Changes The Eagles Must Make

The Eagles are going to need to make some serious changes going forward, if they are going to beat the Dallas Cowboys and accomplish their team goals in the 2019-20 NFL season.

It begins with finding a way to start fast offensively. They saw what it means to start fast last Sunday in Minneapolis, when they found themselves trailing 10-0 and then 24-3.  The Vikings jumped on them before they had the chance to put on their helmets.  Minnesota put together a long, effective drive that culminated with a touchdown pass from Kirk Cousins to Adam Thielen on a double move versus Sidney Jones.  The series started with Cousins throwing a quick four or five yard route to Stefon Diggs on the first play from scrimmage.

We’ve got to see this type of start from our offense.  They need to come out like they did many times in the 2017 season with an offense that’s on the attack.  I think Carson Wentz needs to work on calming himself at the beginning of games.  It seems like he gets so hyped up at the beginning of games that his passes seem to sail high in the first half.   He needs to get calmer and more relaxed.  I think as he gets into the game his passes become more accurate, but that’s got to occur sooner going forward.

Head coach Doug Peterson and offensive coordinator Mike Groh need to do a better job of designing and calling the first 15 plays at the beginning of games.  I think they need to go to their “Go To” plays at the beginning games. They’ve got to be more effective with the design of the plays and the strategy in calling them.  Next up the offense must go out there and execute the plays.

It would help to get DeSean Jackson back out there to open up the field, but we’ve got to see a better and more effective plan going forward, whether Jackson is out there or not.  Defenses are emphasizing taking away Zach Ertz as a target for Wentz.  The presence of Jackson will make that impossible for safeties because the speed of number 10 will force the safeties to stay deep.  Going forward the Eagles must have more than one or two receivers with deep speed.  Are they shocked that the 32-year old Jackson has already missed five games?

The offensive line needs to get more effective in the run blocking for Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders in the first drive.  The left side of the line Jason Peters and Isaac Seumalo must step up their game.  It might be time for the Eagles coaching staff to sit down Peters and make Andre Dillard the starter, because it looks like we’re headed back into the 2018 season with Peters taking himself out of every game.  Are they shocked that the 37-year old Peters is taking himself out of games again this year?

In the Minnesota game, the Birds ran it three times a row, but were unable to get the first down, so they had to punt.  They were one-yard short.  They can’t let that happen again on their first drive while on the road, if they’re going to be a dominating offense.  Everybody who plays a part in the running game, must do a better job early in the first quarter.

The Eagles defense must also get going earlier.  In nearly all the team’s games this season, the Birds defense has let the other team drive for a score in the first quarter.  They do a good job versus the run, but their pass defense is atrocious.   Our cornerbacks, Avonte Maddox, Ronald Darby, Rasul Douglas and Sidney Jones must play with more confidence and stop playing ten yards off the receiver.

They must learn to move around before the snap, so the quarterback doesn’t know where you’re going to be at the snap of the ball.  They must mix things up.  Right now, they’re giving the opponents too much credit.  Right now they’re playing scared.  Come out there with some swagger and confidence.

We also can’t have defensive backs blowing assignments or getting beaten deep for touchdowns.  Even our veteran safeties Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod played poorly against the Vikings.

If you are playing in an NFL secondary you are going to get beaten and it’s going to happen numerous times, even if you’re the best that ever played the game.   You’re going to be “The Hunter” or “The Hunted”.  You’ve got to refuse to be “The Hunted” by assuming that every time the ball goes in the air, it’s yours.  You’re going to get beaten but you must show up every week prepared to compete. You’ve got to play with confidence and a swagger.   You’ve got to be ready to play hard and aggressive all the time.

You must have a short memory if you’re going to play in the secondary in the NFL because you will be beaten.  That’s the way the game is designed.  That’s okay as long as you’re prepared, you’re confident and you’re on the attack.  If you’re on the attack you’re going to get interceptions and turnovers that are going to equal everything out.

It’s not just the secondary that is the problem.  Our pass rush has been pathetic for most the season thus far other than the New York Jets game.  Brandon Graham registered a sack, but that was it when it came to pressure on Cousins. We are just not getting the consistent pass rush pressure from Graham, Derek Barnett, Fletcher Cox and the rest of the crew.  This must improve or the secondary is going to get roasted.

I want them to give back up defensive end Daeshon Hall a chance to play on third downs.  I would move Graham inside to tackle on third downs and give Hall a chance to show us what he’s got outside at defensive end.  They need more speed going around the corner.  Hall has the speed. Let’s turn him loose.  What do we have to lose?

The Eagles must make these changes immediately, so they’ll be ready to beat the Cowboys and take the lead in the division.

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25 thoughts on “Changes The Eagles Must Make

  1. Keeping it real here G cobb, our season is teetering with nfc losses piling up as the leaves turn colors . We needed a bold move organizationally and jalen goes to the nfc rams . Howies magic dust has been on mothballs? Schwartz is scheming as if he has cover guys ; he doesn’t ? When teams can play pitch and catch , you either admit you must take risks or something bad will always happen. In the minny game it was all on full display how bad our vaunted dee line (except graham ) who’s balling. Cox is mia as are the front office we signed peters who can’t go 60 minutes and sproles and djax who can’t suit up? There’s plenty more blame too spread. Dallas is not an opportunity; it’s a mandate. Seasons are razor thin n opportunity for redemptions. It is no longer an option to play piss poor. It’s a good thing it’s on prime time, as both teams are going to be at a crossroads. Who emerges will have likely survived, rather than repositioned themselves with distinctive play

  2. 1 Player like J Ramsey or a Patrick Peterson is not going to make a real difference for this Defense
    Eagles relied on too many aging Players to come in and make a Difference instead of grooming Younger Players with upside…. The LB Corps is among the Weakest in the NFC, The DE’s are not Getting Consistent Pressure, The CB’s are playing on their Heels and Good Offensive Teams/QB’s will continue to attack the Secondary outside the Numbers to pick on the CB’s they Have and/or with those crossing/shorter intermediate Routes to expose the Weak Pass Coverages by the LB’s
    Offensively, the Left Side of the Eagles OL is Weak, No Big Play Capability from the Outside WR’s Groups with D-Jax out, and Teams are taking away Z Ertz and letting him catch those 4-5-6 Yard Routes and then tackling him..
    Eagles Need much more out of Agholor/Hollins who have both disappointed, more from Goedart going down the field more down the seams to stretch the Defense and Better Pocket Awareness and getting the Ball out Quicker form QB Wentz which is tied to some of Pass-Protection issues of Suemalo/Peters on the Left Side
    They need to turn it around this Week versus another desperate Team in the Cowboys , if they Drop this one with upcoming Games versus the Bills,Bears,Patriots and Seahawks, it may be over for them in terms of making the Post-Season

    1. Funny flip flop man…. in August “very strong roster”… now you are saying adding 1 player (all pro) at your weakest position of a “very strong roster” won’t help? So let me get this straight adding a guy who may actually end up being your BEST player to a very strong roster makes no sense to you?

  3. I have gone back and forth on the Ramsey thing. I’m of the opinion that draft picks are a bit over rated. He would make an immediate difference. He takes away half the field therefore making the rest of the DBs cover half.
    Many people myself included were a bit blinded by the “deep roster” of play makers. Part of the playmaker thing was the over rated D Jax, the thought the Whiteside was going to be a red zone beast, Goddard was going to be identical in the passing game as Ertz.

  4. I’m not a Ramsey Fan at all and Happy the Eagles didn’t Trade 2-3 Picks for him.. but that’s just me
    Eagles Definitely need Help at CB (maybe a Patrick Peterson, Chris Harris, X Howard) but this Defense is not just one piece/player away from stopping any Good NFL Offenses/QB’s in 2019

    1. So it is a widely held opinion among football people that he is the best corner in the game….so you have to ask 1. Will he make you better..yes 2. Will he make you better than 2 very ,ate round firsts. Almost certainly.
      As for them being too far away I call absolute BULL SHIT… they are playing for first in the division with a win over Green Bay and hopefully one over Dallas both away. That and things haven’t gone their way… bad drops etc.. a shot in the arm like this, a couple guys get healthy…. a home playoff game or two…. worth it. Get a couple players back, maybe Dillard takes over at LT and his athleticism takes over, your thin DBs all of a sudden get healthy plus add an all pro, sanders hits his stride, a WR catches a ball…. you don’t get many opportunities to get a player like that.

      1. In typical “Fan Passion” you don’t mention once about something called the salary cap. This guy will command $100 million in about a year. We have Cox and Wentz already on $100 million contracts. I guess all the backups will now be undrafted rookies. Then when Ramsey gets injured, what happens?

        You have to be able to see past Friday as a GM.

  5. They’ll Get better as a Defense as they get healthy but it may be too little too late and without a Consistent and Solid Pass Rush, its not going to matter whose playing CB.. On Offense I just don’t see enough Big Play Capacility from their WR Group, to scare anyone when on Offense and Wentz has to do a better job of getting it out quicker and more accurately earlier in Games
    I’m not sure how this OC Mike Groh is doing, but there seem to be some strange Play Calls and many of the same Plays/Formations run over and over

    1. FIRST ROUNDER Agulor catches a wide open pass and they are 4-2 going into this weeks game with a chance to go 2 games up with 2 big road wins– nah– they are closer than people think — they have flaws as does just about everyone in football–
      speaking of first rounder Agulor it is why J Ramsey would have made sense– kinda like trading Barnett and Agular for him….

      1. Aglohor catches that Pass versus the Falcons with 2 + Minutes left does not Guarantee and Victory as
        The Falcons would have received the Ball Back with all their Time Outs only needing a FG to Tie ot a TD to Win so no Guarantee Victory on that Play..

        I hate when Fans play the Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda Bull Shit, the Eagles are what they are, which is an average Team at Best and Currently sit with a 3-4 Record with 4 Losses in the NFC Conference already
        and who is slowly letting their Season and Locker Room fall apart…

  6. Not even Close HAC,
    The Eagles will lose to the Cowboys tonight,
    also to the Bills, Patriots and Seahawks with their only Win at Home Over the Bears to be 4-7 by late November basically being out of any Playoff Race

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