Reports: Nick Foles To Sign With The Jacksonville Jaguars

It looks like its going to happen exactly like I suspected.  The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to sign former Eagles Super Bowl MVP quarterback Nick Foles to a multi-year contract.  According to, the Jags will sign Foles next week and release veteran quarterback Blake Bortles.

This deal makes sense because Jacksonville has a football team that’s ready to win right now.  They have an outstanding defense which had an off year in 2018, but still finished the season amongst the top five scoring and yardage given up defenses in the league.  They have veterans on the team, who are at the prime of their career and so this team wants a seasoned quarterback, who is ready to win right now.

The Jags offensive coordinator is John DeFilippo, who was the Eagles quarterback coach when Foles led them to the Super Bowl title. DeFilippo, who spent one year in Minnesota with the Vikings as their offensive coordinator before signing with Jacksonville, knows what Foles does best.  He should be able to put together game plans, which will allow the veteran quarterback to get the ball out of his hands.  We all know that Foles isn’t going to run away from anybody and create plays with his legs.  He performs best when he can drop back, read the defense and let the ball go.

Foles always talks about how he sees himself as a point guard in basketball, who is distributing the ball to the playmakers. The former University of Arizona signal caller has no problem taking the short throw, by tossing the football to running backs on check downs. He knows how to get into a rhythm early in the game by taking the check downs then as he starts to feel it, he will take shots downfield to the wide receivers for big plays.

Foles needs to have a solid running game along with quality wide receivers and tight ends to succeed.  He’s not the kind of quarterback, you can ask to throw the ball 50 times.  Jacksonville will need to improve their offensive line, get solid play from their running backs and receivers for Foles to succeed.  His offensive teammates don’t need to be spectacular, just dependable, which means they catch the football when it’s thrown to them and they avoid fumbles by tucking the ball away.

Nick has shown that he performs best in big games against the best competition.  We saw it on the Super Bowl LII and we saw it this past season, when Foles led the Eagles to a victory over a favored Chicago Bears team, that had what many believed was the best defense in the league.  Foles took the Eagles on a long touchdown drive in the last seconds.

Time is up for Bortles. He has struggled through his time with the Jags and he came so close to leading them to the Super Bowl LII, when Jacksonville had a ten-point lead on the New England Patriots in the fourth quarter.  The young quarterback contributed to blowing that lead and he had a horrible year in the 2018-19 campaign when the Jags fell to a 5-11 record.

So there you have it.  Nest week, Foles will become a Jacksonville Jaguar and who knows maybe he faces the Eagles in next season’s Super Bowl.

33 thoughts on “Reports: Nick Foles To Sign With The Jacksonville Jaguars

  1. Congrats Nick Foles, Play some Good Ball for the Jaguars!! The Eagles will have to settle for a Compensatory Draft Pick In Next Years Draft for losibg you but you’ve earned the right and opportunity to lead you’re own Team!!!
    This Played out exactly as I thought and stated, Foles had all the leverage once exercising his Buyout Option of $2 Million which many said he would never do!!
    It was a No-Brainer, He Pays $2 Million now to get a 2-3 Year $45-55 Million Deal from the Jaguars .. Who’s the Fool Now John Hart ?

    1. Paul you approached the Foles situation from an “eagles will do the right thing and let him walk”– when in actuality it was business- they weren’t being nice guys- it was an economic/business decision on all sides- They couldn’t tag him because there aren’t any teams right now that can afford him at that price- teams in QB hell: Oakland, Jax, Washington, Miami etc. all have significant dollars tied up in their middle of the road QB’s and cant afford a max guy- Foles will give Jax a chance. We of course will route for him.

      1. and because there was little to no Trade Market for him with their Cap Situation and the lack of $$$ available from the other Teams which I already brought up from the get go that the Giants were married to Eli for one more Year, Redskins have $$$ tied up with Alex Smith and that the Dolphins having $$$ tied to Tannehill so this was not a Good Year for Free-Agent QB’s..
        I’m glad he found a Team that he can lead and it’s also very important which nobody talks about, for Carson Wentz own Mindset that Nick Foles move on… So when you look at everything, Foles had to go, and what’s the best way to go about doing this when you have Zippo Trade Leverage, No Cap Space to Work with and a small QB Market, You shake his Hand, Thank him for his Service and Wish him Well which is what they did and should have done..

        Onto Free-Agency and the Draft…

        On a Side Note, the Happiest Athlete in Philadelphia about the Bryce Harper Signing has to be Carson Wentz who now will have less coverage, pressure when Summer Camp Starts as many in Philly will be more engaged by the Phillies and Bryce Harper until its real close to Football Season so Wentz should be able to fly a little under the radar during the Camp Season which is probably a good thing for him

  2. The chapter closes on Nick , and the Wentz, era opens to high expectations. The NFC east and another run for a ring are all laid out in front of the sixers, birds and phils. Not in a long while has the city dealt with such promise. Who will emerge as the team , that the city embraces with super stars , tracking their pursuits to bring noteriety to themselves and the city? Will Boston vs philly in hoops , nfl, and baseball , all pit the two cities against eachother?

    1. No More Excuses for Carson Wentz, The Golden Boy must come thru in 2019 or will face some serious kickback next Off-Season from the Fans/Media if he fails to Produce and Lead the Eagles to a legitimate Super Bowl Run.. The Eagles must get him some Weapons on both the Outside and in the Backfield to help him achieve Greatness, If Not, He will be just be an Above Average QB in the NFL leading an above Average Offense ..
      Eagles need some Fresh Legs on the Outside and Backfield and in the Return Game on Special Teams and really need to move on from Darren Sproles

      1. No more excuses??? Are you drinking again? Or off your anti-phsychotic meds? He was the leading MVP candidate 2 years ago, played fine last year after recovering… team had a major SB hangover, injuries and no secondary.

        1. Fraudman translation. I don’t know what I’m saying. I don’t know what I’m talking about. I don’t watch the eagles or listen to eagles media. So I’m gonna throw feces at the wall.

          Reality :

          There is no such thing as a legitimate or illegitimate super bowl run. There’s only super bowl run or no super bowl run.

          Also wentz has zero to worry about. His competition was just allowed to walk away for nothing which assures wentz will never go anywhere and will get an enormous extension soon whether he’s awesome or ass.


          Paul is a moron who should stick to the bum ass panthers and the qb there who can’t throw.


  3. If Wentz fails to stay Healthy for the Year 2019 or remain Healthy but fails to lead the Eagles to the Post Season, in a pretty weak NFC East Again, then He’s in serious Trouble in terms of being the Eagles “Franchise QB” !!

      1. Paul I would have thought that in your absence you would have learned to stop throwing dumb shit against the wall… many things impact a football season… and fan/media reaction isn’t one

        1. I’m not throwing shit up against the Wall, If Wentz Fails to Play an entire Season in 2019 due to Injury or He Fails to lead the Team to the Post-Season in 2019, then the Eagles got a major issue on their hands with thinking they have a “Franchise QB” who either can’t stay Healthy or can’t Win the Big Games when it counts and lead them to the Post-Season, and then you or mostly everyone expects the Eagles just to give him a $150 + Mllion Contract without him Winning anything significant yet ? We’ll see, But Wentz has to have a Big Year in 2019 or there are going to be a lot of Questions about him being the “Franchise QB” in my Opinion and I’m sure many others (Including those at NovaCare Ctr)

  4. Not true. Wentz is their guy…. only idiots question that… he was an MVP favorite and led them to home field and then of course we (and they) know the rest. Any fan or media that thinks differently is just stirring shit.

    1. Obviously Wentz is their Guy with the all the Draft Capitol that they have invested in him, All I’m says is that if Wentz gets injured again and of fails to lead the Team to the Post-Season in 2019 then this “Franchise Label” that everyone keeps referring to him as, needs to be seriously re-evaluated from both a Medical Side (if he has another Injury) or just from a Football Side (Execution, Coachability or Leadership) etc,etc
      He has not been in any Playoff Games or even Win/Die type ofGames at the end of the Season and Really, Going back to the MVP Caliber Season of 2017 means very little to me moving forward as Wentz and the Eagles flew under the Radar the first 10 Weeks of the 2017 Season , Remember that Cam Newton actually Won the League MVP in their Super Bowl season and what has he done since?

    1. I didn’t like the Trade for him last year, though he’s a Productive Player, He just doesn’t fit the Eagles Culture. He’s Due $7.2 Million for 2019 and $8 Million in 2020 Season so the Eagles will be fortunate to just give him away and to clear more Cap Space and may have to end up just releasing Releasing him.. Maybe they get a 6th Rounder or swap Picks in a Round to move up 10-15 Spaces with someone but that’s about it.. This is why the Eagles typically don’t go after these Diva,Selfish Type of Players as it rarely works out and you could put RB L Bell and WR A Brown in the same Category… Best Bet is to just stay away

      1. Leveon Bell is not a diva selfish player and neither is bennet. Bennet is just a scum human; you nailed brown though (1 out of 3 congrats)

        1. Bell is just as bad.. Drama Queen are both those Steelers (AB & LB)
          Good Move Trading Bennett to the Patriots — Probably got a 5th Round, Maybe a 6th Round
          or maybe a swap out in the some where the Eagles move up in a Round..
          Patriots have One 4th Round Draft Pick, No Picks in the 5th or 6th Rounds but have Three 7th Round Draft Picks

          1. No bell is a god damn warrior that wants to be paid fairly. He’s a blue collar guy and a man of principles. He gets an assignment and does it with the best of them. He’s an insane rb and unstoppable slot wr and the shit bag dirtball diva Steelers should’ve paid him fairly. Bell will be an eagle soon. He will be paid handsomely and ballthe fuck out

            He don’t cry about touches. He don’t throw anyone under the bus all he ever wanted and all he ever deserved was to be paid for his accomplishments. Let’s face backs are treated like empty milk cartons ( trash) once they hit 30. He gotta get his before his squad trashes him

            1. I did not think they would go after bell but I suddenly believe they are gonna make a run at him…. howie is clearing space like crazy…. nfc east already has two great backs and I think they want to join the club.

  5. Eagles Sign Free-Agent DT Malik Jackson to a 3 Year – $30 Million Deal and who has Cut by the Jaguars just 2 Weeks ago and became an instant Free-Agent free to sign with any Team and at any time .. (Just like Danny Amendola did with the Lions)
    Anyways – Jackson is 29 Years Old and had some strong Years with the Denver Broncos and then signed a 6 Year $90 Million Deal with the Jaguars in 2016 and only lasted 3 Seasons with them as he lost he’s Starting Job and Snaps midway thru last Season to Younger/Cheaper Players in Taven Bryan and Abry Jones..
    He’s a Solid Player when Focused and in Top Condition and could/should make a Nice Tandem with Fletcher Cox in the Middle of the Defense .. He’s only missed 2 Games in 7 NFL Seasons and has been very reliable and had 18 Sacks with the Jaguars since 2016 (6 Sacks per Year Average) and has 32 Sacks in his 7 Year Career..
    He did not live up to expectations during his Time with the Jaguars and now he will get a chance with a new Team.. ‘n not sure how much of his Contract is guaranteed but I’m sure if he fails to perform at a high level in 2019 that the Eagles can Cut him without too much penaltyy/dead $$ or at least I hope so..
    I’m Not Too crazy about this Move, but hopefully he comes in focused and ready to kick ass

  6. Eagles with about $15 Million Left under the Cap (Have to save some for the Rookie Draft Class Too)
    Add DT Malik Jackson and WR D-Jax as well as Extend/Signed own DE B Graham, OT Peters & QB Sudfeld
    Lost Foles, Hicks, letting Guard/Center Wisnewski walk.. expect that Golden Tate, Jay Ajayi will also be playing elsewhere

    Still Need a MLB, 1-2 RB’s, Experienced Back-up QB and a Back-up Center/Guard

    Have not heard much about CB Darby all week with other Teams so maybe the Eagles are going to Re-Sign
    and the Price will be high to retain him..
    I thought we would see something with WR N Agholor with either an Extension, Trade or Release as he will earn $9 Million + and is likely the 4th option in the Passing game behind Jeffrey,D-Jax,Ertz..

    Will see what happens as the NFC East appears to be 2 Man Team with the Eagles/Cowboys

    Teams that have made some nice Improvements — Buffalo Bills, NY Jets, GB Packers, Tennessee Titans , Arizona Cardinals and Oakland Raiders and the Cleveland Browns .. Teams with some Head Scratching Moves … NY Giants, Baltimore Ravens & KC Chiefs

  7. Howie very quietly having an awesome off season so far– the hand wringing fan base was worried about the cap– YAWN– two big additions, some restructuring of contracts– some guys walk- still some additions to be made- meanwhile NFC east consists of 2 trainwrecks in DC and NY, Dallas gets spurned by Thomas a bunch of “me” guys want to get paid– have a DE on his second year of franchise tag which is HUGE dollars– seems like howie can restructure guys– Dallas and many other teams haven’t figured it out! Meanwhile the Browns traded for the ultimate me first guy and will be bullied into renegotiating and way over paying….

    1. The Cowboys lost 2 DL with indefinite Suspensions in DE Randy Gregory and DT David Irving so their DL is a little thin again starting out as it’s been the last couple of Seasons for them

      A New First Time Head Coach for the Browns is going to have his Hands full with Huge Ego’s with the Young Players such as QB Baker Mayfield, Wr’s Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry & TE David Njoku ..

  8. What are Howies plans for running back? Seems like anyone who would help is gone. Don’t want to see Bird’s reach in draft. We have missed in past i.e. Pumphrey.

    1. I’m sure he’s got a plan… remember this offense ideally works with run being set up by pass…. their passing attack should be lethal…. remember Blount was on the scrap heap, low cost, Ajayi I think was gotten with a fourth… league year is only one day old… patience

  9. Oldfraudman said Landry and Njoku have huge egos not because they do or their actions show they do but because he’s a racist who went to Charlottesville in MAGA gear.

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