Thoughts From Eagles-Rams

Wentz Injury Puts Dark Cloud Over Major Victory

The Philadelphia Eagles came away with a very important victory over the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday afternoon, moving to 11-2, clinching the NFC East, and reclaiming the top seed in the NFC Conference.

However, the win came at a high cost.

Carson Wentz injured his knee during the second half of the game, and according to reports, the second-year quarterback may have suffered a torn ACL, which would end his season.

You can’t begin to describe what a crushing blow this is for this franchise. This was a season that had been going so well, even with the Eagles sustaining a handful of major injuries to key guys like Jason Peters, Jordan Hicks, and Darren Sproles, this team was still in position to make a legitimate run at the Super Bowl.

Now with Wentz out of the picture, that all changes. Nick Foles is a very capable quarterback in his own right, but there’s clearly a major dropoff from Foles to Wentz. Wentz was the engine that really made this team special. And now he’s gone.

But on the positive side of things, the Eagles really did well to come away with a win over the Rams today. The Birds overcame an early turnover, various missed opportunities, and the Wentz injury to outduel the Rams and get a win that really puts them in a great position for the rest of the season.

With the win, coupled with the loss by the Vikings, the Eagles are back in sole possession of the top seed in the playoffs. With a loss, the Eagles would have been tied with the Rams, and would no longer have a hold on a first-round bye, much less the top seed.

Credit Nick Foles for what he was able to do today. Coming into a difficult situation, with the team down in the fourth quarter, Foles came in and guided the team to a pair-of scoring drives to come-from-behind, and get the win. Foles’ best moment may have been on the third-down throw to Nelson Agholor to pick up a late first-down to really seal the win.

Defensively, the Eagles were overmatched by Sean McVay’s offense for most of the game.

The Rams moved the ball at will most of the day, with Todd Gurley running for just under 100 yards, and Jared Goff throwing for a pair of touchdowns.

However, the Eagles’ defense came up big late in the game, with a strip-sack from Chris Long setting up the go-ahead field goal, and the defense managed to clamp down and force a three-and-out while holding a two-point lead late in the game.

Quick Thoughts


  • Before leaving the game, Wentz was brilliant, throwing for nearly 300 yards and four touchdowns. Wentz finishes the season with 33, setting a new franchise record for touchdowns in a single season. It’s a crime that his special season has been cut short.
  • Jay Ajayi took over the backfield this week, rushing 15 times for 78 yards. He was the most effective of the team’s running backs, and probably should have gotten a few more carries than he did.
  • Corey Clement and LeGarrette Blount were mixed in with six and seven carries respectively, though neither guy got into much of a groove today.
  • Offensive line play was pretty bad today. The left side of the line was a dumpster fire, with Big V struggling for the second straight week, and Stefen Wisniewski leaving the game with an injury. Both Chance Warmack and Issac Seumalo were given shots at the left guard role, and both guys were pretty bad.
  • To be fair, Warmack and Seumalo were tasked with going up against Aaron Donald, one of the better defensive tackles in the league, but their efforts were pretty feeble nonetheless.
  • With Zach Ertz out, the Eagles’ tight end depth really shined once again. Trey Burton came up with five grabs for over 70 yards and two touchdowns. Brent Celek chipped in a touchdown of his own, his first touchdown reception in over two years.
  • Torrey Smith played what might have been his best game as an Eagle, catching six passes for 100 yards.
  • Alshon Jeffery came down with five catches for 52, including a touchdown on what was Carson Wentz’s final pass of the season on a fourth-and-goal call that gave the Eagles a 31-28 lead.
  • Another big game for Nelson Agholor, who caught eight passes for 64 yards, including a tough grab to help seal the game in the fourth quarter. I haven’t been a fan of Agholor, and I’ve stated numerous times throughout the year that I didn’t believe in him. The time has come for a mea culpa. I was wrong about him, and he’s really turned his career around and carved out a nice role here.


  • Nigel Bradham led the team in tackles, but botched what should have been an interception in the first half. The Rams would go on to score several plays later.
  • The Eagles really struggled against Todd Gurley today, the Rams’ star running back ran all over one of the league’s better run defenses.
  • Chris Long and Patrick Robinson picked up the team’s only sacks.
  • Long’s sack really swung the momentum for the Eagles. The Rams were looking for a killshot on the play, hoping to hit Sammy Watkins down the field, but Long was able to get to Goff and make a game-changing play against his former team.

Special Teams

  • Terrible blocking today on the punt units. Corey Clement allowed one punt to be blocked and returned for a touchdown that gave the Rams a 28-24 lead in the second half. The Rams also very nearly blocked a punt in the first half. Dave Fipp has got to sure these things up moving forward.
  • Jake Elliot drilled all three of his field goals, and all four extra-points. He also came through on a 54-yard attempt that would have given the team a late lead, but the kick was nullified by a leverage penalty on the Rams.

Final Thoughts

The loss of Wentz is absolutely devastating.

But the Eagles can still win with Nick Foles.

Foles has won a lot of games in this league, and performed well in his only playoff start against the Saints back in 2013. Recall in that game that Foles drove the team down the field and gave the Eagles the lead late, but the defense was unable to hold it. Foles failed out in St. Louis when Chip Kelly threw him and a second-round pick away in exchange for eternally injured and underwhelming quarterback Sam Bradford, but Foles’ struggles with the Rams can easily be attributed to incompetent head coach Jeff Fisher.

A year ago, Jared Goff looked like a waste of a top pick under Fisher. Now, working with a true offensive coach in Sean McVay, Goff has looked like a rising star in this league. Foles, while not at the same level of either Wentz or Goff, will absolutely benefit from being away from Fisher’s archaic offense, and has a chance to show that he can be a starter in this league again.

Foles has three games to get himself completely in sync with the rest of the starters, and the first challenge in front of him are the 2-11 New York Giants.

54 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Rams

  1. We all knew it was too good to be trust deep down. We didn’t want to think it, or say it. But we all knew it.

    We all felt this team was different and special, but something always happens to the Philadelphia eagles. Something always has, something always will.

    From the weather and fog rolling in, to Randall breaking his leg week 1, to mcnabb choking every game away and when we finally did get there t.o got hurt and then started a fued with the whole entire team.

    We finally get the most promise we’ve ever seen and we lose wentz on a play that didn’t even count.

    Insanity to continue to root for a team that will never win it.

    Silver Linings playbook the movie gives a good metaphor on it

    1. Loss of Wentz is partly due to play calling, Its normal to run , when there is a few 300 lb. plus line men chasing you ,but Wentz was given way, way too many designed runs , instead of scrambling, from defenses he should not have had so many plays desgned for him to run, Reckless plays sooner or later catch up with most q.b.s Coaching staff should have pulled the reins in his run style shortly after they found what a gem he is , Andy reid did same thing , Eagles could be ahead by 20 points or more with 3 or 4 minutes left tp play , an who still playing?Mr Brian Westbrook ,

    2. Your only chance to keep your sanity and enjoy the Eagles is to put them in proper perspective, you are right something always happens to ruin the joy and hope of the fans, I always refer to the fog bowl , with Buddy Eagles lost because the game should have been called, Something always happens , Still no super bowl , Enloy life , put football a distant 2nd . Peace

  2. No freaking way..

    Wentz gets hurt? Of all guys.. Wentz?

    Are we really cursed?

    Let’s hope it isn’t too serious, but from what i’m hearing its an ACL and when it was tested manually by the training staff it was loose..

    But those can be tricky..

    We’ll find out more tomorrow

    Let’s keep praying for Wentz

    Huge win regardless

    Gonna need the defense to play even bigger down the stretch and need Doug to run the ball even more, Doug was getting too pass happy this game and this Rams team is one of the worst in the league at stopping the run

    Need more balance

    1. Sixers will be fine. Unless we lose a big player to injury similar to Wentz. We will be in playoffs and will be night and day after the allstar break with Fultz on the court

      But Wentz tore his acl. Let’s not grab onto False hope

      We gotta get nick Foles home field. It’s a MUST

      Even tho he lost to saints at home in playoffs. He did his job and put us up in the end, but still wasn’t good enough. He came back the next year and was 7-2

    2. And this guy got a huuuuuuuuge new job at nova and start right after New Years. Hopefully I’ll have a hook up for tix

  3. 1. Beat the Giants. Foles can do that.

    2. Win one game between either Raiders and Boys at home. Foles can do that.

    3. Then it’s 2 home games in the cold to make the SB.

    It’s not out of the question. The team has the talent at ol, rb and wr….the D, hopefully, will sack up. If they do, this team can make the big game.

  4. Oh god Jon hart is nowhere to be found all year until wentz gets hurt then poof here is with his sources and all. Hahaaaa. Only thing that can help eagles is a jon hart mush. Fingers crossed

    1. Maybe there is hope? Not a full tear apparently. It was just loose.

      Maybe he’s out 3-4 weeks ?? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE

  5. Wisnewski must of got hurt because all hell broke lose when Warmack all of the sudden appeared and got benched for Semanulo who wasn’t any better. Season is far from over. Run the ball with Agai and Cement. Theres no reason why Foles cant be Keenum and we play like Minnesota.

    1. The season isn’t over, but super bowl aspirations are.
      Atleast realistic ones

      We might win a playoff game. Maybe even get there, but nick Foles leading us all the way to the promise land AND winning?

  6. I told you guys ,I went and just finished a merlot ,and celebrated with a bunch of eagle fans. Nothing better..what I saw ,was a heavyweight fight ,at the coliseum side was green ,and one side white towel waving ..rams fans ..we each gave eachother grief back n forth ..plays were being made in the first half ,where. Up 10 it was a love fest .2nd half ,kudos as they ma chef right down th field and blocked a punt and the ram fans were vicious ..seeing 11 ,I’m encouraged ,watching him walk all the way around the coliseum ,I’m saying the Mri… Is all that matters , but it’s certainally possible ,otherwise. As special as it is to see him perform magically in a bounce back game was very convincing ..hurt or not. He’s SPECAIL ..

  7. If Foles can keep it simple and make a few good throws….hell he ain’t no Wentz, going to need a miracle. Ajayi is going to need to be special as will the D. Foles will give them a chance, thankfully its the Giants next.

  8. I’ve never felt so depressed after a big win, a win that was a team effort, a win that allowed the Eagles to lay claim to the NFC east Division, a win that catapulted us into the playoffs. Wentz threw 4 TD strikes in 3 quarters. Defense stepped up in the last two series of the game. However, I am not happy, Foles can only do so much, and I’m afraid that’s not going to be good enough. Love my birds though…sigh…GO EAGLES!

  9. Another ‘bag over the head punch in the face’ for the Eagles faithful…

    With a defense that can get after the QB like the Eagles can, we will have a chance against any team. Even elite teams like the Pat’s struggle when their great QB is rushed.

    We have to hope we get the good Foles from 2013, and not the one that Jeff Fisher destroyed.

    I’m sick today…

    1. It’s crazy, Wentz was able to throw his 33rd TD for the season breaking the all time Eagles single season TD passes in just 13 games.
      33 TD’s, 7 ints…meh.
      Donnovan McNabb only had 31 in a single season.
      If not for the injury Wentz would get 40 before the end of the year. Sad!

        1. Apparently manual test are very accurate. Most doctors will tell people to skip the MRI after a manual test because of the money.

          If it’s loose, then it’s torn.

          We’re going to have to watch Brady win his 6th

  10. Golden opportunity missed. This chance probably wont come around again in years. First 3 of the ALL time greatest QBs have a combined 40 years in the NFL have a grand 4 superbowl appearances combined. 4 SB appearaces with 40 years in the league. Rogers, Brees, Rothlisberger. lol I don’t care how many players are under contract until 2020. We been doing that shit for the last 25 years. Just to many variables can occur, coaches leaving, injuries, 1st place schedules, no NFC East team winning back to back in 12 years etc. NE is exception to the rule. With Rogers, Wilson,Brees, Minn, Dallas, ATL, Carolina etc all looking to be viable for the near future no matter what any Eagle fan says the odds are the same for every one of them teams to win that’s why this injury this year is so damning. I’m sure Marino, Brees, Rogers all thought they would be back every year. Doesn’t work like that. You have the opportunity to do it do it now may be 10 years down the road you have another chance.

  11. The more we get away from the injury, the more excited I am to see Nicky Boy play.

    We forget how great he was. Don’t include the irrelevant 1-5 record he posted his rookie year, and he went 14-4 in Philly

    He also was sitting at 7-2 before getting hurt and Sanchez took over. I believe his stats at the time were 14-10? He was on pace for 28 tds that season. Not quite 27-2, but damn good.

    Remember when we lost to San Fran and Arizona on a last second bomb to Brown? We couldn’t score on the 1 and had to settle for 3 a few times that game. we should have beat them and been 9-0 that season under Foles

    Nick Foles has a better coaching staff, and defense backing him up. Idk if the oline is better cause we went 5-5 that year on the line. Not 1 injury. But it’s still amazing this year.

    Idk if our run game is as good cause shady posted over 1600 yards and led the league, but it’s still damn amazing

    Nick Foles can balll. Don’t let the Jeff fisher coaching staff fool u

  12. He’s gotta go on a 3 game run. A tree game run.

    Throw 6tds (8 would be better) and only 2 ints.

    If he does that, the Birds, with their D and run game, will be in every playoff game they’re in. Can he do that? I think he can.

    Its not over yet.

    1. We gotta sign that biTch Colin Kaepernick

      It’s the best football move if u ask me. Not to mention it will stop the liberals from crying a little. Everyone wins

      1. ct sign kapernick / bro you are much smarter than that, Kap is not wanted by the nfl front nor even back offices,Has not played football in over a year. Playing catch in your driveway with your 10 year old son or daughter does not count.Has not opened up a playbook in over a year, looking at x rated pics stashed in playbooks does not count.Has not worked out is Maybe , not in football shape , There are much better ways to fill a roster spot than that, An what about the refs?think they may be just a little biased against Kap? The only people who would want Kap, would be a dozen or so liberal fans who only know football is hard game to play/

  13. Ramifications of Wentz injury at tip of iceberg. Eagles may be in the market for a QB this off season which Howie Roseman totally didnt anticipate. Let me explain. Dr Andrews stated this is a 9-12 month recovery period, Adrian Pederson was a anomaly, a freak of nature not the norm..The Eagles will not rush their franchise QB back, they will make no doubts he is fully healthy. That means he may not be ready until Oct maybe November taking the Sixers approach. What if Foles doesnt play well are you going into next year with Foles and Sudenfeld for 6,7,8 games with a 1st place schedule and hoping they are ok? Or do you have to go after a better option just in case? Do you gamble Wentz is ready and wait, do you gamble Foles may be ok? Howie definitely wasn’t anticipating possibly having to shell out money for a QB. My guess was he was going to shed Foles salary and go with Sudenfeld as a backup. What do you do?

    1. Howie has been handing extensions to his players all season ( Jeffries, Jernigan) I doubt he has any serious money to offer a stop gap QB for 2018. I’m not sure Eagles would be an attractive spot for the QB either since Foles is immediately starter with long term Wentz on the horizon. If the birds do bring in an established QB I would expect it to be a LaGarret Blount type signing. Cheap and late signing when the musical chairs leave someone with skill desperate for a job.

      1. Zero yet another negative nitwit post… you whined that they had no cap room this year yet the accountant seems to get it done. We are in the midst of a super bowl run and you whine about nests years qb… dumb

          1. Haveadick what did i tell you about being the board monitor. Get in your Chevy truck its time to punch in at the town plant. Stop riding everones dick on the board bro, nitwit, cunt you know i will talk your language. Fucking hillbilly. Lol

              1. Hac, yep I enjoy critiquing rather than cheering here. Negative nitwit is fine with me. I’ll exploit the optimists here in friendly debate. But I hate to be the one to point this out to you; but you have a negative personality. Yes, it is true. You create confrontation then swim in it. I wouldn’t in a million years describe you as positive or optimistic. So when I write I will exploit optimists here in debate – I have you slotting in the debbie downer category not the positive fan category.

  14. oh uh, Donovan McNabb is accused of inappropriate sexually harassment texts with a female wardrobe assistant during his time at the NFL network in a lawsuit against NFL. 3 current NFL Network former players/ analysts suspended with Marshall Faulk being the most reckless in involvement ( Ike Taylor, Heath Evans the others). What will Espn do since they just hired McNabb? 4 of the 5 accused have been suspended with McNabb the only one still working at Espn. Former NFL Network executive Eric Weinberger now President at The Ringer also named in lawsuit suspended. ( maybe former local journalist John Gonzalez gets to be president since he works for The Ringer)

  15. I said when sproles ,went down ,that in some perverse random ,universe that complexities would emerge ,transforming the Eagle running game ,from a finesse style,to a more physically punishing style.Ajayia ,in all likelihood ,was the emergence of that injury ,as well.Dag ,what’s the point of looking at next year ,and addressing tomorrow,when in the midst of an epic run towards dominance in the NFC.Foles was as good as it gets under Chip ,with a Bill Davis defense..In December and January games this transformative Eagles squad needs the obvious ,that everyone hasn’t focused.The Schwartz ,Oled defense ,is fully healthy ,and will take it up a notch vs weakened opponents ,dominating ,and punishing themselves to a two week respit,where Foles will hone his timing with the 1s ..I’m not a half empty type guy by nature ,however I certainally appreciate the loss of the MVP. That said the defense and special teams ,will camaflogue the loss ,until they play ,playoff competition at home ..Game plans by Schwartz are the vital key,as we have a dominating defense ,that MUST lead the path to a Championship game at home ..Every Pollyanna ,is coming out from under their hibernated rocks.Theyll slither back as Cox and the defense will compensate ,and take their play to a whole new level.Blount ,ajayi and the offense will turn wintery conditions ,into clock grinding ,pursuits..In all my optimism,I fear our O line play ,I was at the Ram game and ,it was putrid..Wentz athleticism is an obvious subtraction over Foles.The line this week in practice,will know where he’s at ,and will be given appropriated assignments .Lets take a collective deep breath ,at 11-2;trust the defense ..GO BIRDS!

  16. Let’s not lose sight,that the birds,responded after a loss to Seattle and beat the Rams.Their resiliency isn’t ,to be overlooked.If indeed ,they possess ,the heart of a champion,and,we’ll see it unfold into Jan.

    1. It’s simple u keep nick Foles for next season

      Hopefully he plays great and allows carson to sit for half the season.

      We pull a Sixers and give him more
      Time and then some
      To heal

  17. Wentz will be ready to go in September sometime. He’ll play no later than week 2 with a brace on his leg. That’s my opinion…. I think McNabb tore his ACL in late November (week 10) then got surgery in early December. He started the next season.

    Until then it will be Foles, if he is healthy.

  18. That video of Jacksonville fans throwing ice cubes at a hot head Seattle DL who was just ejected for fighting is hilarious. They sort of calm him down after the first attempt to jump into stand then they throw another beverage of ice cubes at him and he loses his mind again and tries to get into the stands. His reason is almost as funny as the video – “I’m not going to let somebody disrespect me ” Quinton Jefferson.

      1. Y twice. That Michael Bennett is a cool guy…very respectable. Punk on the field, complete dick off it. Lies about his role in a shooting incident. Lies about ‘police brutality’ against him. Lies about police pulling guns on him for being black. Tweets about how the Jaguars are the worst in the league, but when he loses to them he becomes a sore loser bitch and tries to hurt Jags players during the kneel down.

        And just announced…the Seahawks have nominated him for their “man of the year” candidate.

        You can’t make this shit up.

  19. Denny all things considered, we have a coach who has been just as integral to this team’s success as anyone player. We have a backup who’s more than capable of making the necessary plays in absence of our MVP qb. Fully expect us to play as a team and keep this train moving. Go Eagles!!!

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