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Eagles Defense Will Need To Outplay Vikings D

Eagles Pro Bowl defensive tackle Fletcher Cox didn’t mince words yesterday when he said, “Whichever defense plays the best is going to win.  We must play better than their defense.”  It was simple and it was correct.  Both the Eagles and Vikings defense are better than the Eagles and Vikings offenses. I expect a low scoring game.

I love the matchups we will see:  Alshon Jeffery vs. Xavier Rhodes, Jalen Mills and Ronald Darby vs. Adam Thielen and Stefan Diggs, Zach Ertz vs. Anthony Barr and Eric Kendricks.  They are too many to name.

Of course the number one matchup is between the two backup quarterbacks, Nick Foles and Case Keenum, who find themselves starting this year’s NFC Championship game.  Keenum has more ability to extend plays, but Foles is quicker in the getting the ball out of his hands.  You’ll see Keenum attempt to buy time to give his receivers a chance to get open.  Foles will be one-two-three and the ball is coming out, when he’s in a groove.

I see this game being decided by a turnover.  The Eagles can’t afford to make the mistakes against the Vikings that they made against the Falcons.  They can’t start the game out with a Jay Ajayi fumble.  The Special Teams can’t afford to muff a punt and let Minnesota recover the ball in the Eagles backyard.

The outstanding defensive performance against the Falcons allowed the Eagles to win despite the sloppy plays.  They can’t afford to do it this week.

Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham said the Birds defensive line wants to prove they are the best defensive line in the league.  Both teams have tremendous talent on all three levels of their defense, but it’s all going to come down to which defense plays best on Sunday January 21st, 2018.

This is the type of game in which you should play things close to the vest for most of the contest, but you pick your spots when to take chances with a deep pass or flee-flicker.  The Eagles showed the counter runs with Nelson Agholor carrying the ball in their win over the Falcons, so they need to find another way to get the ball into Nelson’s hands in this game.

I like the matchup of Agholor, who is both quick and fast against Vikings nickel back Mackensie Alexander.  The Saints did a good job of exploiting Alexander, when he came in the game last weekend.  If veteran Terrence Newman is matched up on Agholor, I would like to see the Birds go deep against him.

I think Nick Foles should look to his slot receiver and tight end this week because I think they’re the best matchups vs. the Vikings.  I don’t like the matchups outside with Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith.

The Eagles secondary must not forget to be ready for some double-move routes.  They didn’t see in the Falcons game, but the cornerbacks struggled with that route late in the season.

I’ve got the Eagles winning 16-13 with the game being decided on the final drive. on Facebook

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56 Comments for “Eagles Defense Will Need To Outplay Vikings D”

  1. 17-14 eagles win. I could see Nick Foles becoming a different animal as the game went on. Keep in mind Nick Foles didn’t play in the preseason.

    He had no reps, and no chemistry with this teAm. As the games have gone on, nick Foles has looked for comfortable with AJ, and Ertz etc. he looks like a different guy In terms of confidence. He knows he can win and make all the throws now. He got the playoff W off his back

    I can’t imagine how much wonders that did for his inner confidence After contemplating retirement.

    Maybe switch it up this game? Go more pass heavy and catch that Minny D off guard. Im
    Not saying don’t run the ball a lot. But have more throws then runs? Depends how the game unfolds I get it.

    But I believe in Nick Foles.

    GO JAGS!!!! Let’s get us a Jacksonville Philly

  2. 24-10–not quite as close as people think– I’m banking on:
    1. huge home field advantage– compare both defenses on the road and they aren’t as good.
    2. eagles got 12 more turnovers during the season than the vikes- the noise will impact communication and contribute to a couple of TO
    3. I believe this underdog thing is just another thing to unite an already united team.
    4. I think the vikes could have a bit of a hangover from the unbelievable win last week.

  3. I heard someone say (former Eagle now host expert) say Vikings will be ready for these Read Option throws Nick Foles executed against the Falcons. It will be in their game prep where as Pederson caught the Falcons not prepared.

    • That’s why coaches work 100 hours per week… he just needs to find another new wrinkle

    • Of course Minn will be ready for that read option/ even the annoncer last week was calling it, Chris collingsworth , knew it and if the Eagle coaching staff does not know that minn. will have studied that game over and over and then over some more, they should not be coaches in the nfl.And if that play surprizes minn. shame on them.

  4. Mhenskie

    I would agree with you more, if we were on the road. I wouldn’t bet on Nick Foles in that game in Minnesota.

    However, they have to come to the Linc, and play outdoors in what’s looking like a high 38 in temperature game. The game will get colder as it goes on, and case keenum will fold in the end

    No matter what happens though, this season was 110% a success. Best eagle season ever??

    Andrew sendejo playing is bullshit. Him and Adam T are banged up. Something to watch for.

  5. They blow a 17-0 lead and look very vulnerable in the second half. If not for bad luck on the saints part, interceptions by Bree’s in the first half they win this game very easily. That fluke play could be a potential hangover for the Vikings. Nfl history shows you that after a play like that the team always loses

    Carolina put up 31 on them.

    Detroit is a division game, but they beat Minnesota as well.

    They are beatable, especially on the road. I just don’t think they make it to the super bowl because that’s where the game is being played

    Will there be a home super bowl team for the first time in history? I doubt it

  6. We got this. Eagles will win and get to Super Bowl LII. FLY EAGLES FLY!!!

  7. Go birds… damn I want them to win… trying to keep it in perspective… what a great season regardless

  8. GAME DAY…..

  9. yes a great great eyeopening season..I have minature donkey named Jimmy , some clown keeps trying to make an Eagle bet with me to win jimmy , I love the Eagles as much as Jimmy ,so I never bet against the Eagles and Jimmy keeps the coyotes away, This clown covets Jimmy as much as I do an Eagle win today , GO BIRDS!!!!!!! Patrick and Jimmy the minature mule!!

    • Jimmy the dwarf mule ..perfect metaphor Patrick. We are going to play with the purple people eaters There offensive line,is just that. Mediocrity ,pedestrian in a hostile environment.we do need pinch ourselves to realize the Nick Foles sword bearers,vin .myself hated o Sammy sleeves and in my estimations.fate puts him as today’s backup. A sub o line vs a bunch of hungry rabid dogs of fans and magically sam the sham stands beteeen us and a Super Bowl. A heavy dose of ARs read option playbook with the o line winning their battle and a mean kick ass defensive battle looms. Your the gunslinger and Sammy the folded suit awaits. Go Birds. We got this

      • sadly .sadly , sadly . Bill belichik, tom brady et al. are simply too much brain, and firepower for the rest of the league, The pats did it again ,as I knew they would.Hac mocked me no end when I said this, not too many , if any teams, ,can beat the pats in a playoff mode.No Gronk. no matter, I dislike the Pats more than Hac and most of you other cobbers, but I have lived , long enough to understand many aspects of life, life can be very painful, full of joy but it can be a killer also , when you are Eagle fan. A.Lesson you youngsters can learn is if you hate someone or a team “brady or belichik dont discount them because of your hatred.I tried to teach this to HAC but his mocking got in my way.. Should we hate Dr. King or Jimi Hendricks or Willie Nelson because we don.t like thelr songs??I.m mostly talking to you Hac. You are a good sports guy ,but have failed to learn many things in life . So take it easy on mocking me , until you have become have gained a little more wisdom, expereince and savvy in your own life ok ?I do respect you but What the f— do you think will happen if The Eagles play the Pats in the super Bowl.? I have been a musician for over 30 years now , so do you think with the exception of a prodigy some youngster can blow me away?I think the Eagles beat Minn tonight, but going against the Pats, well we done got ourselves one old rootin, tootin good old heartbreaker!So they may as well measure up the Pats for what ring ,,number 6?,Life can be hard when you are a rookie like you cant it? enjoy the game Bros, DESERT Eagle and HAC. Patrick

        • Patrik. No doubts or delusion. The pats are battle tested,led by goat at the helm and coached by bellicheat. Jeffrey will take his gold standards ,executive of the year ,deserved coach of the year ,and a q.b nobody believed in. On a fast track the birds will be too quick too deep and too well coached. There’s no boogie man..on line minny fans are dumping tickets. It will be an Eagle home crowd. Sitting in minnys seats in minnys stadium. They not only stole their chick they moved in with the furniture

  10. Thats what Pedersen and Reich get for continuing to put Torrey Smith on the field. Great throw Nick should of been caught again.

  11. All Chris Long does is make plays. Play him until he falls over tonight

  12. Wow foles looks absolutely sensational

  13. It’s totally the end of the world.

    But I’ll take it.

  14. Minnys. Outta miracles.

  15. The chimp is dead. St has bowed at the altar of st nick. Who may pay dividends for a trade next year. He’s the true st nick. He keeps on giving


  17. Let’s get this straight. Nick Foles sucks. Vegas doesn’t believe Minnesota has the coach of the year Their defense is impenetrable. Lmao.

  18. Say it. Super bowl Bring on g o a t

  19. Honestly, I can’t even be excited b/c of the Pats winning. I was hoping for a Bortles vs. Foles Big Bowl, but oh well. I’m not gonna be a Debby Downer – but damnit man who the hell wants another Pats Super Bowl.

  20. Songsrme2…where ya at poppin shit about Foles? BWHAHAHAHA


  22. 2017 was one hella strange year and this is a fitting end. SMH.

  23. Wow. The night of the living dead have arisen. Songs who’s your daddy. The last time you were right about a q.b. Was never. Crawl into your worm hole. Do your deadskins chant. Talking smack on nick. Lmao

  24. Here is the funniest thing..Koolbreeze abandoned the Eagles to become a vikings fan once Bradford was traded to the vikes by Howie the accountant. Then Howie brings Foles back…and Foles beats the vikings in the NFCCG..LMAO…the irony is too sweet to pass up. Suck it koolbreeze…suck itbwahahahhaa..lame ass looser!!!

  25. Ivan we fleece the Browns. Again. Nick for #1 pick.

  26. Shurmur made the giants fans jumping with a well conceived opening drive and 7. Rest of the game. 000000

  27. I called this blowout henski and fuck the patriots and tsjohnson da fuk u on here for cam Newton is in nc baby girl…..don’t need fake ass eagles fans…..Nicky franchise bitches

  28. Yes! I love this team!!!!!


    • So none of you think we have a chance ?

      I’m sure Vegas will think that also

      That’s perfect!

      • Oh i think we got a chance. Lot of ppl saying damn i wanted the jags not me. Their d is filthy. Pats front 7 is trash i ain’t scurred of their d. They got the greatest coach and qb of all time so I’m scared of that but don’t think they’re unbeatable. Gronks gonna be a problem but ertz should be too

  30. I’m on cloud 9! So happy for this team, the city of Philadelphia, and the fans who have stuck with this team through the good and the bad. This is our year! We will beat NE, and we will end the Tom Brady era! To all of you who said Nick Foles sucks, and that Nick Foles will not get us to the SB…F**K YOU!
    Fly Eagles Fly!!

  31. How many of you bad ass Eagles fans especially you homeboys will admit to having a tear in your beer after We beat minny?If I wasn.t a spiritual not religious , but spiritual…kind I would give some props to Belichik, but after that pat game he is now being called the
    ‘Zen master”guess who the first on the field to congratulate belichik was?A ref!! Can you believe that. I also think , but I cant swear A ref put his hand out to help brady up after being on the turf,Only my 5 dogs dying buried on the ramshackle farm with handmade headstones , made me cry ,my old man, going over to the other side and the Eagles in the super bowl!This one is much sweeter than Vermeils , run and I barely could watch big red in his run with his flag football team wide recievers , Doug , Mr Lurie ,and Howie are all men win or lose this bowl are to be revered and respected in P hilly/ Thanks for the run Eagles!

  32. I don’t know many things , but the minesota is for sure, the most horrible accent I have heard !

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