Come On, Everybody Knew It Was Going To Be Foles

Jul 27, 2017; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (11) and quarterback Nick Foles (9) take the field for training camp at NovaCare Training Complex. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I’m glad Eagles head coach Doug Pederson came out yesterday and put all the “who is starting at quarterback nonsense to bed”.  I think anybody who has any sense knew that Nick Foles was going to be starting for the Birds at quarterback, regardless of what was said or reported.  Pederson has said numerous times that the only way Carson Wentz was going to play is if he is cleared to play by the doctors.  If he is not cleared by the doctors, nobody, including Pederson, himself has the authority to let him play.

That’s seems clear to me, so I knew Foles was starting last Friday because Wentz was not cleared to play. I also didn’t think a new medical staff would have the guts to take any chances with the most valuable player on the Eagles roster.  Yeah that’s right the Eagles have a new medical staff.  How long do you think they would be around if Wentz, who the Birds expect to be their quarterback for the next 15 years, gets hurt because they rushed him back.

So Foles will be the starter against the Falcons and he may end up starting for the first three to six games.   There’s nobody rooting harder for Foles and that Eagles than the new medical staff.  I don’t think they’re going to let some early losses affect their decision of when to give Wentz the okay, but if the Eagles are winning they will be under less pressure.  If the Birds lose to the Falcons and then come up short is the first three or four games, the pressure on the medical staff to clear Wentz to play will be immense.

I think the new medical staff will stand strong and put the health of the young quarterback first in their decision-making but they’re going to feel the heat if this team gets off to a slow start.

Doug Pederson will have a news conference at 10:30am this Tuesday morning, so make sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and I will keep you posted on what he’s saying.

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