The G. Cobb Birds Report: DeSean Jackson And The Ugly Bears Win

DeSean Jackson finally had his surgery yesterday, now we have to wait six to eight weeks for his recovery.  Who should we blame for this?  Should we blame the doctors?  Should we blame Doug Pederson? Should we blame DeSean Jackson?

Clearly the doctors and Jackson had a hand in this, but what will this mean for the Eagles offense.  They don’t have a deep threat, but they have two outstanding tight ends in Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert.  They have a very good pass receiver in rookie running back Miles Sanders, but the wide receivers aren’t giving us enough.

We need more out of Alshon Jeffery, who dropped three passes in the game and Nelson Agholor, who caught the ball in the Bears game, but didn’t do much in the way of production.

The Birds, who are looking for more production from the wide receiver position, gave retired wide receiver Torry Smith a call and they’re working out former Eagles wide receiver and close friend of Carson Wentz, Jordan Matthews this week.

Should they sign Antonio Brown?  Should they sign a guy who wasn’t able to make it in New England despite the fact that they need receiver help just like the Eagles?  Should they bring a disruptive player like Brown onto the team?

I would definitely bring him in a talk to him.  I would want to find out if he realizes his career is on its last leg.  If he doesn’t straighten up now, his career will be over.  He’s so good that it’s worth the time to bring him in for a meeting.  If he starts “Tripping”, then you get rid of him.

He could have had the surgery seven weeks ago and now be back to full strength. Instead he waited, the Eagles waited, the doctors waited and the trainers waited for DeSean’s injury to improve.  Then after only one catch on a five yard route, DeSean took himself out of the game.

I talk about all of that on my “G. Cobb Birds Report” podcast.  You can check it out right here.

507 thoughts on “The G. Cobb Birds Report: DeSean Jackson And The Ugly Bears Win

  1. It’s No One’s Fault about D-Jax injury, It’s just another exaample of how Father Time catches up with Athletes who have been Playing Sports since they were Kids..
    The Eagles came into the Season with the 3rd Oldest Team by Age (Roseman & Pederson’s Fault) and now Players like D-Jax, J Peters, D Sproles bodies are simply breaking down (Peters/Sproles) have been in decline for 2 + Years and should have never been counted on in the first place.. Just Poor Roster Management by GM Roseman/Coach Pederson , who appear to be too sentimental about certain Players due to past Success but the Eagles really need to build a younger Roster of developing Players around QB C Wentz and especially at the Skills Position, instead of having a Roster with too-many Band-Aids, or aging Players coming off of Injuries/surgeries..
    I believe we are currently seeing a decline with WR A Jeffrey who has little to no explosion and just can’t get any separation to get open any longer, Malcolm Jenkins looks like he’s a 1/2 step behind from where he used to be.. Tim Jernagin can’t be counted on, LB Bradham is starting to get injuries , CB R Darby can’t be counted on, etc..
    If the Eagles don’t convert to a Younger Roster like the Ravens, Saints, ,49ers, Cowboys, Seahawks, Panthers, Texans, Colts, Raiders and how the Patriots always seem to do, then are going to be further and further behind the Top Teams in the NFL

  2. Dtarts with the Draft … Eagles need to do better with their Draft Picks and especially this in the Top 4 Rounds need to be contributors and competing as Starters by Year 2..
    Too Many Recent misses

    2015 Draft – 1st Rd WR N Agholor who is nothing more than a #3/#4 WR on most NFL Teams
    2nd Rd – CB Eric Rowe – Never really got a chance it seemed with the Eagles
    3rd Rd – LB Jordan Hicks – Had Injuries while in College (U Of Texas) which continued right into his NFL Career

    2016 Draft – All About QB C Wentz Trading up to get your Future QB left Eagles with not many Selections

    2017 Draft – 2nd Round CB Sideny Jones has been a Bust and needs a change of Scenery
    3rd Rd CB R Douglas has done pretty well though i believe he would be better at Safety for he lacks the explosive Speed to stay with Outside Recevevers
    4th Rd WR M Hollins, A complete disappointment and not sure why he ever made the 53 Man Team 4th Rd – RB Donnell Pumphrey – another miss and the Eagles Traded up to actually Select him !!!

    2018 Draft – Traded out from 1st Round with Ravens who Selected MVP Candidate QB L Jackson and Selected TE D Goedart in the 2nd Round, Selected Avonte Maddox in the 3rd who are both good looking Prospects and hope to see then do even more . 4th Round Selection DE Josh Sweat has some potential as a Rotational DE

    2019 Draft – 1st Round – OT A Dillard – should be a 8-10 Year fixture as Starting LT by 2020,
    2nd Rounds Selections RB M Sanders will be productive and has shown flashes, no he will not be a bell-cow RB in the mold of a A Barkley, E Elliot, C McCaffrey, N Chubb, etc, etc but get him 8-10 Carries with 5-6 Catches a Game and he will make some Big Plays but will need to be paired with a more Physical RB for those tough Yards and share the load at RB
    2nd Round PIck JJAW has yet to do much during the regular Season after having a good start in Summer Camp/Pre-Season and should be a solid #3 WR at the NFL Level.. (Ii would have went Safety or LB here or even Speedster WR Paris Campbell instead of JJAW, but all water under the bridge now)
    4th Round Pick DE Shariff Miller is basically being Red-Shirted as Josh Seat was the Year before and needs to get bigger/stronger ad work on his technique before he really contributes much, but i see him more of a OLB in a 3-4 Scheme than a hands down in the dirt true DE in a 4-3 and could develop into a Rotational DE by next Season
    5th Round Pick – QB C Thorson – A wasted Pick which could have been used for a LB, DB,WR, OL,DL or a Player who could have competed for a Roster/Practice Squad Players for the Future rather than a “Camp Arm” which you can find in the Undrafted Player Pool

    Let’s see how the 2020 Draft Shapes up but Eagles need to get Younger across the OL, WR,DT and Safety Positions and put some Playmakers around QB Carson Wentz

    1. hmmm another suspect post by the fraud- for the record– some of the people you throw Howie under the bus for makes you look foolish- The facts (oh no FACTS)
      After the 53 man cut down day the Eagles roster is 26.6 years – the “always seem to get young”patriots is 27.0– Interestingly some of the other teams you mentioned: Cowboys 26.3, Panthers 26.3, 49ers 25.7, Ravens 25.9 are less than a year younger.
      Better still DUMMY- last years champs (26.8), year before Eagles (26.4), year before Pats 26.1 year before that Broncos 26.3–
      You are throwing out meaningless numbers-

      1. you should have thrown back up QB McNown in there who is 40 —
        Next year when the replace, Peters Sproles, McNown with a 22, 25 and 27 year old they go from 26.6 to 25.9 or so that puts them at about 15-17 oldest– its such a meaningless thing

  3. Funny when assessing the 16 draft you mention Wentz and not much else–of course you fail to mention that in that same draft they got their starting left guard, starting CB and a RB (smallwood) who had decent/mixed production for 3 years– interesting….

    1. I didn’t mention 2016 Draft for they had good production from that Class.. My point on the Eagles Draft;s is that they have “Too Many Misses” with their Early Round Picks (Rd #1 thru #4)

  4. On the Age Factor
    Take a look at the Average Age of Eagles Starters – OL has 4 Players just about 30 or over (Peters,Kelce,Brooks & Johnson) both the #1 & #2 WR (Jeffrey, D-Jax) are 30 + and on their Downside of Careers so 6 Starters were about 30 or older (3rd RB D Sproles)

    Look at original DL where 3 projected Starting DL B Graham, M Jackson,F Cox are all approaching 30 Years old or older in BG case older that 30.. LB N Bradham, is 30, as was Starter MLB Zach Brown, Safeties M Jenkins , R Mcleod, and 3rd Safety A Sendajo are all 30 + and on the downside of their Careers

    So about 13 of the 22 Original Starters (59%) were 29/30 or Older than 30 with key Rotational Players like RB Sproles, Safety A Sendajo increasing that Average . Eagles simply counted on too many aging, injured Players to be the Playmakers for the 20196 Season.. NFL is for No For Long and there is little reason for the Eagles Coaches, Front Office or GM as well as Local Media or Fans to continue to be sentimental about Veteran players who simply cannot Play or Practice Every Week due to long Careers, Its time for the Eagles to get Younger and more Athletic

    1. But the facts are that their average age is actually younger than the Pats, and a month or two higher than the other teams you mentioned

  5. The Eagles are Old,Aging and Injured in too many Places (along the OL and WR and DL Positions)
    I predict that they will not Win or Lose this Weekend … Then lose the next 2 Games to the Pats/Seahawks
    to fall to 5-6 for the Season and then Beat the Dolphins, Cowboys, Split with NY Giants and Beat Redskins
    to finish at 9-7 and a Tie with the Cowboys for the NFC East Crown but will lose out due to Tie-Breakers

    Seahawks is like a Playoff Game and the Do or Die Game for the Season for them

    1. Except For:
      Paulman Returns says:
      September 4, 2019 at 12:53 pm
      A very Strong 53 Man Roster — The LB’s Corp will be Fine when Bradham and KAMU Return and may be a work in Progress the first month of the Season with all the moving parts that they have (Zac Brown/LJ Fort,etc)

  6. Hac. Pman. I think we can all agree that organizationally what they didn’t do at the trade deadline was smart. With a good December they are in the conversation for the playoffs. After this weeks results , the birds will be in a position to beat nfc opponnents in Seattle ,ny twice , Washington and Dallas. That sweep will insure 10 wins , Miami away and getting New England at home may have them at 12-4 on a 7 game streak. Likely they will trip up , and get head to head Dallas as their seasons ending or their catapulted vault to the dance. I’m not sure we’d be better than San Fran or New Orleans? If they find themselves at 11-5 and hosting a wild card , it would be a great opportunity. I’m sure as far as two tight ends and running the ball we will define our personality

  7. I heard someone say on the radio a former GM.. each year 32 GMs are building a super bowl contender but in reality it’s 17-20. 31 fail. The eagles will take a shot each year with Wentz, there is zero compromise…. draft picks are viewed as a “so what” by players… league wide more fail than succeed even more so than are highly significant.
    That said, this years buyers market was apparently out of whack. The eagles went into this year going for it, hence proven players in the upper end of age. Next years roster will have 15 new players .
    As for this year, I like your scenario desert .. a bit improbable but we’ve seen it. Coddled Carson is playing lights out. I heard j. Avant- say that Assolar is running the routes but not running them to get open…his drops over the years has him thinking he doesn’t want the ball! He refuses to make plays.

  8. Good Sunday for the Eagles while on their BYE Week with the Cowboys,Rams,Panthers,Lions all losing from the NFC this Weekend and the 49ers/Seahawks Play tonight and I have to pull the 49ers to win to make the Seahawks record 7-3 for the Season

    Right Now with the 49ers,Saints,Packers, Vikings,Seahawks all with 7 or more Wins, The Eagles need to get on a Winning Streak and are getting Healthy on their DL,LB and Secondary so they should be improved for the 2nd half of the Season, The Big Question on the Offense is at WR, Who is going to make Plays ? Can A Jeffrey get any Explosion back into his legs and game, Can Agholor stayer consistent and focused and can the Eagles get anything out M Hollins, JJAW or Greg Ward or whoever else they bring in to help keep Good Defenses somewhat honest with their Coverages against the Eagles which are relying on their Running Game and Two TE’s which will work versus the lessor Teams but wll need some Plays from the WR Corp versus the better Defenses they will face with the Patriots,Seahawks and Cowboys..

    1. hmmm so the sky isn’t falling?
      OF COURSE NOT- its the NFL– the whole any given sunday thing is always a thing– panicking in week 5-8 is CRAZY! the eagles have flaws- Agular is killing them he is not trying to get open, he has serious fear of going hard at balls in the air– its literally playing offense with one hand tied back their backs!

  9. Paulman’s never too early Eagles Mock 2020 Draft

    1st Round – CB Xavier McKinney – Alabama 6-1″ – 200lbs
    2nd Round – WR Tyler Johnson – Minnesota 6-2″ – 205lbs
    3rd Round – DE Carlos Balsham – Wake Forest 6-5″ – 275lbs

      1. I suppose you think QB Thorson from Northwestern was the BPA in Round 5,when the Eagles Selected him last Drafat .. What a Wasted Pick that was he would have been available as an Undrafted Free Agent for a Camp Arm .. Wasted Asset by Howie , just like moving up from RB D Pumphrey 2 Years ago and just like OT J Malatia 3 Years before..

        1. well since you mock draft about 150 players a year I’m sure all 150 are pro bowlers-
          taking a QB in the 5th round – you take a shot every couple of years on a late round qb and see if it works- they didn’t draft him to be a camp arm- they thought they saw something , Patriots have drafted 6 QB’s in the last 10 years!!!!!!! — 5th round is hardly much of an ‘asset’- J. Malata in the 7th round you are saying is a waste? hmmm I understand they are stashing him and quite high on him- Pumphreys a miss–

          1. you know flip flop in your other post you glossed over the 16 draft (cause it was excellent and you only like to cherry pick the misses) but the 16 draft provided 5-6 players who had pretty good contributions to the SB– of course you conveniently leave that out.
            DRAFT THE BPA!

            1. Eagles only had 4 Picks in 2016 ? How could they added 5-6 Players ?
              Carson Wentz, Issac Seumalo, Wendell Smallwood and H Vaitai (Big V) ?
              2 Starters, 1 Career Back-up and a solid 3rd RB/Special Teamer in Smallwood and who is no longer with the Team…
              Wentz has been Good but not Elite or consistent with his Injury Issues and has really regressed since the 2017 Injury in most observors opinions
              Seumalo is average, in my opinion and still plays “too high” and loses leverage for not keeping his pad level low enough, consistently and Big V is a solid 2-3 Position Back-up and adds versatility to the OL .. You also have to look at all the Picks/Players they gave up to get Wentz at #2
              which is also part of the Equation and a big reason why 3 Years later this current Eagles Team doesn’t have a lot of Young Quality Depth and has to rely on adding aging,injured Players in Free-Agency for More $$$ and who may or may not work out ….

  10. ** Xavier McKinney Plays Safety and not as a CB for the Crimson Tide. some NFL Scouts see him as either Safety/CB at the NFL but most think that he’s so athletic, smart,versatile and aggressive and a very talented Player that he can help any’s Team Secondary and Defense

  11. TB Bucs realease CB Vernon Hargreaves who was the 11th pick in the 2016 Draft and has never lived up to his billing a top notch CB but does have a lot of Talent though some baggage and attitude issues but he’s played for 3 different DC’s at Tampa Bay and appears to be in Current Coaches Arians & DC Raheem Moore’s Dog House ..
    I imagine he will get scooped up pretty quickly so the Eagles may want to take a look at him

    1. Speaking of Hargreaves; here is Gary “I GUARENTEE EAGLES TRADE FOR CHRIS HARRIS” Cobb’s assessment of him:

      Eagles Seven Round Mock Draft 1.0

      Round 1 (Pick 8) – (from the Miami Dolphins)

      Eagles Selection-Vernon Hargeaves, CB, Florida

      The Hargeaves selection will be the result of taking the best player left on the draft board. Hargreaves is a good player, very smooth in the open field. He reminds some of former Gator and now Cleveland Brown Joe Haden with his ability to snatch the football from opposing wide receivers.

  12. Another CB Needy Team, the Houston Texans, Sign the recently released CB Vernon Hargreaves !!
    Eagles must feel good with the Return of Mills,Maddox and possibly the soon return of C LeBlanc to stabilize this Secondary.. Is former 2nd Round PIck Sidney Jones still in the Mix with the Eagles ?

  13. RB Darren Sproles Season and Career is over..
    Best Wishes on a Great Career though he’s been injured the last 3 Seasons and I really don’t understood why the Eagles brought him back for 2019 Season to begin with other than having him pass Tim Brown for 5th All-Time in All -Purpose Yards” which was a big Goal for Sproles but hasn’t really helped the Eagles at all this Season..

  14. With ajayi, back in the fold,implementation of a two tight ends offense, the hopes are that , bellicheat has a smaller amount of space to defend, putting a safety in the box. The birds must occasionally go deep , looking to loosen up the safeties with deep routes and misdirection. I’d expect a ball controlled offense and a rested defensive effort to get brady to move out of the protective pocket. Special teams will be the focal points, in this struggle to get an ugly much needed win at home with russel wilson and a tough nfc opportunity awaiting , the birds need an AR bye week performance

    1. Hey Desrt, the Eagles Offense is not good enough or disciplined enough to be able have 10-12-14 Play Drives consistently and without getting any Big Plays/Chunk PLays from the Outside WR’s, they will be limited to about 16-20 Points a Game, in which you cannot beat the better Teams in the NFL without Scoring more …
      Eagles to Finish 8-8

  15. Who is the worst Philly sports “star”

    Ben Simmons – same player he was today that he was in High school. Absolute Fugazi

    Carson “Jesus freak” went – guys absolutely horrible. Takes 5 seconds to throw every play. Doesn’t throw guys open ever. All around blows

    Alshon Jeffrey – absolutely horrible. Not a #1 at all. Always has mysterious injuries despite nobody ever seeing him get injured.

    Bryce Harper money def at play here. 330 mill for what?

  16. Tough Loss as the Defense played their Asses off today … No Running Game, No Separation by the Outside Receivers where every Pass Attempt is contested and of course a few Drop Balls, But this Offense and QB Wentz is simply not Good Enough against Playoff Caliber Teams/Defenses
    I like the Seahawks over the Eagles next Week
    In another Close Game.l but the Eagles are simply an average NFL Team

    1. Did you watch the game ? I see open receivers followed by high balls , low balls, wide balls. Carson wentz is average at best

    2. I’m not going to sugarcoat the obvious, skilled players make plays. In the start of this season we were picking guys off the street to play corner and safety. Now flip the script and the defense is mostly as constructed, more effective, while the Offense is picking guys off the scrap heap. The original plan was faulty , as we were determined to bring back Sproles, Peters, Jackson, jeffereys, and we whiffed on each one. Howie has culpability and he went from getting lauded as a fiscal GM. None of his moves in re-signing the above mentioned, panned out. This season is depleted by all the birds without wings. Fly eagles fly has been sung way too infrequently.. I’m truthfully concerned , as we are what our record says we are.

      1. Great/Elite QB’s make those around them better, Carson Wentz is a solid,good NFL QB but he is nowhere near and Elite QB , and therefore the average Talent at the Skills Position get exposed for what they are, which is average !!

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