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Eagles Acquire Pro Bowl Defensive End Michael Bennett In Trade

If you wondered whether the Philadelphia Eagles were going to be as aggressive this year in building their roster as they were in their Super Bowl Championship season, you got your answer yesterday.  The Eagles have acquired Seattle Seahawks veteran Pro Bowl defensive end Michael Bennett in a trade.  The Birds will be sending a fifth round pick and young wide receiver Marcus Johnson to the Seahawks in return for Bennett and a seventh round pick.

Adding Bennett to the Eagles defensive line will allow the Birds to upgrade their pass rush in the upcoming season.  For the past five seasons, Bennett has been one of the most effective pass rushers in the NFL.  He helped the Seahawks win one Super Bowl title, go to another and become a perennial playoff team during his time with the squad.

He has been successful as both an outside pass rusher coming off the corner, as well as a inside pass rusher at the defensive tackle spot on third downs.  Bennett probably wears the smallest set of shoulder pads in the NFL because they allow him to give opposing offensive linemen a small target to block.  He’s known for his tremendous explosiveness off the line of scrimmage at the snap of the football.

Now become of this move, on third downs opposing offensive lines must find a way to block Fletcher Cox, Bennett, Brandon Graham and last year’s number one draft pick, Derek Barnett.  There will need to be some major shuffling of personnel with Vinny Curry, Chris Long still currently on the roster and the Birds needing to shave at least $10 million dollars of salary off the roster by March 14.  Long will likely return, but Curry will need to take a pay cut in order to remain.  Bottom line, the Eagles will need to make some major moves on the roster in the next week before the 2018 NFL season officially starts. Somebody get Eagles GM Howie Roseman and his calculator on the phone.  We need him to work his magic again.

Of course Bennett is the key to the deal, but Johnson has talent and showed some promise in the 2017 season.  He struggled catching the football and was inconsistent in his route running this past year, but the youngster has been timed at 4.36 in the forty-yard dash.  I expect him to get playing time in the upcoming season and wouldn’t be surprised if he fights his way into the starting lineup in Seattle.   He’s got two things that make him attractive, speed and youth, he’s only 23 years old. on Facebook

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128 Comments for “Eagles Acquire Pro Bowl Defensive End Michael Bennett In Trade”

  1. Howie is aggressive – He reminds me of the old Washington Redskin GM Bobby Beathard trading draft picks for proven players like Jim Lachey. Hopefully Howie will have a successful run like Beathards 1980s super bowl winning teams with multiple QBs.

  2. Howies gone from the abyss under chips New Years coupe to executive of the year. Always preceded by “capologist” or “the accountant “ he’s shown himself to have taken himself to task , and reinvented himself . I remind all, not too long ago ,Chip , was showing zero loyalty to , the ideaology of being an Eagle and feeling the unification of the organization. For whatever huckster bs chip slung , Jeffrey , let it all happen , under his watch. From Billy Davis to shady (gone) Djax (gone and sullied ) pro bowl guard (gone) MACK in (gone) There was no identification with the brand. Jeff chopped off the head and , luckily , howie swallows, and we all are champs for it all. With nick as mvp.

  3. Desert… you have introduced “nail to head”…it’s about the BRAND. People bitch about salary … means nothing…if you are increasing brand recognition and brand value salary means LESS than nothing. I only assume that by hiring the guy who re-invented football he thought he was hiring a guy that would take his brand thru the roof… and for a year (27 and 2) he was on trajectory…. then trading said 27/2….. conversely you bring in “awe shucks “ Doug, character players, chip on shoulder guys and brand is A1 prime….

  4. Brand? smh — Pederson, Wentz and Foles played MVP and Superbowl MVP football at the QB position especially on 3rd and 4th down. (The Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation )

  5. hmmmmmmmmm so we couldve got talib over bennet for the same price. i wouldve rather had talib. peters and talib a nice combo, too bad for them neither checks ertz

  6. i dont often play gm i just root but im gonna throw my wish list/what i think needs to or will happen:

    brandon brooks – restructure
    malcolm jenkins – extension
    nick foles – trade
    mike kendricks – cut/trade
    vin curry – cut/trade
    jason peters – cut

    eagles sign nate solder to replace peters

  7. That is a nice combination, but I seem to remember Talib getting burned pretty badly on multiple occasions when the Birds hung 51 on the Broncos last season.

  8. Mhenski. Talib is due 11 million in ‘18 and 11 in ‘19 the Broncos also know Roby is coming off his rookie deal , howie, will be looking for cheaper upgrades , always aware as a capolologist, that , the likelihood of upgrading and increasing your bottom line are not any longer an option. CT wanted , mathieu , in AZ he’s going to be traded , or released. Now that’s also on how’s radar . Nick foles update. Everyone in the trade mix will be waiting on cousins decision. , then nick will find his spot. In play for cousins favorite spot is minny , with the jets and Cleveland as $$ grab destinations . If $$ is the sole motivation, pencil nick in buffalo , in all likelihood

  9. Jones is the upgrade at CB. He and Darby will be the starters on the outside with Mills in when teams go to 3 WR sets.

  10. I also think each organization and regime place $$ values on focused areas of perceived value.The birds, are obviously, placing their bets on a pass rush vs a back end in commitment capitalism. If the qb can’t make the pass vs we’ll defend the pass. It’s a fine line argument for each organization It’s not that Talib wouldn’t have been an upgrade , it’s balanced, by who’s on the released radar , vs the value of the tradeable player . I remember the birds always undervalued the linebacker position.

  11. I think that it is important to get Celek to stay another year. With Burton leaving and knowing that Ertz is gonna miss a couple games, Celek could be very important. if they want to draft a TE, I am fine with that, but I think that bringing Celek back (for cheap) is important to give them flexibility within the draft with so few picks. Now this is of course dependent upon cost, because they could bring in someone else, but I would prefer that he stayed.

  12. if reports are true eagles need to trim 10+ mill by next week? foles could go sooner than later

  13. Mhenski the 14th of March is the clock ticking. Once teams pay roster bonus , movement and trades are hindered. Look for cousins to be done before,as the qb roster decisions are economically effected Once the qb carousel starts,rosters can be formulated. Idk why we wouldn’t be major players in trade talks ,as were more interested in draft picks than most. We don’t have but One top 100 picks atm

  14. In a perfect way I’d like have Mathieu picked up off the “release” , not costing any coveted picks .. trade Foles and get a higher top 1st Rd pick, than 32 .. draft picks are valued by howie as his visual is 2020, when Wentz eats up his payday. Howie knows ‘19 is his best shot fiscally to remain competitive on the field both fiscally and physically

  15. how could cousins be done before free agency opens?

  16. His choice destination is already a known entity. It’s called collusion. Happens all the time Other organizations have a good feel for wether they are “in play”!

  17. This is March 14th @4:00 pm for cousins. Trust in the fact that the four teams in play, are aware of his interest

  18. Let’s say as presumed he goes to minny or Denver vs $$ Jets or Cleveland.. now the Nick Foles plan B dominoes , will fall , including Buffalo with Cleveland, possessing draft picks

  19. The feeding frenzy will be in full throttle before the “roster” bonus timeline

  20. got it. certainly seems like the broncos just lined their ducks in a row for cousins… if im cousins im playing in minny but will see

  21. Az update. Mathieu was asked yesterday to take s pay cut by cards and new coaching staff. He’s been adamant and said No . He’s on the New Orleans (LSU guy) or jets or birds. Getting him, and not losing picksmay explain why the rams took Talib and not howie. You need see the unseen cap casualties who’s better than howinthe hell Roseman ? Priceless

  22. Henski. I agree Denver is trying to roll out the $$ carpet by trimming, and hopeful cousins choosing them over minny. Sherman leaving may be enough to nudge cousins into the AFC . If it’s only $$ the Jets make the most cents and sense . That cousins decision will create nicks market and we can only assume a bidding war, in an unknowing qb class. Perfect scenario

  23. yes zero for the owner its all about brand– you make decisions to try to win which ultimately increases your brand– its simple business- people bitch about big red and 5 a bunch, saying his time was too long– meanwhile JL stuck with him because his brand was doubling in value– he thought LLCB would re-invent the game and make the eagles the number one brand– turns out “oh shucks” Pederson is the innovator– time for the birds to double in value again..

  24. Have.. brand identification and a perceived value are so much more on ownerships radar , as tv revenues increase and brand merchandising as well as political favors in tax exclusions We are focused on Ws and Ls. Ownership and organizational structure are all seeing a completely different big picture. Chip was a snake oil salesman. I called him an elixir remember he was the anti reed. He wanted the focus on him and his devil may care attitude. That’s like putting lipstick on a pig. It wears off quickly

  25. Kelce: If you love the Eagles, let me get a “hell yeah.”

    Eagles fans: Hell yeah!

    Kelce: If you love the Philadelphia Eagles, let me get a “hell yeah.”

    Eagles fans: Hell yeah!

    Kelce: I’m going to take a second to talk to you about underdogs. I know Lane (Johnson) and Chris (Long) just talked about this, but I don’t think it’s been beat home enough.

    Howie Roseman, a few years ago, was relinquished of all control pretty much in this organization. He was put in the side of the building where I didn’t see him for over a year!Two years ago, when they made a decision, he came out of there a different man. He came out of there with a purpose and a drive to make this possible. And I saw a different Howie Roseman. An underdog.

    Doug Pederson.When Doug Pederson was hired, he was rated as the worst coaching hire by a lot of freakin’ analysts out there in the media. This past off-season, some clown named Mike Lombardi told him he was the lest-qualified head coach in the NFL. You saw a driven Doug Pederson, a man who went for it on fourth down, went for it on fourth down, in the Super Bowl, with a trick play. He wasn’t playing just to go mediocre. He’s playing for a Super Bowl.

    And it don’t stop with him. It does not stop with him.

    Jason Peters was told he was too old, didn’t have it anymore. Before he got hurt, he was the best freaking tackle in the NFL. Big V (Halapoulivaati Vaitai) was told he didn’t have it. Stefen Wisniewski ain’t good enough. Jason Kelce is too small. Lane Johnson can’t lay off the juice. Brandon Brooks has anxiety.

    Carson Wentz didn’t go to a Division I school. Nick Foles don’t got it.

    Corey Clement’s too slow. LeGarrette Blount ain’t got it anymore. Jay Ajayi can’t stay healthy. Torrey Smith can’t catch. Nelson Agholor can’t catch.

    Zach Ertz can’t block. Brent Celek’s too old.

    Brandon Graham was drafted too high. Vinny Curry ain’t got it. Beau Allen can’t fit the scheme.

    Mychal Kendricks can’t fit the scheme. Nigel Bradham can’t catch.

    Jalen Mills can’t cover. Patrick Robinson can’t cover.

    It’s the whole team. It’s the whole team.

    This entire organization, with a bunch of driven men who accomplished something. We were a bunch of underdogs. And you know what an underdog is? It’s a hungry dog. And Jeff Stoutland has had this in our building for five years — it’s a quote in the O-line room that has stood on the wall for the last five years — “Hungry dogs run faster.” And that’s this team.

    Bottom line is, we wanted it more. All the players. All the coaches. The front office. Jeffrey Lurie. Everybody wanted it more. And that’s why we’re up here today. And that’s why we’re the first team in Eagles history to hold that freakin’ trophy.

    Any of you know who the biggest underdog is? It’s y’all, Philadelphia. For 52 years, y’all have been waiting for this. You want to talk about an underdog? You want to talk about a hungry dog? For 52 years you’ve been starved of this championship.

    Everybody wonders why we’re so mean. Everybody wonders why the Philadelphia Eagles’ fans aren’t the nicest fans. If I don’t eat breakfast, I’m f—ing pissed off!

    No one wanted us. No one liked this team. No analyst liked this team to win the Super Bowl and nobody likes our fans. And you know what? I just heard one of the best chants this past day, and it’s one of my favorites and it’s new, and I hope you learn it, because I’m about to drop it right now.

    You know what I got to say to all those people who doubted us, all those people that counted us out, and everybody who said we couldn’t get it done?

    What my man Jay Ajayi just said: F— you!

    “No one likes us. No one likes us. No one likes us. We don’t care. We’re from Philly. F–ing Philly. No one likes us. We don’t care. No one likes us. No one likes us. No one likes us. We don’t care. We’re from Philly. F—ing Philly, No one likes us. We don’t care.”

  26. Desert- like i say on here when people bitch about the cap or how much a dude gets paid– it is an absolute ZERO impact-

    • Panthers just traded us there best CB ARBUABLY for aging WR we weren’t going to keep!! LOL what are they doing!!!!

      Darby is gone more then likely??


  27. Hac. Agreed but when you have a cap mixologist like how, it’s always an umbrella drink payday, for the cash cow keeps mooing along, on a paved golden highway ,paying guys is a net deduction, it’s up to howie to get the best for least by selling the brand. It’s a pyramid , and the coach , is on mount Rushmore in Philly lure. We’re on this new threshold, that not even the organization knows of. Super bowl champions. Bullseye in place and all the copy league wanna bes. Think of the nfc east jerry, watching dezz leave , snider same with cousins and Eli needs protective custody to succeed . Where but Philly ? Coach on my Rushmore, qb potentially could be a decade long delight , say it aloud. We’re defending super bowl champs and we got howie selling the Ben franklin. Ex pass to a ring. And now that the haters have left. Smooth sailing

  28. Howie gets us a promising corner for a Guy we were gonna cut. This guy must have kompromat on someone

  29. this time last year CB was an absolute weakness of this team– now its depth, depth, depth– how did he do that?

  30. Lots of depth idk about them being good though. Competition should bring out the best. Future bright. Howie a wizard

  31. They were good enough to win a Super Bowl …
    I think they are better today than at end of season

    • We are light years better

      We’re gonna have:
      Daryl Worley
      Sidney jones in year 2
      Rasul in year 2
      Jalen in year 3
      Darby in year 2 with a full offseason (if we keep him)
      Draft pick?

      With those safeties, and that front 7,this secondary will be the best In the NFL
      Top 3 minimum

      Rams getting talib and Peters is something to watch for. Could be dangerous.

      There front 7 and linebackers can’t hold a candle to Philly though. Outside of Aaron Donald they are very overrated.

  32. We all need understand ;drafts and teams war rooms are ;strategizing to beat the champs A meaningless game ,no longer exists ,as everybody’s measuring themselves vs the birds. This is a completely different matrix for this ;disrespected ,underdog ;bunch. They now have a target,now ; like folks value , like it or not ;they’re the hunted : they rallied as dogs ;how do they take there new role and roll?

  33. Haveacigar continues to write don’t worry about the salary cap and contracts. This week he is on its about Eagles brand not contracts and money. bwahahahahahaha – For the rest of Eagle fans that have-a-brain and like football front office movies ( concerning money ) Espn reports WR Torrey Smith was traded to Carolina Panthers for CB Daryl Worley to shed $5 million off the salary cap that Smith was scheduled to make while Worley is scheduled to make $650 thousand. They project Eagles were $14 million over the cap after the addition of Seahawk DE Michael Bennett. Now after the Daryl Worley trade they are $9 million over the cap.
    Salary cap moves the Eagles could make to be salary cap compliant to remove 9 million from the salary cap.
    Release Celek $5 million, Trade Foles 5 million, Trade/ Released of Curry 5 million in cap savings

  34. Yup… salary cap seems to be no issue whatsoever… they got it as does every team… it’s how they do business…. means nothing. Of the 53 man roster that won a SB only 40-43 will be back. It’s the business . I remember a lot of whining about being up against the cap this time last year. If I remember correctly stupid ass fans were wanting to dump Kelce, trade Kendrick’s etc. then without doing either of those moves they went out and got arguably the best WR available.
    They probably lose Bradham and Robinson…Celek is a goner…in comes the next guys. Means nothing.

  35. Cleveland adds another receiver… I think their QB is like Cabe Mcknown or bubby brisker or something…..but to you draft weenies they have a shitload of pics.

  36. A cap is important, if only as an ideology, to try to insure parity in the league Howies, fully fluent in Cap, maneuvering, and so far , every move has been an upgrade at a net savings. That’s always a wonderful thing to strive for. Now with 100 guys days away from roster bonuses , teams that aren’t vested, reupping, are dealing at Walmart savings. The market until that knoll is a buyers market. Howies pay pal

  37. He certainly seems to have his accounting skills sharply honed.

  38. Were these corners good enough to win a super bowl tho? Pretty sure they got roasted all day and left zero mark on the game. That’s like saying the 3rd string qb that day was good enough to win a super bowl

    • Dude it’s tom Brady. Your not going to shut him down all game. They played damn good first half of SB.

      Browns out here making moves. Tyrod Taylor to browns and Jarvis Landry.

      They now have Landry,Gordon, Corey Coleman and tyrod Taylor.

      Draft Saquoan Barkley #1 and josh Allen at #4.

      Browns are coming

  39. Hmmm I thought there we somewhere between 2 and 4 CBs on the field for every defensive play. I didn’t see the 3rd string QB play a snap. And YES they were good enough to win a SB… I saw the parade

  40. With Tyrod gone

    Is foles to buffalo a done deal?

    Sean McDermott has ties to Foles and they have two first round picks

    Give us the 21st pick and a second rounder and BOOM!!

    Start Nate Sudfeld weeks 1-4

  41. Ct starting to smell like it’s possible i could see Howie bringing back shady and a 1st and somehow working out the math. Note buffalo has to be skewed to bc foles whipped Brady’s ass. They may be HIGH on foles

    • Miami dolphins and buffalo bills blow you mean. Jarvis is a good WR, and tyrod allows Cleveland to redshirt there qb basically. Smart move by them

      I don’t want shady. He’s 30 years old and he would take away from Corey clement, Jay, and Pumphrey. Time to move on from him.

      Draft another RB if anything.

      Give us the 21st, second round pick, and a 3rd potientally

      Foles and shady reunion would be cool in buffalo

  42. Poor Browns. Tyron Taylor. Man…….I really feel bad for that fan base. Just not fair.

  43. Yeah, Taylor is a bridge to the rookie that they draft this year. Actually not a bad move on their part. They should go Barkley and then one of the QBs.

  44. Theres been some some quiet whispers that actually Brandon Graham may be the one moved. He is in the last year of his contract and word is he is seeking upwards of 15 million a year. After the bizarre signing of Jernigan and the trade for Bennett BG wont be giving any discounts. The money Jernigan received should of been allotted to BG.

  45. Weird nothing about arrieta signing with the phils

  46. 3 more days to shed $9-10 million from the salary cap ( March 14). I really didn’t think the Eagles would consider trading Brandon Graham this off season at all but Daggolden’s explanation of potentially why they would seems possible. ( probably less than 50%) I still think a Foles trade is most likely before Wednesday 4pm if a player is traded but unfortunately high priced vets released may be the end result ( Curry, Celek) – Post super bowl I thought Smith, Curry, Foles, Celek departures was the pecking order to become cap compliant.

  47. HAC

    I’m not that silly. Nick Foles is my favorite eagle of all time, and the greatest qb I’ve ever seen wear the uniform

    His style wins mvps and rings.

    Wentz has gotten hurt 3 times already. Wrist, rib, and ACL.

    His style is dangerous. And he’s stated he doesn’t and won’t change. Idk if he will last

    He’s more exciting to watch. He’s more gifted and more athletic. He’s a potiental hall of famer

    But nick foles very welll could lead us to 3-4 rings.

  48. And just like that Howie creates 7.5 in cap space by restructuring lane. Excellent accounting skills

  49. never ever a worry about cap room with this guy

  50. Ngata? is that official? just like last year all the phony cap guys on here were boo hooing that they couldn’t sign anybody– lol

  51. as official as it can be :

    Eagles signed DT Haloti Ngata, formerly of the Lions, to a one-year contract.
    The rich get richer. Ngata only played five games last season and just turned 34, but he remained a quality option before going down and will only be asked to play a rotational role in the Eagles’ stacked defensive front. With Ngata on board, it looks like Beau Allen will walk in free agency.
    Related: Lions
    Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter
    Mar 13 – 11:09 A


  52. Trey burton is a Chicago bear

    Chicago also signed Allen Robinson

    Look for Chicago to take off with that whole division. Especially if Kirk goes to minniostta

  53. from Joe Banner’s twitter —-
    “Eagles restructuring Johnson contract tells us a few things. They are more focused on winning again than preparing cap for Wentz’s next Contract. They are probably not done being active in trade market. Stay tuned.”

  54. Ct– T. Burton and A. Robinson turn Chicago into a jauggernaut? I don’t see it…AT ALL

    • They have a very slept on defense, and run game. Chicago is well coached, and Mitch isn’t a rookie anymore

      Keep in mind they had the worst WR situation in the NFL. Adding guys like Burton, and Robinson will open up wonders for Chicago. Night and day compared to last year

      If they have a good draft, watch out. I like there roster better then Green Bay’s and Detroit

      I know stafford and Rodgers are special, but they aren’t anything special as a team as of

      Don’t get me wrong, Chicago isn’t gonna be a JUGGERNAUT. But they will be vastly improved

  55. Bears go from 4-5 win team to 8-9

    10 wins in year 3

  56. Mitch Trubisky didn’t look like a NFL QB when the Bears Eagles played. Not sure any pass receivers can turn Bears into a juggernaut. Trey Burton ( 5th highest paid TE in the NFL now) – Reading opinions that Jags Tom Coughlin chose to spend heavy on his run game with OG Andrew Norwell for Fournette verse passing game WR Allen Robinson for Bortles.

  57. as for the bears being “well-coached”– I’m routing like hell for former UD QB and ex-team mate of my nephew Matt Nagy– but he needs to show me a lil sumpin sumpin first! — hey CT you were first on the Bears bandwagon– stick to your guns and go for it! Go Matt Nagy and Trey Burton.

  58. celek out. my guess is he comes back later

  59. News local here. Phoenix wants Bradford another dominoe in the Nick Foles puzzle. hopeful the jets or Cleveland could offer the most.

  60. bradford? that is one of the silliest things an NFL team could do this off-season!

  61. cleveland got taylor. they aint getting him. foles aint going anywhere!!!!!!!!!

  62. i agree– foles is here which is a good thing

  63. Bradford in Arizona means that they are drafting a QB like Cleveland although they are in the middle of the 1st round.

  64. Cardinals signed QB Sam Bradford, formerly of the Vikings, to a one-year, $20 million contract.


    • Cardinals got there qb

      If David Johnson is healthy, with those WRs , John brown, Jaron brown, Fitzgerald. Watch out!!

      It all comes down to his knee.

      Look for Arizona to draft Lamar Jackson to watch and learn for a season

  65. Bradford doesn’t make that team any better than they were with Palmer. He is a statue who checks down and gets hurt when anyone looks at him.

  66. The Sam Bradford “upside” thing strikes again. Guy is a scam artist

  67. Jets resign McCown. Anyone need a qb still ? Just buffalo?

    Nick Foles was never getting traded and won’t get traded prior to wentz getting a clean bill of health

  68. Eagles sign Denver LB Cory Nelson for 1-year 2.25m at linebacker. I don’t remember him when the Eagles played Broncos last year.
    Kendricks – an average LB, better in the run than pass.
    Hicks – recovering from a ruptured his Achilles tendon.
    Nelson – don’t know much but I do know he didn’t stand out when Broncos played eagles last year.
    This linebacker position might be an area the first round draft pick selection is used.

  69. Henski that’s true but i would have traded for him before signing any of these turkeys

    • Kendricks played like an elite lb this offseason.

      Got bigger, stronger and accustomed to the scheme. Elite pass rusher and damn good run stopper. Average In pass defense.

      Was a huge decision when Howie decided not to get rid of him, cause he replaced Hicks very well

  70. With deal done for Bradham this means Kendricks trade is done which will get Eagles a draft pick and Bennett got his contract restructured and actually adds money and doesn’t help cap which means IMO Graham is going for a draft pick. Howis a genius. He replaces Graham and Kendricks with similar players and gets draft picks.

  71. To best of my knowledge no deal is done- kendricks and graham are expensive players, teams may wait till they are cut and get them on the cheap- I’ve been trying to tell you for years that teams are not apt to trade for expensive players– of course Howie does have magic

  72. yup not seeing a trade. think it wouldve been done by now if it was coming. I think a curry cut and or a brooks restructure is coming and graham and kendricks stay

    • Hoping we keep kendricks… he’s depth and Keeps is better.

      Never know if Hicks goes down again or not. Can never have enough talented linebackers

      We need to use that top pick on a LB. Sony Michelle I wouldn’t be mad either to replace Jay after this season.

  73. Donnie Jones retired appears Cameron Johnson replaces him.
    A lot of work being done on the defensive side of the ball. So only 2 Defensive players appear to be gone so far (Robinson,Allen)
    Offensive side of the ball has 2 RB gone ( Sproles, Blount), 2 TE gone ( Celek, Burton) 2 WR gone ( Smith, Johnson)
    Additions all on defensive side Bennett, Ngata, Nelson.
    am I missing anything?

  74. you are missing that FA has really just begun– I’ve not seen sproles and Blunt sign anywhere yet- teams tinker with roster, both starters and depth thru august and its mid march-

  75. We’ll be actively doing tying in the final moments this trade pieces vs cutting ties by 4:00 pm. The line Na first round tight end just got released ,!mathieu who ct wanted to trade for with cards is now cut as anticipated. You guys have to seriously understand real men with real jobs know more than you

  76. Hebron Detroit’s first round pick shuh , mathieu. All seem like they’d upgrade our roster. You can’t imagine howie , pulling a midnight move ? Nothing would surprise us.

    • My slept on player of 2018: Bill Brown Tight end

      The dude can flat out play. Didn’t drop a ball all summer or in the preseason.

      He would have made 90% of the rosters in the NFL, but we were DEEP at the position. Now with Celek and Burton gone look for this man to step up and for the birds to potientially draft one with there top pick

      Very excited to see Cameron Johnston in action. Thought he would take Donnies job.

      Glad both of these guys got to red shirt for a season to perfect there craft

  77. Never quite understood the reasoning of having guys like Steven Means, Billy Brown and a few olineman that are not active or on the practice squad and never get a opportunity to move up.

  78. ‘never get a chance to move up’…. they have a chance to move up every single day!

  79. Howie just freed up 5.4 million in space by restructuring ertz

  80. yet there are still people who wring their hands about the eagles and cap space–its hilarious to me– they are doing a couple of things…making sure good players are locked in and clearing way for a Wentz mega-contract– trying to do the ‘anti’ saints thing where when Breeze got really paid they had to cut everybody–

  81. The ability to restructure deals as a capologist are the very foundations upon which the Lombardi trophy rests . I was thinking Joe Banner was also a numbers guy, however , he seemingly made it personal when he reached in a players wallet. Howie seemingly makes your self worth as a player, prioritized , and simultaneously, increases them to feel inclusive t the brand “Philadelphia “ whenever joe was in a players pocket it seemingly was a competitive edge that joe had over you as an authoritarian, now it’s Kumbaya. Brilliant , how a capologist satisfies both ends to obtain the flexibility to be nimble.

  82. It’s a bus that joe threw you under , to restructure your deals, Braman tire you down publically by seemingly being “the guy from France” it’s been a cultural shift that have now other teams in a copy cat league, not only trying to match up vs the birds physically, but fiscally adept as well.

  83. desert– good description of what is going on– must have been when howie was vanquished on the “Eat, Pray, Love” tour that he picked up this balance– funny how its working out-

    • All this cap space moving tells me one thing,
      Brandon graham should be resigned very soon.

      Especially now that Robinson walked.

      Vinny curry, and Blount being gone will
      Save even more! Look for Brandon to get that Everson griffin deal

  84. Ct. Brandon graham I’d say is in between a rock and a hard place,as far as negotiations. His best hope is his illustrious play in the super bowl. The birds watched film after the supe and obviously with their actions put a lot of their chops on that side of the ball. They took in Bennett who is cheaper than graham and more versatile and cheaper, at least in terms of $$!as we traded a 5 for a 7. This is a business , howie answered Brandon’s public wanting of more $$ “I won the bowl” pay me! I like graham but stats don’t often belie the truth The stats mirror each other. We plus he pooched the pup. Once again, howie can’t reward guys wanting coin by shouting out. Poor play by BG

  85. I’d put his butt in trade talks if I were a betting man and I think curry is a specialist , one trick pony , they’ll dangle him and resolve internally a team friendly deal ; or release him , if a b and c are exhausted, Robinson went back to LSU and New Orleans who now must acknowledge they f—-ed up there and Jenkins handing ina small way two guys who had they not left the building, they might have fared better

  86. All the $$ cap is for an attempt to rework peters if he’s deemed good to go . You need leadership in the room and Celek was one of those guys as was Robinson, you want to minimize that or. Ultimately a hemorrhage can occur in this year one thing we didn’t talk about with contrasting howie with prior gms and ideologies. Warren sap smoked a joint. We’ll pass. Said the birds. Today the Bennett’s Blounts Ajayi. Guys are wearing green laundry. Leadership and coaching matters You roll dem bones ; it is always a gamble; however;we’re playing with house $$

    • Brandon graham will be 30.
      Michael Bennett is 34.

      Brandon is the better football player, and doesn’t have as much miles on him then people think. We need to find a way to keep him.

      Let curry walk, Peters needs to
      Re do his deal at age 36 and multiple injuries.

      I don’t trust Michael Bennett. His character, and lying dramatic bitch attitude.

      Bad karma could come his way for his pussy ways. I’m talking somewhere between a injury to come haunt him this season.

      We’re gonna need Brandon graham for the long run repeat season. He makes us better and deeper at a crucial position

  87. Howie traded his draft picks for vets to win this superbowl last year.
    This year Howie is trading his salary cap room in the future to win back to back superbowls. It isn’t wrong , but there is a black cloud coming and it will be in Carson Wentz’s prime years. Seattle went all in for back to back superbowls but couldn’t afford their offensive line as 4 of the team’s 5 starters departed.

    • Don’t worry about it..

      Howie will find a way. Lane, brooks are under contract. When the time comes big v will get paid as well. Kelce also.

      It will be crucial for us to hit on our OLine draft picks

      Seattle traded max unger for jimmy g. That was stupid

      People act like Seattle has only regressed because they couldn’t pay there guys. That has some truth to it, but it’s mostly false

      Seattle has regressed because of dumb trades, and drafting AWFUL. I mean they are still relying on that 2011 2012? draft for gods sake

      They have done a terrible job rebuilding that roster on offense especially on the offense of line. They should’ve never traded Max unger, and they haven’t been able to find a running back either

  88. Patriots getting hit hard by free agency. This past superbowl probably was their curtail call.

  89. Zero just can’t help himself… nitwit

  90. Cowboys to get Earl Thomas

    Gonna send Orlando S and some draft picks

    Watch Earl get exposed. It’s not going to be like playing next to Kam, Sherman, Wagner and that front 7..

    I’m not worried at all. And the cowboy fans are gonna love and eat this one up

  91. NFC east playing checkers…. howie chess

  92. eagles0 can’t go too long without taking a swipe at Howie. The same Howie that put together a team that won the SB and then kept mostly that same team together to contend the next season.

    You got nothing to complain about right now, so you are complaining about what might happen in the future. Complaining that Howie might not be able to handle the cap in the future when he consistently makes the cap his bitch.

  93. “Black cloud coming in future “….. zero is king of the idiots!

  94. “Black cloud” eagles 0! Must change his monicker from zero to 1. Eagles1superbowl. Wentz will-be rewarded in 2020, what zero doesn’t comprehend is that caps always are malleable, as are players reasons for singling out destinations to fight for their ring . With the black cloud and turbulence in the division nfc east, the Eagles have separated themselves from the Jerry Jones circus, dan Snyder, just watched cousins define his commitment, and the G men aren’t even worth adding to the conversation. Coaches? Please, zero who is matching Doug P? Players make coaches and vice a versa. Howie is akin to the husband who saw his wife , leave with another guy, went to the gym and reinvented himself as a babe magnet.Its not likely he’s going to let that “eye of the tiger” overtake him again. The only black cloud will be obscured by confetti, and parades. Haven’t you heard zero. There’s a new sheriff in town ? The “champs”

  95. Eagles zero. Howie fills every hole on the team with an upgrade and depth and at a fiscal sanity that defies the norm. Going into FA we all assumed we couldn’t bring a talent like Bradham back. Wrong! We lost trey burton and smith who we were purportedly were cutting loose. What you need understand is negadelphia , black clouds, walking under open ladders, is in the rear view mirror of a franchise intent on holding their mantle. We are contending champs going for another, we lost some coaches, and immediately realized that defensively we needed stock the line with rushers who are disrupting the qbs name one hole where adequately the organization hasn’t seen a need and addressed it? And we have a draft and dangled players stockpiled to garner more picks. Job well done in my book

  96. Howie is in win now mode. It isn’t wrong but he cannot untangle this decision. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.He has spent future salary cap money. He is extremely aggressive in attempt to win back to back Lombardi’s. This is a reality. Howie Roseman stood at the cross roads. Prepare the salary cap for Carson Wentz’s inevitable signing or win now at all costs. Howie chose the Lombardi option.
    This is coming on the horizon.
    Carson Wentz is getting 30 million a year at the same exact time his cornerbacks are to hit their first free agency when the expiration date for his DE expires when cap money has already been spent. There are no discounts at those positions.

  97. zero– maybe you should have an office next to Howies cuz he probably didn’t think of any of those things…. don’t you see every year 10-15 names change on the roster on EVERY TEAM– when Wentz gets his I GUARANTEE howie has a plan– or maybe he won’t have a plan until your dumb ass moves in next door to him.

  98. Haveacigar – not my opinion, piggy backed on Joe Banner’s tweet who recognized immediately the path Howie decided to take. I didn’t say Howie’s choice was wrong but there was another option. The second option was to prepare for Carson Wentz to win the Super Bowl when he reached his NFL prime. That is going to be much more difficult now. Howie chose win back to back now.

  99. Joe Banner stunk at his job, so I wouldn’t piggyback on anything that he says.

    And once again, we will see when we get to that point. I am not going to doubt him. He already untangled the mess that Chip made, so we will see what happens.

  100. Bugs hac zero. The cap is the only variable and we know it’s been escalating, and howie being a capologist he’s deferring monies , however zero is correct in one assessment eventually you can’t pay Peter and pay Paul. Unless you cut guys. Or defer other monies it’s all a maneuvering proposition. You eventually however in20 make some very fiscally burdening decisions when you near that time is when drafting and staying young and cheap becomes vital

  101. As for being crippled after 2020 keep in mind that for example Bradhams contract is essentially a two year…. he understands the cap better than Banner as desert articulated the other day

  102. Vinny Curry released saving 5million in cap savings. Only Foles remains from those I thought would be sacrificed this off season to be cap compliant. ( Smith, Curry, Celek)

  103. Blount gone. Downer. I loved that guy.

    My fav video was after the 4th and 2 play had been called andBlount went to Pederson”

    “What we got?”
    Pederson points to card
    Blount smiles….”Philly spesh….”

    Guy seemed to be a wicked teammate and good contributor….wanted hij back, but $2mill too mucj

  104. Delete all the posts you want but it doesn’t change the fact we have a Russian asset as potus

  105. Interesting cap bracketology on eagles as now constituted. 26% of their cap is allocated for the Dee line. Lowered by cutting Curry, who in their estimation , underperforming, had to renegotiate or be shown the door.In his stead as we know the Bennett trade , basically a one year fix , is their best way to make sure they get equaled or better performances for less Offensive line at 23% , with an attempt to potentially restructure peters deal , shows that the trenches are the organizational positioning, putting their $$ where their mouths at. As we all have been debating the 9% currently at the qb position, allows while Wentz is still under a rookie scale, to have that path cleared to afford their priorities. The curry move allows for assurances to sign their draft picks as well . In reading the tea leaves , once Agapito n Graham , is not being courted right now. Players who are understanding the team philosophy, and buying in are likely to stay in green laundry, while I’d keep an eye, on guys who’s cap $$ exceeds their productivity. As we near 2020, and Wentz gets his, the percentage of influences will need be maleable One interesting observation, will the %s allow the opportunity for drafting on both lines or rather , will the team still be looking to get more picks and stay younger and cheaper. It might allow for us as observers to see which position coaches are held in high regard , hoping youth can become transformative as well as cheaper

  106. Source Eaglewire.(interesting cap % breakdown

  107. One year deals are one of the organizations new philosophy. Gone is the pursuit of long term expensive , FA . Mercenaries under chip, walked out the door with chip Bradham and young over performance will always be prioritized.

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