The Eagles Will Have Depth and Competition in Their Secondary

The Eagles have developed depth and competition in their secondary and I’m not really sure about who is going to start at the cornerback position at the start of the season.  Of course you have some guys who have started in the past in Ronald Darby and Jalen Mills, but both of those guys are coming off of injuries.  They haven’t been practicing with the team but they’re supposed to be ready when training camp starts.   The starting corners during OTA’s and in the mandatory workouts last week were Sidney Jones and Avonte Maddox.  Rasul Douglas has also been out there and he has done well.

I will guarantee that Maddox will be starting for this football team this season.  It will either be at cornerback, slot corner or at safety.  He is without question one of the top defensive backs on this roster.  those of the guys have some who have started at the quarterback position in the Eagles secondary so going forward there’s gonna be competition for the job now I do think that Darby it there at s very likely to be starting as well.  The salary the Birds gave him let us know how they feel about him.  He was also out there working on the side during the mandatory workouts.  He’s not far from getting back because he was running fairly well.  He’s got more work to do, but I could see that there’s a chance he will be ready for training camp.

I’m not as sure how they feel about Mills.  They definitely like he competitiveness and the fact that he is tough mentally, meaning he can get beaten, but get back up as if it never happened.  This young man is resilient. You need tough-minded people like Mills on a championship ball club.  I think that Mills is probably the favorite to be a starting corner but there’s gonna be competition from Jones.  This is a huge year for Jones and he’s got to finally stay healthy.

He has changed his workouts in order to hopefully stay healthy.  Jones has tried to better prepare his body for the sprinting, change of direction and hitting, so that he can stay healthy.

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, who wants additional monies from the Birds, is likely to be taken care of the team.  When I heard him say that he “feels respected” by the team, that makes me think he got some type of assurance from the organization that he’s going to be taken care of at some point.  I don’t think they are the same team without the play and leadership of Jenkins.

The other safety, Rodney McLeod, isn’t in quite the same position as Jenkins. but he’s still very valuable to the football team.  He’s recovering from an ACL tear, but he will likely be a starter this season.  McLeod is an outstanding open field tackler, who is capable of covering receivers man-to-man.  His versatility and the versatility of Jenkins makes them so valuable to the Jim Schwartz and his defense.  Jenkins and McLeod do a great job of working together.  They know each extremely well and are able to anticipate the moves of each other on every play.  Veteran safety Andrew Sendejo, who was acquired during the off season has quickly picked up the defense this spring.  He has done a good job in coverage with the shorts on, but we’ll check him out in the preseason, but he’s likely to step in and take retired Corey Graham’s place.

Tre Sullivan is a young safety who showed promise last year at the end of the season, when he and other youngsters like Cre’Van LeBlanc proved they can play on the NFL level.  He’s a playmaker with the smarts you like to see in your safeties.

The bottomline is that the Eagles have a tremendous amount of talent in their secondary. We aren’t sure who is going to start right now, but you can be sure, there will be depth and competition in the Eagles secondary.

63 thoughts on “The Eagles Will Have Depth and Competition in Their Secondary

  1. Eagles have a lot of Competition and Hungry Players that should be going at it all Summer long ..
    At CB – Ronald Darby is on a 1 Year Deal, Jalen Mills will be coming into his Contract Year and Sidney Jones has not really shown much consistenacy in his 2 Seasons thus far as an Eagle after being a High Pick (2nd Round) in 2017 so it’s his time to step up.. You have to like what Avonte Maddox and Rasoul Douglas did last Season and in the Post-Season as well a Cre’Von LeBlanc, so all in all, it will be a Fun Group to Watch..
    At Safety – We all know what M Jenkins brings to the Team and to the Games each Week ,but McLeod is coming off an Injury and 3rd Safety A Sendejo has a lot of Experience and should be a great fit as that 3rd Safety but will be pushed by both Tre Sullivan and Blake Countess
    Whats great is that the Eagles have a few players who can play all 4-5 Defensive Back Positions either at Safety/CB/Slot Cb or Nickel Packages which is huge in Today’s Pass Happy NFL with so many Formations and 3-4 WR Sets and Double TE Packages that Offense now have..
    The Eagles Groups has some Physical Players, Fast Players and Smart players and now having the same DC in Jim Schwartz and Secondary Coach in Gary Undlin should really pay some dividends with the Players Familiarity to the System and with each other.. All those Injuries last Season offered a great opportunity for many Players to get quality Playing Time last Season so this is a an experienced Secondary across the Board with Starters and Back-ups that you’ll find in the NFL..
    I look for a big year from this Group with creating more Turnovers which are critical for a Top Ranked Defense to have success..

  2. 76ers NBA Draft

    #24 – PG Kevin Porter Jr (USC 6-6″)
    #33 – SF Dylan Windler (Belmont 6-7″)
    #34 – PF Naz Reid (LSU 6-10″)

    I believe the 76ers Re-Sign Jimmy Butler to a Max Deal and Tobias Harris walks
    JJ Reddick is a 50/50 on Returning

  3. I really like Guard – Tye Jerome Pick at #24 out of Virginia.. He’s not the most Athletic Player, but he’s smart, tough and a real winner with good All-Around Skills and a Floor Leader who can help the 76ers ..

  4. My Bad, Just notices the 76ers traded up to #20 with Phoenix to Select Matisse Thybulle who I’m not crazy about and is offensively very racwith a very erratic shot . He is an excellent Defender, with Great Length,Athleticism and Reach, but his shooting and offense was so-so at best
    during his College Career at Washington… We’ll see How he works out and hopefully is a hard worker with his head on straight as opposed to former Huskie
    Markelle Fultz who has to be one of the biggest Draft Busts of all time

    1. it was a trade with the Celtics–
      Fraudman was up late all winter watching Huskies basketball on channel 3million– while he was up late he was analyzing this player and projecting his nba future– bull shit!

  5. GM Elton Brand will offer Jimmy and Toby the max with ownership blessing to go into the luxury tax. it makes no sense not to, if they let either walk they are still over the cap and will be unable to sign a better player. Elton is not looking to embarrass himself and let either walk and thus losing the trade for both or either player. Both will get max offers and then its on them to want to be here or not. For the record i dont think toby is worth the max but its our best and only option, he is young so can still get better tho… unsure what will happen with JJ but think hell be back on a 1 or 2 year team friendly deal after being exposed in the playoffs again…

    1. Could the 76ers Make a Play for a Malcolm Brogdon or even a Al Horford instead of Offering a Max for Tobias Harris ? Would they be a better Team ?

  6. JH’s Predictions for Free-Agent Signings

    76ers Sign the Following Players

    Re-Sign Jimmy Butler to a Max Deal
    PF/C – Brook Lopez (7-0″)
    PF – Marcus Morris (6-9″)
    SG – Terrance Ross (6-6″)

    Show Your Luv !!!

  7. Whats with the Sign/Trade Talk to the Houston Rockets with Jimmy Butler..
    Why would he want to Play there with Harden/Paul and be the 3rd Option, besides the fact that he’s from Houston,Tx and maybe wants to get back to his Hometown ….

  8. So You think Both Butler & Harris remain with the 76ers?
    Who else do you think they fill out out the Roster with?

  9. Sounds more and more like Butler will move on with a Sign & Trade Deal between the 76ers and someone else ..
    This Off-Season/Free-Agency period will have so much Player movement and intrigue and it appears the 76ers may be a completely different Team next Season…
    I Hope GM Elton Brandt is prepared and ready to make some moves

  10. Tobias Harris Signing with 76ers for a Max-Deal (5 Year -$180 Million). Pew!!

    JJ Reddick signs a 2 Year $26.5 Million Deal with the NO Pelicans …

    Bucks Sign and Trade Malcolm Bronson to the Pacers for 3 Draft Picks ( 2 First Rounders and 1 Second Rounder over the next couple Year

    SG Terrance Ross signs with Orlando Magic
    SG Jeremy Lambe signs with the Pacers m

    76ers In Talks to Extend Ben Simmons ? Why?

    Hopefully they will be able to do a sign/trade with Jimmy Butler and get done good Players in Return

    It doesn’t appear that Philly was highly ranked on many Free-Agents Radar to cone and play for as the local Media/ManybPosters on here have been saying

    Is the Process Window closed already !
    All the Tanking and Hype for the last 5-6 Years for 2 Second Round Exits once in the Playoffs does not sound like a winning strategy !!

    1. Well doom and gloom from Boone… strikes again…. who knows how high they are…. most haven’t signed yet…. Butler is doing what he should be doing trying for year 5.
      Second round exit is disappointing…. Sixers got back to back number 1 picks and got 2 guys that would be the fourth and fifth best jump shooters on most high school teams… actually maybe 6 and 7 best shooters .
      I’m concerned the FA out there see how limited Simmons is and how there is no way a team that has the ball in his hands can win deep in playoff

  11. I love Al Horford and the Leadership and intangibles he brings every night, but a 4 Year – $109 Deal for a 33 Year Old who has logged a lot of minutes of the Years I’m not sure is an effective way to manage their Cap moving forward especially when they extend Simmons/Embiid but it’s not my $$$

    I like J Richardson from the Heat whose an up and coming Player and has improved each and every Season and also isn’t afraid to be physical and play solid Defense

    A totally different Team, which appears to be more physical and more Defensive minded which they needed… Who is going to score from outside consistently will be their key
    for a deeper Playoff success

    Horford/Embiid will make an interesting Front Line and should be a nice tandem to protect the rim & baseline pretty darn good…

    Who else are they getting from the Heat for Butler? j Winslow? Or a Role/Bench Player?

    The NBA will be upside down next Season and wide open for many Teams

    1. Cap doesn’t seem to be an issue really…. I saw someone say that the $35-40 these max players get is peanuts compared to the value they add to the brand,.., I don’t necessarily understand it and I’m pretty sure no fan really does. I just know that it’s stupid fan chatter to even mention salary concerns.
      Sixers will have a really nice defense…

    2. it doesnt appear free agents were high on the sixers because they didnt have cap room; they couldnt sign anyone. in order to have had a max slot to offer they wouldve had to have rescinded toby, jj, AND jimmys rights. and then we wouldnt have been able to trade jimmy….

      also in the nba you dont manage the cap at all. if youre good you sign your players and you go over the cap and pay a luxury tax. if your bad ur under the cap; reallllllllllllllll simple so your cap management statement is retarded

      and this is even dumber:

      “Is the Process Window closed already !
      All the Tanking and Hype for the last 5-6 Years for 2 Second Round Exits once in the Playoffs does not sound like a winning strategy !!”

      yea process is over and we dont have a winning strategy. arguably a top 5 nba stud in embiid. just signed a guy entering his prime for 5 years (toby). got a stud center/forward to pair next to jo, apparently richardson is real good, mike scott back. yea we didnt have a winning strategy to stop that miracle 4 bounce shot from going in… anyways in reality the team is set to win the east next year and if ben chooses JUMPERS over JENNERS this offseason the title is easily obtainable

      youre a donkey

  12. Golden State Obtains Guard D’Angelo Russell from the Nets on a Sign and Trade Deal at
    4 Years – $117 Million..

  13. Sixers got better yesterday … that simple. Obviously they realize their fortune is with Embiid and Simmons… Butler would be a PIA for 5 years. Go to Miami, be the lead dog of an 8 seed…

    1. I like the Additions of J Richardson/Horford alot,, Not Crazy about Tobias Harris but he can Score and will probably be counted on to Score more with both Reddick/Butler gone .. 76ers need a Legitimate 3 Point Shooting Threat off the Bench, Maybe a Scorer off the Bench like a Danny Greene or Seth Curry would be a Good Fit for them to round out the Roster, along with another Big Player who has some Offensive Skills to help spread out the Floor like a Frank Kaminsky and get rid of stiffs Greg Monroe/Amir Johnson
      I believe the 76ers are expecting big things for 2nd Year Player Zharie Smith who should come into Camp 100% Healthy and could be a real pleasant surprise in 2019

    2. agree HAC. and I loved the way jimmy played in the playoffs but he didnt bring that in the regular season. and also what jimmy did in the playoffs was take the ball out of bens hands and took over for him because of his handicap and because he hasnt put the work in to get better. he is the same player today that he was at lsu 4 years ago. kid needs to wake up

      1. Ben and Jimmy could not co-exist for 5 more– it is not coincidence that the talk of a Ben extension came out hours before FA started==
        they made a concerted effort to say “we are looking for players to put around JOJO and sharpshooter ben

  14. Listened to WIP this morning for five minutes and the dumb ass idiots actually were bitching about Simmons contract. I certainly think he and his handlers are negligent in his shot development but come on… anyone bitching about the contract is a dummy.
    The process has certainly worked… I hated it but it worked.

    1. i wouldn’t complain either way but don’t think now is the time for this and actually i sense a whooooooole lot more to this story. i have never in my life heard a story where it is being reported that someone is being offered the max and NOT the max was offered and accepted. the only time i hear about some team offering a max to some player is after they are traded and/or after they walk… something smells fishy. he is under contract for the next 2 years why is this coming up now? if this 22 year old kid is being offered a max and isn’t immediately getting in a helicopter to go ink that deal something is up

      for the record i don’t love ben at all, i hate that he had an entire red shirt year to literally do nothing but learn to shoot and then 2 follow up years to do the same and hasn’t. but at the same time he is a max player 2 years from now period. if/when he learns to shoot he is a top 10 player with unlimited mvp potential so with that said I’m on board for giving him the max while at the same time on board with trading him right now too………

  15. Good players always get their rookie max extension after their third year… this is how it’s done… the reason it’s not signed on yet is that there are complex figures to work out based on salary cap projections etc…. there is no conspiracy theory here… he is 23 this month, an all star, rook of the year. The red shirt year is part of the business…. he was hurt, could have come back but sat out to get a chance for the $5 million ROY bonus he had with the shoe company…. these young men become a sizable corporation (top of the line players) at a very early age… this is part of his branding which is now tied to sixer branding…. Ben will make his 170, sixers will rake in ticket sales while their brand and value increase… this isn’t really a sports thing…it’s where fans get a bit confused and want guys who are are in it for love of game and some sort of romantic fantasy that “they should want to do it for free”…. blah blah.
    This was a great move on and off the court for both

    1. Good players always get their rookie max extension after their third year… this is how it’s done… DIDNT KNOW THAT BUT THANKS

      he red shirt year is part of the business…. he was hurt, could have come back but sat out to get a chance for the $5 million ROY bonus he had with the shoe company GOOD POINT BUT THE BETTER POINT IS HE HAD THAT ENTIRE RED SHIRT YOU TO DO NOTHING BUT HIT JUMPERS AND FOUL SHOTS BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOPE DIDNT HAPPEN.

      it’s where fans get a bit confused and want guys who are are in it for love of game and some sort of romantic fantasy that “they should want to do it for free”…. blah blah. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM YEA IMO THEY SHOULD PLAY SPORTS OR AT THEIR CORE PLAY BECAUSE THEY LOVE THE GAME AND IF THAT AINT TRUE THEY PROBABLY SOFT AS SHIT AND NOT GONNA BE GREAT. MONEY AINT MAKING SOMEONE WITH FLAWS BECOME A GYM RAT… NOBODY SHOULD DO IT FOR FREE

  16. “Probably soft as shit”…. I call bull shit.
    “Until a deal is signed”… its signed. They are waiting till the particulars of the salary cap are finalized, Ben will be on his rookie extension as well as Joel… they have their core, they have their stars… time to develop into a power…. one of them has to become the man… their version of a killer….

      1. Done! Both sides are smoking cigars and congratulating themselves with big bottles of champagne….billionaires paying off soon to be billionaires….. nba is a helluva racket if you can make it into the club…. Simmons just got his ticket… Simmons will have made over $200 when this contract is up at 28 Or 29 YO…. then another $250 on the next one, add in shoe money… hook up with another twitter type and his brand is in that billion range

  17. I believe the Phillies Season is Over in terms of making the Post-Season in 2019, Their Pitching Staff has been Brutal all Season and now with more and more injuries piling up to the Bullpen, HAC may be appearing for them this Summer… Brutal.. They needed at least 1 More Quality Starter and 2 More Relievers to Contend and now is going to be too late to do much about it.. The Nationals have been Playing Solid Ball for the last Month and the Braves the most Complete Team in the NL East — Phils will finish with about 80-82 Wins in 2019 after a Decent Start which is very disappointing…. Manager Kaplan needs to Go as does M Franco, O Herrera who basically have little to no Trade Value
    Losing OF and Leadoff Batter Andrew McCutcheon has been a Killer and really the start of their downfall but the Pitching has been poor all year if you’re a Team that wants to legitimately compete with the Top Teams in Baseball ..

    1. They were not nearly strong enough to get thru the bullpen injuries. Cutch injury as stated has been a nail in the coffin. Ironically the Bruce pickup was a stroke of genius…. however it was genius in adding depth, bench and spot start…. it was not for every day. Goofball Herrera killed them as well… he gave the bottom of the lineup an entirely different look… he was crazy but could get so red hot at times he can carry a team. Franco …. frustration…. you watch him when he uses the entire park and he looks like one of those HOF Dominicans…. has played GG third base…. then he goes into a slump at the plate where he tries to hit everything 500 feet to left.
      Because of WC they will probably be buyers…. I see a play for Greinke who is owed like $70…. peanuts .
      Of course if they are sellers bye bye Arrieta, Hernandez…. I don’t know who are FA this off season…. it’s proven that pitching in FA is usually not wise but I see no choive

  18. NFL should take a page from MLB on the domestic violence shit…. NFL let’s their punk ass pussy players beat the shit out of chicks and welcomes them back in…. Herrera suspended rest of year, no video, no convictions…. evidence says you were a big pussy and beat up a girl you gone!

  19. MLB runs a much tighter ship than the NFL which has been all over the Board in so many cases invoking their Players the last 10 Years or so.. MLB Ownership are much more anonymous and behind the scenes then the many “Big Name – Ego Driven” of the NFL thay the Media has to get their personal thoughts/opinions on everything.
    Where as in Baseball, it appears most Ownership fall in-line quickly and quietly behind their Commissioner
    I expect nothing will be discussed publicly about Herrera the remainder of this Season and the Phillies/MLB and his Agent/Players Union will quietly work out a settlement/buyout of his current Contract in the Off-Season making him ultimately a Free-Agent and will then have to likely sign a 1 Year Prove-It Deal with another Club if he wants to get back Playing in 2020
    I believe he’s already played his Final Game as a Phillies and he has little Trade Value or Leverage due to his current situation and who knows what the details are in his current contract in terms of protection for the Team in the “conduct unbecoming of a Professional MLB” Player

  20. Paulman 76ers Rumors
    Could the 76ers be working on Acquiring 2 Former 76ers Players
    SG Lou Williams from the Clippers or Andre Iguodala from the Grizzlies ..
    Stay Tuned!!

  21. Professional basketball has jumped the shark as a sport. Just a ridiculous collection of billionaires and multi millionaire guys playing out a string of 81 games only to find a few of the cartel playing in June. It isn’t really a sport anymore… it’s like a group of high grossing actors coming together to make a movie (ocean11 type of thing)… there is no team… no way a Cinderella story can happen… I’m hoping for a rash of ACL tears and some team without a mega star wins it….otherwise it is the most uninteresting “sport” in the world…. LA vs LA in the western conference finals…. two teams made up of 4 prima donnas that picked their own teams… naaah … I know sports are big biz… but this model sucks.

  22. It’s become a Players and The Top 4-5 Agents/Sport Marketing Firms League who control the Balance of Power,Players & media Coverage of the Sport, it’s become a sham where mid/small Market Teams hardly have any legitimate chance to compete
    Front Office’s/Scouting Depts and Coaching Staffs Don’t have thr Time to really Develop a core Roster that Fans can really get attached too as so many Players move every year and the big Stars and their Agents decide where they want to play
    The real sad thing is that this “Players First” mentality at all costs has now seeped into the College Game which ruining that Sport too…
    This one and done deal is a joke and has bastardized the concept of “Team Ball” at
    the College Level
    I also expect Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City to demand and get a trade to a New Team and the Rockets are rumored in trying to move Chris Paul who will likely also end up on a new Team for 2020 ..
    Could the 76ers be in Play with any of these guys?

    1. Players sign where they want as the always have in virtually all sports. Super team shit is whack but finally next season is gonna be nuts and wide open for everyone.


      Next year gonna be the best season in a decade since (pre Lebron heat team )

      1. That is blatantly NOT TRUE- the ability for guys to team up like this is a a pretty recent phenom. – Obviously, teams have added free agents for a long time- but the demand for trade- the teaming up to make a super team etc is unique to basketball – and has only started in recent years.-
        Its an ugly league, ugly regular season- ho hum playoffs- half the teams will be tanking by December in hopes of ‘winning’ a 19 year old who will take years to develop, GM’s and coaches will toss his salad on a daily basis so that he doesn’t leave to develop a super team somewhere else-

  23. I strangely have gotten a level of respect for Butler through this whole thing… he selfishly says, “the money is the same wherever I go… let me go to Miami, be the big dog, play when I want, laugh at the coach when I don’t agree….then play 4-5 playoff games and start my vacation “… why mess with a long ass playoff run that goes into June. Dude is smart as hell…

  24. Congrats to the US Women’s Soccer Team for their Championship Victory today over the Netherlands.. Great Game and Team Victory!!

      1. NO he didn’t but as you know he loves for Russian hookers to piss on him! We all know that Trump is a germaphobe but do you also know that URINE IS STERILE– there are literally no germs!
        The good news is that when Trump is elected again in 2020 I will release all KGB info on him to American public- chaos will ensue– democracy will be in turmoil and I will accomplish my mission.

        1. No he raped and or trafficked with Epstein.

          Trump said: “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

          Oh trump model management for sure trafficked women

          Oh google Tiffany Johnson trump (an epstein / trump victim).

  25. Russell Westbrook Traded to the Rockets for Chris Paul and Draft Picks …
    Oklahoma City is now working on Trading him to another Team as they are in a complete rebuild mode now…
    Could Chris Paul end up in the East with the 76ers,Heat,Knicks or even the Hornets?

    1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cp3 even being talked about to the sixers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  26. The 2019 Phillies Season is Officially Over!!!
    They will end up in 3rd Place in the NL East behind the Braves and Nationals and finish with Approx 80-82 Wins
    Braves finish 1st with 92-94 Wins
    Nationals finish 2nd with 85-86 Wins
    Phillies finish in 3rd with 80-82 Wins

    Phillies should become “Sellers” at the Tradeline and look to move some older Players in order to get younger and more talented as this current group is not going anywhere this Season with this Pitching Staff
    and key Injuries/Suspensions

    Manager Kaplan and the Entire Coaching Staff will get fired after the Season

    1. phillies season is over yet if the season ends today theyre in the playoffs. you sound like a moron ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND use exclamation points like a tween girl!!!!!!!!!!

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