A True Team Win

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I knew it.  I knew the Eagles were going to make an effort to run the football more because Nick Foles was the quarterback now.  But why didn’t they attempt to do this more with Carson?  I had been saying for a while that the team has been putting too much on Carson and expecting him to win games single-handedly.   This is the guy who was coming off of the knee surgery and then we come to find out, he’s been shouldering a back problem for most of the year.  Expecting him to carry this team was just too much to ask.   The Birds should’ve relied more on the running game all season long.


“Going forward they should not put too much of this offense on the back of Carson Wentz.”


Last night a group of running backs — starting with Josh Adams, Darren Sproles, and Wendell Smallwood — did a good job of keeping the Rams defense honest and that made Foles’ job much easier.  It also helped the Eagles’ defense by eating up the clock and keeping the Rams offense off of the field.  The Eagles’ offensive line played great last night and they need to play that way when Wentz gets back out there next season.  I believe football is the ultimate team sport, so they should ask more players to carry the load and they did that last night.

Going forward they should not put too much of this offense on the back of Carson Wentz.    Look at what’s going on with Andrew Luck and Frank Reich in Indianapolis.  They are trying to have more of a balanced attack.  They try to get the ball out of Luck’s hands with short quick throws to the running backs, so that he’s not getting pounded on every play.  These are all the things the Eagles need to do for Carson Wentz, who has been pounded this year.

Last night, they were doing that for Foles.  He was getting the ball out of his hands.   He wasn’t holding the ball and getting hit after every throw.   Now he did get hit while throwing the ball deep a number of times to Alshon Jeffery, but every now and then it can’t be avoided.  One big adjustment that Foles made with Alshon was throwing the ball up high so that Jeffery could go up there and get it.  Wentz has got to realize that Jeffery can be open even when he’s covered because of his height, long arms and jumping ability.


“Don’t ask so much of Carson Wentz even when he’s healthy.  If we want to keep Carson healthy, we must run the football and keep defenses off-balance.”


Foles missed Zach Ertz a couple of times last night, but they will get more in sync in the next game.  Defenses will constantly try to take Ertz away, but that just opens up opportunities for the other receivers.  There was more balance in the offense in this game, which is why the win was the result of a real team effort.  Look at the defense, look at the special teams, and look at the turnovers.  Look at how everybody got involved and pulled together.

Doug Pederson and his staff have got to remember this going forward.  Don’t ask so much of Carson Wentz even when he’s healthy.  If we want to keep Carson healthy, we must run the football and keep defenses off-balance. We can’t weigh down Wentz with expecting him to carry the team.  They’ve got to rely more on the running game and get the ball out of Carson‘s hands going forward.

So it was a great victory last night, I don’t want to get away from the victory.  It was a great victory over a very good football team.  Eagles’ head coach Doug Peterson and all the gang need to be commended for a great job, but the work isn’t finished.  This team has a chance to make the playoffs and this team should make the playoffs, but they’ve got to get the Cowboys or the Vikings to leave the door open just a little bit.

7 thoughts on “A True Team Win

  1. It’s easier to run the Ball when you are leading and have the full playbook at your Disposal
    But Scoring Points in the 1st Half (13-13) the Eagles were able to keep their Playbook Open in the 2nd Half

    1. Paulman! Is that you? Somehow, I have my doubts due the lack of typos and only two lines in the post.
      Agree that they need to score early and run often. The Defense was nothing short of electric—swarming, attacking the QB, stopping the run. That’s how you win Super Bowl’s. Defense wins championships.

  2. pman not sure if the boone zoo would ever let you out , chimp, but i have doubts about your authenticity , as brevity was never your strong suit . On the birds , they rallied around , Nick, they played their asses off , and got some divine intervention on a fumbled punt that was a season ending potential mishap , the mixture and balance of passing to rushing and deep balls stretching the defense was reminiscent of championship football . The pivotal game is at home, where the dominance and execution meeds be replicated . Winning is a panacea for alot on this squad, and as guys rally and fight , lets remember , gotta beat the champs to be the champs Go Birds xmas st nick miracle continues pman “boone chimp”

  3. Yeah, desert eagle, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Birds starting to ball out now. This Houston team reminds me of the Vikings team last year. Nasty D, great receivers and a QB playing at an elite level. We will need to be firing on all cylinders. D MUST FORCE TURNOVERS. That’s been the difference over the last few weeks. Robbin’ season, get your ski mask and let’s get it. We all we got, we all we need, fly eagles fly!!!
    Paulman, where are you????????? I’ll know it’s you if there’s a gazillion typos and run-on sentences.

  4. It is me, I’ve Graduated from the Evelyn Wood School of Social Posting so my responses are now short and to the point .. How about those Appalachian State University Mountaineers here in Boone, Nc and Winner of their 4th Bowl Game in a Row and holders of 3 Straight Sun-Belt Conference Titles.. HC Satterfield did such a Great Job that now he’s has taken the HC Job up at Louisville and has taken half the Coaching Staff up there with him which is the price of Success…

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