Eagles Are Likely To Draft A Lineman In The First Round

For the last couple of decades, the Eagles have had a philosophy of building their teams by starting upfront with their offensive and defensive lines.  Yes, they believe in having a franchise quarterback.  Reid had Donovan McNabb, whom they drafted with the second pick in the first round and Doug Pederson has Carson Wentz, whom they also, drafted with the second pick in the first round.

I expect the Eagles to focus on their offensive and defensive lines early in this upcoming draft. Fortunately for the Birds, this draft is stocked with talented defensive linemen and the Birds could use additional talent on the front line of their defense.

Despite having All-Pro defensive tackle Fletcher Cox and Pro Bowl defensive tackle Malik Jackson to pressure quarterbacks up the middle, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Birds draft a defensive tackle with their first pick because this year’s draft harvest is so rich at this position.

Alabama’s Quinnen Williams will be gone when the Eagles pick, but there’s a chance   Houston’s Ed Oliver, Clemson’s Christian Wilkins, Mississippi State’s Jeffrey Simmons or Clemson’s Dexter Lawrence will be available.

Wilkins is an exceptional athlete at 6’3” 312 pounds.   He stands out with his combination of size, speed (5.04 in the 40 at the NFL Combine, and agility.   He put constant pressure on opposing quarterbacks while in college, by beating his man and caving in the pocket.  He has an uncanny ability to split double-teams and make plays.  His quickness and athleticism is going to be too much for most NFL guards and centers.  Wilkins has shown leadership ability and outstanding character.  He would be a great fit into the Eagles team first culture.  He’s not expected to be on the draft board very long, so the Eagles chances of drafting him are slim.

Oliver is a human wrecking ball because he’s so quick off the ball and extremely explosive.  He belongs in a 4/3 defense, where he can use his speed and quickness to get penetration in the backfield.  There are questions marks about Oliver’s size and weight but teams are excited when they hear comparisons to Hall of Famer John Randle and the NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Aaron Donald of the Rams.  Like Randle and Donald, Oliver is undersized at 6’1”, 287 pounds, but his speed, quickness, explosiveness and passion make up for it.  Oliver’s speed has allowed him to beat double and triple teams in college.  He might be late in the first round for the Birds.

Lawrence is a massive human being standing 6’4” and weighing 342 pounds, but he also has the speed and quickness of a much smaller player.   The big defensive tackle has shown the ability to cave in the pocket, when playing over the center or he can move to the three-technique position over the guard and get into the backfield.  He has the ability to stun offensive linemen with his hands, then go around them.

His potential is astonishing because of the combination of size, speed and athleticism. At 340 he ran a 5.05 in the forty-yard dash. Lawrence needs to turn up his motor, but I could see him jumping into the rotation behind Cox and Jackson, and becoming a monster in a couple of years.

Simmons is the wild card in this group.  He stands 6’4” and weighs 301 pounds.  He has been a dominator in the SEC throughout his years in college.  He has the size, power and explosiveness to be a first round pick, but he tore his ACL this past season.  Chances are that he won’t be ready for part of the upcoming season, plus he wasn’t invited to the NFL Combine because he was video taped and convicted of punching a woman in an altercation in 2016.   Most draft experts expect him to slide to late in the first round or into the second round of this year’s draft.

If the Birds don’t select a defensive tackle in the first round, then I’m sure their first round pick will be a left tackle, who will be expected to replace Jason Peters in 2020.  Washington State’s Andre Dillard could be just what the doctor ordered for the Birds, if they don’t feel comfortable about handing Peters left tackle position to Halapoulivaati Vaitai or Jordan Mailata, next season.  Dillard stands 6’4” and he weighs 315 pounds.   He has quick feet and quick hands and exhibits outstanding technique, when it comes to pass blocking.  He isn’t a dominating run blocker yet, but has the potential to develop.  Dillard is definitely ready to handle the NFL’s speedy pass rushers.

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  1. Eagles 2019 Mock #7

    Eagles Shock the NFL and make a Draft Day Trade with the Dolphins for at #13 Overall Pick of the 2019 NFL Draft sending the Dolphins #25, #57 & CB Jalen Mills and Select QB Daniel Jones out of Duke to learn and groom behind Wentz/Sudfeld.. Do Note that Nate Sudfeld is only signed thru 2019 Season and will likely test the Free-Agency Market Next Season so Daniel Jones would be a Great Pick to offer some insurance in case Wentz continues to have injuries. Since Jones would be a 1st Round Pick, the Eagles can control his Contract for the next 5 Years and if Wentz stays Healthy as everyone hopes, then the Eagles could Trade Jones down the road like the NE Patriots have done with Matt Cassell, Jacoby Brissett and Jimmy Garrapolo in recent Years .. From Owner Jeff Luries to GM Howie to Coach Pederson, they are not going to let the QB Room get small and will always have 3 QB’s in their mix.. No one outside the Lurie, the Front Office and Doctors really know how severe Wentz Back Injury really is.. What we all do know is that Wetnz has had 4-5 Surgeries now on his Knees,Shoulder and Back and his Body is not very likely to hold up for another 8-10 Years so the Plan to get a young QB in to groom in the case of more injuries is right now !!! Another added Bonus of Selecting QB Jones at #13 is that the Eagles would prevent the Redskins/Giants from Selecting him later in the 1st Round ..

    1. Hey Paul,

      Always enjoy your pushing the envelop. I don’t think they’ll do all that for Daniel Jones, but I like him.

      But I as thinking draft a few QB’s, in the mold of the old Green Bay QB pipeline
      I like :
      1. Clayton Thornson – Northwestern
      2. Tyree Jackson – Buffalo
      3. Jacob Dolegala – Central Connecticut State

    2. Just read this… so the eagles spend 25,57, a player to get to 13…. wait a couple of years to trade him… the QBs you mentioned brought back second rounders at best…. last years number 10 pick MIGHT get a second rounder tonight… you wonder why people think you are retarded… wonder no more

  2. I would like to see them use future #1’s, and Sidney Jones if possible to move up in the draft, and still if possible hold on to their pick at #25, and take that pick and move down throughout the draft.

    1a. Josh Allen – Kentucky – OLB
    b. Ed Oliver – Houston – DT/DE

    2a. Jonathan Abram – Mississippi St – SS
    b. Chris Lindstrom – Boston College – OG/C
    c. Darnell Savage – Maryland – FS
    d. Tytus Howard – Alabama St – OT

    3a. Germaine Pratt – NC State – ILB
    3b. Justice Hill – Oklahoma St – RB
    3c. Vosean Joseph – Florida – OLB

    4a, Tristen Hill – Central Florida – DT
    4b. Tyree Jackson/ Clayton Thornson
    4c. Joe Jackson – Miami – DE
    4d, BJ Autry – Jacksonville St – OG

    5a. Oli Udoh – Elon College – OG/OT
    5b. Bryce Love – Stanford – RB
    5c. Byron Cowart – Maryland – DE

    6a. Khalil Hodge – Buffalo – ILB/OLB
    6b. Jacob Dolegala – Central Connecticut St – QB

  3. Moving up without giving up their own #25 is less likely to occur than my deal listed up above.. What Team is going to forfeit a 1st Round Pick all Together in this 2019 Draft?
    Sidney Jones is completely unproven and is not going to have much Value until he stays healthy and shows that he can even play at the NFL and with his minimal sample size in 2 Years with the Eagles it’s not even a given he sees the field much in 2019 unless he has a kick ass Summer

    3 Teams looking to Trade Back
    #8 – Detroit Lions (GM and HC are from the Pats who love to Trade Back and they want to acquire more Picks to fill the many holes for their Defense)
    #13 – Miami Dolphins (have a complete Rebuild going on and would love to acquire more Picks)
    #21 – Seattle Seahawks (only have 4 Picks Total this Draft so they will likely Trade Back Twice to acquire more Picks and are attempting to Trade DE Frank Clark for Draft Picks as well)

    Eagles have made recent Trades with all these Teams in recent years and I expect that Howie Roseman will be talking to them on Draft Day if not sooner

    If Players like DT Ed Oliver, DE Montaze Sweat or LB Devin White start to Fall out of their projected Top 10, then a Deal with Dolphins could very much be in Play

    I do like a lot of the same Players you listed up above

    Safety Juan Thornhill or Taylor Rapp would be my preference in the 2nd Round
    LB’s Pratt, Joseph, or Tre Lamar or Mack Wilson
    RB’s David Montgomery or Darnell Henderson of Memphis
    OL Lindstrom, Eljton Jenkins , Erick McCoy, David Edwards , Dalton Risner or Nate Davis of UNCC
    QB Ryan Finley, J Stidman or Tyree Jackson
    WR Isabella, Harmon, Johnson,

    1. Good to hear from you old friend,
      If I couldn’t do a deal giving up 2 first round picks, Sidney Jones, and a Brandon Graham Paul, then I wouldn’t be opposed to moving down throughout the draft, because many expected 1st rounders could realistically fall to the 2nd Round like :

      Dexter Lawrence, Jeffrey Simmons, Devin Bush, Jonathan Abrahm, Cody Ford, etc……..all COULD!! COULD….Fall to the 2nd for a variety of reasons, and the Eagles could still without trading completely out of the 1st round still be able to draft one of them if the draft were to fall their way.

      Then you’ve already mentioned the value still available in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds. So the Birds would have a nice crop to choose from. There are always potential All Pros in those rounds.

      Im all for them trading down Paul….Good hearing from you man.

      1. Same to You Cliff
        I wouldn’t mind the Eagles Trading down at all, I think a deal with the Oatiots could happen, send them #25 for their #32 and #64 Picks and toss in CB Jalen Mills
        Then Eagles would have #32,#53,#57 & #64
        And could see 4 Contributors and eventual Starters in 2 Years Tine

        Happy Easter!

        1. Is it???…..So lets hear HAC’s take on hat the Eagles should be looking for in the draft, instead OF HIS USUAL petty criticism of reasonable minds….

          Usually you have nothing to state of your own opinion I cant remember the last time Ive ever seen a logical expectation of the Eagles, Sixers, etc….from HAVEASEAT……LETS HEAR IT FELLA..

          1. 1…. you mentioned trading Graham. Dummy they just signed him.
            2. Since scouts, coaches etc spend hundreds of hours watching tape, interviewing players and investigating every aspect of their life I unlike you you dimwits don’t watch the Sr bowl and pretend to know which guy is best.
            3. The eagles will take BPA at the 4-5 positions they value most. Secondary, line (o or d), WR

            1. I rest my case, you can criticize, and scream dummy all you want. It is obvious your so called knowledge is limited at best…….so why not just be quiet, and stop acting like your some expert on this blog; because youre not.

              You don’t have to watch a bunch of film to see talent = If you have an eye for talent, That aside. Its just fun to project. If you don’t have better insight, then you have no platform to speak.

              I would have never signed Brandon Graham in the first place. Outside of causing the fumble of Tom Brady to help in the Super Bowl…..HE HAS DONE NOTHING !!!!……Sign, and trades have been done before; Nothing stupid about trading a player so overrated by fans, and some media

              1. Well your post kind of contradicts itself … I agree if predicting players as a goofy fun blog activity is what you want to do… it’s great but under no uncertain terms should you try to pass it off as you actually knowing the first thing about talent and these players specifically…your fake degree doesn’t qualify you

              2. Last response to your non sense. My degrees are totally legit – if you don’t believe? – so what

                I am qualified to speak on this subject – unlike you – like it or not believe it or not – as far as you are concerned, – I give less than a darn; that’s your problem

                I won my lawsuit, and got more money than your worth….again don’t believe??……Who cares

                I don’t live in an apartment, and haven’t since I got out of high school. – Where are you getting this crap from????….LOL!!!



                Believe it or not…..That’s your problem, but you, from here on out need to shut your mouth about what others write on this blog, because you are obviously limited to trolling other thinking your smarter than everyone else on this blog is, when YOU’RE NOT……YOU CAN DISAGREE, I GIVE LESS THAN A DARN – BUT PLEASE BELIEVE IT….Time to talk sports

            2. Those same scouts, Directors, etc….watch thousands of hours of film, and still draft duds, and don’t get it right….FYI,,

              There is no exact science to drafting, and no one is 100% correct in the process….FYI…DUMMY!!!

              1. Gm dummy– Of course they get some wrong– you chose 19 players that I assume you read about somewhere or seen briefly on TV, heard some talking head talk about…of course some will pan out some wont— but you have 19 chances– phony chances (like your degree)–
                If you want to talk draft sure but don’t pretend you know talent nor should you know talent your an unemployed guy living in a row home in Wilmington- unemployed with nothing to do…
                you are the guy that wanted to trade Kelce and Graham for picks-years ago- guys that contributed big time to to a SB victory.

              2. There is nothing phony about my education. That has always been your hang up. If youre still bothered by that then that’s your problem. Like it or not, I am very much educated than you, and most are on this subject…

                My point to you is if you want to criticize, by all means, but at least bring something to the table better to chew on or just shut up…..

              3. OH, and FYI, I don’t live in a row home. …What are you talking about?……My Father does though….

                And I am not unemployed. I have been retired for years now….Please get your facts straight.

                And I know what I have, and cant be told by anyone else otherwise.

              4. Kelce is declining, and any smart evaluator, can see that, and Brandon Graham outside of one play in his career has been nothing but average, and nothing special.…….Nice guy though. I met him at the Auitism event with my son…….but Brotha gotta go…….too mediocre

              5. dummy- you have a mail order parks and rec degree–your school never offered the degree you claim to have- You were fired from Chase and lost a BS lawsuit– your retirement is some bogus disability–
                you and paul have mentioned at least 50 players who you think have talent– that is hilarious– you even go on to mention that you recently saw highlights of some player and really now think he has talent– its all bull shit thinking you are talent scouts–
                all of your posts should say “I like the highlights I saw of this player”– that isn’t talent evaluation– that is being a fan and saying “hey I saw this guy, maybe he can help the eagles”– don’t pretend to be a talent evaluator– you are a guy who likes sports and likes to pretend you are part of the game…
                Oh and BTW– a row home would be a step up for you… YIKES! WHAT A NEIGHBORHOOD

              6. of course Kelce is declining all players start to decline after they hit their apex– he will be replaced– you of course wanted him gone 4 years ago…

              7. LOL!! you back to that nonsense again?

                Okay you keep imagining that, You can believe what you choose…..doesn’t matter to me. Youre still swimming in fiction. I never worked for Chase, and I didn’t lose any lawsuit either. I was paid royally – thank you very much, and retirement means pensions, 3 pensions for me, and yes I get social security, and SSI for my kids.

                BTW, again I dont live in a row home – My father does. His neighborhood isn’t bad at all……My neighborhood is great!!….lol…you keep reaching though.

                All of which is irrelevant to getting your superior opinion on this subject , of the draft which you keep avoid doing…….and the reasons are obvious…..Just shut up HAC, if this discussion is over your head – and spare us your uneducated sarcasm.

              8. LOL!!……Four years ago I didn’t want to trade Kelce, Paul did…..Again, your facts need to be straight

                I didn’t agree with him then, but I do now.

                Graham, and Kelce played on the Superbowl team, but I don’t doubt for a second that we would have won without them as well. If you think so, I have to respect that, but in my mind its debatable, and agree to disagree.

              9. LOL!!! I live in a great neighborhood, and I haven’t lived in an apartment since I got out of high school……What are you talking about?

                You cant get your facts straight, because your source information is all wrong.

                Stick to the blog subject, and talk about something you have some real insight on fella. You’re a joke, so spare me……HAVEASEAT

  4. I definitely want either Dexter Lawrence , Jerry Tillery or Guard/Tackle Cody Ford with our first pick
    Second Picks: G/C Elgton Jenkins and RB Darrell Henderson
    Round Four: WR Mecole Hardman and DE Charles Menihu or DE Oshane Menihu
    Fifth Round: Safety: Sheldrick Redwine
    Sixth Round: WR Preston Williams

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  6. Eagles Mock Draft (Version #8) – No Trades Up or Down (Just Selections made at where they are currently)

    Rd 1 (#25) – DT Jerry Tillery (Notre Dame 6-6 300lbs) Or OL Chris Linsdtrom (Boston College 6-4 307lbs)
    Rd 2 (#53) – Safety Juan Thornhill (Virgina 6-0 205lbs) Or DE Jaylon Ferguson (La Tech 6-5 259lbs)
    Rd 2 (#57) – RB Darrell Henderson (Memphis 5-9 208lbs) Or WR Paris Campbell (Ohio State 6-0 205lbs) )
    Rd 4 (#127) – OL Nate Davis (UNC-Charlotte 6-3 316lbs) Or Safety Marquise Blair (Utah State 6-1 200lbs)
    Rd 4 (#138) – QB Tyree Jackson (Buffalo 6-7 245lbs) Or QB Jarrett Stidman (Auburn 6-2 220lbs)
    Rd 5 (#163) – WR Dillon Mitchell (Oregon 6-0 200lbs) Or DT Greg Gaines (Washington 6-1 315lbs)
    Rd 6 (#197) – LB Khalil Hodge (Buffalo 6-1 235lbs Or RB Travis Horn (Miami 5-10 205lbs)

    1. Paul, I just saw some highlights of Darell Henderson – NICE – He is also a better receiver out of the backfield, and blocker than Justice Hill. I have focused on the Eagles getting BOTH, He, and Miles Sanders at RB in the draft.

      Which is why I am so for trading down. The latest is that the Eagles absolutely have their eye on Jefferey Simmons, in the late 1st , or early 2nd…..

      They could really maximize their depth, and future, by trading down, and still getting elite talent.

  7. I really like the potential of Tyree Jackson, but my 1st choice for a QB, would be
    Clayton Thornson of Northwestern. He is more superior in accuracy, and a stronger arm.

    Jackson is bigger, and a better athlete, but needs serious coaching.

  8. Tyree Jackson can really turn out to be a nice QB down the road, He’s Big, Athletic, with Leadership Intangibles.. He could really turn out to be a nice Back-Up for Wentz down the Road

    I hope the Eagles Can Trade Down/Up to get another Selection or two in that #40-#100 Range

    I couple of CB’s I like in the 2nd to 4th Round

    Sean Bunting – Central Michigan (6-0 195lbs)
    Joejuan Williams – Vandy (6-3 211 lbs)
    Lonnie Johnson -,Kentucky (6-2 213lbs)
    David Long – Michigan (5-11 196lbs)
    Isiah Johnson – Houston (6-2 208lbs)

    Some Late Round CB’s
    Blace Brown – Troy (6-0 195lbs)
    Jordan Brown – South Dakota St (6-0 291lbs)
    Bless Ian Austin – Rutgers (6-1 200lbs)


    1. My choice Paul in your list there would be Isaiah Johnson.

      He would be making some adjustments in his learning curve for the NFL, because he is a former WR, for Houston. He has only paid really one year as CB. His combine performance, and his measurables will cause some teams to overreact, and reach, but he does need to play special teams, and acclimate himself to the CB position, to be effective on his NFL team.

      But that would be my guy, but this is a year that CB, is not reallyl a priority at all.

  9. Fraudman — on this one thread you have mentioned 39 DIFFERENT players– claiming to “like them” on another thread you said you watch a lot of college football– well to “like” 39 players and to study them the way you say… i call BULL SHIT

    1. iN ANOTHER thread you mocked another 23– not counting repeats– thats over 60 players you claim to have enough knowledge about to draft– again– anyone can go to a site and start picking names projected to land at a certain point in the draft–

      1. There’s 500 Players eligible in this Draft and Yes I like multiple Players at just about every position so yes, that will end up being many Players who I think that can help the Eagles . Just because you admittedly don’t follow College Football much and have little interest and knowledge of the College Game and it’s Players doesn’t mean that other Football Fans don’t … College Football is the Lifeblood for the NFL, so many of us passionate Fans Enjoy following these Players and like to speculate on what Teams will do in the Draft,etc,etc.. It’s a Fun time of Year for Football Fans..

        1. Sooooo what you are saying is that by watching college football you have direct knowledge to all 60 of these players? you said in a previous post that by watching games you can assess these players- judge their potential, determine their heart and drive, decipher their fundamentals and determine they would help the eagles? Son you are in the wrong business…

  10. Nope, I’m saying that by Following the Sport of College Football and many of the Teams/Players for 30 + Years, that I can make some pretty good educational guesses and Selections based on Skills, Scheme Fits, Fundamentals, Players Motor and Drive, Preparation & Maturity from what you see over the Years.. Just like evaluating Players that are in Free-Agency, It’s not Rocket Science HAC, it’s Football for crying out loud .. Just because you can’t name 10 Players in College Football doesn’t mean that other Eagle Fans/NFL are clueless about the Players and Talent Levels in today’s College Football and how some of these Players could help the Eagles.. Good Grief !!

    1. 30 years means nothing– absolutely NOTHING- you are getting their names off a list somewhere- you cannot watch that many players specifically to determine their draft stature– its impossible. I’m sure watching the 2 “Brown’s” CB’s — watching south dakota state and troy state– you focused in on those two– absolute BS– 30 years of college football- who cares those boys weren’t born 30 years ago.

  11. I’ve been Mocking Drafts for 30 + Years HAC, and with some pretty good success too, Again, just because you know very little about College Football, It’s Players,Coaches, etc,etc doesn’t mean everyone else does is too.. It’s an acquired skill and does take some time, You should Change Your Name to “Have No Clue” , because the Draft/Draft Board Process is something that you don’t follow or understand on know who most of the participants are..

  12. So… from a watching a few minutes of a game on ESPN… you assessed, “skills, scheme fit, fundamentals, drive and motivation.PREPARATION and MATURITY” on over 60 players… you kept a log on each position and made notes to all of these attributes for these guys… well it would stand to reason that while watching these guys you were taking notes on all the other guys who didn’t possess these attributes?… you have notes in thousands of players because you can’t pick your list of 60 without watching their teammates and their competitors ….. funny thing is when I went on NFL draft website I came up with the same names you did… they were given scores as to how probable they were to be: all pro, pro bowl, starters etc….

  13. Bottom Line, What I’m saying is that your Opinion means absolutely squat for you don’t follow the Game or know much about most of it’s Players and Coaches .. So why you even chirp in on a Draft Process that you have little interest or knowledge about is asinine to begin with..This is the biggest reason why most on here think your an Asshole and they would be correct.. You add very little to nothing to the sometimes fun and informative conversation about Various Mock Drafts or Trade Up/Back Scenarios and just the Overall Draft Process itself.. .. Just like you don’t much about Free-Agency or really any Players that are not on the Eagles, I’m not even sure you much of anything about the Eagles Players except what you read about on their Web-Site or listen to Dave Spadaro.. You’re getting like Donovan McNabb where you have that “passive-aggressive” personality when talking about the Eagles , but you don’t know shit about any of the Players and how they got there … It’s Kind of Funny in a way… I’m going to refer to you as “Have a Mac” from Now On…

  14. Did you just say it’s an acquired SKILL? Do you really think you have skill? Skill outside of reading a website.. it’s Hilarious … pretty good success? You pick 100 players per year… based on nfl draft dot com

  15. Ok…I’m gonna get into the spirit and pick 7 rounds of eagles pics that I’ve researched, I paid particular attention to; skill, preparation and maturity, fundamentals and scheme fit:
    Rd 1- Adderly S Delaware or Jerry Tillery
    Rd 2- AJ Brown WR Miss st or Lindstrom, G BC
    Rd 2- L. Johnson CB Kentucky or joejuan Williams CB candy
    Rd 3- Miles Boykin WR Norte Dame or C. Miller OLB Alabama
    Rd 4 Rod Anderson RB Oklahoma or G Gaines DT Washington
    Rd 4. Khalen Sanders DT west Illinois or Ben powers G Oklahoma
    Rd 5 Bo benzschwal OL Wisconsin or d. Staley OL s. Carolina
    Rd 6 Gary Johnson LB Texas or Porter Guston LB USC
    Rd 7- Alex Wesley WR N. Colorado or Miles Gaston RB Washington
    It was tough to get a read on K Sanders because even with my TV package W. Illinois is t on much… same said for A Wesley from N Colorado… those directional schools don’t get much air time

  16. BTW I’m all for mocks and player discussion… I just correctly point out that your evaluation is from reading about players on the internet…which is FINE and fun… but do t for a minute pretend you know of what you speak

  17. My FINAL mock:
    Rd 1- J. Simmons DL, Miss state
    Rd2- miles Sanders RB Penn State
    Rd 2- D Walker LB Georgia
    Rd 3 I. Johnson CBHouston
    Rd 4- D Tranquil LB Norte Dame
    Rd 4- D. Samia G Oklahoma
    Rd 5-H. Froholdt C Arkansas
    Rd 6- H Renfro WR Clemson
    Rd 7- T Roemer OT SD state

      1. I traded Jason Kelce for a 3 and 7…. I don’t like winning so trading a good player for picks works for me

  18. Today is the Super Bowl for guys who sit on their couch reading draft sites, watching NFL channel getting “insight” into the next generation of great players or flops–
    Congrats to the NFL– they’ve have marketed their game to a 24/7-365 event– selling doritos, beer and shitty delivery pizza (dominos and papa john) to all the fat, couch sitting wanna be GMs– I was sitting in a sports restaurant/bar last saturday for lunch and NFL network was replaying hte 2012 NFL draft– sad part is people watched-
    To all you draft nerds enjoy tonight, have your ‘scouting’ reports ready to judge, criticize or laud each pick– tell us how they do/don’t fit this scheme (like you know)–
    Remember each position is a position of need- eagles value line, secondary and receivers

  19. His degrees are real yet mhenski emailed the one school and posted their reply that the degree he claimed DID NOT EXIST

    He told everyone here he was dying and then admitted he lied

    He told everyone here he had a job with the Rams and then admitted he lied

    He told everyone here Howie Roseman reached out to him and offered him a job HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    He told everyone his son was Jaylen Brown and mhenski reached out to Jaylens best friend on social media asking if it was true and his best friend said hell no and mhenski copied and pasted their conversation.


    1. Only thing you forgot to mention Mhenski is that you lied about speaking to anyone associated with my son, or my son……He is my son, and you cant change that no matter how much you try to lie……..and you, and I both know you’re lying fella – nice try

      …..or any degree I’ve already earned…….stop hating. Im smarter. and more talented than you Mhenski – get over it

      The Eagles did reach out to me for a position……so what??….are you jealous they didn’t call you??

      No need to continue to engage you in pointless accusations……..My family, and education, are what they are. You must be consulting Haveaseats unreliable sources I guess.

      I’ll only be discussing sports on this blog, while you, and you many personalities troll to your hearts desire. – while nothing in reality will change, and you still not have a clue,

  20. New Eagles Mock with Eagles Signing DT Tim Jernagin today

    Eagles at #25 – Select C/Guard Garrett Bradbury or Guard/Tackle Cody Ford or C/G Erick McCoy

    1. Today’s signing does NOT impact their draft strategy one iota! Anyone who thinks it does is just throwing turds against the wall….

      1. Fraudman has now said that signing a RB near end of rookie deal has taken care of their RB NEED and signing an injury prone, nobody else wanted DT has taken care of the Dline NEED…. once again demonstrating zero knowledge in building a 53 man team

        1. I like Eagles to take a RB in the 2nd or 4th Round
          Darrell Henderson of Memphis is my Pick, Miles Sanders or Damien Harris will also be on the radar
          A DT in the Mid-Rounds not that they have 3 experienced, quality DT’s on their Roster and 2 of which on long Deals sonthe need for an early DT is simply not there for them with their first 3 Picks
          Interior OL/LB/Safety move up the “Need List” for the Eagles for early in the Draft

          1. Paul, I think they have to move up, and get Cody Ford in the 2nd.

            With all the defensive line changes made by the Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins have made in the draft, and free agency, they must reinforce the talent on the offensive line.

  21. Signing Jernagin absolutely changes their Plan, they had him on the back burner for a while now and probably felt the Top ones that they really like will not be there or don’t want to Trade Additional Draft Capitol to get one so Sign the familiar, productive Jernagin and fortify another Position if Need like OL,LB & DB

    1. Nope… they don’t draft for need…. watching howie and Doug… they want layers of good players…they don’t look at NEED dummy…they will draft the BPA at positions they value….

  22. Howie “looking back, every draft mistake we ever made was when we tried to fill a perceived need when there was clearly a better player on the board “… that said They may see a OL, WR or secondary as BPA…
    your dummy argument of two long term DTs is stupid for the following… a rook will be on a rook contract… if he’s good FC will be getting fazed out at the end of it

  23. Paul do you really think they go into the draft (particularly at top rounds) with one eye on the depth chart? That is a recipe to land in the unemployment line

    1. Multiple Positions on the Board for the Eagles War Room
      DT Position is now solidified so Eagles will go elsewhere
      Probably a versatile OL who can Play C/G as I mentioned before
      Perhaps a LB or even a CB/Safety

      1. That is not true…. Jernigans didn’t change their strategy one bit… and if it did they will go back to mediocrity very quickly… a low level signing on the DL doesn’t alter draft thinking….
        Jernigans “solidified” the line? I thought you were a player evaluator? I guess not… wow

      2. I gotta disagree with you Paul,

        Jernigan was only signed for 1 year, so drafting one would be to their advantage being proactive about the positions future.

      1. If one of the Iowa TE falls….hmmmm
        I think a couple of QB Reaches for NEED get over drafted (GMs and coaches to the unemployment line, never draft for need)…. the QB run let’s OL fall… eagles go OL

  24. Here we go , I see two Trades in the Top 5
    1) Raiders – QB K Murray
    2) 49ers – DE Bosa
    3) Redskins – QB D Haskins
    4) Arizona – DT Q Williams
    5) TB Bucs – DE J Allen
    6) NY Giants – DT E Oliver

  25. Tyreek Hill should be cut immediately and banned for life….
    in the good old days on Gcobb there would be some that would excuse his piece of shit behavior and pussy actions in favor of talent… ban his ass

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  26. Wow , QB Haskins dropping like a hot potato

    Packers on Clock -TE Noah Fant from Iowa
    Or possibly OT Jawaan Taylor or CB
    Greedy Williams

    1. Good Call HAC

      Dolphins need Help at OT and just about everywhere else – OT Jawaan Taylor
      makes sense here but they could go with Defense with DT C Wilkins or DE M Sweat
      or DE Brian Burns

      Lots of good Players getting pushed down
      for the Eagles

    2. Interesting Green Bay just sunk a ton of $$$ on a pair of edge rushing FA this off season but the spent a hi pick on a edge rusher… never too many good players… draft BPA

      1. R Gary will Play from the DT Position as well, 6-4 277lbs who has the frame to put 10-15lbs in 2 Years Time..
        Packers have had a nice Off-Season with a totally revamped Defense

  27. Falcons Need Pass Rush – DE M Sweat
    or DE B Burns or Secondary with CB Greedy Williams/Byron Murphy
    OT Jawaan Taylor/ Andre Dillard’s
    would fill a need too..

  28. Looks like everyone is on board…. draft players to protect the QB or get the QB…
    Do the skins take the QB… looks like nfc east will now have three busts plus Wentz… good news

    Garrett Bradbury falls to the eagles… they gobble him up

  29. Solid Pick by Falcons, Lindstrom will be a 10 Year Starter for them if he’s remains healthy

    Redskins on the Clock – QB Haskins Or Drew Lock Or OL Taylor/Dillard could go Defense Esge Pass Rusher M Sweat/B Burns or back in their shaky Secondary with CB Williams/Murphy

  30. Wow HAC fell for the Tyreek Hill fake news by the dishonest and true enemy of the people FAKE NEWS. this is just crooked chargers and their angry afc west executives harassing big red. BIG RED HARASSMENT!!! NO assault! No abuse! The police chief gave hill a total exoneration !!!!

  31. Panthers on the Clock
    Edge Rusher is their biggest need
    M Sweat or B Burns,
    Could also go at OT with J Taylor who fits their physical style

  32. I’m surprised that Steelers Traded up and that really no one else has for any of these QB’s !!
    A Defensive Draft which was expected
    There has to be a run on OL and DB’s soon
    RB’s and WR’s are getting pushed down as was expected too..

  33. Giants on the clock with their 2nd pick in the first round

    Needs include og and ot.

    Look for them to draft some guy or that guy or the guy from the sec or gmcliffs 25th fake ass son

  34. Oops I was wrong on that giants pick. Mostly because I’m a drunk doosh but partly because i like to finger paint with feces on walls.

  35. Vikings Go OL which is one of the weakest in the NFL to protect QB Cousins
    Taylor or Bradbury looks to be solid picks for them

  36. Hey real fraudman,,, just to pop your Jernigan fills a NEED and the eagles won’t draft a DT… they had a deal with the dolphins to move up to take WILKINS, DT Clemson…. dolphins backed out…
    Listen to HAC..

  37. Vikings Go OL here as they have one of the weakest OL’s in the NFL to protect QB Cousins
    OT Taylor or C/G Bradbury looks to be solid picks for them

    1. Sorry fraud… it’s hard to believe but ur smarter than that…. birds committed to trading up for BPA regardless of position…dolphins pulled out

  38. Tennessee takes TE Noah Fant of Iowa
    Or DE M Sweat which Teams must be scared off with his irregular heart condition

    1. Suck it!!! Yea i called Fant to get picked 20 times already and I nailed him going to the broncos!!!! I know exactly what I’m saying!!!

      When i said a top cb, or lock, or Taylor or Ford i knew it was fant all along!!!!

  39. Seahawks maybe trade down,
    If not Edge Rusher M Sweat would be a great fit for their Defense and replace Frank Clark who they just traded to the Chiefs last week
    They also need help at the DB & OL which they can address with their 2nd 1st Round Pick at #29

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    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

        1. hey Cliff– think I’m gonna start posting again– been busy with the flipping real estate- think I have my anger under control now.
          Been following the draft on here– still looks like Paul is throwing crazy stuff out there- doesn’t really understand how it works.
          HAC nailed a few picks– he and I used to fight but he does know what he’s talking about.

          1. Thanks for proving, and reassuring me that you’re not the true DCAR.

            HAC, you really need therapy…..LOL!!!!

            If you read this thread, no one with a brain, would say Haveaseat, knows anything about the drafting of prospects. But, he will post under several different aliases so he wont be held accountable, or trolled for his lack of.

            It doesn’t matter if Paul post about 100 prospects or 2. He still has knowledge of the player. You don’t need to watch hours of film to grasp that the player has talent: Many recycled GM’s do that and still get it wrong. Mike Mayock who you probably would refer to as an” expert”, will get it wrong on some players guaranteed.

            Stop being such a sourpuss, and allow people to enjoy projecting. Just because you don’t know, doesn’t mean others don’t have a clue…….

            Some just see it in other when some don’t, and they’re fortunate enough to be the one to draft them. Ozzzie Newsome was the best, and even he got it wrong in his evaluations…….but at least he, and the real Paulman have some clue – unlike you – Just shut up…

            1. Actually Paul disagrees with you… he says he watches hundreds of hours of college football and evaluates every player and he’s still trash truck juice

              1. SO what if he does??…so what?……He still knows more about the blog subject than HAC, and Mhenski……..That’s the bottom line….

                So why criticize, and hate with your total unreasonableness..

  41. Eagles on the Clock
    OL here (Taylor or Andre Dillard Or Greg Little)
    Lots of good Players at positions of Need for the Eagles

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  42. Great Pick
    The best overall Pass Protector in this Draft
    He Needs work on his run blocking but that will come with time and good Coaching

    Moving up 4 Spots cost them a 4th & 6th Round Pick but well worth it if he becomes a 10 Year Starter at LT as he would not have lasted to #25 as Texans need OT desperately

    1. Peters hasn’t finished a Season in what 2-3 Years!! You can’t count on him at age 36-37
      to protect your $100 Million QB Doifus!!
      Go Play Tennis at your Chadds Ford Gay Tennis Club!!

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  45. Roseman: “Jernigan didn’t impact the board”… Eagles just look to reload … they positioned themselves perfectly… don’t fill holes in draft… BPA
    Secondary and DL today?

    1. So now you believe what Roseman says as the Truth when it fits your narrative and then other times You say Roseman and all GM’s/Coaches never tell the Truth to the Media/Fans … So What Is it ?? Bullshit on You .. and you call me a Flip-Flopper… Have a Mac Smack!!!
      Of Course signing DT Jernagin impacted their Draft Strategy, What are you going in have 5-6-7 DT’s under Contract on your Team, Get the F Outta Here !!

      1. Dummy they fill holes w/low level trades or signings: DJAX, Jernigans, Bennett, Long, Ajai, Blount etc– they build strength through the draft–
        multiple confirmed sources not JH sources– eagles had the DT lined up.
        pay attention to what they are doing– they don’t keep their eye on depth chart early in draft– reaching for a pick gets you fired…
        They do everything by ANALYTICS NOW– you are resorting back to doing a draft by ‘feel’ and ‘need’– that aint the eagles way– NFL is next man up– plus their DT position is absolutely one they believe in a 4 man rotation, along w/DE– so keep adding to it. ANALYTICS OLD MAN– PAY ATTENTION

      2. YES– YOU WILL HAVE 5 OR 6 DT’S UNDER CONTRACT–? are you stupid– don’t answer that- your posts make that a rhetorical question

  46. They now have 6 DT’s Under Contract
    And will add a developmental DT later in the Draft or as an Undrafted Free-Agent as all Teams must have 90 Players when Camp Starts but only 5 Will make the Roster
    Analytics will tell you that they have already allocated their resources to the DT Position
    and will focus WLA here now like DB/Safety,
    LB,WR & RB and Interior OL

    1. Right now they are building a 90 man roster! That is your problem, your blind spot…. you are looking at the 53… trust me and you know this you are just too stupid to admit… if they could have gotten the DT from Clemson last night… done! You know it, I know it, howie knows it.
      They will get DB etc as they all fell…
      you are just tying to be obstinate…. they wanted the DT from Clemson
      Also, ur initial QB post on this thread is the most assanine nonsense you’ve ever spewed

    2. Dummy they have EIGHT OTs under contract oh and BTW only use two per game…. they rotate FOUR DTs…. your arguments are always so full of holes

  47. Positions of NEED to be addressed in the remaining draft/FA period (in no particular order):
    WR,secondary, RB, OL,DL,LB, TE, kicker, punter, QB…. they will bring in one/more at each of these positions
    Only position not on board…. long snapper… although I’m sure they will take a look at a UFA at that position….

  48. Let’s Go 2Nd Round— Lots of very Good Players on the Board, 4-5 Teams had no First Round Picks last night (Saints,Bears,Cowboys, Rams)
    so they’ll be chomping at the bit to make a move in for their “Chosen”Player
    A Ton of DB’s/WR’s will fly off the Board early in this 2nd Round followed by RB’s & LB’s

  49. Jaguars/Panthers getting HighlycRatedcOT’s here early in the 2nd, lots of Trades already

    Jags landing Edge Rusher Josh Allen last night and probably the most physical OT in Jawaan Taylor tonight has their Draft Grade at an A +
    Panthers getting their Edge Rusher In Brian Burns last night and Future OT In Greg Little
    tonight gives them a great start too..

  50. What’s happened with CB Greedy Williams of LSU who modt had projected as a Top #15 Players… there must be something going with him…
    WR DK Metcalf , DE J Polite & QB Drew Lock have all fallen pretty good so far

    1. That’s the draft…. 40 players taken so far…
      Every analyst, poster on this blog say things like, “good pick” and talk bout his college blah blah… give stupid grades A+ etc… of the 40 so far… 10 will mak pro bowl at least once, 10 will be busts and 20 will have a career of sorts

  51. Just what the NO Saints needed as their Starting Center announced his Retirement a few weeks ago to the surprise of everyone including the Team.. Eric McCoy will be a Day 1 Starter for the Saints

    Browns added CB G Williams to their last Year’s Pick Duane Ward giving them a very young and promising CB Tandem for Years to go..

  52. Colts are Killing it!!

    Let’s go Eagles – Lots of Good Players on the Board
    Safeties Juan Thornhill, , Taylor Rapp, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson , Nasir
    DE’s J Polite, Jaylon Ferguson,
    LB’s Germaine Pratt, Mack Wilson, Tre Lamar
    WR’s Metcalf,, Kevin Harmon, Paris Campbell
    RB’s Miles Sanders, Darrell Henderson Harris,

    I like the a Speed of WR of Paris Campbell and Safety Thornhill,Rapp Or Adderly

    1. Jordan’s a 1 Year Rental,
      Clement/Adams are coming off Injuries
      RB was a Need as I stated all Spring but I’m not crazy with Sanders and his limited sample size, he’s like another Corey Clement to me who The Eagles signed as an Undrafted Free-Agent a couple of years ago…

      WR Whiteside has Potential but lacks speed and separation though he’s a great Red-zone target and very similar in style as Alshon Jeffrey’s game which is to go up and come down with those 50/50 Balls in traffic and is an excellent blocker for the running game so a real asset there from the WR Position
      I would rather have seen more Speed and thought Paris Campbell would have been a great Fit for the Eagles Offense and could eventually replace D-Jax and/or Agholor

      1. Paulman Returns says:
        March 29, 2019 at 12:27 pm-Meanwhile, from a Draft Perspective, this acquisition probably changes things for the Eagles a bit in terms of not really needing to Draft a RB in the Early Round

        dude you can’t help yourself– i think you may be mentally ill or maybe retarded???

        1. Scat Back Type of RB’s that have good Receiving Skills out of the Backfield that I could see the Eagles Pursuing in the 4th/5th/6th Rounds are some of the Following

          RB Justin Hill – Oklahoma State (5-9 198lbs)
          RB Devin Singletary – Florida Atlantic (5-7 200lbs)
          RB Darrell Henderson – Memphis (5-8 208lbs)
          RB Travis Homer – Miami (5-10 201lbs)
          RB Karan Higdon – Michigan (5-9 206lbs)
          RB Bryce Love – Stanford (5-8 200lbs)
          RB James Williams – Washington State (5-9 200lbs)

          1. Mistake in using a 2nd Rounder for Sanders in my opinion..
            Who they choose is obviously up to them, I don’t think adding another average Corey Clement type of back was the smart selection and
            I also didn’t like their WR Pick

            They should have went with more speed at in WR Paris Campbell and selected Safety Adderly/Rapp or Thornhill

            Time will Tell .. but I’m not excited about either of their 2nd Round Picks
            who are similar to what they already gave on their Roster

            1. point is…FA and low level trade acquisitions DO NOT IMPACT THE DRAFT BOARD–not one bit– lets see they acquired 2 DT’s and tried to trade up to draft one, acquired a WR and drafted one, acquired a RB and drafted one– take a breath, back away from your keyboard and learn something.

      2. Paul they TOTALLY overdrafted that guy………He could have been had In the 4th!!

        There were better players on the board, You do not waste 2nd round picks – Bad pick Howie. You cant draft Mack Hollins replacement/ insurance in the 2nd round………Your pick should have been the Cowboys pick – DT – Trysten Hill..

          1. No one is taking Agholor for his $9.4 Million Salary for 2019
            They fucked up his situstion too
            Either they should have given him an extension at a more Team friendly deal or not pickup his option and let him become a free-Agent which they would have gotten a Compensatory Pick In 2020
            Howie f’d Up the Agholor situation completely

            1. they are like $25m under the cap- the off season is like a month old– you draft nerds load up for the draft and BEGINNING OF FA– nothing has been ‘fucked up’ to this point– off season has barely begun– many of the perceived needs have been addressed quite nicely- no one on a dumb blog has any idea which of the people drafted especially in rd 2 are going to be a home run and which are gonna stink–
              There will be roughly 3000 players on rosters by monday– by the end of august that number will be 1700– lots of movement

              1. The WR we just drafted in the 2nd round wont be a home run by any means.…..He was over drafted.

                the draft is about beauty In the eyes of the beholder, and sometimes Howie’s vision is skewed.

                I think Howie got this one wrong.

            2. and we didn’t need a WR that high in the draft

              Juan Thornhill, Germaine Pratt, Trysten Hill…

              We need LB’s in the later rounds – Paul how about DeAndre Walker – Georgia
              Emeke Embule – Houston
              Mack Wilson – Alabama

              I’d also like them to draft Joe Jackson DE Miami

        1. Eagles blew these 2 Selections

          Safety – Rapp,Thornhill Or Adderly

          WR Paris Campbell or Kevin Harmon or even Riley Ridley every day over Whiteside

          There were LB’s Germaine Pratt, Mack Wilson , D’Andre Walker, Tre Lamar

  53. Eagles Draft Grade drops down to a B -/C +
    Still have big needs at Safety/LB & Interior OL
    and still don’t have that Scat/Back – Returnman to replace the Role of Darren Sproles where a big Play can happen anytime they touch the Ball!!

    Instead they selected an Average RB and Average WR with good Ball Skills/Size but lacks speed and separation !!

    1. They don’t draft for perceived needs– you will never learn i guess-
      as i started the night– their needs are (in no order)- WR, RB, TE, OL, DL, LB,secondary, kicker, punter, QB– they’ve only had 3 picks– but they have about 50 needs

  54. They have Zero Need at TE with 4 already under Contract Ertz,Goedart (under 25)
    Veteran Rogers and Youngster Perkins who they like..
    There is Zero Need for a TE to make the 53 Man Roster outside of a Camp Body which they will invite an Undrafted TE for Camp

    1. You just said they will bring in a UFA TE… u contradict ur self…. you say they have no beef then you say they will bring one in??? I assume it’s fairly mild retardation you suffer from?
      Or maybe you are starting to understand it’s a 90 man roster that they are currently working on?

  55. Whose sense here HAC
    Every Team bring in 20 Players for Camp
    That have .01 % of making your Final Toster
    You Draft 6-7-8 every Year with the hopes of making your 53 Man Roster or at least Practice Squad
    The 20 Invites to make a 90 Man Mandated Roster are simply Camp bodies and nothing more to give your Likely Roster a break during the Summer Months , Maybe once every 5 years a Camp Body May actually make a Practice Squad or Team due to outstanding Play or a rash of injuries that hit a particular Position but not very likely is it!!
    Theee is Zero Need for Eagles to Draft a TE this Draft as I mentioned above but yes, they will still bring in a TE as a Camp Body just like they do with a 4th QB and 7th Safety and 8th DT and 11th WR or a 14th OL How else would you get to the mandated 90 Man Summer Roster Bozo!!

    1. So wait. You were certain (previous post) they wouldn’t use a high pick on a RB because it wasn’t a NEED… yet they did, you were certain DT was off the table because it wasn’t a NEED yet they had a deal in place to take one…. now you are certain about this. The good news for you isypuwill FINALLY be correct (been awhile)… they only have a couple of picks and since every position is a position of NEED probability puts TE as like a 10% chance

  56. Eagles offense starting to look scary .. of course all 100 picks so far come with the caveat “if he is as ADVERTISED “…. Arcega-Whiteside gives them another chain mover along with a bug RZ target… make no mistake the eagles are looking to be an offensive jaugernaut …
    What’s left in draft? Not many picks but take BPA… guys to act nuts on ST and compete…

  57. Hey draft/college FB GURU remember this:
    Always Draft from the Strength of the Draft for each Draft Class has their Strengths and Weaknesses
    This Year’s Class seems to favor the Needs of the Eagles moving forward with Strong Positional Players at DT,DE,Safety, LB and Interior OL where the Eagles can Draft 3-4 Players
    You can’t make this shit up– you throw out so much shit and it turns out you never know what the fuck you are talking about– NEVER–
    This is during your long thread on how you are a college football expert and how you watch so many games and understand college and how they will project– I looked on a couple of websites minutes before the draft and looking back did better than you….

  58. A Ho-Hum Draft – Especially after the 2nd Round – Paulman’s Overall Grade C+
    Fortunately they Play in the NFC East, which only has the Cowboys to really worry about !!

    1. How can you grade it when no one has played a down? There is no way of knowing who turns out to be good and who turns out to be bad…if the tackle is a ten year starter the draft is damn good, if one of the other players is a starter great… if three start.. home run… but We don’t know cuz they haven’t played a down.

  59. Because I Can & Did!!
    This Draft Group can improve , remain the same or even go lower Grade,
    We’ll see in 3 Years Time..
    Going in with 7 Selections , which 5 were in the Top # 140 and only to walk out with 3 Quality Picks is not a very impressive job by Howie and Co ..
    Other GM’s ran circles around the Eagles Front Office this Weekend
    Seattle,Indy, Pats,Falcons,Ravens, Titans ,Rams,Vikings, Steelers, Buffalo ,Cowboys & Pats to name a few Teams that had very strong Draft ‘s while moving Up and Down the Draft Boards

    1. Well since it takes a couple of years to grade a draft (the players should put on pads not a baseball cap) I want to look back at the Gold standard patriots: 2016 they had 9 picks, moved back a bunch… 6 of those picks cut within 18 months, 1 starter and 2 contributors….
      The draft nerds gave it an A +++++… 9 picks for the great cheater
      2016 eagles… pay a bunch get franchise QB but more importantly after that; Seumolo ; contributor possible replacement for an all pro, Smallwood, meh but a contributor and still on team made some contributions in a playoff game, Vaitai… started at tackle in SB win, 6 round cut, 7th round Mills still on team major contributor

    2. One of those selections is already a proven starter… 10… so that would be four quality picks
      I know has a draft nerd you are impressed with wheeling and dealing but any team that comes out of a draft with a couple starters and a few contributors is happy… so from the eagles perspective they walk away with DJax (2 or 3 year starter), LT hopefully a 10 yeRstarter, RB in the rotation and a WR…

      1. Ridgeway Started 6 Games in 3 Seasons for mostly a bad Colts Team In 2016/2017..
        He’s a solid Run-Stuffer and his strength is stopping the Run in Short-yardage,Red/Zone- Goal Line Defense or when playing against a heavy Rushing Type of Team
        A very good Value for a 7th Round Pick
        Concerns are his conditioning and some past injuries but he’ll compete as the 4th/5th DT on the Roster and is good Insurance in case of injury to Jernagin (or anyone else along the DT group)
        He’s cheap and on his Final Year of his Rookie Deal so a very good move for the Eagles with minimal risk if he doesn’t pan out

  60. Here’s hoping the eagles get a ten year starter at tackle, a “lead” back (eagles version), a WR that catches 8 TDS a year plus is another clutch 3rd down chain mover, a rotational DE plus they used a sixth round pick to get a very good WR for a couple of years…possibly a great haul

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  62. Nice Pick-ups Last Week by the Eagles with LB Zach Brown and Safety Blake Countess who will compete and not only have a great chance to make the 53 Man Roster, but to contribute..
    LB Brown as the likely Starting MIKE LB and Countess as that 3rd/4th Safety and Special Teams Contributor
    Not too many Holes left on this Roster — A Back-Up Center/Guard and that’s about it ..
    A very Strong Off-Season for the Eagles and GM Roseman & Front Office

    1. Paul, I Really thought they should have made a major play for Ziggy Ansah…….Mistake, would have been nice insurance if Chris Long doesn’t come back.

      And need to make a trade for Bobby Wagner to play the ILB, AND move Zach Brown to OLB….

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