One-on-One Interview With Eagles Running Back Miles Sanders

(Yahoo Photo) Here’s a one-on-one interview with Eagles rookie running back and former Penn State star Miles Sanders.  He didn’t get the chance to practice very much this offseason because of a hamstring injury, but he’s healthy and showing what he’s capable of during the current training camp.

During this interview, I talk to him about his transition from college to professional football.   I ask him about the jump in details and complication.  I also ask him about the jump in talent.  In fairness I did this interview after his second workout.  He hadn’t play against his teammates yet in full go competition with all out blocking and tackling.

There’s no question that the NFL is bigger, stronger and faster than college ball.  I think Sanders is in a great position because he’s not coming into a situation where they’re going to ask him to carry this team.  He’s just one of many weapons the Eagles have offensively.


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