodgers, but no way in hell are they trading up for them…..Mark it down and get your tissues ready for draft day.

    3. You fucking imbecile, haveacigar!

      That dumb ass comment that you attributed to me was me quoting something that koolbreeze said.

      I didn’t think I said that, so I went back and looked. Get your facts straight, man…

    4. You fu$king imbecile, haveacigar!

      That dumb ass comment that you attributed to me was me quoting something that koolbreeze said.

      I didn’t think I said that, so I went back and looked. Get your facts straight, man…

    April 5, 2016 – 4:09 pm

    No it would take more than “guts”…it would be stupid and set the franchise back for years. Wentz is a one read take off and run QB…he has played against very weak competition…he has some raw talent but he is vastly overrated, him and Goff would not have been selected in the top twenty last year
    The calls to reach for him at 8 would be ridiculous and to trade up for him would be down right stupid.

  8. gmcliff
    April 6, 2016 – 2:47 pm

    I think the Eagles are putting on a façade to encourage teams to move up with the objective of attaining a 2nd or 2. I don’t like either one of them. Of the two, I think Goff is the most overrated, and looks less like an NFL QB.
    I rather have Paxton Lynch, if I was desperate to draft one in the 1st. He would make the better 3rd string sitting, and learning for the future amongst the three.
    But you can get a QB in the later rounds as well.


    April 6, 2016 – 8:45 pm

    I hope you’re right gmcliff. This hysterical overrating of this year’s crop of qbs is beyond ridiculous. By no means am I delusional in that Bradford is the second coming of Marino, but I’ll be damned if I allow these talking heads to pretend it makes sense to target a qb who has been playing against pop warner and community colleges as this can’t miss. And I agree that Lynch appears more ready than Goff and the Community college All-american

    1. And I stand by my comments at the time. Because as we all know history is just dripping with examples of small school qbs that teams have traded up for and lit the league on fire and lombardys in tow. Typical hac juvenile nonsense. You and the usual suspects have turned this place into a graveyard with your childish antics and flaming of other posters who happen to have different opinion. You act like this is some personal forum of yours and the other clowns that cosign your opinions of others. Just childish.
      When’s the “How to be a fan my way” coming out?

        1. So the guys in the trenches love him… a dude on Gcobb says “community college about”…you can’t make it up. Wentz is great and he is from a community college… you were dumb

          1. What’s dumb is never wasting an opportunity to flame fellow eagle fans on an opinion that doesn’t meet your approval. You’re worse than paulman on his best day. Why don’t you and your little merry gang of simps practice perfecting reach arounds.

  10. Haaa great job hac

    Man are we not talking about the fact that as soon as fraudman leaves. Eagles begin just embarrassing the nfl? Curse of fraudman removed ?

    Big game this week! Can’t wait

    1. Yeah it’s sad how these guys just POOF and leave when they couldn’t have been more wrong. Like where are they? Are they not happy??

      Be happy u were wrong. I was and still am about Bradford! But then again I’m a very rational fan.

      I predicted wentz would go 32 tds 12 ints.

      Looks like he’s gonna blow that shit out of the water.

      SIXERS CLEVELAND TONIGHT. Our babies are favored to win!!

      Cannot wait for FULTZ to hit the court.

  11. koolbreeze
    March 11, 2016 – 12:15 am
    Profile photo of koolbreeze
    EHL…the Eagles are not wasting a high pick on Wentz , Goff, or Lynch…that would be the height of foolishness. They grabbed Daniels to protect against injury to Bradford…the thing Bradford has to prove is can he stay healthy. If he stays healthy he is your franchise QB and the Eagles are trying to win…now…
    If a QB they like …I’m hearing they like Dak Prescott …is available in the 4th or 5th round…they will take a flier on him and let him learn…but spending a high draft pick at #8 on one of these low rated QB is simply ridiculous.
    If Bradford stays healthy…and that is a big if…but if he stays healthy and the Eagles make the playoffs over the next couple of years he will be resigned to another big mega deal
    Book it!
    EHL, theJohnny Manziel argument is lame…he would have been a good pick and fit in the Eagles offense under Chip Kelly…but no one can predict a guy being an alcoholic..are you going to set here and tell me that you have been %100 right on every prospect that you predicted could play?
    You and I know that’s bullshit and no one on here is right all of the time.
    None of the Qb’s in this draft are projected as ‘cant-miss’ prospects…these guys are not in the class of an Andrew Luck, Mariotta, or Winston…none of them…Bradford is the franchise QB and they got Daniels as the backup and insurance against Bradford getting hurt…and they will pick up .
    Face…and let it go…Bradford is the guy…bottom line and the only thing that will probably get him out of the job is injury. Short of that he is going to play, he will play well…the question is will the other aspects of the team perform on a high level…We win the division this year…Bradford takes us to the playoffs…he will get a new megacontract…
    Book it!…just like I told you and predicted all along…


        1. For a bigger community. The man brings more entertainment and conversation to the site.

          Bleeding green nation is too big.
 u gotta pay now
 is trash

          Love reading on them, but this is only site I comment on

          1. id take


            over him. conversing with a guy that changes his stance, opinion every second and speaks out both sides of his month aint cool.

            the 3 above all have really dumb takes but at least theyre consistent which is commendable compared to fraudman

              1. Not At all. Hate kool, paul and ts. Cliff i just am weirded out / feel bad for him. Weird to make a whole new persona and just not live ur life.

                Those 4, actually 3 are nut jobs. (ts not a nut job just a troll and not very smart about football)

    1. COLDBREW…koolbreeze stated he was no longer an Eagles fan as long as Howie Roseman was the GM..he was also pissed that the Eagles drafted Wentz and did not see Bradford as thee guy. I think kool’s ego was bruised and battered and he did not want to be any further humiliated. He signed off saying he was following the Vikings now…so screw him…he was never an Eagles fan. Songs IMO was kool too. As soon as kool left…his co-signer songs disappeared too. Plus their writing styles and opinions were to similar. TS…she was more of a troll…you can’t say you’re an Eagles fan but only comment to say how bad the team is or point out the flaws but disappear after the Eagles spank Cam Newton and keep winning despite being a so called middle of the road team with a meh QB.
      All of the above gave just as well as they victims here….just fans and pretenders. As far as Cliff, I am surprised he no longer posts, maybe it’s health related..who knows.
      I think gcobb could become better if the board simply did not have to be refreshed every time to read a new post. This should be a rolling board.

  12. Seeing Alshon sign was a bit of a surprise ,as his value was trending upwards ,as he and Wentz gathered more familiarity of late ..Masterful job ,again,by the accountant ,and clear executive of the year ,candidate ..To go from jock cleaning to this lofty level of excellence ,is truly sensational.Bradham in my estimation ,will be retained,however ,after that ,the cuts will be required to create any cap space in ’18. It’s refreshing to see,philly ,and it’s current regime as a “destination” in the NFL..All of it is testimony to a franchise QB …kudos howie …

  13. I find the “fake news” sensationalism we all craved from the songs ,TS ,kool ,and cliff ,just don’t correlate with this current crop of Eagles.When you have mercenaries ,and guys playing half hearted ,it’s easy to be hyper critical.I can’t even recall a coaching blunder ,of late ..this “new brand” of excellence ,requires a changing of the guard even in the fandom.Its spectacular football to witness,but ,the controversy ,has left the building..It evolved into something we still are all grasping ,damn were the aforementioned waited for the next f–k up to pounce and spew their assumed wisdom,we all grapple today with peace and tranquility..ill take this everyday of the week .

  14. Pman and the Boone zoo are ready and in waiting for cam to re-emerge as an Eagle obstacle .the s–t he flung in the past ,will return ,as soon as the birds rematch with his beloved Panthers ..just my opinion

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