Thoughts From Eagles-Vikings

Perfect Team Effort Sends Eagles To The Super Bowl

The home dogs were out to feast on Sunday night.

The Philadelphia Eagles turned in an absolutely dominating effort, embarrassing Case Keenum and the Minnesota Vikings 38-7.

Doug Pederson’s coaching job was nothing short of incredible. He devised a perfect gameplan for Nick Foles, who carved up the top-rated Minnesota defense. Pederson thoroughly outcoached Mike Zimmer. The head coach had such a great feel for this game, with nearly all of his play calls working.

After establishing a 21-7 lead, Pederson wasn’t satisfied when the Birds got the ball back with just 29 seconds in the half. Remaining aggressive, Pederson called a few more successful plays to get the team in field goal range to go up 24-7. In the second half, Doug called for the knock-out punch, dialing up a flea flicker that the team successfully executed to go up 31-7.

Not to be outdone, Jim Schwartz’s defense more than did their part, holding the Vikings to just seven points, and forcing Case Keenum into three turnovers. Keenum finally cooled off, and looked like a third-string quarterback, with the stage in Philadelphia proving to be a little too much for him to handle.

Nick Foles completed 26 of 33 passes for 352 yards and three touchdowns, he looked strong from the start of the game, and never looked back. It was a flawless effort for Foles, who now has a new career-defining game.

Foles was poised and confident. The strong second half against the Falcons was clearly something that he was able to build off of, taking that momentum and exploding into one of the best playoff performances you could ever hope to see from a quarterback.

So many players had a hand in this win. So many of them were key pickups by Howie Roseman this offseason. Alshon Jeffery came down with two touchdown receptions. Patrick Robinson, a guy that nobody wanted and many thought wouldn’t survive training camp, comes up with a pick-six to change momentum. LeGarrette Blount smashed his way to a second playoff touchdown.

The team once again proved just how special a group this is, and how dangerous it is to disrespect a top seed.

Quick Thoughts


  • Very cool moment before the game, when starters were being announced, Lane Johnson ran out of the tunnel holding up Jason Peters’ jersey, showing just how much the injured veteran has meant to the team.
  • Peters’ replacement, Halapoulivaati Vaitai, did a hell of a job shutting down Everson Griffin.
  • The line as a whole allowed just one sack on Nick Foles.
  • Jay Ajayi had 98 yards from scrimmage, giving him two straight efforts with nearly 100 total yards in the post season.
  • Zach Ertz has not only broken out this year, he’s really established himself as a premier tight end. In the biggest game of the year, he registered eight grabs for 93 yards.
  • Torrey Smith hasn’t done much this year, but saved his best effort for the biggest game, catching five passes for 69 yards, including a touchdown on the flea-flicker in the second half.


  • Derek Barnett swung momentum of the game with a key strip-sack of Case Keenum with the Vikings deep in Eagle territory in the first half.
  • Barnett, you may remember, was the guy the Eagles got with the Vikings’ first-round pick this past year.
  • What did the Vikings get from that trade you ask? Why a completely useless, loser of a quarterback in Sam Bradford of course! Sam sat on the bench, contributing nothing.
  • Keenum was so rattled after his first interception, the only thing he could really do after that was check the ball down to Jerick McKinnon. It was Keenum’s best Bradford impersonation.
  • Chris Long, another Howie addition, got pressure on Keenum on the throw that led to Patrick Robinson’s interception.

Special Teams

  • Jake Elliot nailed his only field goal attempt, and all of his extra points.

Final Thoughts

Doug Pederson said it best.

“We’re going to the stinkin Super Bowl.”

A rematch with the New England Patriots is coming, less than two weeks from now.

Expect the Eagles to be underdogs, again. Bet against them at your own risk.

145 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Vikings

  1. they just keep winning. No matter what. Yesterday’s injury hurdle was without Dannell Ellerbe.
    Whatever they did worked. 53 yard bomb to Alshon inside the 2 minute warning then Halftime 2 minute drill for FG 40 seconds later. Everything was successful. Come out after halftime and get a TD, then Theilen can’t catch 4th down ball in endzone, Eagles respond with an 92 yard TD again with a Jump Ball in end zone to Alshon. (38-7. ) Come into halftime with a 10 points right before than dominate the 3rd quarter for 2 Touchdowns. 24 unanswered points right before and after halftime. Total domination

  2. It’s interesting to see a team reflect the cities persona and rise to heights that talking heads ,don’t see as a q.b from the Jeff Fischer tree showed his 3rd string skill sets ,and one in st nick got coached up by Doug ,who I felt would conform the offense to fit nicks skills.It sounds Hollywood,but in reality ,this team ran up the steps of the library ,fed off its fan base ,and made the purple..Green,with envy. #oneforlombardi

  3. Well remembering the days when Gcobb was dominated by the Vick fan club… lots of hate for Foles; some of us thought foles would lead us to the SB..,and here we go

  4. CONGRATULATIONS to the Eagles, and thank you for providing us fans with a season never to forget. It ain’t over yet….we got ONE MORE BABY!!!!!!!!!
    Now, I just have to deal with all the douche bags around here where I work who now have NOTHING to say, except for the stupid ass Philly police memo. Yeah those riots last night were crazy.

    1. Hopefully we don’t get rid of Foles. I hope he starts the season and gives Wentz several weeks to rest and get to 10000%. Not just 100

      Not a bad way to live. Stay with the city who drafted you. Be apart of this special team. And if you keep winning who knows?

      Keep Carson on the bench? How do you take him out if u decide to start Foles next season for a little and he’s 4-0?

      Not bad for a guy who was thinking of retirement. He looked calm and poised the whole damn dame.

  5. What can you say about that game last night? The Eagles completely dominated the vikings in every phase of the game. This is a complete football team. Howie Roseman, Joe Douglass and Doug Pederson and Jim Schwartz have done a fantastic job this season..starting with FA, the draft, then developing cohesion as a team. What can you say about this team..they are the embodiment of what Philadelphia Eagles football is all about. One game left…let’s get it.


  6. Foles gets the Tom Brady rule if he wins the SB. Foles should be asked if he wants to be traded for a starting job or he can remain as a Eagle backup and walk after the year or resign as the Eagles back up or go into FA for nothing. He will have earned that from the Eagles organization. He wins us a SB fuck a draft pick he gets to choose whatever he wants to do.

    1. Dagg. That’s not how the real world operates .He will be in the big payday possibility and his agent and players association will be pressing for the most coin. He’ll be like hostettler whocame in for Simms and signed a payday deal with Oakland. Nicks value is rising and a guy who weeks ago was trash ,has now transformatively made his stock a one or more

      1. Well desert thanks for your opinion of the real world is and remember thats just your opinion. My opinion is if Foles leads us to our 1st SB ever I can see the Eagles doing him a solid and asking him what he wants to do instead of just shippi g his ass off to a shithole team, you know family shit. If he wants to remain a Eagle as a backup you let him stay. If hes ok with a trade we accomodate. Its the least thing we could do. See thats my version of the “real world”.

  7. Yesterday I forgot too mention ,but,nick sitting with Wentz after a series ,seemingly came out with a calmness and immediately made a play to jefferey for six. That was never something that 5 did ,this to me is why this is a team that comes before individuals. Then for the NFC east with Schumer to ny can’t be awe inspiring. Every day just gets better as this tsunami now gets us value for nick ,we become a “destination “ for FAs. Who wouldn’t want to play for this organization and staff. Howie was choosing the best bleach for jocks just two years ago;and tomorrow he’s in the Super Bowl

  8. What a damn game. Straight up ass kicking.

    That being said, am I the only one that is tired of groups of aholes that throw shit at the other teams and their fans? Heckling/booing the other team and taking over their stadiums is fine, but you don’t have to be GD drag. Not serious fandom or intensity. It is just being an a hole.

    1. There’s asshole fans everywhere. Jagoff minny fans came here and disgraced the rocky statue. I find all of it hilarious

  9. Just got back home from being at the game Sun.

    How insane was that??

    Insane fans, smothering D, creative game plan (flea flicker!) and top it all of with Nick Foles shredding the “#1” Defense in the league…..

    That’s some good times right there.

    1. For those of you who enjoy EDP445

      Go watch his new video on YouTube “I want. Apiece of that patriots ass”

      Funny ass video, but also very touching at the end when he brings up his mom

      Love this team so much I can’t help but cry. I gotta strong feeling this is the year fellas

  10. Sixers blow another big 2nd half lead this time to the lowly Memphis Grizzles. Turning over the basketball relentlessly. Brett Brown is a LOSER. They have got to run this wimp out of town. Referees were calling everything and that chump Ben Simmons gets zero free throw attempts. A point guard is so afraid of the free thrown line he will air ball layups to avoid contact. He clanks free throw attempts off the rim but thinks he is going to make off balance fading jump shots floating in the air away from the rim. bwahahahahahaha Sixers are such losers. A chump point guard and wimp head coach.

      1. Regarding Embiid he wAs checked by maybe the best big defender in the nba. Ben no excuses , no excuse for being scared of contact, no excuse for his non existent jumper as he had a year to work on nothing but that. However ben came up with 2 huge steals in the final 2 minutes and we blew it. Rocos forced 3 for no reason with 10 seconds left was moronic.

        Something happens to our teams brain in the 4th quarter.

        We 8-3 in last 11 games and eos calling us losers hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa. No jj and team being run by kids and we losers. Ha ur and idiot bro

        1. 0 always takes the negative narrative.
          my thoughts on the brain farts of the sixers late in games especially– the nba is a flawed product, many games aren’t played at the highest quality and the sixers are babies– literally– most of their top talent should still be in college or maybe first year nba– they are FINE– and thats from the most anti-process guy out there.

              1. The Sixers have a superstar which is why they currently have a winning record in Joel Embiid. The have an abject failure at the point guard position. The Ben Simmons experiment is a disaster. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are both top 5 in the NBA in turnovers per game. It doesn’t work. There are 10-15 plans available, alternative pairings that could work better. The Sixers are desperate for a quality point guard. Joel Embiid is playoff championship ready right now. They are squandering a championship caliber superstar’s greatness with a ridiculous 6’10” scardycat brick laying turnover machine point guard want-a-be.

              1. If the liberty ballers think Colangelos implemented summer plan was good they are dingbats.
                Sixers had 40 million in cap space, 2 of the 2016-17 best rookies in Joel Embiid and Dario Saric, the #3 overall 2017 draft selection. Ben Simmons hiding in the closet. Future Lakers #1 overall pick in 2018, & future Sacramento #1 first round pick in 2019. AND COLANGELO BLEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kaboom !!!

              2. Not sure how he blew it. He signed reddick good signing. He gave Embiid a max had to. He drafted Fultz which everyone agreed with (i was skeptical tho). Still have one of those 2 firsts

                Not sure what he blew but ok

  11. Maybe trading up was a mistake ? I would’ve stood pat and took Smith. Maybe extending roco was a mistake? Jj certainly was not a mistake it’s a 1 year deal and teams will want him this trade deadline

        1. Remember some of these panicked posts from the zero:

          January 14, 2016 – 10:48 pm

          Howie chucked Tom Gamble and Ed Marynowitz and Chip Kelly within less than a year to wrestle full control of the roster.
          If he can’t beat a measly 7 stinking wins with his kumbaya hand picked sweetheart ( Doug Pederson ) he can join them.

          January 14, 2016 – 10:06 pm

          Pederson’s chance is beat (7-9) the 2015 Philadelphia win loss record. If He fails to win 8 or more games he is a chump and Roseman, Smolinsky Donahue and Pederson need to go. Howie won the power play against Tom Gamble, Chip Kelly and Ed Marynowitz – This 2016 team must win the division MUST WIN THE DIVISION

              1. I was Howie’s biggest fan on this site up until that Tom Gamble firing and his subsequent suspension from the personnel department that lead to an implosion of the 2015 NFL season. Empty seats in the stadium and crowd booing the team, it was awful. I made my peace concerning Howie when he met my benchmarks for the 2017 season. ( playoffs with a wildcard victory ).

            1. They won 7 last year and you whined incessantly about Manowitz and Gamble.
              Also, Simmons is averaging 4 TO per game… same as Earvin Magic Johnson in year 1…. as a matter of fact he averaged 3.9 for his career… you whine cuz you like it.

  12. Eagles Zero Credibility… read this over reaction, stupidity. off to superbowl, your boy is GM of the year and I’m not sure what Gamble, Manowitz are doing-

    December 18, 2016 – 5:59 pm

    Ed Marynowitz got terminated after week 16 in 2015 with a 6-9 record,
    The man who led the charge to get Ed Marynowitz ( one year in charge) has a 5-9 record right now.
    Is there a press conference set up for Monday Morning by Jeff Lurie ? If a 6-9 record after 15 games in charge of personnel wasn’t good enough in 2015 for a first time GM (Marynowitz) how is 5-9 good enough for an retread 2nd chance GM personnel man ( Roseman) .

    1. I believe D. Barnett who they stole from Minny (who they just beat) for bradford made a couple of HUGE plays to them to the SB– read it and whine!
      December 18, 2016 – 6:14 pm

      no one forced Howie to give Bradford 11 million bonus and Chase Daniels 8 million for doing absolutely nothing zippo to improve that slop. That is 2 starters worth of money.

    1. Damn HAC you are going in I wonder what Ed Marynowitcz and Tom Gamble are doing…and how they are doing.

      I went into the archives a few weeks back and read the comments of posters after Doug was signed…also after some of the 2016 games…smh at some of the posts.

  13. First year Eagles making an impact in them beating Vikings and getting to SB:
    P. Robinson, Long, Blount, Ajayi (STEAL), Barnett, Jeffrey, Smith, Darby, Elliott and of course FOLES…. there may be more but thats Howie the accountant– the guy who screwed over Gamble (who???)

  14. only problem with trading foles is you wanna do right by him and not send him to pit of misery like the browns but then you also do want to trade him for a bag of peanuts… teams that need a qb
    bills- but i don’t see them giving up a 1st
    jets – but do you want to send him their just for a pick
    jags- but they could keep bottles
    browns-hell no
    giants- they wouldn’t trade within the division again would they
    vikings- but they wouldn’t trade for another eagles qb
    saints- if they lose brees this could be a spot
    cards- would they also trade for another eagles qb

    its not a great market if you want to do right by foles plus get a good return

      1. Foles going nowhere. He winning a super bowl here. Getting a statue made of him then back to the clipboard.

        Koolbreeze – what a fucking idiot

        1. I think the question would be what does “do right by him”really mean? He wins the bowl he gets endorsements, he also gets teams interested in paying him…he’s due I think $5 next year….. that’s pennies on the dollar

          1. do right by him means do send him to the browns or jets ……. now if any team is willing to give up a pick between rds 1-3 then I’m taking it cause we need cap space and draft picks… just like the eagles have a tough decisions to make at cb next yr what do you with mills and Douglas

    1. Eric Rowe and Chung. We got this!Dont think for a moment that Foles and Wentz mindset and optics aren’t a formidable matchup vs Belicheat and Brady .The last Super Bowl in 2004 ARs 2:00 minute criticsisms will set a learned template that Reich and Doug will go to school on. This pats team finished 29th in total defense,hardly a dynasty Against Jacksonville the pats rushed for 46 total yards. The Eagles are btw #1 vs the run. Look for Brady and bellicheat to attempt +45 passing attempts vs a 17th ranked vs the pass defense. The schemes to put Brady on his ass are the crucial stat in this contest The pats O line vs Eagles O line advantage Eagles. This coach will be matched vs goat vs Brady and bellicheat In a rematch of the barf bowl with Mcnabb History will not be repeated in 2018!!

  15. Plus 5 and a score total 48 makes one wonder wether it will be 24 -24 with minutes left and a back up q.b and back up kicker bring Philly and broad street a parade. Nick will be forever enshrined in Philly sports,songs will forever have his posts engraved at the base of nicks statue Donovan will drink into a haze barf and history will repeat itself Doug P will Be this city’s ambassador decades from now . It is written…

  16. Lol, all my old enemies are gone….Songs, FoolBreeze……Where you guys at…..I come here and not a peep. I see TS still has “Meh” to say time to time, but where are the rest of the Foles/Wentz Suck crew….Sanchez and Bradford are studs…….lol. Oh I bet they lost the Tide Pod challenge…..That explains their opinions and demise :),

    1. Lost the tide pod challenge is a great line.

      You know those guys (and TS) are just dying inside. They must be so unhappy/angry.

      Their hero Vick would never, ever have put on a performance like last Sunday against the Vikes. Minny coaches weren’t even considering Bradford when it was clear that Keenum was overmatched (BTW Keenum was overmatched against the Saints the week before throwing 4 ‘ducks’ under pressure – but it was masked by the last play. His performance against the Saints really boosted my confidence for the NFC Champ game).

      Now if Foles falters next week, you can bet those clowns will be back in here gloating.

      But I don’t think he will falter. Everyone here knows I was..and am…. a big Foles supporter. No, I don’t think he should replace Wentz…Wentz is better. But Foles can be very, very good. He will play well. He has played well in all 3 playoff games he’s started for the Birds. One great game, and 2 good games….I know he got off to a slow start in the game against the Saints, but that was his first playoff game. He was on fire that second half and left with the lead.

      I think he will perform very well next Sunday.

      The “doubts” that arise from the last 2 reg season games are BS.

      I was at that Raiders game on the Monday night. It was beyond miserable. Fucking cold and windy. Wind like that destroys QBs and Foles played predictably poorly (though did he not engineer 2 2 min scoring drives at the end of the half and game?? Yes, he did!) The media and just about everyone else jumped on that game to announce the Eagles were finished.

      Fine. FOles played bad in the freezing wind. QB rating of 23! Eagles are toast!

      Did anyone happen to look at what happened to the other Qb on the field that day? Derek Carr? How did he do in the same wind??

      Oh…he was worse! 15 of 29 with 2 ints and a QBR of……2.

      QBs cannot play well in that shit. End of story.

      I don’t even remotely care what happened in the final game. That was a preseason game.

      Side note: Because of the last 2 games that Eagles line to win the SB dropped to 14-1. I quickly pounced on that. Giddy up!!!!

      As for Foles future……I think he’ll be on the Eagles next year. He gets 7 million. And if they wins, he’ll be a hero.

      1. I don’t really post here anymore because most posters are pretty sane and Logical now. As you are, I myself is a huge Foles guy. My brother and I differ on that and it caused some family strife during the Atlanta game lol. He has come around since last week. I listen to morons like Decammera on WIP talking about how Foles can have horrid games….Well Yeah, Jeff FN Fisher does that. The Performance so far has proved just how clueless Chip Kelly was as a pro talent evaluation guy….Part of me thinks his ego did it, no one could be that wrong……

        Foles is good, but Wentz is great….I would keep Foles as a back up as long as you can…..of course if someone gets desperate and offers a 1 and a 2 or something similar….well.

        1. So much all of this. Always was a Foles guy. I will admit that after they traded for Bradford I thought he would be an upgrade. I was wrong and after seeing sleeves and hoping I longed for Foles back.

          Wentz is the one we have been waiting for but Foles is the one that will get it done.

          Foles wins us the SB
          Foles gets us a 1 and…
          We trade back with that 1 for 1 this year next year and a 2 and a 3.

          Fly EAGLES Fly for the next Decade!!!!

    1. That’s why they quit (stooge patrol)..they did not want to deal with the truth, repercussions or responses from the Wentz and anti Bradford crowd. Foolbreeze became a Vikings fan after Bradford was traded there…he must have blown his top over Bradford not being able to get in after Keenum stunk up the NFCCG and Foles lit it up. Bwahahahhaah

      Songsrme2 came on last week prior to the game to trash talk Foles, he hasn’t been back since to acknowledge Foles’ performance that answered his own question..he’s a fraud.

      TS will pop in far and few between to say something nonsensical.
      All frauds!!!

      1. I don’t believe we need the draft pick fellas. You gotta ask yourselves, is it better to have a qb like Nick Foles on your roster? Or have the draft pick?

        Which would be what btw in all seriousness?

        I could be wrong, but I would bet the house that it is now a first rounder. I understand we got rid of Sammy Sleeves for a first round pick.

        However, you gotta look at the circumferences and how rAre it actually was for Howie to pull that off.

        The Vikings got within a extra point of Winning a playoff game agaisnt Seattle and he missed the kick. Teddy about to begin his 3rd season blew out his entire knee to the point where he almost lost his life.

        All Vikings needed was a quarterback. And they believe there first rounder would be in the 30s or very late 20s any ways.

        They were wrong. But unless someone goes down ina dramatic way again similar to teddy for another franchise. I cannot see u a first

        Definitely a second rounder. But do we really need it? Keep in mind we virtually didn’t have a 2nd rounds or 4th rounder this previous draft. We drafted players ( Sidney Jones and Donnel Pumphrey) but they didn’t play a single meaningful snap.

        Even tho we dont a 2nd round pick in 2018 Sidney Jones would be our second round pick season.

        Keep nick Foles. And let him play weeks 1-4 or maybe 1-6. Let’s wentz get 1000% healthy with a lot of practice under his belt.

        Unless by some freak miracle, he will not be in OTA, minicamp, training camp or preseason. Take your time with this knee thing, just because you have the fortune of being able to.

        Unless we get cocky, and believe we can insert anyone in there like nate Sudfeld, Of a draft pick etc

        1. ^^Just some typos above
          That it is not* a first rounder…

          Even thought we don’t have**

          Sidney Jones would be our second round pick this upcoming 2018 season***

      1. turnovers, Brett Brown finally has them dialing them back. Joel Embiid is a superstar. Ben Simmon I’m a little concerned because of his lack of aggression. Last 2 games he is relentlessly attacking that rim instead of fading away from it. I’m liking what I’m seeing, getting to the rim. How about TLC showing that first round ability for the first time in his NBA career?

    1. How about Dario saric getting better and better and better.

      I gotta say I’m a little disappointed in RoCo recently. Mainly in his 3 point game efficiency. He’s similar to Klay Thompson in a way where even tho when his shit isn’t falling,
      He makes up for it with his defense.

      What I would give to have Klay Thompson on this roster. I really he leaves GS and makes the NBA more interesting. Give them RoCo and Fultz for Klay? lol

      1. I agree with you on your point about the eagles vs patriots

        Only thing im worried about is penalties and turnovers.

        If we limit them very intensely in this game, we will win by 10+ points

  17. My opinion is Fultz dealing with Charles Barkley syndrome. The same way Barkley swings a golf club is what Fultz is dealing with on his shooting motion. Its mental. Dont know how it happened but this is concerning.

  18. The play of the SB is already set. Mark it down. It will be a critical 3rd down play in the RZ. Foles will run the RPO and actually keep it and it will be wide open for him to run for a TD. The Eagles have set this play up for the last 6 games.

    1. So pats got the best qb ever , best coach ever and the only way they win is if the refs help them? 12:20pm seems a bit early to be wasted bro

  19. This is a mans game, And the sixers are playing like men tonight.

    This team is coming together right before our very eyes!!!

      1. Russ is such a psycho man, a total animal on the court. Guys on so much juice it’s insane… prob my favorite player in the league right now. Sixers look good against these lazy ass defenders tho. Need to squeak this one out


        1. We can have 25 turnovers to 9 and still almost be in the game

          Too young. We turn the ball over at the worst time while Westbrook shoots it 35 times a game

          1. Westbrook torched Simmons. Simmons and Embiid were helpless against the Adam/Westbrook pick and roll. They were over-matched.
            Sixers franchise annoyingly caters to the National media ( Espn, ABC, TNT). If Embiid isn’t going to play back to back the more important game for Embiid to play is the Milwaukee game tonight not OKC yesterday. Hope Embiid plays tonight, a double loss will sting.

            1. Wow a rookie who is playing at a position that he hasn’t played much in before got burned by a perennial MVP candidate? That is shocking. And they have Paul George too? Can’t believe that the Sixers team without Reddick coun’t beat that team.

              That Thunder team is going to contend for the Western Conference and possibly the title. Got to look at it in a context or not at all.

              1. Westbrook is a 29 year old MAN!!! a perennial AS, a League MVP to make those claims about a 20 year old BOY, rookie getting abused is ridiculous– its your continuing negative pattern of stupidity–

              2. Saric and Embiid’s aggression was throttled down by early first quarter foul trouble ( 3 each after 1st quarter) especially defending the glass. Adams had 10 offensive rebounds. Ben Simmons had a single foul the whole game. This is not young 20 year old going against a Vet ( that was Saric going against Melo using 5 fouls trying to stop him) It is Westbrook humiliating Ben Simmons and Ben Simmons taking it.( one foul used during the 37 points Westbrook zapped him and Adams 10 offensive rebounds ) One foul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              3. No it’s ur negative nitwit take on all things philly sports. By the way you never responded when I called you out in your whining about Simmons turnovers? Remember exact number that magi had his rookie season? Oh and another thing he is currently averaging 3.9 per game… Westbrook is at 4.5,was at 5.4 last year, Lebrun is at 4.5….

              4. Simmons and Embiid are both top 5 in the NBA in turnovers. It is the duo that is not working, the pairing. There are better options. TJ McConnell only averaged 2.0 turnover last year in the same role. I don’t think Ben Simmons is good enough to have the basketball in his hands that much. He cannot create space for Embiid, he cannot get fouls on opponents and he turns the ball over too much. Embiid deserves a top 15 NBA point guard not a pretend point guard. Embiid is NBA championship ready right now. They are squandering his greatness with this Ben Simmons point guard nonsense.

              5. And the people who average MORE turnovers than them are perennial all stars and champions… at 20years old this is a total non-factor… if they were 28 your argument would hold water…

              6. Indiana and Chicago both called Colangelo for the #3 overall draft selection in 2017. Colangelo not only turned down Jimmy Butler & Paul George he went ultra aggressive and traded a future probable lottery selection to combine with the #3 overall to get Markelle Fultz. That means Allen Iverson talent. Stud Hall of Fame guard move. SUPERSTAR — Fultz not only has to be better than George, Butler, # 3 overall selection Jayson Tatum but make sure Tatum and that future dealt probable lottery pick combined aren’t better than Fultz.
                I don’t see it . I see a scardy cat hiding ( Fultz) and Colangelo with the possibly the biggest pie in the face blunder of all time comparable to Roy Hinson for Brad Daugherty.

              7. Wtf are u talking about? How the hell donyou know he turned down George and butler ? I read reports that say Indy turned down thrir choice of jokeafor or Noel and Covington and 2 first round picks. If ur gonna criticize do so with facts not idiotic made up fake deals

    1. Wow are team of dudes on rookie deals that just turned old enough to go to a bar couldn’t quite pull out a road win against the best player in the nba (maybe top 3) and his superstar wingman Paul George and melo. Sad. We are hopeless and suck. Fire Brett brown, fire the gm, tank!

    1. no I did not advocate playing TJ over Ben. I gave an example of what a a real point guard is capable of doing with Joel Embiid in the turnover department instead of this bizarre experiment of trying to force a square peg into a round hole 6’10” fifty five percent free throw shooting power forward turnover machine. TJ is garbage without Embiid but with Embiid he had a very very very impressive assist to turnover ratio because playing with Embiid is easy.

    1. I agree. And more shit from the org putting out their Embiid may play back to back after waiting 2 years they say just kidding at the last minute. Also jj reddick initial diagnosis said re-evaluation in 10 days and that deadline past 4 days ago with no updates.

  20. Nick Foles 19-11 62% 52 tds 19 int qbr 61

    Carson wentz 18-11 62% 49-21 qbr 61

    Numbers are exactly the same basically. Keep in mind Foles started 1-5 as a rookie in 2012 when the oline had 3/5 backups and no McCoy, Jackson were all hurt

      1. Henski I don’t make up shit and I live in dc Kendall fuller was their best defensive player this past year….look it up before you assume Norman was…..which he got burnt a lot last year….he was elite last year for skins

          1. Isn’t he a slot guy only? If yea,That’s like that slot guy we had that nobody wanted to see go but couldn’t cut it outside

            1. He’s not just slot even when played outside he was elite, watch him become all pro in kc, I’m telling you he was their most impactful defensive player

  21. Ben Simmons, despite the one idiot critic on this site will be a multiple mvp… he is a scorer…. he should hire the best jumpers from 15…I don’t understand why he hasn’t gotten that coaching but he should now… ,watch him drive the lane and when there is separation he doesn’t want the shot, fortunately he can still worm a hook or something up.
    Nets shooting lights out

    1. tunnel vision dingbat’s keep missing that Ben Simmons is getting torched by Tyreke Evans, Russell Westbrook, and tonight Spencer Dinwiddie because he isn’t a point guard. I keep telling everyone stop the 6’10” point guard experiment but don’t worry Brett Brown and Bryan Colangelo will eventually be terminated and the next coach will actually restore order to this chaos.

      1. i agree the defense is horrible- however a 20 year old phenom not playing good defense isn’t exactly a red flag– Westbrook and evans are 28 and Dinwiddle 24– this will work out.

        1. Uhhhhh who doesn’t Westbrook torch ? But did he torch Simmons ?

          Game 1 10-33 from the field. Needed 33 shots to get 27 points. That’s god awful

          Game 2 14-33 from field. 37 points. Not a torching for Westbrook at all

          In 2 games vs Ben he’s 24-66, 36% from field. That’s god awful.

          U sir are fake news

          1. Tyreke Evans 6-16 for 16 pts. Hahahaaaa ur definition of torched is awful.

            U basically just made the case for Simmons torching a top 5 player in nba. And ur Evans point was almost just as pathetic.

            Bro call ur doctor, u need a brain scan

          2. Sixers are seeing more and more HIGH PICK and ROLL and are abusing Simmons and Embiid. They are having trouble with the switch. There is a switch on the pick and roll and Adams had 20 points 10 offensive rebounds. Westbrook and Adams humiliated the Sixers Embiid and Simmons with the high pick and roll. You don’t know what you are talking about. Memphis got them, Thunder got them and Brooklyn got them. Same high pick and roll. Simmons defense is being exploited he isn’t defending either effectively.

  22. More fake news from e0s

    January 29, 2018 – 7:04 pm

    Indiana and Chicago both called Colangelo for the #3 overall draft selection in 2017. Colangelo not only turned down Jimmy Butler & Paul George h

    COMPLETELY MADE UP OUT OF THIN AIR. NEVER HAPPENED AS IT RELATES TO GEORGE. NEVER HAPPENED. may have happened with butler but glad they turned that down. He ain’t anything special at all. Not a superstar , not a winner , hard pass

    1. Chris Paul and Kyrie Irving were never offered to Sixers but yes Blake Griffin, Paul George and Jimmy Butler were absolutely offered because each team wanted high lottery pick or picks in return. Paul George was a little more tricky because he refused to sign an extension which is understandable why Colangelo wasn’t interested. Blake Griffen, Jimmy Butler and Paul George were offered to Boston, Lakers, Sixers, and Suns leading up to the draft.

  23. Meanwhile- 4 days from the SB, sixers in a playoff hunt after about 12 years of tanking, flyers in playoff hunt- both winter teams with young talent–YET- NOT ONE ARTICLE ON THE SB OR EITHER WINTER TEAM– we are still commenting on the vikings game thread

  24. I dont even look at articles anymore; some time ago gary stopped paying the writers and it went to shit. he dont care about this site at all, no revenue bro…

    i come here for the comments only

    1. agreed- my point was in that we use a 2 week old thread and 190 comments later we comment on any relevant news– seems weird to me. you are right there hasn’t been content other than comments in quite a while.

    2. Ditto, only for the comments do I come on here and read and they are few now. I go to BGN to post now, a lot more action over there. Funny, I saw TS Johnson posting on the SB Panthers site cat scratch reader during the Eagles/Minnesota NFCCG. She referred to the Eagles as “they”. As I always thought, she was never a real Eagles fan…just a fan of #Vick7.

        1. Z44, yep. Look at the Panthers string on TB Eisen’s WTS NFC NFCCG Edition. Find the Panthers string and she’s all on their. Just funny to read her comments regarding the Eagles…Foles in particular.


    “Eagles Secondary & LB’s Must Anticipate Patriots Passing System”

    WOWWWWWWWWWW what a hot take.

  26. Espionage always seemingly follows bellicheat as does a trained dog. One interested party will Be bill ,trying to outmaneuver Blount and long .the birds coaching staff has these assets and believe ,they’re schooling them both ,or vice versa. It’s a huge advantage especially on checkdowns. Another bit of intrigue is a million dollars wager for the eagles to win ,was placed by the same gent who took the town for millions in the World Series. The prop bets have nick wins mvp at plus 350. If you love the birds 7 out of last 11 super bowl mvps were qbs. Line has drifted from -5 to 4 and headed lower. 48 total Pt’s. The ultimate prize nick wins mvp and we profit with a trophy. No not the Lombardi. But a high draft pick for that distinction. Win. Win

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