Eagles take Jalen Reagor at 21

As the first round of the NFL draft unfolded, Eagles fans saw the top wide receiver targets fall to within reach. However, the Eagles didn’t move up and saw Jerry Jeudy go to Denver and CeeDee Lamb get selected by their division rival the Dallas Cowboys.

Instead the Philadelphia Eagles stayed at pick 21 and took Jalen Reagor, wide receiver out of TCU.

Reagor a 5’10” receiver is known for his top end speed and big play ability. Once he gets the ball in his hands, Reagor is excellent in the Run after catch. Reagor does an excellent job at navigating all three levels of the field. His quick hips and agile running allows him to gain separation both down the field and on those quick crossing routes. The Eagles needed speed on the outside and they found it in Jalen Reagor.

The Philadelphia Eagles have two picks tomorrow. They pick number 53 and 103.

8 thoughts on “Eagles take Jalen Reagor at 21

  1. Boo!! Terrible Pick at #21 …
    I question his durability and ability to play on the Outside once he faces the more physical, and bigger CB’s of the NFL
    He reminds me of a very poor mans D-Jax but D-Jax became a very good route runner and always had excellent soft hands which I don’t see in Reagor at this time. I also see no help for the running game with any run Blocking downfield as he is not very adept at blocking and kind of shy of contact in general
    Most had Reagor going 10-20 Picks later so the Eagles reached a half round for a smaller speed guy that probably won’t be a 3 Down Receiver in the NFL
    He’s just not physical enough for me
    Meanwhile Justin Jefferson will light it up in Minnesota at #22
    LB Kenneth Murray will be a mainstay at LB for years to come for the Chargers at #23
    I grade this Selection as a “C” for overall Value as Reagor can help some in the Return Game but I don’t see him doing much at WR at the NFL Level
    Eagles will need to Draft at least 2 More

    1. Having played Semi-Pro ball and seeing many college and pro games live AND after seeing JReagor live for three seasons at TCU I can tell you without a doubt that HE WILL E A HUGE PRODUCER for the Eagles and has legit Pro-Bowl potential. His heart and the fact that he balled out as a top RB/WR in high school is what you’re not taking into consideration. I’m not a TCU Homer at al, but I love college football and TCU is 10 minutes away from my home. I too, wished that once CeeDee Lamb dropped to Atlanta that Howie would’ve jumped Dallas to get him. However, watching TCU play Oklahoma for the last couple of years the only real difference between Reagor and Lamb WAS QB play. His heart, running back instincts after he catches the ball and his speed is going to catch a lot of opposing teams defensive backs sleeping. Lamb has the size and may be a bit tougher, but Reagor is a speedster with football speed meaning he has the natural blazing and sudden movement and cat-like quickness that you can’t coach. If the Eagles put him in the right situations HE IS GOING TO BE FIYA!!!

  2. Dallas has a “winning” April as usual Eagles fans cry “kill Howie”…. I’ve heard it year after year. April champions when in fact no one really has any idea what this WR is…. he played with a bad QB his sr year… no one bitching has watch one minute of coaches film, never interviewed him, nothing… nada

    1. Hac. Obviously you don’t want to get too bummmed and normally I’m a half full type of guy,but I have little faith and justifiably so. I’m certain we tried to wheel and deal as lamb fell , I’m just bummed that jerry got his cat ate the canary grin moment. Look they are not interested on the other side of the ball and still have dak too pay So I get that we dipped totally in FA in Dee. LMb was my coveted guy , no delusions, but we have two different pieces to stretch dees and now create open spaces for Doug to play with. O. Punt return we have a Westbrook type of talent for years too come. I just know TO type guys don’t come along too often and lamb seems like that guy. I’d love see us get the next best guys and be agreeable to having guys bigger and faster to fight press coverages. Jerry may have eaten the canary but he still might choke on it in December trying to stop tampa ,San Fran and the likes.

  3. Reagor does come from good genes as his Father played DE for the Indy Colts (Monty Reagor) so he grew up around the Game and yes his Production last year was way down due to playing with a True Freshman QB at TCU who struggled getting the ball out… He does appear to be a good kid,smart and high Football IQ and very
    Coachable besides being a Good Teammate and does bring versatility and speed to the Eagles Offense
    I just don’t see him as a every down Outside WR and see him more of a Slot WR/Hybrid RB, Special Teams Player which I think there are plenty of later in the Draft .. Hope he starts off well and surprises me !!

    I think of Tayvon Austin as a Comparison who was a dynamic PLayer in College but not at the NFL LEvel

  4. Cowboys WR Trio of Cooper, Gallup on the outside with Lamb out of the Slot I’d probably the best WR Corps in all of Football
    Did they need Lamb, of course they didn’t but hard to pass on him at#17 when he was probably on most Teams BPA List as a legitimate Top 10-12 Players
    Kudos to Cowboys for taking him

  5. For those that say they have NO CONFIDENCE in the eagles drafting of players- I once again call BS– by my count 33 of the players on the eagles roster that won a SB were drafted by the eagles or were UDFA signed by the eagles- they do just fine.

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