Eagles Have Reason To Be Concerned About QB Situation

The injury to Nate Sudfeld has everybody talking about the Eagles backup quarterback situation and rightfully so.  Today at Eagles practice, veteran quarterback Cody Kessler was taking the reps with the second team.  He executed the plays, but clearly his arm is nowhere near as strong as Sudfeld’s or Carson Wentz’.  NFL defensive secondaries won’t be as concerned about the deep ball to DeSean Jackson if Kessler is the Eagles quarterback.

I don’t think it is a stretch to be concerned about the Birds quarterback situation.  Birds head coach Doug Pederson no longer has Nick Foles on the roster and the new backup quarterback, Sudfeld, who knows the offense and was comfortable running it, is not out for a couple of months. That could leave our future in the hands of Mr. Kessler.

I hear some fans saying they’re sure that Wentz, the Eagles franchise quarterback won’t get injured. I don’t know why they’re so confident.  Wentz is an outstanding young quarterback with huge potential, but he is injury-prone.  Yes, he without a doubt injury-prone.  The former North Dakota State star has suffered injuries throughout his college career and he’s been hurt at some point in each of his first three seasons in the NFL.  That injury history equals injury-prone. Hopefully, he’s able to avoid any injuries this season.

To make it plain, the Eagles quarterback situation isn’t good right now.  The Birds lost Foles in the off season, now after just one preseason game, they lose Sudfeld.  This also makes me feel that Sudfeld doesn’t have the durable body to take the NFL level of pounding. He falls on his arm one time and his wrist is broken.  It didn’t seem like his fall was a big deal, but his wrist is broken.

The organization can’t be happy about this situation because nobody would be shocked if Wentz were to be injured at some point during the season.  If he goes down while Sudfeld is hurt, we will be depending on Kessler to execute this offense and lead this team to the playoffs.  Kessler has been mediocre at best in his NFL career and he’s still learning the Eagles offense.  We will see a tremendously talented offense being led by a quarterback, who is barely in the NFL.

Pederson and Howie Roseman can be thrilled about having such an average to below average quarterback running such a talented ball club. All the work that Roseman and his staff did to put together such a talented team, then to be forced to put this talented group under the guidance of Kessler.  Hopefully, he can get the ball into the hands of the team’s playmakers.

Stay healthy Wentz, please stay healthy.  Howie Roseman get on the phone and get us some help.

6 thoughts on “Eagles Have Reason To Be Concerned About QB Situation

  1. A couple of Trade Partners if the Eagles don’t feel that Cody Kessler is a quality Back-up to Wentz

    Matt Moore of the Dolphins is behind Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen
    Chad Henne is the Chiefs is behind Mahomes and 2 Young QB’s that the Chiefs are high on for their back-up Role
    Are any of these QB’s better than Kessler ? Who Knows ? but they do have NFL Experience

    There may be other QB’s out there by the end of Pre-Season but if Sudfeld is due to return by Week #4 (Late September) then they Eagles may just sit tight and hope that Wentz remains healthy and ride with Kessler until Sudfeld Returns

  2. G, you called it. Eagles making the best out of a good situation. Sudfeld is unproven and McCown will have a much better chance of keeping the Birds on track if Wentz were to go down for 3-4 weeks. Thorson is practice squad bound. Bye, Cody.

  3. Ok… here we have it, the FIRST proclamation that McGown is the savior of our hopes and dreams…. most popular man in philly is ALWAYS the back up QB.

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