It Will Be Wait And See On Foles Injury

I’m sure you know by now that Nick Foles got injured last night in the Eagles 37-20 loss to the Patriots.  He not only got hurt, he also didn’t play well. Foles was sacked three times in the game and on one of the sacks he was stripped of the ball.  On that strip sack, Foles’ arm was hit by Adrian Clayburn and that’s when the injury occurred.

As much as Foles was in rhythm during that Super Bowl Title win, he was out of rhythm last night against the Patriots.  Foles missed open receivers by throwing the ball too high or throwing the ball behind them.  We’ve seen this Nick Foles before, but there’s no reason to take it too seriously because he’s been able to rebound like he did a year ago for the NFC Championship game and the Super Bowl.

The injury is supposed to be a shoulder injury according to Foles and the Eagles.  Nick’s injured arm may turn out to be a larger issue than this game, but afterward he said he doesn’t think the injury was that serious.  We’ll have to wait until Sunday to see.  If he’s not able to practice before the next game then it will become an issue.  If he’s able to get out there and throw the football, the injury will be forgotten in a little while.

The Eagles quarterback situation is going to get a lot of attention, if Foles isn’t able to throw the football. Carson Wentz hasn’t been given the green light by the doctors, so it’s not out of the question, that Sudfeld could wind up being the only truly healthy Birds quarterback for the week one game against the Falcons.  Everybody will be watching the Eagles closely to see what happens at the quarterback position.

By the way, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots seemed to take this game very seriously.  Brady played the entire first half and looked like the great quarterback we’ve seen all these years.

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