Were The Eagles Defensive Backs Wearing The Wrong Shoes?

I thought the Eagles defensive backs were wearing the wrong shoes on that turf down in New Orleans.  They were slipping each time they tried to change direction.  I saw Sidney Jones slip about four times or every time he tried to change direction.

He was slipping I saw Avonte Maddox slipping and that’s ultimately why he hurt his leg.  I saw the other guys that were slipping. I know it sounds like a ridiculous comment, but those defensive backs were wearing the wrong kind of shoes for that turf.   They weren’t able to get any traction and look how many guys got hurt.

You had three of the Eagles starting defensive backs Maddox, Jones, and Rasul Douglas all leave the game due to injury.  I don’t think it was a coincidence.   It was ridiculous and I think it was because they were wearing the wrong shoes.

I’ve seen this happen before from being around a game.  A lot of young players care more about the way the shoes look rather than are they doing the job.  The shoes definitely weren’t doing a job yesterday and I don’t know why they continued to wear them on that surface.  Many times young players, who play cornerback or wide receiver care more about the way they look then whether the shoes they’re wearing are getting the job done.I don’t know what the background is with it but clearly these guys were slipping way too much.

Despite the fact that Drew Brees and the Saints receivers took them apart, Brees had a 153 quarterback rating, I didn’t think the secondary played that bad because Brees has been shredding better secondaries. Add that to the fact that the guys who were back there in the secondary, De’Vante Bausby, Cre’Von LeBlanc and Chandon Sullivan haven’t had much experience with the Jim Schwartz system.  Brees was putting the ball in some really tight spaces. If a future Hall of Fame quarterback is playing at the top of his game and throwing the ball through those tight windows there’s not much you can do other than get a pass rush.

By the way, has anybody seen the Eagles defensive line.  I heard they went to New Orleans for the game, but I didn’t see any of them putting pressure on Brees.   If you happen to run into the Eagles defensive line in the next couple days give me a send me a tweet at @garrycobb or reach out to me on Facebook.  because I didn’t see them on Sunday

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