76ers Finally Beat The Celtics!!!

PHILADELPHIA, PA – MARCH 20: Joel Embiid #21 of the Philadelphia 76ers shoots the ball against the Boston Celtics on March 20, 2019 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2019 NBAE (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Sixers were desperate to get a win over the Boston Celtics last night and finally, finally they came out with the victory.  It’s been a long time since the Sixers beat the Boston Celtics, but last night they came through with the game on the line.

You’ve got to give all the credit to the starters.  The 76ers five starters were at their best in the fourth quarter with the game on the line.  The starting five were the key to the basketball game.  They were led by their best player Joel Embiid, who scored 37 points and grabbed 22 rebounds.  The big fella made 20 out of 21 free throws, which kept the Sixers in the game.  He was not alone as Jimmy Butler scored 22, Tobias Harris had 21, J.J. Riddick had 17 and Ben Simmons dropped in 13 with 7 assists.

For much of the game it looked like another Celtics win.   Boston had a 15 point lead in the first half with some outstanding shooting.  They had an 11 point lead at the end of the first half, so things looked bleak for Philadelphia.  Thankfully, the Sixers would not go away and you knew there was a chance of the Sixers winning the game because the Celtics couldn’t put them away despite the fact that they were shooting over 60%.   That level of shooting usually doesn’t continue for an entire game and the Celtics shooting went south a bit in the fourth quarter.   It was all the Sixers needed.   They pushed the slightly open the door wide open for Butler, who delivered the knockout blow.   He dropped a couple of threes in the last couple of minutes and that was just what the doctor ordered.  He came through in the clutch and that meant everybody was playing the role.

Embiid was dominating, Riddick made four threes in the game, Simmons did a nice job distributing the ball, Harris played a nice all around game and Jimmy Buckets came through with some big time jumpers with it all on the line.  So life is good right now for the Sixers.  They’ve got a three-game lead in the third slot in the Eastern Conference.   They still have got to stay healthy and they’re going to need their bench to step up during the playoffs.  We all know that you can’t mark to the Finals with only your starting five playing great basketball.  Let’s celebrate the win over the Celtics, but look ahead because this team has much more work to do.

41 thoughts on “76ers Finally Beat The Celtics!!!

  1. gmcliff says:
    May 19, 2014 at 10:23 pm
    JH, with all due respect, Joel Embiid, is nothing close to polished, nor is he anything close to Hakeem Olajuwon – He has years before he even develops into a consistent scorer – if he ever becomes a scorer, which I doubt….I don’t see it……

    I see a prospect who is going to be overdrafted based on presumptuous perceptions, that is destined to be a bust. I feel the same way about Aaron Gordon, and every rookie taken after Noah Vonleh…….

    1. Great prediction GM cliff…. your fake degree really paid off in your evaluation of Embiid.
      Sixers look good… their bench just isn’t strong enough

      1. It’s always something… everyones bench sucks except for bostons and maybe toronto… sixers shouldve gave up peanuts at the deadline for the ageless vince carter, that wouldve been nice. I guess Brand was hoping to get bench guys through the buyout process and struck out…

        but back to our bench – i aint mad at having bobo, tj, and ennis. would be nice to have 1 or 2 more guys like kanter or wes matthews

        rotation gonna be key with us.

      2. They sure did, especially hen I told you Gannis Antetoukoubpo was who tnhe player they should have drafted instead of Nerlens Noel, and Dennis Shroeder, instead of MCW – which you mocked me for……If going to state it state it all.

  2. Starting 5 is Great, but cone Playoff Time and especially in long series need sone Bench help.. Outside of Ennis , who can Score Points or create?

  3. Go Phillies on Opening Day.. Should be a Great Season with the Additions of Segura, JT Reamulto, McCutcheon and of course Harper and really like the Additions to the Bullpen with Robertson and Nicasio which should help sure up that back end with a healthy Neshek, Dominquez and Co… The Team Defense should be improved which was a disaster last Season so the Key will be the 3rd/4th/5th Starting Pitchers… Can they improve upon from last Year.. Can Pivetta,VElasquez and Eflin become more Consistent with their Starts… If so, the Phillies will contend all Season and be a Team to watch for during Post-Season . The NL East is loaded with the Braves,Nats, and even the Mets made some big improvements so it should be a Fun Baseball Season for Fans ..

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  5. 76ers won’t go far in the Playoffs as they can’t defend the Perimeter well enough, they struggle every time they face Teams with good Guard Play!!
    Toronto, Milwaukee , Boston will Defeat this Current Roster in 7 Game Series!!
    Where’s Jimmy Butler’s strong Defense that he was known for?

    1. why are you using exclamation points? are you excited for the sixers not being able to defend or beat those teams?

  6. This has been the same issue for the last few Seasons, they simply Defend the Ball very Poorly as a Team which becomes critical come Playoff Time .. I call it like I see it, whether they are the Home Town Team or Not .. Just Keeping it Real !! I see them out in the 2nd Round of the Playoffs

    1. Really ? You spoke to soon !!! 76ers can’t close Games, Ben Simmons is no Threat in the Half-Court Offense and when the pace slows down in the 4th Quarter of Close Games which will happen in most Playoff Games, He’s invisible… It’s like Playing 4 vs 5 out there … Ben Simmons is Overrated and not a Difference Maker..

      Bucks missing Brogdan and lose Guard Eric Bledsoe early to “ejection” and really had nothing to Play for as they pretty much have the Top Seed already locked up but Pride and still they whip the 76ers on there Home Floor with a 10 point advantage in the 4th Quarter ..The 76ers are not mentally tough enough to do any serious run in the Post-Season… The Process still has a ways to go, in my opinion..

  7. No i didn’t speak to soon i watch the games. And last nights game was meaningless. I watch all All sixers games unlike you who watches zero. They will murder bucks in a 7 game series. Bledsoe blows but if ejection is your excuse then our closer butler was out as was Ennis. Shit 3 g leaguers her mins for us.

    Ur opinion is feces at the wall. U don’t watch sixers. U don’t watch bucks. U don’t watch hoops. Now run along the miserable MAGA drunk that u are.

  8. I play Basketball instead you Chump!
    76ers are on quite a bit and I have seen many games but it’s the same Problem
    They can’t stop dribble penetration, Ben Simmons sucks in the half-court Offense and Coach Brown is not very good in the crunch time of Games.., Why do I have to watch every game to see the same shit?
    This Team is our in the 2nd Round this Year

  9. 76ers are a Joke, Coach Brown is Clueless!! This Team may not even make it to the 2nd Round!! Time for a New Coach as “The Process” is still a ways off!!

  10. No Heart, No Passion & Soft Team
    76ers Going Nowhere this Post-Season regardless if they Win this Series vs the Nets
    There’s No Mental Toughness in this Entire Organization…

    1. That’s a dumb statement that there is no mental toughness in the entire organization. There is no doubt that Embiid and Butler are mentally tough and Embiid is probably a top 5 player in the league so your comment is especially dumb.

      However Ben is as soft as they come and Toby appears soft too. Ben Simmons is a major problem and I don’t think any team he is on can win long term as he is an offensive cripple and when he is out there you’re essentially playing with 4 people. Simmons stinks and it is clear as day he refuses to put in the work to take his game to the next level. If he didn’t work on a jumper after his embarrassing performance against Boston last year I am not sure if he ever will. And now Ben talking shit to the fans! Fuck outta here you scrub.

      Regarding Brett yea he’s done. He hasn’t figured out how to use Butler and Toby at all. And when your GM goes out and gets you a Butler and Toby and your team doesn’t improve at all the coach is gonna take the heat. Brett lost me last year when Ben was off the court and TJ was on and TJ McConnell was owning the Celtics while Simmons was getting owned. And Brett refused to sit his “star” and make the right call that gave us the best shot at winning (TJ over Ben).

      All in all Simmons stinks, you cant win with him and he’s gonna get Brett fired.

  11. Coach Brown has Coddled his “Stars” from Day 1 which is why there’s no Team Accountability and Mental Toughness!!

    1. The nba is a stars league… all stars are coddled… it’s the way it is… one of the many reasons the NBA sucks. Look at the mess in LA awful and the coach gets axed.
      Hey Ben your feelings hurt by a few boos.? I have an idea, this summer instead of being on instagram with that dumb girlfriend… take 1000 jumpers a day…

      1. No mess in LA. Lebron quit basketball and went to one of the worst teams out there and got what he deserved.

        Back to reality bEn is crippled and chooses Jenner’s over jumpers #100

        1. Well bringing in the highest profile player on the planet who as you say quit basketball would be considered a huge MESS of the diarrhea variety!

          1. It is fact he quit; he chose to go to a loser team with no talent as opposed to the rockets, sixers, shoot even staying with the cavs. But nope he chose to go out west and get clobbered by the rockets and warriors; he chose them not to win titles but quality of life and pursuing non basketball things. so yea he quit cementing his legacy as one of the biggest jackwagons in NBA history.

              1. Suck it looser ass bandwagon hoppers and droppers. The fresh prince put on a show ! #heretheycome!

  12. Jon “convict” Hart,
    ok– one game AT HOME against the lowly Nets– seems to me you are the bandwagon hopper– you were crickets when he stunk up the joint — crickets when the team played the most listless, uninspired awful game- do you believe that Simmons has committed to becoming a top 5 player? do you not watch teams sag off him so the sixers play 4 on 5 in the half court?

  13. A Good Bounce Back Win last night , but as I stated before the Post-Season Started, the 76ers are 1 and Done after this First Series.. and this Series vs the Nets still has a long ways a go.. Embiid will not have the strength/conditioning to last thru a 2nd Round Series versus a Quality opponent and especially if this Series has to go to 7 FGames .. His Tendinitis with his Knee is always going to be there and it’s only going to get worse as he ages.. It’s a shame but Embiids best and most consistent Playing days maybe already be behind him..

    1. so according to paulman embiid can no longer be effective playing 3 games a week like he did all season once it gets to the second round and at age 25 he has already passed his prime and is going into decline the moment the second round starts

  14. Feces- obviously Fraudman plays both sides, over simplifies and generally speaks from the anus– that said there has to be legitimate concern with Embiid and his ability to stay healthy- he as demonstrated all the ABILITIES EXCEPT AVAILABILITY…

    1. I’m no more or less concerned with him then wentz or Harper or any other superstar. He’s the best at his position a top 5 player in the league and is our entire team.

      To say he’s passed his prime and damaged goods is retarded unless you have a time machine

      1. He has missed an awful lot of time… big man and foot issues etc…
        Fraudman always plays both sides and then announces the dramatic…he’s a bit like an 8th grade girl in that way

  15. ***MORON ALERT***

    “ Ben Simmons is no Threat in the Half-Court Offense and when the pace slows down in the 4th Quarter of Close Games which will happen in most Playoff Games, He’s invisible… It’s like Playing 4 vs 5 out there … Ben Simmons is Overrated and not a Difference Maker..”


  16. Congrats to Ben Simmons and the 76ers for a Big Win last Night over the Nets, That’s probably the Best that Ben Simmons has ever Played as a NBA Pro , Good For him and Good for the Team for him to assert himself into the Offense.. Now lets see more of this from Simmons and the Team as the Playoffs move along …

  17. What A Game!! Heads up Play by Embiid and Mike Scott for getting open for Pass/Shot
    Can the 76ers get a Stop here !!!

  18. Embiid looked super inconsistent , out of shape and looks like his best days are behind him. Eh? What a duckin idiot

  19. 76ers still lose in the 2nd Round to the Raptors in 5 Games, maybe 6 at best.
    Nets have no True Center or Size who can Defend Embiid, the Raptors Defense is on a way higher level and will be a much different story starting Next Week for the 76ers Offense.. Hope they Play well but the Process has a ways to go!!

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