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Some Post-Super Bowl Thoughts

On Losing Frank Reich, John DeFillipo

A successful NFL team is going to have their coaching staffs poached by the rest of the league.

Unfortunately for the Eagles, they’ve already lost two key assistants from Doug Pederson’s staff.

Frank Reich accepted the head coaching job in Indianapolis, and quarterbacks coach John DeFillipo has moved on to the offensive coordinator role in Minnesota.

DeFillipo was widely expected to move on. His contract had expired, and it was almost a foregone conclusion that he’d leave for, at minimum, an offensive coordinator role elsewhere, if not a head coaching gig.

Reich was an unexpected loss, and it’s one that could cost the Eagles a couple more assistants before everything is said and done.

New England’s weasel of an offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels really hurt the Eagles here. Losing DeFillipo was expected, but as an offensive coordinator, Flip wouldn’t really have much say in bringing over other members of Doug Pederson’s staff to Minnesota.

Reich on the other hand has almost full control, and it’d be hard to imagine that he wouldn’t bring a coach or two with him from the Eagles to Indianapolis.

How will the Eagles replace Reich and DeFillipo?

Duce Staley or perhaps even wide receivers coach Mike Groh seem like the most obvious candidates for the offensive coordinator role. Staley interviewed for the Eagles’ head coaching job before Pederson was hired, and also reportedly drew some interest from other teams as an offensive coordinator, so after serving over half a decade as the team’s running backs coach, it may be time for Duce to get his shot in a larger role on the staff.

Groh deserves a lot of credit for his hand in turning Nelson Agholor’s career around, and the team was already considering moving him to the quarterbacks coach role.

The Eagles still have some good depth on their coaching staff, but you really have to hope that Reich doesn’t lure a quality guy or two away with him.

The Arrow Is Still Pointing Up For The Eagles

What’s really wild here, this team may just be scratching the surface of what they can do, the arrow is only pointing up moving forward.

Carson Wentz still has room to grow and improve on what he’s already done.

Jay Ajayi will get a full offseason in the system, and could do a lot more next year.

Sidney Jones should be a starter from the get go next year, and add another layer to the defense.

There are other intriguing young guys like Mack Hollins and Corey Clement are only going to get better with experience. Same for Derek Barnett on the defensive side of the ball.

Another first-round pick will join this talented team next year as well. This team is so young, and is in position for sustainable success in years to come. We could be on the verge of entering an era that was very similar to the run the Phillies went on from 2007-2011.

Who Will The Eagles Open Next Season Against?

One of the best parts of an NFL Championship is that the winner has the honor of hosting the NFL season-opener the following year.

The NFL will of course want to make this an exciting matchup, and the Birds have a lot of great options on the table.

In addition to the Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins, the Eagles also host the Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, and Carolina Panthers, three playoff teams from this past year. The Eagles defeated all of these teams in 2017, with the only loss coming to the Cowboys in the meaningless Week 17 season finale.

My money is on Eagles-Dallas for opening night. It’s by far the strongest rivalry on paper. The Giants and Redskins in their current states wouldn’t get as much hype. The Vikings might be in the mix for the opener as well, but I think it’d be very hard for the league to pass up an Eagles-Cowboys opener. on Facebook

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67 Comments for “Some Post-Super Bowl Thoughts”

  1. Maybe they won’t make it Eagles vs Dallas week 1 because Wentz might not be ready??

    Vikings vs eagles is where my money is at. They get our coach, and have a change to get revenge after we beat there ass and won it all on there stadium

    Eagles might not hire a OC at all.. believe it or not it actually happens. It’s very uncommon but it does happen

    In fact 3 teams went into last season without a OC. The brown, Texans, and 49ers.

    Hue Jackson decided he needed help and hired Todd Hayley.

    Meanwhile the 49ers and Texans were rolling when they got there qb.

    Eagles could promote Stayley or Groh, and be perfectly fine. Or keep them at there natural
    Positions and increase there input role on the offense

    I love the Press Taylor hire. He won a championship at Butler community college and has played quarterback in the past. He’s young (30) about 10 years younger then Flip. So he’s gonna be hungry.

    Nice to have another ex player step up.

    Mock drafts have us taking TE, RB or LB with our top pick.

    We pick at 32 then not again until 127. That’s a long time

    I’m starting to get on board with trading nick foles for a 2nd and 3rd, and starting NATE for a weeks 1-4 or maybe 1-6

  2. Some fool GM will buy the superbowlv high status of nick ,offering a lot more than a 2 The process will play out,affording the eagles every opportunity to get a kings ransom .howie will all leave us speechless I can eventually see the birds opening vs a redux of the nfc championship game vs minny and Nick Foles at the helm. We sign Sammy sleeves as insurance. It’s like musical chairs on the titanic

  3. The first Thursday game is usually a rematch. My $$ is on Minny coming to Philly to get trounced once again.

  4. Foles speaks volumes. As fans, me included, we speak for players because of their demeanor or thats what fans just do. Just read Foles quote from Ellen show where he said where he ends up next year will play itself out. I was brought back a little bit and in my mind I thought he would say no i want to go back in my role as backup in Philly lol. Fuck no he doesnt want to do that. No PROFFESSIONAL athlete wants to back up and not play its not in their DNA,Of course he wants to start somewhere. Of course he wants to sign a 5 year 100 million dollar deal who in the hell wants to be a backup. Would he be fine coming back 1 year of course he isnt a malcontent plus he has no choice contractually but i find it funny that i thought he would be ok to backup Wentz for the next 5 years in my mind. lol

  5. fellas nick foles aint going nowhere. as ian rappaport said “if alex smith is worth a 3rd plus a contract extension, maybe nick foles is worth a 4th or 5th rounder…”

    i know some ppl think foles is now brady or some whacko shit but thats not his value. if i were gm i would give up a 2nd and a 3 year deal for him on the right team like MINNY which if he goes anywhere i think he goes there.

    with no 2nd or 3rd round picks for philly this year, and 2 4ths and 2 5ths. i could see howie offering nick+1 4th+1 5th for a 2nd round pick…

    i think minny is the perfect fit for him if hes moved, bridgewater =shit and FA i think, bradford = CFL backup at BEST, and case balled this year but dont think hes enough…

  6. Joe Douglas , deserves a P hilly style shout out, for the job he has done here. He did just as well with the Ravens, Good Job, Joe! Stay in P hilly please !

  7. That trade of Bradford probalby would not happen. without the blessing of Lurie, there was a litttle matter of the Eagles eating around 10 million,Not too many owner would go with that deal!

    • Yeah u can’t compare the Bradford deal to
      The jimmy G deal. Night and day.

      Bill B did that trade to make a point.

      And the Vikings got desperate when teddy went down. Cause they thought there pick would in the very high 20s and all
      They needed wAs a qb

  8. Fire Brett brown!
    Simmons the first Sixer since B. Cunningham in 72 to have 6 triple doubles in a season… hilarious


      MARCO 17 points!!

      Most wins for sixers before the all star break since 2001!!!! That’s 17 years folks!!!

      11th straight home win

      Sixers instead of blowing a lead, came back from 24 down!!




      • Sixers bench was outstanding. It is usually their weakness but Holmes, Booker, Marco played really well. TJ had a bad game but the other 3 second teamers were outstanding. Sixers didn’t shoot the ball well from behind the arc. Covington and Redick were awful but Dario and Marco saved the team in the second half behind arc. (Dario in the 3rd and Marco in the 4th). Simmons had a real nice 2nd half game too. Sixers have a lot of road games, a lot after the all star break. Hopefully & probably the tankers hand the Sixers some easy road wins as they jostle for lottery balls in the last 27 games.

  9. 5-0 since the SB.

    If wade hit that GW shot it would have been like the 6th time we would have lost on a buzzer beater lol!!

    This sixers team is a lot better then it’s record indicates. Embiid has missed 12 games. And Markelle will end up missing 78. JJ missed two weeks also.

    Injuries and youth and a lot nail biters with blow leads is the difference between 30-25 and like 37-18

  10. This will all work out.

    Foles: I have always been a fan of him as a player and a person. I don’t want to lose that kind of guy but he MUST GO.

    He is an NFL Super Bowl MVP. He is not a flash in the pan rookie. He is a veteran Qb that with a solid team can be SURGICAL.

    Problem is we Have Wentz who is a more gifted and mobile version of Nick at 5 years younger and still full of hunger.

    We can’t keep both because it is unfair to both of them. There is only one throne and it can not be shared.

    Fans. Coaches. Players. We are all stupid emotional creatures and if Nick remains it will never be Carson’s team the way it should be. It will be unhealthy for all parties no matter how great they are or close they are. Ever see two brothers compete for something on the same team. It’s not healthy long term. They may love each other but there can be only one. (Smirk)

    I don’t think it would be ugly publicly but it wouldn’t be fun on the inside and that would effect play.

    Practically speaking I think that trading Nick also recoups lost draft capital and lets you continue to reload for long runs in play offs. It never hurts to be adding cheap talent so you aren’t overpaying to fill a glaring weakness.

    • Exactly Regal Eagle because as soon as Wentz struggles people and players will be like well Carson is still hurt. ….. What damn player in any sport wants to be a backup. Hell I want to start on my rec league team. Theres not one player in any sport that doesnt want to play. People talk so stupid. Then I hear well Nick comes from money he doesnt want to start for a team and sign a 4 year 75 million dollar contract. lol Yeah ok. I tell you what if Foles starts next year and is 4-0 or 3-1 and lighting it up I will and the players will be like ummmmm what are we doing period. Nick cant be here its unhealthy

  11. Fans are full of shit. Heres another myth fans spit out to fit thier Wentz love. Foles cant keep doing that. It was only 3 games. Let me drop some knowledge on you. Why the fuck cant Foles keep doing that? He all of the sudden cant throw anymore? Its the system and as long as he plays for Pederson in the system tailored for him give me 1 damn reason he cant do this for the next 3-4 years? If you protect him and run this system theres no doubt he can do this over and over again.

  12. Wentz to Cleveland for the 1 and 4 and next years #1 lol. Put Barkley and best available at 4 behind Foles lol. Would you?

  13. Hey Cleveland you want a franchise QB? Give me Miles Garret, #1 Barkley and Chubb at #4 for Wentz. Then when Suh gets released he said he would play for free for Eagles as a backup at DT. LOL Foles at QB with Barkley and Agai in backfield with Jefferies Aglohor and Ertz. Then on defense Garrett, Barnett, Graham Cox Jernigan, Chubb. Sign Foles to a moderate long term deal which we know he would do. Boom!

    • daggolden get off that crack. You’re the same person who said Jared Goff would not be drafted in the first round, you’re the same person who felt Wentz was not worth trading up for. Here is the difference between Wentz and Foles. Wentz can play in any system..Nick needs the RPO to make him effective along with a solid O Line. If you think the Eagles are trading Wentz you are high on something. Everything you wrote literally is a pipe dream…stop wasting your time. You have no idea what you are saying. Lol, Why would Cleveland do that trade when they already determined he’s not worth drafting high..that Cleveland has already established and they would not give up that package for Wentz.
      Once defenses figure out how to defend the RPO..then what? You can put Wentz in any system and he will flourish, not only that, he can make plays when the play breaks down…I love what Nick did, but he’s no Wentz. I will not make the mistake of taking three games he played extremely well in and equating that to a full season.

      • LOL i just read this after making my LSD comment above! funny–

      • Nah you got the wrong person buddy dont know where you got the Goeff and Wentz stuff. wasnt me. 2nd I never said he would be traded just throwing stuff out there dont get your panties twisted all in fun. 3rd dont be the idiot who compares what Foles did in a Jeff Fisher offense as we have seen with Geoff and Keenum Fisher was the problem as the whole NFL has said. Of course Wentz isnt going anywhere. Finally Just posted Reuben Franks article with facts of yes Wentz and Foles are VERY comparable with Foles actually being better in the same amount of games so your wrong again. Oh and by the way a former season ticket holder, actually live in Philly and actually went to SB(thanks to the blessing of my wife), parade etc while half of you gcobb posters probably never invested a dime in your lives to the cause or wouldnt know NE from South Philly if your lives depended on it but talk a good game on the internet. lol Carry on.

        • I can prove It was you. I will go in the archives to get it when I have a free moment to do so.

        • ‘Oh and by the way a former season ticket holder, actually live in Philly and actually went to SB(thanks to the blessing of my wife), parade etc while half of you gcobb posters probably never invested a dime in your lives to the cause or wouldnt know NE from South Philly if your lives depended on it but talk a good game on the internet. lol Carry on”.

          LOL..that’s nice, you posted that comment to the wrong one. I was reared in Wynnefield (West Philly) Went to Samuel Gompers, Beeber Middle and University City High…went away to college and came back to live in Philly. I Started going to Eagles games at the Vet off of my high school McDonald’s job money. I still go to games at the Linc. You stating your financial support makes you a better fan than those who may not be able to afford to do so is ridiculous though buddy. Get a grip, what cause did you support in the Eagles…you scouted players, hired Pederson, brought in Joe Douglas, drafted Wentz, brought back Nick Foles….what? Lmao. C’mon man..lay off of it.

  14. Great Article by Reuben Frank

    t seems a segment of Eagles fans out there — not all, not even most but enough that it’s disturbing — believe Foles’ postseason success was some lucky bounce of the football, just a bunch of fortunate throws that just happened to somehow settle into the waiting arms of Alshon Jeffery, Zach Ertz and Torrey Smith in the end zone.

    Here’s my favorite tweet from the past 24 hours: “To say someone can’t accidentally have a great postseason is a farce, as (Joe) Flacco and Doug Williams have.”

    Another: “Wentz is so much better than Foles it’s not even a conversation. It’s not even close.”

    You can find dozens more on my Twitter timeline, and I find it just really, really sad that there are some Eagles fans out there who can’t just enjoy the franchise’s first Super Bowl championship without taking sides in some pointless Wentz vs. Foles debate.

    The Eagles have two elite quarterbacks.

    This is beyond question.

    One I believe will be a star in this league for the next decade.

    One just won the Super Bowl MVP.

    It doesn’t have to be one or the other. It doesn’t have to be Nick vs. Carson. They’re both great people, tremendous teammates, fierce competitors.

    But for those who still refuse to give Foles credit for what he achieved, consider this:

    Foles is 20-10 as a starter with the Eagles (.667), with a 62.4 percent completion percentage, 59 touchdowns, 20 interceptions, 7.5 yards per completion and a 95.2 passer rating.

    Wentz is 18-11 as a starter with the Eagles (.621), with a 61.5 percent completion percentage, 49 touchdowns, 21 interceptions, 6.8 yards per completion and an 88.8 passer rating.

    Foles is 6-4 against playoff teams, Wentz is 5-6. Foles has a 91.6 passer rating on third down, Wentz has a 92.1. Foles has completed 27 passes of 40 yards or more, Wentz has completed 15.

    Foles has started 30 games, Wentz has started 29. Foles has thrown 86 more passes, thrown for 1,400 more yards, 10 more touchdowns, one less interception.

    It’s fascinating how similar their Eagles tenures have been. If anything, Foles has a slight statistical edge.

    I think where people get confused is the old “eye test.” Wentz looks like a superstar. He’s a first-round pick. He’s incredibly athletic and has certain skills Foles doesn’t have. Foles was a third-round pick, he’s bounced around the league a little, he’s been a backup.

    But as Eagles quarterbacks? There’s enough of a body of work — roughly two seasons of starts for each — that their production simply can’t be labeled an accident or a fluke or happenstance.

    Now, what should the Eagles do at quarterback is a different question.

    Wentz just turned 25, Foles just turned 29. When you’re building a roster, you’re going to go with the young guy with a world of upside.

    What happens to Foles? I would guess he stays for another year, since there are still so many unknowns with Wentz’s health and his readiness for opening day. Then he can hit free agency after the 2018 season and move on.

    When all is said and done, Wentz may have five Super Bowl MVPs. But right now all we have is what we have, and that’s the most promising young quarterback in the NFL and another guy who just turned in one of the greatest postseasons by any quarterback in NFL history.

    We went so long in this city without elite quarterback play. Think about the last 50 years.

    Really, other than maybe Roman Gabriel in 1973, Jaws from 1979 through 1981, Randall from 1988 through 1992, and Donovan from, say, 2000 through 2008, we haven’t had it at all, other than brief blips from Michael Vick, Jeff Garcia and Foles in 2013.

    Now the Eagles have two quarterbacks who everybody in the city can be proud of and can believe in.

    This is a time to celebrate. A time to enjoy the afterglow of one of the greatest runs in franchise history. A time to revel in what the Eagles accomplished for once instead of what they’re lacking.

  15. I apologize the squabbling is over we won a SB all is good. Nothing matters anymore. All fans. What you should do is have a gcobb tailgaiting party on opening night at stadium for the SB banner raising and opening night so all the gcobbers that can go can meet each other. Its 7 months away.Gcobbers should plan that.

    • good idea if you can find a way to weed out the crazies

      • says the blackest pot in the universe talking to kettles.
        This is the first Eagle off season I’m not hoping and wishing for a free agent or blue chip draft prospect to improve the team. They have the best team in football so my wish list this off season is poking the Teddy Bruschi or Skip Bayless who don’t bow down.
        I come here to debate with the Ruben Amaro butt kissers, the Pete Mackanin boot lickers, the Joe Banner praisers, The chipper lovers, The colangelos swabbers – plenty of dumb wait and let see fools writing nonsense here.

        • Says the “FIRE EVERYBODY” guy– that is till they win– fair weather fan– biggest one of all is you-

          • one of those wait and see people pops out of the toilet bowl.

            • FIRE BRETT BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              SIXERS CANT WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              SIMMONS CANT PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            • the NBA community thinks Colangelo just blundered again like when he selected raptor first overall draft pick andrea bargnani. But you keep tooting his horn.

              • any body can win with Joel Embiid.
                He is a top 5 overall NBA player in the league, MVP candidate Superstar. Sixers should be a top 3 team in the NBA with this guy.
                They have Kareem, They have Wilt, They have Shaq.
                They should be competing for the title right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • 2 weeks ago


                POOF LAST FEW DAYS



                Perhaps you should wait and see rather than piss and moan. not like u can do shit about shit anyway. just root u whacko

              • Sixers should have a 40 -16 record right now, they made an organizational decision to pair Embiid up with 2 first overall draft choices that can’t make a pull up jump shot. I’ve been screaming for 55 games that Embiid needs a top 15 NBA point guard, he is NBA championship ready right now. The Sixers are incorrectly waiting for Ben Simmons to develop when they have the player to win it all right now. It is a wasted year. Joel Embiid can win the NBA championship this year.

              • sooooo sixers should only have 2 more losses than the warriors. got it. quaaludes? bath salts? brain damage?

              • Yes –
                80 million in cap space and 5 first round draft choices ( Simmons, TLC, Korkmaz, Fultz, Pasecņiks including 2 first overall selections) is enough ammunition to win the NBA East with the best low post player in the NBA for a competent coach and GM.


              • Or was it Manowitz… but whoever it was you demanded Howie be canned if he didn’t make the playoffs year one

              • Haveacigar, you left out the caveat to that demand and you know you did … unless Howie starts a rookie QB which he did. You also omitted my rant about giving Sam Bradford 36 million 2 year deal 23 Million guaranteed and Chase Daniel 3 year 36 million 23 million guaranteed.
                I was also being facetious in lieu of Marynowitz only giving 15 games as GM.

              • I looked thru many posts and didn’t see the rookie q.b thing…. and as HAC has said from the beginning…the money does not matter to a fan… it’s Monopoly money

              • In the midst of a 7-9 season with a ROOKIE QB you called for his firing:
                December 18, 2016 – 5:59 pm

                Ed Marynowitz got terminated after week 16 in 2015 with a 6-9 record,
                The man who led the charge to get Ed Marynowitz ( one year in charge) has a 5-9 record right now.
                HOWIE ROSEMAN.
                Is there a press conference set up for Monday Morning by Jeff Lurie ? If a 6-9 record after 15 games in charge of personnel wasn’t good enough in 2015 for a first time GM (Marynowitz) how is 5-9 good enough for an retread 2nd chance GM personnel man ( Roseman) .

              • here is the post, a conversation we had Haveacigar.
                January 19, 2016 – 7:57 pm

                I think Howie chucks Bradford to the scrap heap and tries hide behind a faux rebuild like a scardy-cat with a rookie QB.
                Because if Roseman marches Bradford out there he has to win the division. They gave Ed Marynowitz one draft to get out of 2nd place, Howie and Pederson better win this division next year especially if they retain Bradford. A lot of back stabbing went into this Pederson’s hire along with Gamble, Kelly and Marynowitz terminations. The man with the knife ( Howie Roseman ) has to win this division with HIS Kumbaya, everyone is ” collaborating nicely, Head Coach with the superior ” strategic thinking” skills.

                January 19, 2016 – 8:03 pm

                Does he have to win the division or does he get a rookie QB? You said both things

                Here is what I know a HC is tied at the hip to his QB…. Get a decent QB and your tenure will be long. Look at stinky m Lewis he had Palmer and dalton got him into playoffs where he’s failed to win but it’s just good enough. Hoodie stunk before Brady …smith is just good enough for AR…. QB is more important than coach

                January 19, 2016 – 8:07 pm

                I think Howie punts and drafts a rookie QB to rebuild. Which will give him extra time to succeed.
                If Howie marches Bradford out there for 2016 he has to win the division.

  16. usually I want a flashy free agent right about now in the NFL. I don’t this year. I usually try to figure out which hot shot draft choice has pro bowl potential that fits the eagles weakness. I’m thinking their first draft pick is a special teamer next year. Feels good to be a super bowl championship fan.

  17. eagles0superbowls
    February 5, 2016 – 1:06 pm

    Howie Roseman has to win the division!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tom Gamble got fired for a 10-6 second place finish because of Howie.
    Ed Marynowitz got fired for a 7-9 second place finish to make room for Howie.
    Anything less than the playoffs is UNACCEPTABLE.

    • I was being facetious, I didn’t expect Jeff Lurie to hold a press conference. Here is the conversation we had Haveacigar.
      January 19, 2016 – 8:03 pm

      Does he have to win the division or does he get a rookie QB? You said both things

      Here is what I know a HC is tied at the hip to his QB…. Get a decent QB and your tenure will be long. Look at stinky m Lewis he had Palmer and dalton got him into playoffs where he’s failed to win but it’s just good enough. Hoodie stunk before Brady …smith is just good enough for AR…. QB is more important than coach

      January 19, 2016 – 8:07 pm

      I think Howie punts and drafts a rookie QB to rebuild. Which will give him extra time to succeed.
      If Howie marches Bradford out there for 2016 he has to win the division.

  18. You play Paul man.. you call for his firing in the midst of a season with rookie Wentz

  19. Think about this…

    If Wentz was to God forbid get hurt again and Foles was to lead us to the Superbowl again and win it..

    What do we do? Trade Foles while he has his highest value? Trade Wentz? Start Foles over Wentz?

    I’d of course keep Wentz but these are questions we may need to start asking..

    Let’s hope Wentz stays healthy after this injury..

  20. My draft plans and etc: trade foles for Arizona 15th and 4th rd pick, trade back on pick 32 and get 2nd and another 4th, trade two fourths to get back on high 3rd rd…….trade kendricks, curry……release donnie johnson 2 mill for 18th ranked punter….get peters to take paycut finally, celek retires. …..smith option denied…..sign bradham and give sb hero graham more money like 9 mill a yr over next two years

  21. I do not, do not, think the Eagles should trade Nick Foles.

    Can’t. Here is a guy that just lit the GD NFC champ and SB on fire.

    So his trade “value” is highest right now…granted…but his team value is even higher.

    Yes Wentz will be back. Yes Wentz has a higher ceiling (well, can’t get much higher than what we just saw), but he is reckless.

    You all know my disdain for running QBs. They cannot be trusted….Wentz is much more of a “mobile” QB rather than a running QB, but he is still a bit of a reckless runner.

    Over the past 3 years he has broken his wrist, fractured his ribs and blown his ACL and MCL. I don’t think this is an accident….I think it is a result of his playing style.

    Fine – you say he’s young and will change….maybe. He just saw 2 statues light it up to the tune of almost 900 yards in the SB. Neither leaving the pocket except for designed trick plays…..

    and honestly didn’t really like his comments the other day saying that the knee injury will not change his playing style. Well, he better change his style if he wants to play at a high level for 12 more years.

    So the Eagles have a super high ceiling potential MVP in Wentz, but a guy who has a worrysome injury history….and behind him, for only 7 million, the SB MVP??

    Do the Eagles want the best chance of repeating as SB champs next year?

    Then keep Foles.

  22. They also need to resign Nigel Bradham, And Re do Brandon Grams contract. They both have earned it.

    Priority number 1 for the Philadelphia Eagles this offseason needs to be keeping that defense together. And that also means keeping Kendricks. He makes you a deeper, better team. And god forbid Hicks goes down AGAIN. We need as much lbs as possible

    Keep Foles. Unless it’s a first rounder. Period it’s that simple. If Arizona calls with the 14 th pick he has to go.

    Bring back Bradford to be the backup or 3rd String and keep Nate

    Eagles need to draft LB, TE, Safety, RB, OLine for depth purposes

    Celek, Burton, Patrick R, Torrey smith, Sproles are all gone

    Re do peters deal save money

    • Kendricks is too exspensive for 35 % snaps we can get a vet like bowman or cushing for depth, dont need that comtract, and curry aint worth 9 mill either, they both gone

    • Another slept on move to pay attention too,

      Donnie Jones. At first I thought Cameron Johnston would take his job at the beginning of the year. Turns out that wasn’t the case. But the Eagles have re-signed Cameron to a future deal.

      Look for Cameron Johnston to take Donnie Jones spot this upcoming year. It also saves the Philadelphia Eagles 1.5 mill

      Cutting Torrey and Celek saves Philly 9 million and we are 6 mill over the cap.

      I hear a lot of talk of us trading him or cutting him. I do not see why that would happen because you can never have enough pass rushers or run stoppers.

      Not to mention Eagles are a team that thrives on dline rotation. Start Derek Barnett next year and let Vinny Curry come off the bench

      • You want 9 mill off bench, no ty

        • Zilents

          What are you talking about. He would essentially be a starter in this defense.

          And having a defense line that does 7-8 deep is crucial to long term super Bowl aspirations.

          No team in the NFL had 8 OLine men play over 400 snaps. I mean even Beau ALLEN is a slept on BALLER

          It would be nice to Keep Vinny Curry and Kendricks as defending champs trying to repeat.
          We dont need anyone this free agency.

          Work on keeping this squad together as much as possible, and draft to the best of your ability. If we end up getting rid of Kendricks and Vinny so be it. It won’t make us or break us more then likely. I just don’t it helps our chances

          • Dont forget we gave means that extension last yr CT which put curry on notice, i just think us being a sb contender now we can replace contracts like curry with cheaper vets who are just as good, and kendricks is getting too much for 35 percent snaps so they need to go

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    • Jon Hart: I do like Sudfelds game. Has a lot of potential I know Foles has another year left on...
    • CT: You gotta get value off The Real MVP while it’s at it’s highest. Then get some...
    • CT: Eagles might not hire a OC at all.. believe it or not it actually happens. It’s very...

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