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If LeBron Came Here To Play, He Could Play Until 2030

I know many of you probably refuse to take the possibility of LeBron James coming here seriously, but I think there’s a good chance he could come to Philadelphia to play with the 76ers.  Ben Simmons is like a little brother to LeBron.  He mentors Simmons and owns the company that represents the young phenom.  Simmons is like family to James.  He sees the greatness in Simmons and Joe Embiid.

“You have an opportunity to be better than me”, James told Simmons early on, according to a Sports Illustrated article. “But you can’t skip steps. You have to do the work.”

There’s an excitement here in Philadelphia with Simmons and Joel Embiid that I don’t see any where else in the NBA.  It’s one of the few places in the league that has championship caliber talent but hasn’t won yet. James would be able to be the beloved savior here.  He could bask in the bright spotlight that will be shining here in Philadelphia for the next decade without having to carry everybody on his back.  Here in Philly he could let the youngsters, Embiid and Simmons carry him on their backs throughout the regular season.  If LeBron came here to play, he could play until 2030.

I can’t guarantee he’s coming here, but I’m sure he’s salivating to be able to play with generational talents like Embiid and Simmons.  He could take it easy during the regular season and exert himself during the playoffs.  Throughout the regular season he could defer to Embiid and Simmons all season long.  James could cut down his minutes and be sitting on the bench throughout most of the fourth quarters with the game already wrapped up.  They would get serious late in the season and in the playoffs, but during the regular season, LeBron would be resting and saving himself.

“Part of his greatness,” Simmons said about LeBron in that Sports Illustrated article, “is that he wants others to be just as great.”

James would be teaching them things he’s learned over the years.  Now only would LeBron be able to tell them how to train, prepare and play, he would be able to demonstrate, which is even better.  James would be able to live and be the example for Simmons and Embiid from day to day.  He would demonstrate the tremendous discipline and commitment to be one of the greatest players to play the game on a day-to-day basis right in front of the two young phenoms.

The more I think about I think the chances of him coming to Philadelphia to play for the Sixers gets better and better.  Veteran players, who have done everything as an athlete want to share their knowledge and skills with young gifted players.  LeBron is one of the few players, who can tell and show Simmons and Embiid, how great they can be.

The more LeBron thinks about how impossible it would be to match up against himself, Embiid and Simmons has to make him salivate.  With Simmons developing his outside shot, they would each be able to kill you from inside or outside.

Their versatility on the defensive side of the floor is where they would go to the next level.  I don’t know if there are two or three players in the league as fast as James and Simmons.  Despite their size, they are both burners.  Their quickness, length and athleticism enables them to play defense on anybody in the league.  They could play some suffocating defense in the playoffs.

If he were come here next year, the 76ers would immediately become one of the championship favorites along with Golden State.  I think they would be a dynasty for as long as they could stay healthy, which could easily be ten years or more.  I just saw a report where Cavs coach Tyron Lieu said LeBron took a physical of some type and the doctors said he has the body of a 19-year old. on Facebook

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30 Comments for “If LeBron Came Here To Play, He Could Play Until 2030”

  1. He needs to stay away

    I’d rather beat him, then him join us.

    Sign Klay, Leonard, or Paul George instead

  2. Maybe work out a deal that sends Markelle to Portland for Damien

  3. Lebrons draft class peers (2003) have all run out of gas ( Bosh, Melo, Wade, Kamen, Hinrish, David West), they got old and lost their all star game. Lebron is very close to joining them. Lebron is about to look like Dirk Nowitski or Kobe Bryant last few years. Tim Duncun is the exception. He deferred money and shots in his twilight years while being successful. I don’t see Lebron deferring like that. I see him more like Kobe and Dirk. ( being a salary cap anchor and feature star of his team)

  4. I don’t think Simmons is going to be great. His shot is broken and non repairable. He shoots with 3 fingers on his weak left hand not under the basketball with his thumb and index finger massively out of place. He is Rajon Rondo who needs 3 superstars to hide behind. He is currently hiding behind behind Embiid, Saric and Redick. He needs them way more than they need him. Simmons is easier to replace than Embiid, Saric and Redick.

  5. I’d love to catch Robert Covington in an alleyway with a pair of pliers and a blow torch

    Soft ass Pussy IS TRASH!!! Bum just thows everything up and looks clumsy

    He gets that deal, and then sucks. HOW IRONIC

  6. Brett Brown torched by Erik Spoelstra again.

  7. Spoelstra shot 54% from 3
    Brown shot 40% from 3

  8. Watching Temple vs Wichita State tonight on EspnU at 7pm. Both previous Owl/Shocker games were entertaining.
    Villanova vs Butler FS1 at 9pm.

  9. Sixers play Indiana Pacers tonight. Good game to watch as they are equal talent wise. Last game Indiana won against Sixers when Pacers bench players Lance Stephenson & Al Jefferson went off in the 2nd half carrying them to victory when Sixers had a horrible 2nd half offensively. Lance Stephenson was making big time important dagger 3 pointers when points were sparse for Sixers. ( they struggled to put points on the board in Indiana in the 2nd half)

  10. Turnovers kill them… Embiid is a turnover machine

  11. Brett “turnover” Brown out coached again this time at home by Nate McMillan.

  12. How many turnovers did Brett have?

    • Its frustrating watching this team.

      We shot better at every level

      Rebounded better, had more assist.

      The turnovers keep losing these games.27 turnovers, only lose by 3..

      Why did JJ rush that last second tying shot? Run a play. He always misses when we need him most. The veteran let us down again. Stupid ass shot.

      Roco and JJ style kills us a lot of the time.

      We need Fultz.
      He’s looking nice shooting 3s

  13. I haven’t seen Fultz shoot a 3since October…. what do you mean he is looking nice shooting a 3? Please explain that? Has he been playin in Europe?
    There was nothing positive.. looked shitty

    • HAC

      Go to YouTube and type in – Markelle Fultz

      He has been shooting 3s. Free throws. And mid range jump shots and turn around pull ups in pre game warm ups and practice

      He looks healthy, energetic, and the hitch is gone

      Tell me what u think.. the kid is going to be special. I just feel it

  14. Sixers lead the league in turnovers.
    3 wings who can’t dribble a basketball. ( Covington, Redick, Bellinelli ) and 2 first overall draft selections from dingbat GM Bryan Colangelo & Loser HC Brett Brown at PG who can’t shoot a basketball. Currently stiff Ben Simmons plays PG because his whooping 58% FT is better than stiff Markelle Fultz 50% FT.

    • Sixers are smart. It can be frustrating, but they draft these young kids, and then red shirt them for a year so they can develope.

      Props to them. Don’t rush the kid. He comes back next season at age 20. (Birthday in may) so be won’t he 21 till season is over basically.

      we got the best player… they will soon find out. Especially with this core of players, and coach

  15. I don’t need to go to you tube…. I watch hoops on CSN philly

  16. Real frustrating game last night. Even more brutal being there. Couple thoughts.

    Bellinielli is as brutal as it gets on d. He was abused.

    Couple awful airmail passes by Dario

    Simmons lack of a jumper and being scared of contact is killing this team. DArio is half the athlete Ben is and Dario gets a shot of with contact every time… Ben feels contact and passes rather than fight through it

    Embiid is killing us in crunch time with his 4th qtr turnovers (think he leads the league in 4th)

    Amir Johnson is straight garbage. Holmes needs way more run, he’s a grit and spark player

    Awful inbounds pass by Simmons with the game on the line down 3 with 3 ticks left. Jj was wide open with a clean look at the hoop from 3 and Simmons inexplicably didn’t pass and called embidds number who was bricking from distance all night.

    We close we competing but shit gotta get cleaned up in the off-season.

  17. I was there too.

    I agree with you on everything. Bellinelli was and is awful. He should get no playing time at all. He was terrible on both ends of the court last night and especially defensively.

    Simmons had zero FTs last night even though he had a mismatch and a lane to the basket. As soon as someone comes over he passes. Take the ball to the rack and get to the line. It was ridiculous last night.

    As far as the the last play, they still had time left for Embiid to move the ball, but he instead took a 25 footer.

    Myles Turner is a much better player than I thought that he was.

  18. with 3 ticks left imo no choice but for joel to shoot it. ben messed up and shouldve passed to JJ. real frustrating

    amir gives you 0, holmes needs all his minutes – at least half

  19. I try not to nit pick every play because fact of the matter those things do happen- i’m just frustrated by the turnovers and Simmons lack of shooting- he threw a brick early in the game from the foul line, just a nice easy jumper, wide open and it bricked– I feel like most just recreational players could have at least thrown up a soft shot but for some reason he can’t? I of course blame AAU ball– with his skills there is NO REASON why he can’t be taught an adequate jumper– like maybe last year when he was on the shelf.

  20. im starting to go towards e0NEs’s opinion on Ben. He’s young and only his 1st year playing so im not sky is falling but what ive seen of ben at lsu and so far this year is he’s a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge pussy and didnt put in the work on his shot last year when that is the ONLY thing he had to do

    he will grow and get better but man this jumper situation – i have never seen an nba player in my life so scared to shoot. shit dwight howard had more 3s in 1 game against than ben has all year (prob more than he attempted as well which i would guess is 2 or less all year).

    id trade him in a millisecond for mccolum or lillard this offseason

  21. ben has all the tools but pussies out at contact in the paint unless he has an overwhelming and distinct advantage, does not and will not play through contact like our pitbull dario

  22. When Ben inbounded to Embiid, there were 7.6 seconds left. That is plenty of time to get another pass off or a better shot. He did miss Reddick who flashed first, but the pass could have came back. Honestly Simmons had no business being on the court in that situation. They needed a 3 three there. Would have made more sense to have a shooter in bounds to get the pass back and shot.

    While he is developing his shot, he has to penetrate and get to the line. Needs to learn how to score points that way too. Unless he is afraid of FTs too.

  23. ur right. dunno where i got 3 from. ur also right on ben shouldnt have been on the floor. said the same thing the second i saw the lineup

  24. I thought the same thing too and then I went back to watch the highlights. 3 seconds was the jump ball.

  25. Villanova, Sixers and Flyers all start at roughly the same time tonight at 6:50-7:30. (Horrible luck)

  26. Sixers gigantic 4th quarter in win yesterday.
    Ben Simmons reached another triple double in the NY Knick win. He hit the magic number of free throw attempts to have a successful game. It is a stat I follow that I think is imperative for the Sixers to succeed since he doesn’t provide floor spacing. ( free throw attempts) Coach Brown has forced Joel Embiid to the 3 point line to open up space for Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons has to get free throw attempts if granted that low post or open penetration lane. Simmons did revert back to his off balance releases yesterday however which is a little worrisome.

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