The Eagles Are Going To Trade For Denver’s Chris Harris

Photo by:  Justin Edmonds/Getty Images –  I guarantee you that the Eagles are going to trade for Denver Broncos cornerback (slot corner) Chris Harris before the NFL trade deadline.  I don’t know the details of the trade, but it’s going to occur.  I think he’s a great fit for the Birds because he won’t be an expensive acquisition in terms of draft picks and players, but he will be a fantastic addition to the Eagles secondary because of his competitive spirit.  The Eagles need him desperately because their cornerbacks must do a better job of competing for the football when it is in the air.  He is exactly what the doctor ordered.

In fact, it is a good trade for both teams because the Broncos have very little hope of doing anything this year and Harris, who is 30 years old won’t likely be playing when Denver goes through they rebuild.  He’s still one of the best slot corners in the NFL because of his speed, toughness, savvy and competitiveness.

Being a former NFL linebacker, I loved watching Harris and the Denver defensive crew take over the NFL during their Super Bowl year in 2015.   Truth of the matter is that they accomplished something that only a few defenses, like the 1985 Chicago Bears and the 2000 Baltimore Ravens have done.  They put a mediocre offense on their back and carried them to a Super Bowl title.  Harris was a key member of that team and they generated offense for their Broncos squad that year by stopping the opposing offense and scoring themselves by forcing turnovers.

In 2011, Harris was an undrafted free agent out of Kansas for the Broncos.  He starred on Denver’s most recent Super Bowl Championship team at the slot corner position.  He knows what it takes to play dominating defensive football.  Harris and that Denver crew smother opposing offenses and almost dared them to even snap the football.  They were intimidating with a capital “I”.  It’s not easy with today’s passing interference rules for a defense to carry an offense to a Super Bowl title.   The Eagles need to add a Harris-type of player to their football team especially on their defense.

This former Kansas Jayhawk knows about the importance of going after the football when it is in the air.  The one thing I want to see the Eagles cornerbacks start doing is going after the football when it is in the air and playing like it’s their football.  It’s anybody’s ball, but you have to make “causing turnovers” your mindset, rather than I’m going to be beat for a touchdown .  If they make some quarterbacks pay for throwing the ball their way, the quarterbacks will be forced to respect them and it will slow down those passing attacks against the Eagles.

I love the way Harris goes after the football when it’s in the air, or when he strips it out of the hands of a ball carrier.  He plays defensive football the way you are supposed to play it.   Harris has a streak of seven-straight years with multiple interceptions.  He is the only NFL cornerback who has picked at least two passes in each campaign since the 2012 season.  That would qualify him as a ball hawk and that’s just what the Eagles need.


57 thoughts on “The Eagles Are Going To Trade For Denver’s Chris Harris

  1. Hey G- Why would you risk your reputation reporting that you guarantee this trade is going to happen. Not one other credible source can confirm what you are saying. Is it really worth it to say this? Just curious.

  2. Why Bother, The 2019 Season is Over after a Tonight
    The Eagles will lose to the Bills next Week,
    and then lose at Home to the Patriots and Seahawks putting them 4-7 basically knocking them out of making the Playoff..
    They Don’t Deserve it yo be Honest !!

  3. So far you and Doug are embarrassing when it comes to guarantees. I guarantee that the season is over. Sad to watch , a once great organization idle while others are making impactful moves.

  4. I’m not going to spew about this , as the rants on this page are going to be fine with out my opinion. I’m discussing the fact that quitters , and players are going to be accepting the full responsibility, for what was a national embarrassing moment in Eagle Lure. Organization wise , you drafted a left tackle , to be honest , can’t at the moment play. You drafted receivers first agholor who we’d assume we knew , and he can’t play. So we reward him, whiteside, wins jump balls, oops wrong sport. It’s a blessing there are only 16 games in a season #quitters

  5. Rosters to Make after this 2019 Disappointing Season
    Release/Trade Do Not Resign – RB Darren Sproles, LT Jason Peters, WR Nelson Agholor, DE Vinnie Curry, DT T Jernagin, LB N Bradham, CB Darby, CB Sydney Jones, CB O Scandrick

    Add 2 WR’s, 2 OL, 2-3LB , 3-4 LB’s, 2-3 CB’s and 2 Safeties thru the Draft/Free-Agency

    Do not Trade any 2020/2021 Draft Capitol in an attempt to salvage a lost 2019 Season as the Eagles are way behind the leaders of the NFC in terms of Talent and Coaching and Level of Play from the Saints,49ers,Packers,Seahawks, Vikings,Rams,Lions,Panthers,Bears and now the Cowboys
    Start Building for the Future and Stop with these 1 Season Stop-Gap Signings with the hope to catch lightning in a Bottle with a Roster with Older,Aging Players… Build a Roster of Young Talent to surround Wentz with now so that this Offense can grow together as it’s become so predictable and stale these last 2 Years…

    Coaching Staff – OC Mike Groh, OL J Stoudtland and WR Coach all need to be looked at closely
    How many Young OL have been Developed with/by Stoutland that have improved ? Big V is probably about the only one who has actually improved .. Issac Suemalo has been disappointing more often than not, Other Young OL have not progressed as that well Jordan Malatai, Matt Pryor ? This Year’s Veteran OL have all taken a Step back, RG Brandon Brooks is playing well but thats about it …

    Defense – Maybe a New DC and Staff with a Different System may be needed , Unfortunately the Injuries is just killing this side of the Ball, but the Secondary Pass Defense has been an issue for years (ever since Bills HC Sean McDermott, was a Secondary Coach under Jimmy Johnson)
    The LB’s Corp is just the weakest Group in the NFL – Bradham, Gruerger Hill and Greary ? Play some of these Young LB’s like Edwards and Singleton and see what they got
    The D/Line needs Help at DT, DE and the Eagles need to start Playing these Younger DL (Sweat, D Hall, S Miller) and see what they have as V Curry, T Jernagin, time is probably up with Graham, M Jackson not far behind either
    Safety Position needs addressing as well with the 3 Safeties all over 30 Years Old Now
    Last Draft was the Deepest Safety Class in Years and the Eagles failed to add a Young one to Develop in the 2nd/3rd Rounds but will have to address this Position sooner rather than later
    GM Roseman and Front Office need to do better in keeping these Early Round Draft Picks and have to add impactful Players in those Top 3 Rounds.

    Eagles also need to get in a QB Coach who Wentz will genuinely work with for his Mechanics have gotten worse and worse to longer he’s been playing … I don’t think he has the Respect of his Teammates or the Locker Room.. I’m not sure why, but it just doesn’t seem that the Team (OL & Receivers) play as hard for him as they did for Nick Foles and its most of the same Players.. somethings missing , thats for sure

  6. and Keep those 2020/2021 Draft Picks for the Eagles may actually be Drafting in the Top 10-12 Draft Slots this coming Draft so these will be Valuable Picks to keep and rebuild this aging Roster

  7. C Harris is 30 Years Old Making $12 Million for 2019 Season and has lost a Step and then becomes a Free Agent…
    No Thank You ..

    1. Fraudman u continue to show little or no sense in the GM world…. 1. Money means less than zero. Talking about how much the guy makes for the remainder of the season is ABSURD 2. Any help they can get for the remainder of the season is equally as ABSURD 3. After LESS than half a season and having 3 wins and talking about a LOST season is ABSURD… it’s the NFL and the league was built on how Important each game is… they have 9 more.
      In this case it would probably be a trade involving flipping 6 and 7 round picks…

      1. Obviously a professional in the nfl NEVER bows to what stupid fans like fraud thinks… that said they look horrible… an embarrassing mess— can they turn it around … certainly… is there any reason to think they will…
        they seem like a dysfunctional mess… good news is I don’t have to be glued to the tv

  8. QB Wentz Career Record is Now at 26-21 in 47 Games He’s Started in the NFL !!!
    Franchise QB ? I’m not Sold one bit and never have been …
    What’s Wentz’s versus the Cowboys?
    Also,He has Zero Playoff Appearances !! Zero!!

    1. P. Manning was 32-32 first 4 years, Brees was 10-17 his firs 2, Eli was 20-19, A. Rodgers 17-15, more over reaction from the fraud.
      There is obviously a funk over this team-

  9. Not an Over-Reaction at all, Teams get Re-Built much sooner these Years and not like 10-15 Years Ago when these above Franchise QB’s started Playing .. Look at the Quick Turnarounds that Teams like the Chiefs, 49ers, Bills, Bears, Ravens have had when going with young QB’s at the helm, hell even the Cardinals are .500 this Season …
    If the Eagles and Pedersen truly believe that Wentz is the Franchise QB, then why not have Game Plans thjat allow him to be more aggressive instead of treating him with Kid Gloves.. We’ve seen 3-4 times in the last 2 Games on 3rd and 4/5 Yards to go and they Run the Ball ? Let your Franchise QB make Plays or at least give him the opportunity to do so !! The Only Way the Eagles were going to compete vs the Vikings & Cowboys the other night is to let Wentz outplay these other Teams QB’s and Out-Score them.. The Eagles don’t have the Defense in 2019 to play opponents close to the vest and attempt to Win Games at the end, Open it up and Let it Rip which should be the Strategy/Game Plan moving forward versus their next 4 opponents that all have Top 10 Defenses in the NFL in Bills,Bears,Patriots and Seahawks
    It’s almost the Coaching and Game Plans/PLay Calls are to take Pressure off Wentz and not put too much on him, but Damn-it, he’s supposed to be the Guy, the Face of the Franchise so let him go out and give him every chance to Win the Games from the Get Go is what I’m talking about and im not talking about Passing 60 Times a Game either, but I am suggesting they take the Kid Gloves off him and let him Play and let him do what he does best

    1. Dummy look at the quick turnaround the eagles had!! Pay attention and stop saying dumb shit just to hate your team…the eagles are text book of a quick turnaround with a young QB… dummy
      As for game plan you have no idea what is in their game plan ZERO

      1. When are they going to Stop Coddling Golden Boy Wentz?
        Until they do, he won’t be anything Special nor will the Team
        You just don’t get it HAC !!

        1. Coddling? What are you talking about? Funny people on here complain Wentz has too much freedom, takes too many hits and you say they are coddling???
          He was headed to an mvp two years ago… coddling what the fuck are you talking about….Carolina moonshine again?
          Again, your grasp of reality is weak. The NFL is a qb league… they are held in a higher regard…. that goes from the best team to the worst

          1. Yes it’s been a QB League for quite some time now and Carson Wentz is really stinking it up in 2019 !! He’s not playing anywhere near a Franchise Level QB… How many 1st Half TD Drivers has he led ? His mechanics are so poor right now that he is Playing like a Rookie and has really regressed!!

            1. funny- again facts vs fraudman fiction.
              Minn- vikings march down the field 7-0
              eagles- 3 run plays (run the ball doug, run the ball)–oops 3 and out
              Min FG
              Eagles- 9 play drive field goal
              Min 62 yd bomb
              eagles turn over on downs
              Min 50 yd bomb (back to back bombs)
              cowboys — eagles starting a nice drive picking up 1st down and Goedert fumble
              cowboys TD
              next drive-johnson gives up a strip sack
              cowboys TD
              game over basically–
              yet its some sort of indictment on carson and coddling>>????

              1. Yes, Wentz has been coddled by the Entire Organization the last 2 Seasons for fear that he may get injured again …
                This 2019 Eagles Defense isn’t stopping any decent NFL Offensive Team/QB or Coaching Staff, so the Eagles may as be as aggressive as possible with their Play Calling and instead, they’ve been the opposite as if their Defense will keep them close by the 4th Quarter !! Farce !!

  10. Fraudman I believe has floppped again and now abandon the run? Aggressive play calls…. was it an aggressive call when Wentz hit Assolar in stride to win the falcons game? Oh wait he dropped it… Carson’s bad… he was too fucking coddled. Was it coddling when Wentz threw a perfect ball last week that would have hit Assolar in the hands had he bothered to put them out, Wentz didn’t see it cuz he was being coddled by a 300 lb lineman
    Oh and BTW… if you go through the list of NFL teams 25 or 26 of them would trade their QB for Carson and his team friendly deal…TODAY…. oh and theyd coddle him too

  11. So the Patriots, Packers,Seahawks, Chiefs, Steelers (with Big Ben) ,Ravens,Vikings,Rams, Cardinals,Saints (with Brees) ,Falcons, Lions, NY Giants, Indy Colts, Houston Texans and LA Chargers would all Trade their Current QB’s for Carson Wentz.. That’s about 1/2 the NFL i just listed … Your saying 25/26 Teams would Trade, GTFOH HAC !!

  12. The only teams that would NOT trade their QB straight up:
    Chiefs, Seahawks, Houston, I will say cardinals and the stupid cowboys
    Ben old, Brady ancient, brees ancient
    If u think colts want Brissett over Wentz it shows how stupid u really are! Rivers, Goff??STFU

  13. J Brissset (Age 26 – 6 Games Played) 134 out of 206 for 65 % Completion % – 6.7 Yards Average Per Completion – 14 TD’s 3 Int’s – Sacked 7 Times and 3 Fumbles. His Record is 4-2 and QB Rating is 101% and will Earn $30 Million over the next 2 Season for the Colts and Runs Frank Reich’s Offense very well and doesn’t force the Ball and Spreads it out

    C Wentz (Age 26 – 7 Games Played) 147 out of 240 Passing Attempts for 61 % Completion % – 6.9 Yards Avg per Completion 13 TD’s 4 Int’s – Sacked 13 Times with 2 Fumbles . His Record is 3-4 and a QB Rating of 94 % and will Earn approx $140 Million over the next 5 Years with Approx $108 in Guaranteed $$.. Wentz is struggling with mechanics,leadership and forces too many balls to the same 2 Receivers (Ertz/Jeffrey) too often.

    Yes I can really see Frank Reich and Colts GM Ballard wanting Wentz over Brisset… GTFOH

      1. Since 2018 Season

        Carson Wentz is 8-10 with Zero Playoff Appearances trying to lead a fractured Club/Lockeroom
        Meanwhile, Jacoby Brissett takes over the Starters JOB on very short notice after the surprising Retirement Announcement of Andrew Luck just before the Season starts and has transitioned himself and helped lead the Colts Organization on a pretty good Playoff path to the 2019 Playoffs

  14. Brisket took over a horrible team 3 years ago when Luck was injured for the Seadon
    I believe they Traded with the Patriots for him and he was starting a week-10 Days Later on a bad Team
    Meanwhile Golden Boy, 2nd Overall Pick and Franchise QB HAC underperformed the last 2 Years, that’s the reality of the situation
    Give me an ascending Player who can run a system and demonstrate leadership under fire as opposed to a coddled, overrated and over-hyped Player like Wentz who has been given everything without really earning it yet!!
    Take out Wentz magical 8-10 Week Play in October/November of 2017 and he’s been below average overall before and since !!

  15. Paul you should interview to be colts GM… please tape the interview and post here… Paul, “hey I’m on the JB train, he’s our guy for the next ten”…

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