Thoughts On Eagles’ Key Roster Decisions: Who Stays, Who Goes?

Nick Foles

This is really the million dollar question.

The only thing I’m 100% certain of is that Nick Foles has earned another opportunity to be the starting quarterback for a team in this league.

There should be a strong market for Foles. Teams are always desperate for quarterbacks, and when looking at Foles’ entire body of work in his career, the only time he’s really struggled has been when he was with Jeff Fisher, a dark cloud of a head coach that just destroys every quarterback he touches.

Considering that the 49ers just gave up a second-rounder for Jimmy Garappollofor for half a season with no immediate long-term commitment, that should be the minimum offer that teams come at the Eagles with.

However, Howie Roseman is sitting in a position of strength when it comes to leveraging trade value from Foles. Roseman, who once told the Vikings that the price for failure of a quarterback Sam Bradford would have to be a premium, got a first and fourth when leveraging the fact that he would be trading his starting quarterback before Opening Day. Now, Roseman can put another “premium” on Foles just for the simple fact that Wentz’s Opening Day availability is in doubt.

However, the reality is that the Eagles may not want to trade Foles at all. I think the Birds are going to get some very tempting offers, but the better option may be just to keep Foles and let him play out his contract, and then potentially franchise him the following offseason to get some kind of value back for him.

The Eagles have so much invested in Carson Wentz. And Wentz has not disappointed, showing such immense promise after just two years. I feel like the Eagles owe it to themselves to take their time with Wentz’s recovery and not rush him back until he’s truly 100%. Having a Super Bowl MVP backup quarterback allows the Eagles to take their sweet time getting Wentz completely healed, so I think the right move here is to keep Foles around.

But at the same time, there’s a third layer here, and that’s what Foles himself wants. After what he accomplished for the team, helping them do something that no Eagles’ squad had ever done before, I feel as though he’s earned a right to decide what his future will be. If he wants to go somewhere else and start with a team committed to building around him, it’s something that Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie should take into consideration.

It’s such a complicated scenario, weighing the health of Wentz, the opportunity to get a king’s ransom for a guy who no one wanted just one year ago, and while also rewarding and honoring the wishes of a guy who has done such incredible things for the organization.

I can’t even begin to guess how this one plays out.

LeGarrette Blount

A lot of people have viewed LeGarrette Blount as a one-and-done, stopgap mercenary here for the Eagles.

And it’s very possible that is the case. But I don’t think it’s impossible that Blount comes back.

The Eagles had a great thing going with their three-headed monster rotation between Blount, Jay Ajayi, and Corey Clement. Blount had some stretches where he was ineffective late in the season, but I think he still has juice left in the tank. Also, Blount brings a unique physical element to the offense that the Eagles haven’t had in the past, and likely won’t replace once he’s gone. It’d be great to keep that element on the offense for another year.

The Eagles have some salary cap issues, and Blount will be allowed to hit the open market, but Blount was unable to draw interest last season with a 1,000-yard season and 18 touchdowns with the Patriots, I’d say its unlikely the market is any different for him. Teams go young at the running back position, and there’s not much sense to invest a ton of money in an older guy.

If Blount is still hanging around late in free agency or after the draft, I think there’s at least a chance the Eagles could bring him back on another cheap deal.

Darren Sproles

As much as Sproles wants to continue his career, it may not be with the Eagles. With Corey Clement emerging as a pass-catching threat out of the backfield, its hard to imagine the Eagles committing a roster spot to an older running back coming off of a serious injury.

Between Sproles and Blount, I’d much rather keep Blount moving forward.

Torrey Smith

Smith will be released to help the Eagles open up some cap room. He was frustrating in the regular season, but came up big when the team needed him in the playoffs. If the cap wasn’t an issue, I think he might have been brought back, but the Birds need the cap room, and Mack Hollins may be ready for a much larger role on offense in his second year.

Trey Burton

I’d love for the Eagles to find a way to keep Burton in the fold, but I don’t think its very likely. He really emerged into a strong compliment to Zach Ertz, but his solid play has probably earned him a bigger payday than the Eagles can afford.

Brent Celek

It’s possible Celek retires and ends his great career by going out on top with a Super Bowl Championship, but I can also see him wanting to stick around and continue his career. If he wants to play another season, he’s absolutely going to have to take a paycut. There’s just no way the Eagles can afford his $5 million cap number.

Jason Kelce

I really do believe that the Eagles had planned to move on from Kelce after this season. Key word being “had”. Releasing Kelce would have created $6 million in cap room, and between the drafting of Isaac Seumalo and the signings of Stefen Wisniewski and Chance Warmack a year ago, signs seemed to be pointing in the direction of a Kelce release. However, Kelce just turned in a tremendous season, and the Eagles couldn’t justify releasing him even if they wanted to. I do think he’s a strong candidate for a contract restructure to gain some salary room.

Vinny Curry

Curry can be released for a cap gain of $5 million. The Eagles are going to probably have to part with either him or Brandon Graham this off-season; they have so much money tied up on the defensive line, someone is going to have to go, not only to free up cap room, but to free up playing time for Derek Barnett.

Brandon Graham

Graham, with one year left on his deal, can be released or traded for $7 million in savings. Graham has indicated that he wants a new contract, and after seeing teammates Fletcher Cox and Timmy Jernigan get paid, Graham won’t be taking any hometown discount. As mentioned before, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Graham or Curry’s names come up in trade conversation. Graham has more value than Curry at this point.

Mychal Kendricks

Once again, we’re going to enter an offseason where there’s a lot of speculation about whether or not the Eagles will trade Kendricks. If the Eagles can manage to resign Nigel Bradham, than I think this could be the offseason where a Kendricks trade finally happens. If Bradham walks, Kendricks stays.

Nigel Bradham

Bradham is probably the Eagles’ biggest pending unrestricted free agent at the moment. He really stepped up as the team’s signal caller when Jordan Hicks went down for the season, and is a favorite of defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.

It’s just tough to imagine the Eagles giving him a big deal, but you can’t rule anything out with Howie Roseman. You know Jim Schwartz is going to push hard for Bradham to return.

Patrick Robinson

A great story who played a huge role in the team’s success, but Robinson won’t be back. He’s earned a bigger payday, and with a strong collection of youth in Jalen Mills, Rasul Douglas, and Sidney Jones, Robinson’s exit is a foregone conclusion.

Beau Allen

Allen was a great find as a seventh-round pick, but its time for someone to offer him a decent contract. With Destiny Vaeao and Elijah Qualls waiting in the wings, the Eagles likely move on from Allen.

Corey Graham

Was a very solid find as a third safety. The Eagles probably try to go younger here, but a return isn’t out of the question for another Jim Schwartz guy.

Caleb Sturgis

Jake Elliott has the kicking job here, he’s young, cheap, and effective.

Dannell Ellerebe/Will Beatty

A pair of veteran mid-season pickups that served their purpose. Eagles will move on from both and get younger.

Najee Goode

Solid special teamer who can play all linebacker positions. He’s stuck around on the roster for five years, and might find his way back again.

Kenjon Barner

Barner really didn’t do much with his opportunity as the Eagles’ primary return man. Eagles will want Donnell Pumphrey to step up in his second year, so Barner likely goes back to the NFL scrap heap, though he’s very much a guy that the team will have on speed dial for an emergency.

Bryan Braman 

Special teams ace filled his role after getting the call in mid season. Not a lot of incentive to bring him back, but always available in a pinch.

Jaylen Watkins

Eagles declined to tender him as a restricted free agent, likely signaling an end to his time in Philadelphia. Has a little versatility, and can play both safety and corner, but never really improved during the several years he’s been in the league. Lost the third safety role to Corey Graham, who was an August signing, and fell to the bottom of the cornerback depth chart.

177 thoughts on “Thoughts On Eagles’ Key Roster Decisions: Who Stays, Who Goes?

  1. Nick Foles will be used as A commodity ,it’s the nature of the business. Will a team look at his friendly contract and Super Bowl mvp,and over reach? Is it fridges in January in lambeau? We will then couple that mid Arizona pick,and parlay it . Sell high/buy low.

  2. Foles is going nowhere!

    Break out the chalkboard and write it 100 times. Nowhere. For multiple reasons:

    From a pure talent / skills perspective he’s not in the upper echelon and teams will rather go with a rookie then give up a first for him

    Wentz may not be ready week 1 and we just won a super bowl. U really think Howie gonna roll with sudfield weeks 1-4 if needed? I mean he is the accountant but i don’t see him rolling with sudfield and Just making an enormous gamble on wentz health at the detriment of our teams early success

    Foles mental make up / his wishes – this guy is months removed from considering retiring. He talks about how important it is for him to be with family and by all means it looks like the eagles were quite flexible with him this year. He was mia quite a bit for unclear reasons. U ain’t getting that flexibility with a starting job.

    Back to the fact that he’ll likely be needed early next year – if he continues his success that boosts his trade value mid season if someone goes down and his 2019-2020 offseason value.

    His importance on this 2019 team is huge and i don’t think Howie would genuinely consider a trade unless he clobbers someone over the head (like 2 firsts and a player).

    Wentz availablilty won’t be clear until otas at best…

    Bottom line he ain’t going nowhere


    Now back to silly season

    1. I agree, I think it’s probably worth more to this team to let foles start the beginning of next season and get wentz truly 100% rather than rushing Carson out there right away.

      I do think trade is a very possibility, they’re going to get offers for him, but it really is going to have to be the type of offer that blows them away.

      If a team came and offered a second rounder, that’s not good enough. We saw how important and valuable it is to have a quality backup in place, even moreso with Wentz uncertain time table.

      At minimum, it has to be a package similar to what the Vikings gave up for that failure of a quarterback Sam Bradford. Wentz injury actually works in Howie’s favor from a negotiating standpoint.

    2. Mhenski. They serve alchohol this early ?Foles is not in the upper tier of talent ,the s guy,has just outdueled the g o a t in Brady. Foles will be sexy and cheap to a GM who may be trying to appease his fan base. Four weeks ago we were distraught with nick ,now were erecting statues. Philly dilly. Trust in the business,he’s already packed and awaiting the call to come renegotiate his deal. The players association and the league will see that he’s given a stage. $$$ wins everyone over in this league. You’ll get a cousins being offered 60 million by the jets ,and as despair creeps in around the draft,howie will roll up his sleeves and erase your 100x nicks staying in Philly Let’s assume he stays ,in order to garner value we’d be forced to franchise him. Which is a more saleable nick? Today his perceived value and his fiscal value align.

      1. if foles is in the upper echelon of talent we will see teams mortgage their future on him, theyll offer us 3 first round picks. im gonna go with that aint happening. so youre telling me the entire nfl missed foles upper echelon talent and let him go to us for peanuts to be a backup? 0 nfl teams wanted him to compete for even a starting job dude. 3 games doesnt prove ur elite.

        buffalo trade is reasonable. maybe the entire nfl slept on nick montana, maybe they didnt, maybe howie gonna clobber someone. idk

  3. Who has multiple 1s and 2s? Buffalo. Sean McDermott has ties to nick and the birds. Which team just watched in their division,Brady. Brought down a peg by nick? We’ve had trade winds blow through buffalo before. Move nick,trade Kendrick’s,cut Torrey Smith ,and re sign Bradham get one of buffalos ones in this draft with a two(buffalo has multiple twos) as well. Times yours.

    1. Or maybe Coach Groh is the more experienced coach?

      He was also a qb at University of Virginia and still till this day is the only VA Qb to post 9+ wins back 2 back seasons

      He also has coached qbs, and wrs throughout his whole career

      Duce has been strictly running backs.

      Gotta think what is best for the TEAM.

  4. I expect some type of change in the Eagle LB position. Nigel Bradham is going to be offered more by another than the eagles will want to pay. Additionally the Eagles had difficulty defending Gronkowski, Evan Engram, and Travis Kelce. It is an area where durability concerns (Hicks), external free agent attention ( Bradham), and pass coverage upgrade will see changes in the unit.

  5. A nice scenario would be if Nicky would be willing or , and if Philly can affford it, to keep Nick waiting as a back up to see what develops with Wentz, after his rehab, of course Egos and $$$$ at times count more than logic, growth of a team and also what the market is willing to pay for Nick and such.Im not sure who is is driving this bus yet , Draft offers, $$$$$ , egos. health of a top rated Q.B.,or a classy , gentleman super bowl winning Q.B. And of course the ever present agents with their whispering.

    1. The problem i see with foles also is after next year, what kind of contract will he sign with us, because if he doesnt sign a 4 yr or 5yr deal with us now making 7 mill a yr, then I gotta trade him now, because he is at his most value right now and we cant afford him at any rate higher then that to be a back up and that’s another reason he will be traded

      1. Will the Eagles be aggressive and take the draft pick compensation for Foles or be conservative and ensure Wentz has a competent backup for 2018. I can’t imagine any trade happens until after the draft but before training camp. I suspect the Eagles have to learn more about Carson Wentz’s availability before dealing Foles. If I have to predict any compensation will be realized for the 2019 draft. Whether it is a NFL awarded 3rd round draft pick compensation for losing Foles in free agency or a trade where the draft pick value is better than a late 3rd round pick for the 2019 draft. Additionally Eagles might get compensation picks for a potential lose of Sproles, Bradham, Robinson, Blount.

        1. Foles will be given an opportunity to find a sign and trade… or trade and sign… he is due a whole lot more than $7….any team that feels they are a QB away from catching lightning in a bottle will take him

  6. Embiid looked like a top 5 player in the NBA All Star game. He passes the eye test, he looks like a feature NBA performer among the best of the best in the NBA. Ben Simmons conducted himself impressively in interviews surrounding the All star game festivities. Dario’s 3 point range was still blazing hot in the futures game. Sixers big 3 pieces represented the city well.

    1. With the new CBA, and the way the game is played today with all the rule changes and the way these teams and guys practice.

      Are we witnessing the end of how important draft picks are?

      Don’t get me wrong, the draft will always be vital, but if you look at the eagles last draft. Outside of Derek Barnett who
      Did we use? Nobody. Everyone was inactive

      The free agents Howie signed were unbelievable. Every single one was a HIT. With how little they practice today Is it best to have veterans come in that can learn the system
      Quickly and have experience over a rookie who would take longer?

      Cause make no mistake, free agency was a HUGE reason the eagles won the SB.

      That was something that was unheard of back in the day. Jacksonville also
      Has a roster full off free agents.

      Drafting is always important, but once you get your QB, it very well
      Could mainly come down to free agents and coaching

  7. True zilents..

    It’s just that Corey was a undrafted guy.

    Rasul and Mack barely played.. I know special teams is important.

    Stupid comment by me TBH. Off-season talk already driving me crazy.

      1. Nobody is a bigger Brett brown fan then me, however I do have ONE question and I’m hoping somebody can shed some light on it. I just don’t understand this one decision our coach continues to make over and over..

        Why don’t we play Richaun Holmes ???? The dude is a athletic freak and brings amazing energy and heart. Is he hurt?!

        1. Real good question ct. no clue and agree with ur point. Not a fan of Amir at all.

          Embiid and Ben were unstoppable last night. I even seen Ben net a long mid range jumper

          Defense was god awful last night tho. Think Holmes could’ve helped there

          1. you two are joining the “FIRE BRETT BROWN” club!!!

            Simmons is looking a little more comfortable with the jumper– just a little bit, free throws are shaky but BETTER- I have a feeling he is the type of kid that knows exactly what his weakness is and will work like a dog to fix it– after he hit a jumper he seemed to look at the defender and say, “you better step out to guard me”– if he makes his defender have to step out he will be unstoppable…

            1. fire brett brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We should have only 2 more losses than the warriors MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              CUT SIMMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              1. PS Nerlins Noel is a top 15 center in the league!!!!! WHy is dallas being so mean to him????? Why did the NBA collude and not give him a max deal????????


              2. We are dangerously close to a top 4 seed in the east– and we have about 15 games remaining with teams in full TANK mode!!! Indiana I believe has about only 6 tank teams remaining.
                As for Noel– I think Okafor is getting crapped on too! LOL

              3. the free throw scaredy cat actually showed up yesterday for 11 shot attempts at the charity stripe making 6 free throws. Let’s hope it continues and he doesn’t turtle up again on Saturday. Chicago was missing Lopez and didn’t have a rim protector which Simmons took advantage of an unprotected rim. Hopefully Simmons continues to offensive rebound his own shot. It could be his biggest weapon. Purposely miss a shot to get into better position to make an easier basket then the release point of the original shot attempt on drives to the basket. Simmons had 3 offensive rebounds off his own missed shot in Chicago. I’d like to see that continue.
                Nic Vucevic missed 20 plus games but returned to action yesterday and will be playing Saturday against the Sixers.
                Nerlans Noel had thumb surgery but is expected to return to action after all star break just like Vucevic did yesterday. Nerlans absolutely should be starting ahead of Dirk Nowitski. Dirk is done, he is not a good basketball player anyone.

  8. I like Brown, but did you see the lineup to defend a 1 point lead with an inbound play in the final 5 seconds last night??? TJ and Reddick on the floor together?? The Bulls ran a screen that had had TJ covering a 6′-8 guy for a 3 footer he missed. Then Reddick could not reach the miss and hit it to another Bull who missed an easy 3′ put back. Sixers got lucky. Holmes is custom made to defend that situation. Embiid and Simmons are both amazing. Embiid looked like a top 8 player witht he All Stars.

    1. I’m giving Brown a pass on the nitpicking of every call, every line-up variation etc.- just like I did with Pederson when this site blew up after the chiefs loss (and a preseason packers game)-I think there is a method to his madness- i think he has his eyes clearly focused on the end game– that end game doesn’t happen this June– The guy has as good a pedigree in hoops at building a winning team if it has the right combo of players surrounding embiid and simmons

    1. Zero

      Go change your name to EaglesOneSupebowl, or

      That joke is dead and deserves to be buried
      Forever. Maybe you’ll start to see the light more as a person as well.

      Trust the process baby!!

      Magic up next! 32-25?

      1. What light do I have to see? Sixers have a once in a lifetime top 3 Superstar on offense and defense who is carrying the entire organization who is championship ready right now. They have a retarded point guard who keeps pretending he is a left handed shooter. He makes all his points with his right hand as a power player. Drive after drive he attacks the rim and succeeds because he is a right handed person scoring using a right hand. Then insults the NBA will his awful pathetic ridiculous distance game shooting finesse shots with his left hand including foul shots. A kindergarten basketball coach with one eye can diagnosis his pathetic game’s solution. STOP SHOOTING LEFT HANDED !!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Ben Simmons best game. 32 points — LOOK AT Which Hand he shoots the basketball. He is a right handed player until he is stopped defensively then launches some retarded finesse left hand prayer shot. I keep crying & yelling at the top of my lungs get Joel Embiid a top 15 point guard not this RETARDED BEN SIMMONS with his crappy and I’m being kind calling it crappy!!!!!! left handed finesse shot.

        1. Here is tonight’s Orlando win for the Sixers. Notice how Ben Simmons scores his points ( Right Handed ) Every game I yell at the TV every time he shoots left handed free throws and yell at Brett Brown for being such a weakling for allowing it. He is a right handed player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch which hand the points come from ????????????
          YOU SEE THE LIGHT?????????????????????????????

          1. Eos stfu we have the next magic and you screaming another pg…..did your mom drop you on your head as a baby… a dumb mofo for real…..worst take of all time

            1. Magic Johnson cannot play in today’s NBA at point guard. He would foul out in 12 minutes. He is too slow and without hand checking guards he would either foul out or give up 50 points a night defensively. The NBA also made it illegal to turn you back to the basket and dribble the basketball for 5 seconds and back down you opponent into the paint. Magic cannot play point guard in the NBA in 2018. He simply wouldn’t be good enough.

  9. Washington beat Sixers last night. Refs called Joel Embiid for 3 offensive fouls? (2 moving screens and 1 for trying to get post position.) Dario struggled shooting and the Sixers had a problem with the speed of Washington.
    If Ersan is returning I like the move. Sixers need another stretch 4. I don’t like when Brett Brown gives Trevor Booker the low post while Joel Embiid is on the floor. But Brown is such a weakling nothing will change and Brown will continue to watch Embiid launch 3 pointers while being defending by undersized reserve centers. Wonder who is released to sign Ilyasova? Markelle Futlz should be the turd released to make room for Ersan ( mental midget) Korkmaz maybe since he was never close to being considered for a rotation spot. Bayless is out of the rotation but they owe him money for next year too.( bad signing) Booker who is a pending free agent.

  10. Rookie Sidney Jones CB didn’t look like an NFL player in his only game action verse Cowboys but he was real rusty and probably nervous, intimidated, scared that usually dissipates with a few preseason snaps not a week 17 debut. Patrick Robinson will be a difficult loss. Hope this high draft pick can fill his shoes ( Sidney Jones )
    Jalen Mills is their number one CB. Maybe a full year healthy after dislocating his ankle will improve Ron Darby’s game. But it seemed teams chose to attack Darby over Mills for important 3rd down conversions.

      1. sigh,
        Translation for a dingbat with one of Bill Clinton cigars jammed up his rear end. Patrick Robinson will be a difficult loss ( positive)
        Jalen Mills is their number one CB ( positive)
        Ron Darby – dislocated ankle hope a year removed from injury he will improve
        Sidney Jones – Achilles tendon injury hope he can replace an anticipated departure of Patrick Robinson with a full preseason of action.

        1. they picked on RD, PR is hard to replace boo hoo– they drafted with all of this in mind– they now have a very young secondary- CB’s anyway– They know what they are doing in personnel– christ every move they made seemed to work.

    1. Markelle needs to get on the floor. He’s healthy and shot has looked light years improved!

      We need to stop slowing down the process. We aren’t winning the ring this year. GET HIM ON THE FLOOR. Let him get experience NOW. Don’t let him start next year without any playoff experience.

      We need to get the growing pains out of the way.

      1. Markelle is a 2nd round prospect if he was eligible to enter the 2018 draft. NBA is laughing at Bryan Colangelo ( 2nd time he failed with the first overall selection). Seems like the Sixers are scared to send Fultz down to the G-league because they know he will get torched by NBA long shots. No excuse if medically cleared for him not to be playing for the Deleware 87ers ( accept for front office embarrassment )

        1. Didn’t he draft the ROY first overall? Aren’t they in contention to get the 4or 5 seed? And Fultz wasn’t benched… your grasp of reality is about as good as Trumps

    2. some people make money on puts and short sales. I look for weakness and exploit it. Peyton Manning made a living identifying the weak link and running the same play over and over again attacking the weak link. Haveacigar go chase the healthy water buffalo for a couple miles maybe you’ll catch it. I’ll go feast on the yearling with the limp & within 50 yards I’ll be eating. Maybe I’ll save you the carcass brain ( God knows you need help there)

            1. just when i thought all the nutcases were gone (ie cliff, paul, klownbreeze, songs,hart, etc) e0s caught there disease… weird stuff

              regarding fultz, im not to up to date on whats what in ncaa but saw fultz name dropped as being in said FBI probe. I wonder if that has impacted him significantly this year, is he under investigation? a flipper? embiid said he got bad peeps around him, are they involved in this or other shady biz?

  11. Last night was the worst sixer game i’ve seen this year (admittedly I haven’t seen all)– passing was terrible- Embiid looked slow and like he was asking to get the ball stripped– but in the end, lost on road after a future HOF player was responsible for the last 17 of his teams points (15 pts and an assist)– we are getting there.

        1. Full Insight of the game is the Sixers starter have 2 wing players who can’t dribble a basketball ( Redick and Covington). A point guard who can’t shoot outside of 2 feet. A Power Forward who can’t vertical leap 2 inches. A superstar who carries them all in Joel Embiid who got into serious foul trouble hence the Sixers struggled. Sixers lost last 2 games because Joel Embiid was in foul trouble.

          1. There you have it analysis from an idiot…. fortunately people who understand what is going on believe the sixers have taken a major step forward with an incredible upside moving ahead.

  12. Combine is here – Positions to look at for that Eagle first rounder.
    #1 need is DE- Graham and Long both free agents in 2019 and over 30 years old. #2 need is LB Eagles scrambled to find late replacements after Hicks & Walker injuries (Ellerbe & Goode) and potential loss of Bradham in free agency.
    # 3 need is TE Celek’s salary on potential chopping block and Burton a free agent.

      1. Who in the hell would trade a SB MVP QB for a safety? Secondly, Tyran Mathieu’s salary is 14.5 million, he can’t fit under the cap…even if you traded Foles Mathieu’s salary would add 7.5 million more onto the cap hit minus Foles’ number.

        Man I have ocean front property to sell you in the Sudan.

        1. Ct. The cards will pay your gas to drive Matthieu and his oft injured butt out of town. He may very well be a roster casualty,let alone,a trade chip. How does shady and buffalos 1andva 2 sound?

    1. Those trash ass sixers did it again.

      8-2 since the SB, should be 9-1 if it wasn’t for D wade turning back the clock.

      Sixers are very close to being 40 wins this year if it wasn’t for buzzer beaters and blown leads.

      We have to get Markelle on the floor man. Get the growing pains out of the way now and get them used to playing with each other NOW. Next next season, but now.

      Would be nice if Markelle could get a little playoff action. I just have a feeling the kid is going to be special with this coach and roster

  13. Sixers played well. Sixers had a significant size advantage over Cleveland. Refs did allow Cleveland to hang around ignoring their clutch & grab defense. JR Smith was team suspended for one game which assisted in JJ Redicks big night. (22 points on 11 shots) Playoff time meet up with Cavs will bring Love and Smith into starting lineup.
    Back to Back games bring Charlotte at home tonight. Charlotte is a good rebounding team who doesn’t turn the ball over but not a good team distance shooting team. Keep Charlotte out of the paint let them launch.

  14. Eagles post super bowl praised their family type locker room. Appreciate the way Howie and Dougie built this team. Even the prospective players the Eagles could depart with ( sproles, celek, kendricks,smith, foles, jones, burton) I like. Teams gave up on Marcus Peters and Mohamed Wilkerson this past week for being bad teammates. We all know how NYG secondary imploded because of behavior issues.

    1. Lebron just needs to stay in Cleveland, or go to Houston etc.

      He doesn’t need to come to Philly with this young developing team. Idc who he is, he’s 34 years old and has played 50,000 minutes.

      I don’t want the team to defer to lebron. The whole offense is ran thru Embiid and Simmons. How much of a step back would they have to take? Would lebron cause a rift with coach brown? He loves to have a coach he can control cause lebron ends up being the HC anyway.

      Keep him away. We don’t need another Lebron type player on this team. We have Simmons, I don’t think they could co exist cause of how similar they are. Lebron has never played with a player like Simmons.

      Where would Fultz fit? Would he run the 1? Or be traded? Would Simmons now end up being the all time PG with Lebron at the 4?

      Too many questions

      Stay in Cleveland lebron. Or go back to Miami or Toronto

      1. Wtf CT are you serious, you dont want two generational talents on the same team because they are similiar, dude the defense alone is worth it……you taking eos pills

  15. He is 33, but who’s counting and still the best player in the league. I am not going to go into how I think that this would work, out because it is all conjecture at this point.

    All I know is that they would be 10 times closer to winning a ring with him on the team then with him not on the team.

    1. We need klay Thompson.., that’s the dream pick up. Hopefully he leaves GS and balances this shit out.

      Similar to what Kyrie did leaving for boston

    1. Dude…. once again. You will be wrong

      People called Embiid a bust

      They called Simmons a bust

      They are now calling a 19 year old Fultz a bust. They will be wrong

  16. LETS GO BABY!!! Back 2 back wins!!! 11th straight home win!! Most consecutive wins at home since 1982-1983!!!

    Ersan balling today!!! Giving great heart and effort on the boards and defense! Great move by Bryan bringing him back!!

    That pick roll wth Embiid is scary. He commands so much attention off the roll that JJ R can basically walk to the basket!!!

  17. I love Sam Hinkie. And have I have been one of his biggest advocates. I wish he never got fired and deserved to see this process thru.

    But Bryan brining Ersan, and Marco to this team was great signings.

    Riddick has been a great Veteran presence and is having a career year.

    He signed Embiid and Covington which was both great decisions.

    Robert Covington has struggled shooting recently,
    But he is our best defender on the perimeter by far and is a big reason why we are a top 5 defensive team.

    He needs to get his shot together for the postseason though. I’m glad he’s going through this slump now and not later

      1. He’s 23 years old in the era of super teams.

        We aren’t winning the finals this year, or the next tbh. Unless a freak injury occurs to GS, Houston, boston

  18. New Orleans Saints signed ex-Eagle safety Kurt Coleman.
    They once foolishly tried to upgrade Malcolm Jenkins with the more expensive Jairus Byrd and high draft pick Kenny Vaccaro whom both failed & are now resorting to Kurt Coleman. I remember how inadequate the Eagles safely play was with Coleman and Nate Allen. GM Mickey Loomis keeps floundering to replace what he incorrectly thought was sub par in Malcolm Jenkins.

  19. Let’s stir some s—t on a pigskin void Sunday. The phones ringing ,it’s cleveland offering you a blank check for Wentz. Put it on hold and take the call? Or treat it as a robo call?

    1. If Cleveland offers the number 1 pick, the 33rd and next years 2nd round pick.

      Wentz gotta go.

      Take Barkley. And go depth rest of draft

      1. Ct Took the bait I truly think the eagles doctors will make the call on Wentz rehab and prognosis. Howies here holding a straight flush in Super Bowl mvp ,a royal flush in Wentz a likely 2017 mvp and the 600 lb gorilla. What do both qbs share? A q.b scientist in coach Pederson .. the kryptonite of Jeff Fischer , a quarterback killer. Is Pedersons a system ,that fits Foles better than Wentz? What’s Wentz injury hold for the future? He’s a risk,as his skill set includes his escapability and oft spectacular runs ,Foles on the other hand ,stands in the pocket and throws a better deep ball at the moment. How will Wentz be,if he’s wearing a brace? Is this a ct bait click. Or. Could howie actually contemplate the possibility

        1. if cleveland offered the 1 the 33 pick and next years 2nd id laugh in their fkn grill and tell em to fuck off. i wouldnt give up wentz for clevelands next 10 1st round picks. you stoned?

          1. Mhenski I’m all in with 11 ! I was just drawing CT into the convo. Our Super Bowl mvp ,however,is available only caveat is if our drs see Wentz injury as career hindering. It’s so nice to be sitting here however. There is currently a lot of phone sex talk going on. Cleveland has no desire to pick Shaq at 1 and the Gmen sit at 2 Howies usually pretty close y remember buffalo has multiple picks as well.

  20. Let’s start the convo with Myles Garrett at Dee end ,the #1 in penn states running back , and getting a boatload of picks Or is Carson untouchable? What would you say if Foles was offered instead! What would the drop off in trade value be?

  21. Myles Garrett on a rookie deal. Who goes?graham? Curry? Both in a 12 million $ cap saving. Plus add in what graham (wants more$$ ) , if Garrett is healthy ,Wentz brings you a young cheaper edge disrupting force ,Shaquille allows you to trade Ajayi ,also a provocative savings and you have added picks,allowing howie to round out his roster. If ct were GM wentz needs pack his s—t up and quickly!

  22. good stuff desert….. ha, trading away a generational qb…interesting-CT buy an 11 jersey, by the time wentz retires that jersey will be in tatters

    1. The best trades are the ones sometimes not made. Ask Cleveland about their number two pick ,ask New Orleans about Jenkins ask minny about Sammy sleeves ask the bird brains who dealt a hofer in Dawkins. It’s interesting,last year Ajayi was considered a disruptive force in Miami ,the essence of the NFL is based upon poor evaluations,on your own roster. If you can’t get that right,having the guy in the “room” what chance you’ll ever evaluate the draft? Howie was mvp ,as every move was calculated and Foles brought the biggest net gain. A Lombardi. You’re richly rewarded for getting it right half the time.Contrasted with getting it right almost always gets you a Lombardi for the showcase.

        1. There’s a huge conga line of nick fools. Throw in the wisest talking heads,Vegas ,and just about everyone who wasn’t around this team. What we’ve witnessed is even more improbable and impactful,because ,Nick stood toe to toe with 12 and traded haymakers.nick calmly called for Philly special after having seen 12 crocodile arm his shot at big play trickery. No hesitation,and coach didn’t debate it ,he jumped on board That and the execution of that play vs New England,flubbing it ,was emblematic of big balls nick and Pederson as well as the execution of it on 4th down. How many shrinking qbs jog off accepting 3 as an achievement in that same spot? That’s why nick will always forever haunt the phony posters ,as there committed to the anti Vick. Say it ain’t so joe. Not Vick but nick? Lmao Super Bowl gunslinger mvp

          1. Sixers lead the NBA in passes per possession.

            They also did last season.

            That shows all time special coaching the way this team plays through each other. Unselfishness. Trusting each other.

            Elite defending also. Our switches on the defensive end are getting better and better

            Ben Simmons is showing us what he is truely capable of, the game is slowing down for him. Looking like a night and day player.

            Dario has finally showed us why he was taken, and looked at as a top 5 prospect. Dude can shoot, rebound, hit free throw, ball

            This team will be in the NBA finals in the next 2 years max.

            Bring Kawi Leonard or Paul
            George. Not lebron

        2. Those bitches are not coming on GCobb to say anything. They don’t have the stones too, their hubris will not allow them too. I saw what TS was righting on catscratchreader (Carolina Panther fan website), she exposed herself as not being an Eagles fan, she was just a Mike Vick fan and a troll. Kool said he’d come back and apologize if Wentz won the SB..he also said that he would not be an Eagles fan until Howie the accountant was fired..he was never anEagles fan either because a true fan does not abandon their team and pledge allegiance to another team as he did to the Vikings (following Sam Bradford) there..that’s why it was so sweet when the Eagles with Foles at the helm beat the hell out of them in the NFCCG. I think Kool and songs rme are the same person, i don’t remember much of what real talk had to say…I guess he’s false talk.
          They were all bloviating jackanapes

  23. koolbreeze
    February 17, 2016 – 12:36 am

    So make it absolutely clear Vinniedaloser
    Lets say the Eagles do decide to revisit ancient history, the Rams cut the absolute worst QB in the NFL last year, the twice benched, disgraced, your special man-crush, the guy that you were connected to his family, the guy you insisted that the Eagles sign to a long term deal…
    You are opposed in no uncertain terms to bringing Nick Foles back?
    You have declared that all of us told you repeatedly for more than 2 years that Nick Foles was shot, done…that the only real potential he had was has a clip carrying back up in the CFL…the guy you said could lead us to Super Bowl glory when we told you that he stank…
    You are finally admitting he is finished, and even if we had a chance to bring back…to revive his career under Pederson…you are saying…NO
    Foles is done??

  24. koolbreeze
    February 15, 2016 – 7:09 pm

    So Vinniedafool’s answer is to grab Nick Foles….LMAO
    A guy with absolutely no ‘promise’ or ‘potential’
    A guy who was unquestionably the worst QB in the NFL last year…
    A guy who has no confidence, benched twice, choked up and finished
    The Coach needs to be given the latitude to win with who he believes he can win with!
    Question – Did Pederson tell Bradford he wants him back?
    Answer – “Yeah, I have. With our conversations and the things we’ve talked about this spring, I’ve told him that he’s very capable of leading this team deep into the post-season.”
    This is all we need to know…he has made this public…so how does it look for the team to let Bradford go? How will it look in the locker room when the guy that all the players want back, that the Coach says can lead the deep in the playoffs?
    Let him go and bring in Nick Foles Vinniedafool’s guy…or who knows who mhenski aka the racist pervert…aka multiple profiles…aka spellchecker akadumbass…we all know how upset you are over the release of ya boy Riley “I’ll fight any n*%#a in here” Cooper….LOL
    Who are you picking dumbass? Who’s the QB…?
    Hey…mhenski…how was that last KKK meeting you attended where you and all your prevert buddies hangout?

  25. Shaquem Griffin, the one hand linebacker seems to be this draft’s Mike Sam, Johnny Manziel, Tim Tebow. Bombarded with TV producer nonsense over and over and over.
    Last draft producer story was the bad boys – they kept bombarding with criminal acts of Mixon, Conley and Foster. ( Foster seems to the one whose bad boy acts followed into NFL out of the 3 in first year)

    1. Birds made a very underrated slept on move today. When we look back, we will see how special it truely was.

      Hiring Gunter Brewer is a SPECIAL hire. The dude is an excellent teacher and has been coaching offense for decades!

      Some WRs who stand out are Mack Hollins, Ryan Switzer, randy moss, Dez Bryant, Justin Blackmon,

      With this hire, look for eagles to promote Mack 10 to the starting role.

      I have multiple UNC friends who are die hard passionate maniacs. They are freaking out and telling me about the hire.

      Another great move by this organization. Losing Reich, and Flip will be no problem

      1. Trade him for a second and a third. Considering we don’t have picks in those rounds.

        We need more picks. Especially when we are trying to be a dynasty.

        Start nate Sudfeld. Hopefully he balls out and gains value.

        It’s a business. Gotta act like it. Foles gave us our championship and will be in the hall of fame.

        It’s Wentz’s turn.

        1. Foles to az for 1st and 4th and 3rd next yr, or buffalo offer 1, 2nd and a player. My boy from high school works for AZ scouting dpt says this is offer they have and what bills have……should be done by monday…..dont know which team

            1. I immediately googled it and couldn’t find any mention of proposed Ariz or Buffalo compensation so if it happens exactly like that I’ll be impressed I guess.

              (Though Buff and Ariz are the two teams most often mentioned, and the common speculation is Eagles will be asking for more than what they got for the China Cabinet (1st and 4th) so the “source” may have just pieced together what’s out there.

              That being said, so much fun with the JON HART ‘sources”. He’d post and a10 second google would find a Jason Canfora or some other dude’s tweet from a hour earlier. Every time. So funny,

  26. Biid was hard to watch tonight, he needs a night off…..he got owned by howard tonight. He was still able to make impact on bad night when it counted. BEN is becoming a legit superstar, he makes it look so easy on floor, hes so fun to watch. The early season cov is back, happy for him. Dario is so close to a all star, jj does his shooting thing. Beli and the profrssional have made our bench viable. That dario, ersan, ben, jj, cov lineup is really good. BB great coaching tonight….good win against a desperate team… that iverson interview had me dying laughing…..he was wasted but so what he was at a nba game… liitle guys….lol….go sixers

    1. Embiid played bad 3/4 quarters

      He turned it on when it mattered most in the 4th. He’s not going to be perfect every night. Lebron and curry aren’t perfect every night either.

      Neither will a 23 year old Embiid .

  27. I thought he played pretty damn well against Charlotte the other night. He dropped 23points 15 rebounds

    He could have played better against miluakee, but that’s to be expected when u played 3 games in 4 days on the road.

    This team is young. And it reminds me of the eagles in Wentz rookie season. The growing pains are going to happen, the blown leads, the turnovers. But the flashes are all there, just like in Wentz first season.

    The perfect thing about this season is that the Philadelphia 76ers have been involved in a lot of close games just like the Eagles were in year 1. That’s going to go a long way in year two because this Sixers team is going to know what it’s like to be in close games, and a lot of them.

    Adding playoff experience is the icing on
    The cake.

    This team is a 55+ win team next season, If healthy obviously and Fultz is on the floor

    1. The NBA really needs to consider dropping the season from 82 games to 50. The season is too damn long to be honest, and the game is faster then ever with more running and sprinting compared to the 90s and 80s etc

      Give each game more meaning. More suspense and impact. It would end a lot of this coasting and players not giving effort on some

      End back to backs as well. It’s pointless and doesn’t need to happen.

      Please spare me with the old man “back in my day” speech about how this generation is getting softer about wanting to play less

      It would make the game better. Period

        1. You boys are silly and not dealing with reality… when you have a goose laying golden eggs you don’t reduce the number of eggs she’s laying. Look at the nfl which has class action lawsuits because of its violence is still looking to ADD games

    2. Next yr i see 60 wins, we have in a lot close games this yr and i already have them at 51 wins this yr, especially with our easy sked remaining

  28. Nick Foles,as expected is being floated by the Az media this morning . Howie’s iplaying with house $$ and he knows by floating the compensatory parameters,public opinion and fervor will only fuel some organizations to feel the heat ,from their fan base . Remember Sammy brought you a one and a four ,but your organization paid a big chunk of the $$ . This 1 and a 4 is a brilliant move by howie as he’s now thrown down the gauntlet ,by assumedly , fielding an AFC teams early offer. Brilliant gamesmanship.

    1. A brilliant mistake I think.

      Foles greatest value is on the Eagles. Carson Wentz is a great, but reckless player. He runs around too much. Over the past 3 years he has broken his wrist, ribs and blown his knee apart.

      As much as I like the kid, I did not like his “no, this won’t change my style” comments a couple weeks ago….this after watching 3 statues set an all-time SB passing record, neither QB running or scrambling for a yard.

      The Eagles are in a position to win again next year. The NFC East is a joke. ELI, Dak and now SMith guarantee none of them are contenders. Who else is scary? Vikes?? Please. GB…no D or oline. Who else?

      The door is open to win another SB. Foles is therefore most valuable to only 1 franchise. The Eagles.

      No trade unless it is insane.

      1. Vin. It’s what makes this so provocative . No argument ,that Foles is a great insurance policy , however,you and others always forget ,the birds will have a plan B. Someone’s (Sammy 2) on a cheap deal as insurance for Wentz?its a falling dominoes in succession that howies looking at cap space ,he’s purportedly 10 million over atm .with Foles traded and extra picks ,the organization will (dependence on how high the compensation pick) will cut ties with a curry or graham or both (if they pick a highly touted edge rusher) or any number of possibilities

        1. Vin, I along with you were two of the biggest 9 supporters on this site… getting hammered by 7 supporters who by way of osmosis became Brad turd supporters… but I think you trade him if you get three high picks including a 1… I get that he’s the best insurance policy but as you and I have also advocated BUILD THRU THE DRAFT…. Wentz wagon needs young inexpensive guys on board….

          1. Eagles have to get under the NFL salary cap by March 14,2018 at 4:00pm EST. They are currently estimated to be $11 million over the cap. Removing Nick Foles’ salary is obviously plan A, because it one of the few moves Howie can make in one week’s time to help accomplish this required task of removing $11 million but also bring compensation back in return ( draft picks). Some big salary cap roster changing moves in the next 7 days down at the Nova Care Center.

  29. Who’s in play ,in the AFC. Jets. Bills. Cleveland. Nfc. Flip,being in minny will bring the discussion to their organization heads. Could they actually allow for a fool me once Sammy and now nick. I’m not so sure they’d have the purple people clamoring to help the now hated birds,who took their home Super Bowl away. I’m seeing 5 qbs in the draft, and I’d assume that any early picks ,will be thinning the market for nick. So howies fielding offers . What a great spot we find ourselves.what needs be also calculated is the 5 plus million in cap space nicks exit will bring. Depending how high the picks ,nick , went from trash to Foles hold in a matter of weeks . Ain’t life grand?

  30. Torrey Smith isn’t under contract. Zero savings. Graham is a potential candidate to hold out as he’s requested a new deal , he could be a potential casualty in anticipation. Winning a Super Bowl. Everyone’s wanting their own pay day. Losing has inherent problems fiscally, but not sure winning it all ,isn’t a new headache for the accountant

  31. It’s the story of nfl… all the talk of high dollar FA, attention seeking assholes… philly special… = direct snap to UDFA, toss to UDFA, pass to a castoff journeyman qb

    1. Brandon Graham will be the man that stays

      Vinny is gone more then likely

      Howie the Jew does it again.


      1. It makes us better. I’m very happy

        Although Bennett is a fake ass bitch.

        Dude was caught red handed on camera lying through his teeth about police brutality in vegas that night

  32. I don’t like it. They didn’t really give up anything, but for what?

    To acquire a 32 year old declining player….The only reason I am not completely angry is they gave Seattle nothing really.

    But man….I do not like the permanently frowning members of the perpetual victims club…and not just off the field…he’s a bitch on the field too having started at least 2 brawls in games when things don’t go well. He, like many of his former Seahawk teammates, are front-running chest pumpers who point at themselves when winning, and point at others when losing.

    But this guy could be an unnecessary distraction off the field too if he invents any more “incidents”

    Not my kind of guy.

    Clearly this means Eagles will be trading and releasing Curry.

    1. Exactly Vinnie.

      Idk about most, but I love the Eagles. That means I like to love the players and who they are.

      But Michael Bennett is a soft coward who lied about police brutality at a nightclub in Vegas and took off running when shots were fired .

      The Cops were actually being very cool to him at the end of the video and we’re just wondering why he ran in the first place.

      But the media, and the liberal masters didn’t mention that as a big time story did they? Of course not.

      It goes against there agenda

  33. I suppose he does have a good contract though….costs $6.5 against the cap this year (less than Curry’s 9 million)

    he’s 7 million in 2019 and 8.5 in 2020…but he can be released anytime after this season with no “dead cap” penalty. SO Eagles will re-neg him next season and if he doesn’t he’ll probably be gone.

    One year rental looks like.

    1. All Bennett’s metrics in the fourth quarter put him in the top 3 in every conceivable category. He’s a pro bowl edge rusher who dominates games with hurries .imagine a more economical and 1 year basically (how’d that work out for howie last year) jefferies resigned /Smith was a 3 yr deal which has 0 $$ implication if we cut him. Howie knows guys are lining their suer bowl pockets .Most fical moves are laying the foundation for the next one. I’m certain that howie and Jeffrey took note that nobody laid s hand on Brady ,and without Graham’s strip, we are probably not with Foles as mvp and the Lombardi trophy. Obvious needs with upgrades cheaper. That’ll get you back to back executive honors. Get used to the new word in Philly. Dynasty.

  34. We also need start to understand. We have coach P who just out coached in the Super Bowl g.o.a t. And bellicheat. We are a home team discount choice destination. With a trophy. Get used to it.

  35. His numbers mirror Graham’s last year Check his hurries sacks pressures. Mirror in details. This also is howies way of making graham “aware” in asking for more $$ every move will be fiscal for the first time in a long while ,hows got a deficit and he’s looking for Walmart specials with short term commitment

  36. The Eagles are a powerhouse on offense. New England gave-up only 15 points per game in their last 10 games after their bye week. The Eagles hung 41 on them in the big game…. The also kick the Vike’s great defense all over the field. That’s impressive.

    I guess Howie didn’t like the fact that we couldn’t get to Brady in the Super Bowl.

    If it were up to me, I would think hard before trading Foles. I would rather see Peters and Curry go…


    Michael Bennett added to this defensive line(minus Vinny Curry) is a nightmare…TERROR SQUAD!

  38. Declining player yet his stats were as good as Graham’s last season. Dude plays on the outside, but also excels at DT on passing downs. He is also very strong against the run and made the Pro Bowl last year.

    Locker room cancer? Was that just like Ajayi or Blount? There are enough leaders in the locker room where a strong personality can exist.

  39. What’s next ? Who’s next? Why is there a clock ticking? By the 14th roster bonus are executed. Howie has his young transformation in his head. He knows paying everyone is impossible. In risk for reward , he upgraded his roster at a cheaper cost in terms of dollars.However he traded a 5 for a 7 and with Wentz getting a kings ransom soon howie wants draft picks . He’ll look to renegotiate with peters , possibly hope to sign Bradham , and presumably cut ties or trade curry , smith , Foles . His number one focus will be toget younger and cheaper to build around 11 and the 2020 disproportionately salaried star qb.

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