Beating The Giants Isn’t Going To Be Easy For The Eagles

I’m very concerned about this matchup with the Giants.  Some of you already have the Eagles in the playoffs, but you need to slow down because this game against the Giants isn’t going to be an easy one.  The game probably won’t be decided until the fourth quarter because the Eagles don’t have enough big play weapons to put more than 24 points on the board and New York has the ability to score quickly and often.  The Eagles must put together some long drives in order to keep the ball away from the Giants, in order to win this game.  They may have to do it without Zach Ertz.

We talk about the matchups in this game on my G. Cobb Birds Report Podcast

New York has an abundance of weapons, beginning with running back Saquon Barkley, one of the most talented running backs in the league. He ran for 189 yards against the Redskins and caught four passes for another 90 yards.  That’s nearly 279 yards of offense by one player.

Gifted young quarterback Daniel Jones is back from the injury list.  He threw for 346 yards and five touchdown passes, while leading his team to a victory over the Redskins.  He’s probably reading the defensive coverages faster now than he did earlier in the season. This is going to be a challenge for the Eagles.

Our number one weapon through the air is Zach Ertz and he’s got broken ribs.  I’m not sure whether he’s going to be play on Sunday, but I know he’s not practicing this week.  With Carson Wentz leading the way, the Birds have been finding ways to win. Still you have to remember that this offense, which features running back Miles Sanders, tight end Dallas Goedert, wide receiver Greg Ward, but we don’t score a lot of points.  I don’t see the Eagles blowing anybody out because they don’t score enough points to blow a team out.  Sanders will need to outplay Barkley, his former teammate at Penn State

I think the Giants are going to be harder to beat than the Cowboys because their offense isn’t so predictable like Dallas.  It’s very easy to tell when the Cowboys are running the ball because they line up Ezekiel Elliott eight to ten yards deep.  They throw the ball when he lines up next to their quarterback Dak Prescott.  This tip is a huge advantage for a defense, it’s one of the reasons Dallas have been having so many problems winning games.  The Cowboys should develop the zone blocking concept out of shotgun formation.  New York will run outside zone and inside zone running plays, when Barkley lines up next to Jones.

The Eagles defense will need to keep Barkley under control, while stopping the New York passing game, which features wide receivers Golden Tate, Sterling Shepard, and Darius Slayton.  I’m concerned about any time, Barkley gets his hands on the football with room to operate.  They could give him the ball on a passing situations with the Birds defensive line flying upfield.

I’m concerned about Jones prolonging pass plays with his legs.  Remember Redskins rookie wide receiver Slayton burned the Eagles badly a few weeks ago, but he didn’t catch a pass against Washington still the offense ran up 346 yards passing.  Wentz, Sanders, Boston Scott and Greg Ward must all have big games in order for the Birds to get this win.

Defensively, I want to see the Eagles going after the football, by gang tackling and when it’s in the air on pass plays.  The defense will need to be thinking turnovers in order to score as many points as they’re going to need.

We talk about the matchups in this game in my G. Cobb Birds Report Podcast

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