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Pederson Wants His Eagles Players To “Just Do Their Job”

Doug Pederson just finished his Friday morning news conference and he emphasized that he doesn’t need his players to try to do more than their job.  He doesn’t want offensive players trying to do more than their assignment because Nick Foles is the team’s starting quarterback and not Carson Wentz.

This starts with Foles.  He doesn’t want him trying to be Wentz.  Pederson explained it by talking about how Foles relies more on dumping the ball to his running backs when he doesn’t see anything downfield.  Wentz tries to buy time with his legs, if he doesn’t see anything coming open downfield.  He wants Foles to play to his strengths.

Pederson doesn’t want the defensive players abandoning their assignments and trying to do more than the defense is designed for them to do.  He wants everybody to go out there and do their jobs as they were doing when Wentz was at the quarterback position.

Pederson feels Foles has the benefit of having plenty NFL experience.  He is confident Nick knows what it takes to win.   The coach said he and Foles have talked a great deal about the game plan and plays that Nick feels will work.  They didn’t have a night meeting like Pederson has been having with Wentz, but the head coach made it clear that he and Foles are on the same page.

Pederson said he feels good about the fact that the team has clinched the NFC East title, but he’s not going to start thinking about when to start resting his team until they clinch the bye and/or home field advantage.  He and the team are focused on beating the Eli Manning-led Giants.

The Eagles head coach feels former Eagles defensive coach and current Giants interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo will have his football team ready to play.  He’s also expecting for Spags to blitz Foles. on Facebook

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32 Comments for “Pederson Wants His Eagles Players To “Just Do Their Job””

  1. The focus on the qb,is obvious, however I do not feel the dropoff will be disastrous. .Foles will provide the most important thing. .leadership in the huddle..hell be prepared for the next few weeks, and hes smart enough to make the proper reads. .Ajayi will along with blount and clemens tote the rock and will along with the defense and special teams,clinch,the elusive home field and a bye..should foles shine,the naysayers will be silenced,and this arc of 2017 will lead to an elusive title..Go Birds.

    • We will see what Pederson / Foles come up with in 5 weeks for that bye reward home playoff game.
      ( about this week) NYG imploded already. They are first round QB draft pick shopping and organizationally prefer a loss for draft position than a Sunday Win. Seems every week a different member of the NYG secondary tosses a new hand grenade into the locker room.

    • desert they will let foles toss it as many times as the defense and game situation dictates. The same way they did with foles- Balance for the sake of balance is what fans call for but is not practical-

  2. phils rebuild is about over

  3. Game of the year Okc @ philly

    Ran out of gas at the end and went for the GW shot. The game really needed to end

    This team is special..

    • That game was epic.Embid throwing his body around,told me of the heart and soul of this squad.Theyre a legit squad,perhaps ,not elite ,but entering,into a status of playoff,contention

  4. I wanted the Eagles to sign Kenny Britt but of course the Patriots swoop in and add him

    With Chris Hogan out for the game, were gonna get a close look at him today against the Steelers

    I hope not signing him won’t come back to bite us

    I wanted Britt in order to give Foles more help outside. The more weapons the better

    But we’ll see..

  5. And I’ll say this about the Sixers OKC game

    We would’ve won that game if Simmons was more aggressive down the stretch

    He looks to pass WAAAAY too much. Simmons has too much ability, height and strength to always look to pass it off

    If he wants to be considered one of the greats in this league, he has to score more and stop looking for ways to free himself of the pressure

    All know I love his game, but he has some flaws that he needs to give attention to with improving, like his SHOT

    Everything can’t be a layup or a dunk

    And Embiid can’t do it all! He needs help!

    Simmons, I need you to step up the scoring!

  6. Down 20 to 7… you “balance” guys better get ready to bitch and whine… foles gonna throw 50 Times … our only chance

    • Now U don’t abandon the run with these running backs that u have.

      Give the ball to jay and Corey Clement 28-30 times to take the pressure off foles!! Cannot abandon the run and become one dimensional. Giants run defense is weak!

  7. IDk if Simmons can be that consistent closer like Embiid. Simmons can and will and times. But he mainly needs to be there to facilitate the offense and put guys in position to close by playing defense and making elite passes like we have seen.

    We need Markelle on the floor. And Markelle Simmons and Embiid combination to close out games will be the difference

  8. Throwing gives you more possessions… more possibilities

  9. Foles has been outstanding

  10. Will Marvin Lewis ever get fired?

  11. This ain’t on foles…come on Swartz

  12. Ronald Darby got roasted today, again. However, Darby did have an important interception to set up the birds to take a 21-20 lead.

  13. special teams saved the birds today. Giants kicking game let them down. (3 Eagle block kicks)

  14. Secured a bye week with today’s win for an extremely successful season.
    Birds don’t have to leave Philly for a month. 2 more regular season home games, then a bye week, and a home playoff game.

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