Thoughts From Eagles-Titans


  • Before Nate Sudfeld went down with his wrist injury, I thought he showed a lot of positives. Sudfeld looked like he was capable of making any throw, showed nice touch on his homerun ball to Marken Michel, and also displayed some good mobility. It’s a shame that his valuable development time in the preseason has been cut short.
  • Man, what in the world did the Eagles see in Clayton Thorson? I understand he’s a developmental prospect, but when he’s incapable of hitting Donnel Pumphrey wide open in the flat, you really wonder what the Eagles were thinking spending a fifth round pick on this guy.
  • For perspective, the fifth-round has netted the Eagles a lot of useful players over the years. Trent Cole came to the Eagles in the fifth-round. More recently, Big V was a fifth-round pick. The Birds really could have done better here, especially with the team being in a win-now mode, they didn’t need a fifth-round project quarterback.
  • Andre Dillard looked tremendous in his NFL debut. He wasn’t challenged at all by anyone the Titans threw at him. Good early returns for the future left tackle.
  • Jordan Mailata on the other hand did not impress. I think its fair to wonder if his roster spot might be in danger. Can the team afford to stash him as a developmental guy two years in a row if he isn’t making the jumps that they need him to?
  • Dallas Goedert days ago claimed to be the fourth best tight end in the league, and he sure looked the part on Thursday.
  • Josh Adams showed why the Eagles went away from him in the playoffs last year, killing a two-minute drill with a fumble before the half. He’s on his last three weeks as an Eagle.
  • Marken Michel’s touchdown catch was an impressive play, but to make this roster he’s got to show more. I think it’ll be tough for the Eagles to keep six receivers, and I still believe the team will keep Mack Hollins despite his injury woes.


  • Daeshon Hall was the guy that flashed the most to me tonight. He seemed to generate constant pressure, and even got in on a sack.
  • Josh Sweat got a couple pressures of his own. I wasn’t blown away by Sweat, but I thought he had a respectable showing overall.
  • Treyvon Hester and Hassan Ridgeway both had some strong moments. Could the Eagles keep five defensive tackles?
  • L.J. Fort showed some impressive speed, and you can see why the team went and gave him a multi-year deal in free agency.
  • I’m not sure why Nate Gerry is such a favorite of the coaching staff. Smart guy, sure, but the physical talent just doesn’t seem to be there.

Final Thoughts

The Eagles had such a luxury in Nick Foles as their backup quarterback for the last two years.

In Foles, you had a guy that could step in at a moment’s notice and keep the team at a level where they could still contend. There aren’t really words to justify how much Foles meant to this team over the last two years.

Now, the backup quarterback position is a concern.

While Sudfeld isn’t down for the season, he’s likely unavailable for at least a couple of weeks to start the season.

Ideally, Carson Wentz will simply stay healthy, and Sudfeld missing a few games won’t even be an issue.

But the idea of the Eagles being one snap away from Cody Kessler is a troubling thought.

For the next week, there’s going to be a lot of painful talk about who the Eagles could/should sign until Sudfeld returns. And the reality is, the team will probably just stand pat with what they’ve got.

At this point, you’re not going to bring a big-name guy in off the streets and ask him to hold a job for about a month and a half. If Sudfeld’s injury was a season-ender, it’s a much different conversation, but right now this is bunch of racket about what could amount to two weeks of Kessler serving as Wentz’s top backup.

Even in a worst case scenario where Kessler was forced into action in one of those two games, win or lose, it would be early enough in the season that a loss wouldn’t doom the team’s prospects.

Let’s just take a deep breath, relax, and brace ourselves for three more weeks of Kessler/Thorson-heavy preseason football.

10 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Titans

  1. Didn’t see the Game, just some highlights,
    So I can’t comment about any Players.
    It’s a real shame about Sudfeld’s Injury who appears to have a good understanding of the Offense and could have really used these Pre-Season Games/Summer Camp and Playing time with the #1 & 2’s to be fully entrenched as the #2 QB behind Wentz..
    Now Cody Kessler will get more reps and time
    And hopefully can elevate his game to be that Back-Up to Wentz to Stsrt the Season..
    These Summer Camp/Preseason Reps are critical for any Back-Up QB’s Development for once the Season Starts its more about Game Planning and Installs during the Practice Week then working on your mechanics and rhythm, footwork, etc, etc.
    The biggest thing that jumped out to me from the Game was that the 3 Titan QB’s combined for a 70% Completion Rate against the Eagles Pass Defense
    I understand that it’s base Defense and game planning with lots of young Players playing which was the same for the Titans offense but 70% is very high and the Eagles have some work to do in defending the Pass
    From the Highlights it appeared the Titans really attacked and exposed the middle of the field at the LB-Safety Level in the Birds Defense . We’ll see how they do as Camp/Pre-Season Games moves forward
    The other disappointing Stat from the Game was the Eagles not being able to run the Ball effectively much (17 Carries for 37 Yards for 2.2 YPC Average) which tells me that holes/running lanes were just not being created me up front by the OL

  2. Paul… not seeing players has never stopped u from commenting!
    As for Sudfeld… the most popular player, especially in Philly is always the back up QB… it means nothing at this point… 6 weeks puts him back in game 2 or 3… non throwing hand doesn’t keep him out of walkthroughs etc…
    other NFL news, I’d like to hear from Doomy Gloomy about his beloved AB who he wanted in here, I’d also like to hear from the poster who said we’ve never replaced that scumbag McCoy

  3. Bring back Sammy Sleeves, Mailata is developing, just needs more time. Dillard’s a stud, like Sendejo, Fort out of position at times, but still better than Gerry. Just concerned about all the players sitting out, not practicing, banged up. Gonna start the season needing to knock some rust off.

  4. Now Lane and Goedert will be “week-to-week”. Oy Vay, that is not good. The D is going to be a sieve early on. Atlanta will be a tough challenge in Week 2. Need Bradham back ASAP! Howie really needs to consider adding a LB somehow. We have no playmakers there. Look at how Dallas has held together that otherwise forgettable D with two stud linebackers. The pass rush will not be what is has been over the past two years, leaving the LBs and DBs under attack.

    1. Creepy- birds injury report looks about like every other team in the league… a veteran with a hang nail is sitting, a young player who the team deems good has a boo boo is sitting… increasingly preseason is only to determine the final roster spots… the rest of it ZZZzzzzzz

  5. Watched the Replay on the NFL Channel ..
    Not very good Football, O-Line pass protected pretty well but got little movement or holes opened in the Running game..
    Young WR’s disappointed overall outside of Michel’s big 75 Year Catch and run which was impressive… LB’s were a step behind on most Plays, New Safety J Cyprien was active and will help this Defense as he gets more acclimated to the System and may end up seeing him on the field as a LB often in passing situations until they get Kamu back
    Lot of work to be done and coach Coaching moments and tape to work with

  6. Damn Phillies Blowing it again…
    Now in 5th Place for the Wild-Card Race…
    A critical Week coming up and play 27 of their next 45 Games versus Playoff Contending Teams
    I believe they fall Short and Finish with about
    80-82 Wins Total which will miss the Post-Season/Wild-Card Spot by 3-4-5 Wins

    1. The Phillies publicly said “Groom arms from within, hire bats as needed”… this sounds like a good policy. Buying 30 year old pitchers for 6-8 years at $25-30 per year typically turns into a “bad deal”… however they have failed to develop arms…. their young right handers have great talent but haven’t developed. I’m not sure why.
      As for this year…. the Cutch injury killed their lineup and the injuries in the BP have devastated the pitching…
      there will be changes, some small ones maybe coming today

  7. Eflin,Velasquez, Pivetta and other Young Pitchers have all stayed the same or regressed with their development and appear to be nothing but arms instead of becoming quality MLB Pitchers.. You have to look at the Pitching Coaches throughout the Phillies System. Whose down in the Minor Leagues
    that gets called up who doesn’t get shelled and appear overwhelmed at the MLB Level..
    I Just don’t see many Quality Arms throughout the Phillies System that are near MLB Ready .. They are what they are, a .500 Team..

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