Eagles Howie Roseman, “We’ve Decided To Let Nick (Foles) Become A Free Agent”

This morning at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Eagles Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Howie Roseman didn’t mince words when he said, “We’ve decided to let Nick (Foles) become a free agent”.

With that the Eagles let everybody know that Nick Foles is available for the taking.  I ultimately think he will wind up signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but there’s not a large market out there for Foles.  The great thing about being a free agent is that you only have to be attractive to one team.  I think Foles is a great fit with Jacksonville.

I also believe it was the right thing to do for the Birds.  I surely don’t think it would have been a good decision to put the exclusive franchise tag on Foles and risk being forced to pay him $25 million dollars to the be the backup for Carson Wentz.  There isn’t a team in the league that can afford to pay a back up player $25 million dollars.  It would have been a foolish move by the Birds.

In addition, I think it was time for Nick to go elsewhere and lead his own team.  Carson needs to be freed from having Nick and his “Super Bowl Shadow” hovering over him.  That shadow will still be here to some degree until he leads the Birds to a Super Bowl title, but Foles not being here will give Wentz more room to breath.

I thought Pederson was very strong in his support of Carson and I had expected it.  “I love everything about Carson Wentz”, Pederson said immediately when asked about where he stood with his franchise quarterback.  You could see that Pederson wanted to take Wentz’ side on everything because he and the rest of the organization wanted to let Wentz know that HE IS THEIR GUY!!!  They are building and have built this team around Carson. They want to let him know that “HE IS THE EAGLES FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK” in front of all the Birds fans and media.

I agree with Pederson 100% in his support of Wentz because there’s so such thing as a franchise quarterback, whom everybody on the team loves.  The franchise quarterback isn’t on the team to get everybody to love him, he’s on the team to lead the team to the Super Bowl title. Wentz is very demanding of himself and his teammates.  He wants to win every game and he prepares with tremendous effort and commitment. This is what you want out of your franchise quarterback.  I think Wentz has the qualities to lead this team to a Super Bowl title.

I don’t think putting the non-exclusive franchise tag on Foles would have set well with the Super Bowl LII MVP because it would have made it more difficult for teams to sign him because they would know that they had to give up compensation for signing him.  Now Foles has total freedom to work out a deal with another team and the Eagles will get a third round draft pick next year for losing him. restricting him from doing that in any way.

14 thoughts on “Eagles Howie Roseman, “We’ve Decided To Let Nick (Foles) Become A Free Agent”

  1. Wow, I though Nick Foles was going to return 1st or 2nd Round Draft Picks and that there was no way Master GM Howie Roseman was ever going to let St Nick Walk with a handshake …. Looks like Posters MacDolo,John Hart, Gloomy, and others were all wrong about this … Now this Off-Season becomes about Rebuilding Carson Wentz’s Confidence and Leadership and hopefully they will surround him some more Weapons who are more explosive that what the currently have on their Roster, but the Eagles must Strengthen their OL & DL first …

  2. I’ve never thought that Foles would be worth a 1st or 2nd rd pick cause to me he’s an avg qb but I did think he would get a 3 or 4 but the rest of the league sees what I see an inconsistent injury prone QB so Foles will either be a jag or Redskin and probably retire in 2020

    1. NO that is not what they see numb nuts– please understand that if the eagles franchised him and traded him he would have cost either $18 or $25 Million– no team has the flexibility to do that- the teams in QB hell: Miami, Jax, Oakland, Wash all have huge money tied up in the position already– do research

      1. If Foles was on a reasonable contract…say 3 years $12 a year with $30 guarantee– he would have gotten a 2 at minimum— this came down to economics– that simple.

      2. Miami doesn’t Foles cause they’re trying to tank so their not giving up assets for an avg qb

        Oakland if they wanted Foles wouldn’t have picked up carrs option and let him become a fa

        Washington has no money plus I doubt Foles would even go there

        So that leaves the jags why would they bid against themselves makes no sense no one wanted an avg qb nothing to do with money and everything to do with talent he just isn’t worth giving up anything for

        I personally think Foles plays this yr and then retires after he fans out again he’s simply an avg qb and Howie blew it when he should’ve traded him last yr and got whatever for him

    2. Gloomy back in January you said to tag foles and trade to Jax for Fournette and a 5th…. I told u then they can’t franchise him… now you are saying they couldn’t trade him cuz he’s average… which is it?

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