Video: Eagles Will Need To Play Better

Everyone was celebrating after the Eagles 31-3 domination of the Chicago Bears.  It wasn’t much of a contest as the Eagles held Chicago’s explosive running game to six yards.  Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen had no where to go because the Birds defensive line plays the game in the opposing team’s backfield.  They don’t give opposing running backs the chance to do anything.

As usual, Eagles MVP candidate Carson Wentz was on top of his game in the red zone.  He started out by connecting with Zach Ertz for the his first TD throw, then he found Nelson Agholor in a one-on-one situation.  Agholor used his speed to score. Finally, he connected with Alshon Jeffery on a slant route in which the former Chicago Bears wide receiver was the third option.

Despite all the positives, the Birds committed 11 penalties and three turnovers.   You don’t beat good teams when you turn the ball over three times.  If they had been playing the Saints, Vikings, Rams, Falcons or Panthers, and committed as many mistakes, they probably would not have come out on top.  They can’t afford to make as many mistakes in the playoffs, as they did on Sunday.

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  1. first the bears are not as horrible as they looked. the birds did get a little bored and sloppy– put back ups is very early– cleaning up penalties and TO’s in a 30 point win in November… I’m ok– I think they gave up 1 TD in NOVEMBER.

  2. We are gonna blow out Seattle.

    Might be close to a little while like some other games, but it’s gonna be a ass whoopin.

    No kam
    No Sherman
    No Avril

    Oline is trash and cannot run the ball.
    Wilson will make some plays here and there with his athletic ability

    27-13 eagles

    Eagles score over 25 again

  3. Loved the reads of the past ,thank you HAC …the Eagles still have not played an A game ..flawless on all 3 phases..I believe the next two games will give the team an opportunity to measure themselves .Sunday night will give the birds a big evening stage ,so no letdown is likely..vs a beaten up bird on defense ..Gurley and Goff ,are standing in their path a week from Sunday .I wasn’t as concerned about the turnovers,as they were mostly effort plays ..

        1. You know damn well my biggest problem with multiple tanks is the structure of the nba and what a shit product it makes it (you actually agreed that by in large nba is terrible)– Its a stupid way to do business as is the hack a shack in NOVEMBER– I was watching the paint dry last night and it was better than the game-

          1. also, can you tell me how a basketball savant, incredible athlete, man raised to play in the NBA cant hit free throws? It boggles my mind= I guess he was so superior that no one thought to make him shoot free throws

            1. The problem with some of the young guys are that they are such amazing athletes that they don’t have to be great basketball players until they reach the NBA. They are so big, strong and fast that they don’t need to learn to shoot. The number one thing that you think that everyone in the NBA would know how to do.

              Plus I think that majority of the work that younger players put in are on low post moves/dunks and 3 point shooting. There is a genuine lack of mid range game and I think that that spills over into FT shooting. Personally, I think that it is riduculous, and I don’t blame other teams for fouling (thought it was pretty annoying in November). Learn to shoot and then you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

              1. Ben Simmons free throw shooting problems are his father’s fault. His father wanted him to shoot left handed. Ben Simmons is naturally a right handed person. Everything he does in life he does right handed except shoot a basketball. When you see Ben Simmons tossing full court shots like a QB he throws them right handed. Until he drops the left handed nonsense and starts shooting with his dominate hand he will continue to be a piss poor distance shooter.
                Sixers season turned around after the benching of Markelle Fultz, in no hurry for him to return. The sixers are a better team without him on the court. Sixers inserting Saric into starting lineup and gave TJ McConnell the minutes Markelle Fultz was getting, it propelled the Sixers to winning basketball. If Markelle has to get minutes take them for Jarad Bayless.

  4. Sixers have won 12/20 games.

    Keep in mind we lost on a last second shot to Houston, and Sacramento. We also blew a 25 point lead to warriors and had Washington beat opening night if not for 2 late bone headed turnovers

    This team very easily could be 15-5 in there first 20 games together.

    That’s without Markele Fultz, Holmes, Nik stauskas for most of the season.

    We are on pace to win 48 games and finish the 5th seed in the east. 6th at WORST

    10’wins, 28 then 48?? This team is special!!! We are a 50+ type win quality basketball team

    WHEN Simmons and Embiid go to bench, it will be Fultz time to shine and lead that second unit. Cause when Simmons goes to bench we have major problems finding rhythm on both sides of the ball

  5. And now Howie goes out and signs Jon Toth. Some publications had him ranked as the #2 centre in the draft.

    I know he had back surgery, and that’s no small thing, especially for a centre, but man…..if he works out – there’s another super cheap backup lineman.

    So ridiculous.

  6. Now Howie locks up Jeffrey at 13 mill/per. That puts him currently at 7th highest WR salary. By next year, I think Jeffrey will be around 10th.

    Very manageable number….and it expires when he’s 31!!!!!!!!!!!

    Howie the Accountant wins again!

      1. I don’t think P Rob will get that big a pay day that the Eagles can’t match. He is a good slot corner, but I think his history will play a role in how much he’s courted and paid. I’d try to keep him and definitely Nigel Bradham (or as I like to call him..Bad-Em). Trey Burton can be replaced…he may be challenged or simply replaced by PS TE Billy Brown.

          1. at least 2 of those 3 players won’t return– it doesn’t matter– we are on a super bowl run– we are in great shape cap wise (unlike the sky is falling dummies on here say)–
            All is good cap wise until carson breaks the bank–

  7. Russell Wilson seems to get away with egregious intentional grounding while playing the Eagles in the past. Let’s hope no funny business happens with the yellow flags. Tony Corrente’s crew are the referees tonight. They love to throw yellow flags, not as many as the bandit ( Ed Hochuli ) but not that far off either.
    I think I might need to go out and get some Pepto-Bismol for tonight’s game. Listening to Chris Collingsworth & Al Michaels has been known to induce nausea & vomiting.

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