Eagles Podcast: Are The 2017 Eagles Better Than 2004 Eagles?

At 10-1, the Philadelphia Eagles are in a position that they have not been in since their last run to the Super Bowl in 2004.

On this week’s podcast, Denny Basens is joined by Tucker Bagley and Tim Kelly, the three discuss whether or not this 2017 team is (or could be) better than 2004 group, as well as preview the upcoming game against the Seattle Seahawks.


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      1. Wentz has been great all year. Tonight so far he is killing the Eagles. That’s 2 TD passes he has missed. Aglohor was 2o yards down field and had to dive to catch the ball. That was a easy TD. Hes having a terrible game so far. its ok he is allowed to be criticized.

  1. Watching this film ,will insure the sun n fun in so.calif.wont distract these boys.in all likelihood..it’s always a good thing to get an ass whooping game as this to slow down the hype train ..great teams get back on track and make adjustments ,we will be tested in LA ,and in the 4th quarter I’d like see them come from behind and make plays ,don’t quit and accept a can of whoop ass ..

  2. Is it better to have a game as this, to re-establish ,to coaches ,and players that ,they’re not this juggernaut ? Tonight’s a pivotal game ,in a virtual tie with Minny ,and getting punched in the mouth ,how they respond in LA will be interesting

    1. Vin. Conspiratorial issues aside ..the refs ,the league ,the networks didn’t fumble the ball at the goal line,didn’t overthrow wide open receivers ,didn’t have a thing to do with bigV being exposed? I’m agreeable to grassy knoll ,theories,however,the coach and his QB were obviously tight and unprepared for the BIG STAGE ..it will if we’re optimistic,a learning curve ,a humbled player and coach can either spiral (see big red) ,or they can harden their resolve and take on the challenge .LA now knows the big bully ,is vulnerable..it’s up to the coaches now and the players to prove the league wrong .

    2. Classic let down game here for us. They just didn’t have it and weren’t in synch at kickoff. No sense of urgency early at that killed us. I thought the game plan was foolish. Seems as if Doug wanted to establish the run game and then impose his will after ? Only problem is as anyone that has watched Seattle this year knows you can’t establish a run game on them. Sure u can get some runs but you ain’t chunking yards on them consistently

      Oh well. This wasn’t a game i thought we had any shot at winning so no biggie to me. I think and hope this was a learning experience as we head down the stretch and into the playoffs. A lot was learned last night. You gotta come out firing on offense especially on the road.

      I see us beating the rams with no problem.

      My one concern on this team for this year is if wentz can beat playoff teams when the run game ain’t working. Long term i know he will but my concern is can he do it this year.

      This is al icing to me as i had us at a 7-9 wins this year and was hoping for some marginal improvement by wentz. The fact we got 11 wins and are playoff bound exceeded my expectations and now that there is a path to A whole lot more I’m rooting and hopeful but it’s all icing

  3. Ugggh…this was a game we could have had.
    Carson’s gotta hold onto the ball..gotta stop with the fumbles. His hands are to big to fumble the way he does, especially when going in for a TD you gotta secure the ball. That was a 14 point swing as the seahawks when in for a score off of that turnover.
    First half play calling was to conservative by Doug, let it hang out and play the way we’ve been playing.
    Eagles defense did all it could against Russell Wilson, he’s just extremely difficult to coral for 4 quarters.

    We lost that game, Rams up next..must win to try to keep up the pace to get home field advantage. Hopefully the Vikings lose next week so we can get back to #1 in the NFC.
    GO EAGLES!!!

    1. Should have had 10 sacks but Wilson is a damn escape artist, this one is on wentz and Doug gotta take care of ball and make plays, fuck the refs but they didn’t lose us game

      1. I just had a look at the NFL rulebook. Little did I know they made a pretty significant change for 2017. Have a look

        Digest of Rules Main
        Intentional Grounding of Forward Pass

        1 – Intentional grounding of a forward pass is a foul: loss of down and 10 yards from previous spot if passer is in the field of play or loss of down at the spot of the foul if it occurs more than 10 yards behind the line or safety if passer is in his own end zone when ball is released.
        2 – Intentional grounding will be called when a passer, facing an imminent loss of yardage due to pressure from the defense, throws a forward pass without a realistic chance of completion.
        3 – Intentional grounding will not be called when a passer, while out of the pocket and facing an imminent loss of yardage, throws a pass that lands at or beyond the line of scrimmage, even if no offensive player(s) have a realistic chance to catch the ball (including if the ball lands out of bounds over the sideline or end line).
        4 – None of the above applies to Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.

  4. I have noticed, and I think its a measure of his youth, but I have noticed that Wentz gets the ‘yips’ in big games. Not nervous, but overly excited. You can just see the energy poppin’ off the guy….he was like that in KC, and again last night vs Seattle. And the same thing happened…misfiring, overthrowing etc.

    He calms down later….but it is something to keep an eye on. Hopefully its just because he was young.

    1. He started to figure it out later in the game vinnie without a doubt. We are the better team, but Seattle just played better at home, and with a lot more to lose

      The misfires to Nelson AGHLOR
      The fumble at the goal line
      The forward pass by Russel Wilson
      And the penalties

      We kept it close, and The funny thing Seattle played a damn near perfect game.

      We will get the W that matters when they come to philly in January

  5. I found it interesting that in both pressers ,Doug ,alluded to his concerns for how the team had been practicing.He alluded to the past few weeks ..The turnovers and mass penalties,he thinks are a direct link..overconfidence ,and thinking your S–t don’t stink is a young teams obstruction.This Eagles teams biggest opponent ,may very well be themselves..

  6. Half the snaps have to go to Clement. There has to be even a token rb threat in the passing game at least half the time and Ajayi and Blount offer nothing in that facet. Clement is better than both of them in the passing game so he should get half the snaps. Pederson has to get the running back involved in the passing game and Ajayi just isn’t getting it done. He was a dud in the passing game against Seattle and Blount is even worse than him in the passing game. Time for Coach Pederson to chose between Ajayi and Blount then bench the other unless they have a double digit lead in the 2nd half.

    1. Agreed EOS. Nobody has talked about how big a deal losing Darren Sproles is. First off we have no threat in the return game so to speak of. Sproles was good for 2 TDs and 5 long game changing returns period. Couple that with him in the screen and run game, so explosive. He is a huge loss not being mentioned.

  7. I also feel a duty to commend the Eagles for their handling of Nelson Aglohor when all of Eagles nation , including myself, gave up on him. I don’t care if it was because of draft status, money or necessity kudos to them. I am of the belief now that this is just the tip of the iceberg and Aglohor is going to be the chosen one, the dominant receiver on our team in the future. As he matures and gets bigger and stronger there is no reason why he cant be the one IMO. I was totally wrong.

    1. I also had no belief in assholor ..admittedly .I see why the Eagles cut ties with Jordan Matthews,and Agholor ,stepped ,up his game ..Ill be in LA Sunday ,and in his return to play in front of his homeboys,Aggie ,may step it up ,big time.I took a different view of sproles,injury ..I thought in some ways ,it changed the Eagles persona ,as a smash mouth football team vs a finesse team.Sunday ,highlighted the need for a receiving back,based upon Ertz injury ..He’s been an effective safety valve ..the lack of a write up on the Seattle game is curious? GC ?

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