Fletcher Cox & The Eagles “D-Line Must Dominate

I’m convinced that the key to the Birds defensive success against the Pats starts in the middle of their defensive line with Pro Bowl defensive tackle Fletcher Cox and his partner Tim Jernigan.   The Eagles desperately need Cox to take over this game in much the same way he has done so far in the playoffs against both the Falcons and the Vikings.  The Patriots are definitely going to try to double team Cox and take their chances with Jernigan being matched in one-on-ones.

We must hear some noise from Jernigan on Sunday.  He’s been battling the flu this week, but he has some time to get his strength back before Sunday.  He will play a key role because the Patriots are going to do everything they can think of to stop Cox from taking over the game.

Cox and Jernigan need to get penetration up the middle or they must push the pocket back into Tom Brady’s face.  Cox, Jernigan and their backups Beau Allen and Destiny Vaeao need to dominate this battle with Patriots center, David Andrews and the two guards, Joe Thuney and Shaq Mason.

New England’s future Hall of Fame quarterback has no problem stepping up and avoiding the pass rush of defensive ends. It’s the pressure in his face that forces him to take his eyes off of downfield targets and move out of the pocket. He can’t run, so most of the time, he will try to slide in the pocket, avoid the rush and continue looking for an open receiver. Brady is at his best when he doesn’t have to move off of his spot in the middle of the pocket. Cox and company must force him to move.

The fact that the Eagles rotate their defensive line will be a big plus because they must maintain the pressure on Brady and hit him every chance they get. Pass rush pressure from their front four is a requirement for the Birds because Brady has always been very good at recognizing blitzes, adjusting the blocking scheme to pick it up, then getting the football out of his hands before the rush can get to him. Schwartz can sprinkle in some blitzes, but he can’t do it too much or Brady will make him pay.

The defensive ends will need to play at a fever pitch for the entire game, as well. Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry, Chris Long and Derek Barnett must have Brady running for his life for sixty minutes and more if the game goes into overtime. The defensive ends need to be thinking “strip sack”, if they get the chance to force a fumble.

The Patriots running game isn’t dominant, but it’s effective enough to keep the defense honest. The Pats were tenth in the league in rushing, so they are capable of hurting you on the ground, if you don’t keep lane integrity, which means every Eagles defensive player occupy the correct gap on each play. They must be disciplined and focused for the entire game versus the Pats.

The Eagles defense, which was number one in the league versus the run, must eliminate New England’s running game. They must take run away and force Brady to throw the ball nearly every play, so that the pass rush can pressure him and pound him. If New England is allowed to run the football, the Birds are in trouble.

The Birds defense must be thinking of ways to force a turnover on each play. The second, third and fourth man in on a tackle must be going after the football. Every time they get the chance to sack Brady, they must be thinking strip sack. The Eagles defense needs to force at least two or three turnovers. That means the defensive backs and linebackers must catch the football if it hits their hands.

The Eagles can win this game, but the Birds defense will need to play their best football of the season. The key to it all will be Cox and the big fellas upfront. They must dominate from start to finish. I think they’re capable of it, but they’ve got to go out and do it.





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  1. I really feel that we are gonna beat them the same way they beat us in ’05’. This time around our D-line is better than theirs, and our O-line is better as well. They beat McNabb up fairly well that day, and then when he gave us the lead, we could not stop Corey Dillon. Like ’05’ this game will come down to imposing dominance on the lines, plain and simple. Bellicheat knows we have it over them on both and will scheme to nullify, but in the end players executing will come out on top. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s just time. There is something special about this football team, special about this year. It started with Philadelphia hosting the 2017 NFL Draft…the best dradft ever. That lead into this season, a season no one expected in terms of success…now..the EAGLES are on the verge of winning their first SUPER BOWL ever. One game away, 60 minutes is what separates us from our first SUPER BOWL ever. This is it…this is our time..here and now. Let’s get it. WE ALL WE GOT..WE ALL WE NEED. FLY EAGLES FLY…ON THE ROAD TO VICTORY. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES. We are going to win this SUPER BOWL LII.

  3. I predicted the blow out at the vikings game– makes me an expert- stars are aligning– we are not a good matchup for the patriots- we generate a lot of pressure witha 4 man rush and have an 8 guy rotation
    doug will keep the peddle to the metal– i’m on record as saying that no matter how that turns out– stay true to what we do– don’t give brady the ball with 1:19 left and a chance to win– just don’t do it! —
    eagles— 27-20

    1. nice call on minny ass whoooping. dunno if i said here but know i said it to my live crew that minny would whoooop our ass and i was dead wrong.

      frankly i cant see how the goats dont win either so maybe we r good?

      either way im rootin hard but dont see it. hopefully im wrong and ill be dancing on broad street sunday night.

      anyone else going to the streets if we win? long drive for me but how can i not go? they say west chester popped off when phillies won but that seems fugazzi celebration

  4. brady will not feel comfortable in the pocket– I’m trying not to be a homer and that may not work but i just feel the birds are an awful match up for them–be aggressive doug

    1. Cox and Co have to get pressure up the middle. That is the one thing that rattles Brady and throws off timing. The edge rushers may be a bit neutralized do to the quick passing, so those guys are gonna need to get in the passing lanes to knock balls down.

      The thing that worries me is that the Eagles D is the best at taking the run away and making teams pass. The Patriots don’t even really try to run the ball at all. The short passes allowed were fine against a QB like Keenum, but if they can’t get pressure and they play off, then Brady will beat them.


    The New York Daily News’ Manish Mehta reports the Eagles attempted to reacquire LeSean McCoy from the Bills in a package centered around Jordan Matthews.
    It makes for a fun story, but really nothing else. The Eagles and Bills were able to agree to a deal for Matthews, with the Bills taking the oft-injured wideout in exchange for CB Ronald Darby. In the effort to get McCoy back in Philly, EVP Howie Roseman was attempting to “reverse” ex-coach Chip Kelly’s mistakes after Kelly was the one who traded McCoy. The Eagles instead later signed LeGarrette Blount and traded for Jay Ajayi. McCoy, 29, has two years left on his deal.
    Related: Eagles
    Source: New York Daily News
    Feb 2 – 9:51 AM

    1. For who was available in Free Agency at RB, LeGarrette Blount was about as good as Howie could have done and he signed him relatively cap friendly also. Howie did lay an egg in the draft, a lot of decent RBs available unfortunately his draft choice was a dud ( Donnel Pumphrey). Although rookie undrafted free agent RB Corey Clement was a terrific signing. Rarely do these long shot rookies make an impact like Clement has in a rookie year if at all.

      1. Don’t give up on Donnell Pumphrey just yet. A year of watching and learning off guys like
        Darren Sproles and Blount will do
        Wonders for the kid.

        He also gets a whole season of working out so when he comes
        Back he hits the ground running!!

        He could be the next Tarik Cohen similar to who the Chicago bears got.

        Blount, and Patrick Robinson in all
        Likely hood will not be eagles next season because of Pumphrey and Sidney jones basically making there eagle debuts in 2018.

        Not to mention we gotta resign burton and Bradham

          1. “Lay an egg”… howie I would say did just fine In the off season re:RB… let’s see… Blount, Ajayi and Clemens… lead the league or close to it in rushing and time of possession… all at great team friendly salaries… negative asshole

  6. I think that they go Ajayi, Clement and they bring Sproles back with Barner as your returner. I don’t think that there is any room for Pumphrey on this team unless he blows everyone away in camp which I don’t think is likely.

    1. The thing is Donnell would be cheap. He’s younger and doesn’t have any wear and tear on his body compared to 35 year old Sproles.

      I get it, Donnell didn’t look good in preseason, or explosive. But neither did Blount. A lot of people in the preseason were questions the eagles run game because of how average it looked in the preseason and weeks 1-2

      Donnell could thrive in this system and personell around him. Especially cause he got to watch and learn for a year and develop.

      Keep nick foles for weeks 1-6 then trade him for a 2nd or 3rd at minimum

  7. I really just find it odd that 2 days before the super bowl eagles fans are speculating on draft picks, cuts FA pickups etc…. if you are less than confident that this organization will do the right thing in the off season than you have not paid attention for one minute in these last 2seasons

      1. The thing is Donnell would be cheap. He’s younger and doesn’t have any wear and tear on his body compared to 35 year old Sproles.

        I get it, Donnell didn’t look good in preseason, or explosive. But neither did Blount. A lot of people in the preseason were questions the eagles run game because of how average it looked in the preseason and weeks 1-2

        Donnell could thrive in this system and personell around him. Especially cause he got to watch and learn for a year and develop.

        Keep nick foles for weeks 1-6 then trade him for a 2nd or 3rd at minimum

  8. Dario is proving me wrong.. they are times where I question if the dude has the intelligence level to play at the NBA level sometimes because of how goofy he looks

    But this dude is a freak, and is coming Into his own. It’s funny,

    Out of all of them: Fultz, Embiid, Simmons, even Roco and TJ, Dario saric is the least mentioned component of this roster

    The dude is easily one of there most important. He rebounds, plays defense, hits free throws, passes, and can score inside and from 3.

    Love watching this team play!


  9. A blow out win would be great but is probably unlikely. What would be better is to have the ball with 5 minutes left(and the lead)and run the clock out. Watching Brady’s face on the bench with his chance slipping away would be priceless.

  10. Getting more and more nervous fellas
    especially with how the media has portrayed us and how we do not stand a chance against them on Tomorrow.

    Everyone is saying how the experience for Tom Brady and how he has more Super Bowl appearances then our whole team combined is what is going to make the difference.

    Everyone is saying Bill Bella check is going to out coach Coach Doug Peterson

    How we are going to have to help play the refs as well. Nick foles has never turned the ball over in a postseason game let’s Hope he is not due one and continues that streak

    Brady has not thrown a interception since Christmas Eve. It’s time to Hit that old man and give him finally a Bad Super Bowl loss. Every single New England Patriots Super Bowl has been decided by four points and has came down to the very final second

    Hopefully they argue a bad loss for once hopefully they are due a bad loss for once and not a nailbiter

    1. It’s over played. It’s not going to stop
      These guys from playing in the Super Bowl

      Nelson, and Timmy will do there thing. The emotion, excitement and very rare situation they are in will over come it

      Doctors have been all over it I’m

  11. Hopeful Sixers pull it off tonight for the Birds!!

    Give them a little bit more momentum going into tomorrow and energy coming off two sixers wins

    1. Time has past to pull the plug.
      Brett Brown must go and Colangelo too. The City cannot allow Colangelo to make another move.
      Colangelo had so many assets and he blew it. Cap room ( Redick, Amir, Bayless); 5 first round draft picks ( Simmons, TLC, Korkmaz, Fulz, Pasecņiks); Future first round Picks ( Kings and OKC gone); Trades ( Anderson and Booker) and he accomplished nothing. Everything he has done needs to be undone.
      He has Joel Embiid and all the team needed was a competent top 15 NBA PG to be the best team in the east and Colangelo Blew it with all those assets. (SMH)

    1. Dawkins is worthy of the HOF, someone has to be recognized from those Andy Reid teams in the HOF. Rodney Harrison, Darren Sharper, John Lynch were his era of contemporaries then Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu in his second half of his career. He falls in the middle of the pack of those HOF type safeties behind Reed, Sharper and Harrison but I like him better than Lynch and Palamalu. I don’t like him in interviews. It is a let down to watch him be interviewed in pre game shows slobbering on his greatness the day of the super bowl. I thought he was awful when he worked for ESPN. He isn’t entertaining as a spokesperson. Emmit Smith was bad in front of the camera too.

      1. It’s about Dawkins the player…period! All of the other stuff you’re talking about concerning his interviewing/discussion skills has nothing to do with anything. What are you talking about.?!?!? !ol. As far as Reed, great player, great ball hawk, not good against the run like Dawk. Dawkins is the only player in NFL History with at least 25 sacks, 25 interceptions and
        25 forced fumbles. His career numbers are 37 ints., 32 ff’s and 26 sacksI’ll take Dawk every day all day. One thing you failed to mention in all of the stuff you threw out there regarding Dawkins.. He is a man who conducts himself in a respectful manner, a father and reported great husband. However, it’s about the player…all that other stuff, save it.

        1. yeah he is a good man, no doubt about that. The polar opposite of McNabb ( the offensive leader of those Reid teams) who has spiraled downward towards ridiculous with his drunk driving and inappropriate behavior towards female co workers. Dawkins is a channel flip when I see him pop up on TV. I like Eric Allen on TV, Golic is OK. Jaws decent. I really liked Hugh Douglas. Just not a fan of Dawkins’ post career on TV.

  12. History lessons are always remembered as the first ,first born,first wife ,first Lombardi trophy .we are a few mere years in the past from the New Year’s Eve massacre ,chip moving howie into counting jock straps ,to executive of the year ,coach of the year (wrongly not voted) ,the greatness displayed by wintzilla ..the versatility of a roster ,seemingly ,forged to win it all .Now the speed bumps of the NFL attrition that has left so many wrecked dreams at the “trash heap” have all been cast aside by this bunch of crazed dogs and their leadership ,from top to bottom..scouting ..check..draft..check..trades ..check..depth (obvious check) ,and now in their path looms the boogeyman ..BOO ,and Richie K aren’t any longer here ,in their stead stand a team of men ,ready to conquer their dreams and make history. Witness…tears of joy for my 91 year old dad ,and all the men who unashamedly weep …

  13. yeah Pederson deserved coach of the year.
    Howie absolutely is executive of the year. To recognize the mistake signing in QB Chase Daniel, release him even though he had to pay him like 10 million a year not to be here, then pay Foles 5 million plus will be stuff of legend if Foles wins the Super Bowl especially nationally. Even if he doesn’t win the Super Bowl the move is still an all time Eagle history move.

  14. Hats off to Doug, Howie and the rest of the organization. I was hard on Howie, Lurie ad Doug but I must admit I was wrong.Go Birds. I will never lose faith again.

    1. That’s big of you (no pun intended). Songs, Kool, canttakeit, TS and some others who felt the same way and were indignant and arrogant about it have yet to due a mea culpa. Songs came back a few weeks ago to talk trash about Foles but did not come back to say anything after his Vikings game performance. Fraud alert on that dude!

      1. Every one of them freaks fake ass fans. That got ran off the board. They gone we killing it. Lets FUCKING GOOOOOO

  15. Brian Dawkins is awesome on t.v in my opinion. He has that commanding respecting personality. He just seems like a humbling good dude and was a great teammate.

    Give me Weapon X over Troy P any day. True was smaller and ended up having a way shorter career due to injuries. Dawkins never missed games

    He is the polar opposite to ed reed. They are just as great and equal in how elite they were. But one was more of a coverage Safety and another was a ray Lewis LB playing safety.

    Granted ed reeed could tackle damn good, and Dawkins could cover damn good as well coming up with like 34 picks. Both were all around all time great players

    But give me Dawkins any day over ed reed as well.

  16. All the posts and comments that have been posted on this site. All the debates and disagreements and disappointments. WE ARE FINALLY HERE BOYs!!!!

    THIS IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!! Uniting for one common goal!!


    EAGLES 28-24






    BROAD STREET 3.5 HOURS !!!!!

        1. The defense is just giving up big play after big play right now. Not enough pressure on Brady. We can’t win if this becomes a Foles vs Brady game.

  18. Doug Pederson stole bellicheck sole by nailing that play that pats couldn’t and for a td no less.



  20. World F?!?king champions, are mission has been complete. To all the true fans that have posted on Gcobb, thru the years we did it y’all. This will be my last post ever. God bless you all champions we are

  21. No one can never ever take this SB victory away. The Eagles overcame great odds during the season busting through adversity of injuries, doubt and disbelief. Doug Pederson is the COTY and the right coach for the Eagles..blessed to have him. Nicky 6 Foles just balled the fugg out..SB LII MVP…let that sink in. I love this team so much. Never Surrender..complete the mission. Job well done Eagles..THANK YOU!!!
    A True Diehard and Emotional Eagles Fan.



  22. Wow. I’m ducking hurtin.

    Just when i thought ts couldn’t say Anything dumber…

    Nick Foles put Philly on his god damn back and this troll comes on and says this is on Doug. Laughing my fucking ass off

    Nick put all of philly on his back. When toe to toe with the greatest qb ever and beat his ass. NICK FOLES BEAT THE GOAT!!!

    Lmfao at this on Doug. What he do to stop that Swiss cheese defense ? How did he make Nick Foles laser sharp for a full 60 minutes and make him stay calm and never quit?

    Most popular chant last night on broad – big dick nick big dick nick. If ts was there they would’ve been chanting asssssssshoooooole

  23. Well how about that.

    Been so long coming. What a great game and a great win….play after play after plaw.

    Agholor, Ertz and Matthews with catch after catch. Clement in the back of the endzone. Ajayi and Blount acting like steamrollers. Graham with the final stip sack.

    Doug Pederson calling an insane game. 3 straight insane games to be realistic. Just unbelievable.

    And then Fucking Nick Foles. I love that kid. Always thought he had it. And there he was toe to toe against Brady and lighting the fucking stage on fire.

    So elated.

  24. Woke up a champ. What a great feeling ,and this lasts forever. I’ll never wonder what it feels like And most phenomenal of all is how being at that ram game and watching nick win that game by making plays ,a trust immediately developed. Fallen brothers ,helped those left standing how selfless it all was is super rare in the me nfl The greatest part of nick 27 tds and 2 interceptions ,went slinging like he knew he’d have to do. Going in I’d have assumed if we win ,it would be on the defense. Not the way this game played out at all. Nick didn’t shrink,he didn’t blink ,and along with him stood a left tackle fallen,Sproles,fallen ,Hicks the signal caller Alshon fallen. How redemptive and how much is like the cracked bell. Imperfect but for one day ,we all we got. Philly!4 ever

  25. NFL 2018 what franchise wins it all and who has a brighter tomorrow than even today. Executive of the year Epic coach epic franchise QB returning a Super Bowl mvp as a trade chip. Increasing your chattel. Big time. Plus. The players will have proverbial targets on their backs. Bring it. We all we got nfc east has turbulent moments in the future of a new staff and q.b issues in ny and wash. The suns shining extra bright today. But even brighter for a conceived while. We told k it from New England and quite hopeful we don’t relinquish it

  26. Gents – been a very long while since I posted – but after last nights game – had to stop by to join the happy mood –

    I notice most of the negative folks are gone – see I was what was refered to as a ‘kool aid drinker’ for my support of the Eagles –

    All those guys that hated Brandon Graham – SUCK IT
    Wanted Nelson A gone – called him a waste – SUCK IT
    Wanted Kelce replaced – SUCK IT
    Called Johnson Lame – SUCK IT

    and the constant whinig about Howie not being a ‘football guy’ and ‘the accountant’ – SUCK IT

    to all my Cowboy, Redskin, Steeler and Giant fan friends – our trophy is so much nicer and newer then yours – SUCK IT

    for those of you like myself that uncoditionally loved and supported the Eagles through the bad times – this is our sweet reward! And what a future with this roster –

    1. Couple takeaways from myself:

      Doug pederson was the real MVP!!! And does Wentz win this game or take us all the way?

      People are going to hate on that TD to Corey Clement EVEN THOUGH HE GOT TWO FEET Down, and just repositioned the ball. He had control

      People are hating on the Ertz go ahead TD EVEN THOUGH HE TOOK THREE STEPS and then broke the goal line LOL!!

      Ive already heard people say there was a penalty on the Hailmary at the end of the game on Chris Hogan!! lol as if Brady was going to throw to Chris over Gronk on that jump ball!!

      Nothing will be sweeter then that first ring fellas!! I hope u all took it in yesterday!! That is a feeling that truely doesn’t have a word for it!! It truely hit me on that 4th and 10 even though New England converted, I just couldn’t stop
      Crying cause I knew that was it!

      1. Man i have no clue what was up with collingsworth last night. He dumb as hell? Huge hater ? Drunk? I’m screaming at the tv like wtf is wrong with this guy saying no td ? Then i started 2nd guessig myself like do i not have a clue. Man roller coaster

    2. Not too many of those negative fans come around anymore, Navy.

      Surprisingly even some of those that claimed to be diehard Eagles fans took off when there was no more white/black QB controversy for them to take enjoyment from….

  27. I reached out to paulman earlier in the playoffs– he’s doing well and is extremely excited about yesterdays game! I didn’t reveal that I reached out to him earlier because some accuse him of being the jinx!
    Anyway– great victory– any team that doesn’t think Foles is a franchise level QB have not been watching- he was so spot on, he throws a great ball. If J. Fisher ever gets another head coaching job I think I will have to quit watching football– all three of his AWFUL QB’s from a year ago were in the playoffs and one a SB MVP

        1. disagree. guy made a stinkin $10 bet that he lost and the terms of the bet were he donated $10 to CHOP earmarked for cancer research. And he wouldnt pay up until i publicly shamed him for a month.
          only type of person that would do that:
          bad guy
          shit heart

            1. agreed. if we bet each other cash, i get it. backing out wouldnt be that awful. cheating kids over a $10 is the lowest of the low imo

  28. Speaking of that…. I’m pretty sure Gronkhole committed an illegal contact penalty on the Hail Mary. Pretty blatantly shoved someone(McLeod?)out of the way, maybe 10-15 yards from the end zone. Does not matter now lololol!

    1. I love yall man…..i been crying all day…..shocked……but man TS really stay the fuck off here….you are a panthers fan…..go fucking birds……parade baby!!!!




        Celek, Sproles, and maybe even Jason Peters can all go now that they have a ring now!! Save some money and sign those guys!!

        Guys like Celek, and Peters have a ring. WOW!!!

        1. Nobody’s tapping about 500 yds put up on it. Let’s explain the zone coverages and adjustments byschwartz as he’d tempt cover 2 Where were the takedowns? They weren’t there. But. Nobody’s talking it. It happened. Is it dismissed as greatness or can we be real about man covers and where Sidney needs be an upgrade. Graham’s sure was up. Me dissed Eagle. Bust all that crap as well as nick who was yesterday’s trash after the Oakland game Think back to that frigid game to last night. A throwaway vs Dallas and 3 special nfc division and championship wins followed by the blizzard of Nick Foles who realized his opponent was demonstrating his greatness. Match it or surpass it. He did. Yo. Adrian. Negadelphia. The day boo. Left town

          1. Brady put up 500 mainly because he sold the play action beautifully against a defense that’s relishes on there pass rush.

            Eagles didn’t know what was coming on a lot of plays because of it, and that’s why they were able to run the ball on Philly effective.

            Amandola, Hogan, Gronk, James white and dion Lewis and Burkhead. Cooks started the game. Patriots have elite and special
            Weapons all over the place. Especially with how they fit the system with that QB!

            We played against the greatest team, system, qb and coach this game
            Has ever seen. Brady was excellent at getting the ball out fast

            BUT. We only needed that ONE SACK AND PLAY HAHAHAHA

  29. HAC good move on your part to make peace with Paulman, he adds a lot of knowledge to this site, A couple too many brewskis have taken down many men.You and Paulman seemed like there was a mini Bromance brewing for awhile.We all burn out share of bridges don.t we?

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