Eagles Made The Right Decision In Drafting Jalen Hurts

Dec 28, 2019; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Jalen Hurts (1) throws a pass against the LSU Tigers during the first quarter of the 2019 Peach Bowl college football playoff semifinal game. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

I know the selection of Jalen Hurts in the second round shocked a tremendous number of Eagles fans and that’s understandable, but when you step back and look at the Philadelphia Eagles recent history, you can see that this was a wise selection.

Eagles starting quarterback Carson Wentz is everything Doug Pederson and his staff could have wanted in a young franchise quarterback.  He’s hungry to excel.  He’s a leader with courage and a strong arm, who is willing to give his opinion and to push his teammates to the highest level.  He’s willing to do everything necessary in order to be a champion not just to be a good quarterback.

Carson wants to be a champion year after year and even though he did not lead the team through the playoffs to the Super Bowl victory a few years ago, he played a key role in getting that Lombardi Trophy.  He was playing at a MVP level when he was injured in the game versus the Rams.

Entering this draft we all knew that drafting weapons at the wide receiver position was the number objective of Howie Roseman and the Birds Player Personnel staff.  Wentz needs weapons and that’s why they made the #21 first round selection of TCU’s Jalen Raeger.  LSU’s Justin Jefferson was supposed to be the pick, which everybody assumed, but the Eagles rated Raeger higher, so they drafted him.  In the next few years, we’re going to find out which receiver is better, but Raeger definitely can do more things than Jefferson because he’s got the ability return kicks.   He’s got that quick burst of speed and they say he plays faster than his 4.4 forty-yard dash time.  Still Raeger is going to have to prove that he is the better player on the field and we will all be watching.

When you step back from the selection of Jalen Hurts with the 53rd pick in the draft, you can clearly see why they made the pick.  Honestly, if you have been an Eagles fan, since Wentz was selected you know why the Hurts pick was a good one.   Let’s cut to the chase.  The one thing about Carson Wentz that isn’t on the level the Eagles would have wanted from the second pick in the draft is the fact that he gets hurt.  So, as great as Carson has played, clearly one of the requirements for a Carson Wentz team is a good back up quarterback.  If Nick Foles hadn’t been able to step in and play on a MVP level, the city of Philadelphia would still be without a Super Bowl title.

Wentz has been hurt in most of the seasons he has played for the Eagles.  The Birds starting quarterback has proven through his time in the NFL, that he is prone to getting injured.  You cannot deny that fact.  So the team’s backup quarterback is much more important behind Wentz, than the guy behind a quarterback who has a history of never getting injured.   YOU CAN VERY EASILY MAKE THE ARGUMENT THAT THE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT PERSON ON THE EAGLES TEAM BEHIND WENTZ IS THE BACK UP QUARTERBACK!!!

Foles proved that you need to have an outstanding back up quarterback behind Wentz, who can step into a playoff game and lead the team to victory.  The backup quarterback behind Wentz, must have an inner toughness and confidence that can deal with championship type pressure.  This Hurts kid is ready for Philadelphia.  He played at Alabama with Tua Tagovailoa and was able to keep his composure after being benched in a National Title game.  He wasn’t blowing up during situation, which would have been understandable, but he was still a team guy.  Eventually, he transferred out of there, but he was always team oriented. Hurts went to Oklahoma another school with a tremendous history and a lot of pressure to be the starting quarterback and he led them to the Championship Series.

Hurts is a great athlete with a strong arm, along with both outstanding size and speed.  Most of the scouts who evaluated him, believe Hurts has first round talent.  He’s also a tremendous leader, who is a proven winner.  You could easily see why Hurts would be the highest player on the Eagles board at the number 53 pick.

Right now emotionally, Hurts is the type of young man, who could go into a key game with all the pressure of the world on his back and be able to function.  In fact he could not only function, he could excel.  Hurts still have tremendous room to grow as a quarterback with his accuracy and reading defenses, but he has the mental toughness to be in the number two position behind Carson Wentz and ready play.  I can also see the youngster works at his craft and has the intelligence, to quickly learn an offensive system.

I repeat again, Hurts is a winner who has been able to deal with and excel under the pressure of both of the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Oklahoma Sooners.  He led both of these teams with rabid following to the College Football Championship Series.

This kid is mentally and emotionally tough and you know that he can deal with the quarterback changes.  He can deal with the media and not be falling apart.  Amidst all the pressure, he’ll be ready to play when his number is called.  As I said before, whether you like it or not, the number two guy behind Carson has to be a good player and he’s got to be ready to play.

I think selection of Jalen Hurts was a great pick because more than any other player in this year’s draft he would be able to handle playing in Philadelphia as the number two quarterback behind Carson Wentz.  This is a very unique job and Hurts more than any other player is prepared to excel at it.

39 thoughts on “Eagles Made The Right Decision In Drafting Jalen Hurts

  1. G cobb I’m calling bs on this post. Perhaps if you don’t want your qb hurt looking for guys to get open , you take premier talent on the Offensive side of the ball. Give your elite QBs weapons , I’m all for insurance, even in a home you minimize your risks by upgrading your infrastructures. I’ll bet Carson’s upright and reading feed if guys have the skills to get open

    1. Desert I don’t understand…. they have 2 top notch TE, 2 proven veteran receivers who are coming back, a second round WR last year, 1At round WR, a 2 round RB…. assuming hurts is a situational player he is another weapon…. you are usually reasonable….

  2. Eagles have done quality players to Select here at144 & 145

    DE Curtis Weaver or Bradley Anae
    OL Prince Whenabagho or Center T Biadaz

  3. Why did the Eagles help out the Cowboys by trading with them for # 146 , so that they can Draft a Quality Center (Tyler Biadasz) to replace the retired Travis Frederick ?
    Why are they helping a Division Rival?
    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!

    1. Paul you need to your application in to be a GM…it’s all bullshit… these draftees are just names… some will go on to long productive careers, others will contribute for a couple years and be replaced others will be substitute teachers next fall… impossible to know the difference…. especially in the late rounds

  4. Great Size ? Hurts is listed at 6-2, 218lbs …
    I think his Game and Talent is better suited for the CFL or XFL and don’t see a Good Value at #53 taking a Developmental Back-up QB who you hope never sees the field for Carson Wentz
    Is a gadget player who may have a few plays here or there worth a 2nd Rpund Pick
    Heck Jalen Reagor, Greg Ward can do some Gadget Plays for this Offense ?
    What Scouts had Jalen Hurts listed as a 1st Round Talent? Can you name One, as I never saw Hurts listed above a 3rd Round Grade in any publication over this run up to the Draft

    1. While u were reading publications the eagles were interviewing everyone this guy has known… his first grade teacher mentioned his penmanship…. they watch dozens of hours of coaches tape…. you read publications… they meet the player, you read publications.
      They are putting together a team to win in February. You like to win in April…
      I’m one of your 400 mocks you had a QB going early… all positions are important. As you pointed out an early draft on a QB takes away the need to continue continually getting an over priced journeyman each year. You were correct then

  5. One thing completely overlooked by all u man cave GMs… there is a reasonable chance that college FB will be canceled or altered…that leaves drafting in21 a bit fuzzy. Conversely there are a lot of really old QBs in the NFL. What does the QB situation look like this time next year?
    Looks like there is no doubt eagles want to play faster in the future

  6. Great Drafting and moving up and down the Draft Board Today by Howie and the Eagles Group today.. Hats off for and still adding Talent to the Roster Today ..

  7. 10 players chosen … need 3 to be long term NFL players (some impact), 3 to have 4-5 year careers with impact… including special teams,

  8. Excellent pick by howie for the qb. Carson wentz has not in no way shape or form proven himself to be a franchise qb at fucking all. He has proven he can get hurt and that’s about it. It doesn’t matter anyway their won’t be football this season.

    Ps paulman is dumb as fuck

    Ppps the POTUS has recommended nuking hurricanes and mainlining bleach. America is so fucked

    Pppps epstein didn’t kill himself

  9. They added a lot of Speed, Athleticism and Good Competition across the WR,LB & Secondary with their Additions today including WR Grissom from the 49ers, who when healthy, can make some Plays
    I like the OL they added who are versatile and received good Coaching while at Auburn so they’ll have some good techniques/foundation coming in
    The LB’s are raw but have potential to compete..
    In the Undrafted Free-Agency group, they add to the RB,TE, DL to add youth and competition
    Now the key is get last years Draft/Rookie Class in Dillard,JJAW, TJ Edwards and maybe even a Sidney Jones to take the next step and compete as Starters
    All the Players are quality and smart Kids
    I give this Overall Draft a solid B on paper
    after a great day today

    1. Dumb to grade… 12 hours ago you begrudgingly gave a D… now after some Low level prospects I give a B… dumbest flip flop , throw shit against wall statement ever…
      10 picks if 7 make the team and contribute, 2 make significant contributions for multiple years its xx an A.
      Watkins and Zkelce drafted same year…. Um that was an A

  10. Hac I am being moderate. I have an opinion about the second pick. If they have no Intent of trading this pick , with a constructive partner ,then imo it makes no sense. We just paid 140 million to our Qb who is 27 and before the ram game was on an arc as league mvp. Skullfucked , he’s the only ab to amass 4000 yds throwing to nobody . I’m trying to say he’d be a hell of a lot better served by surrounding him with A quality players and might not get his ass kicked if guys get separation. Now it appears that hac thinks a rookie back and two tight ends (agreeably quality) and assholor as your forced number one were adequate. I’d push back on that assertion. He was good enough to win the division with no wide outs and he got concussed on an obvious dirty play. Let’s be real. We have the franchise qb we now need be surrounding him with talent in the second round. ,that’s the only pick I’m questioning. The other guys I hope like all of us are diamonds but there’s no telling in 3-6 rounds you get the same caliber player as tds 1 + 2

    1. You forgot the 1 and 2 were DJAX and Jeffrey…. they got hurt…. so the targets were sanders, Ertz, Goddard, DJAX and Jeffrey… when those two got hurt is when it appeared wagon had no weapons…

  11. Hurts was Drafted to be the long term Back-Up QB to Wentz under a Rookie Controlled Cheap 2nd Round Contract instead of bringing in expensive Backups every off-season
    Thry did not Draft him with intentions of Trading him , their hope is that he develops into a Quality Back-Up #2 QB by Year 2 (2021) and install a few wildcat, gadget plays for him to do and be there ready to Play if Wentz were to get injured…
    They obviously like his make-up and potential more than the other developmental QB’s in this Class, after the Top Tier of QB’s went in the First Round .. they grabbed him at 53 for fear he would not be around by 103 .. it’s this simple really ..

  12. Desert,
    I didn’t like the Pick at #53 either but I do understand on why they did so and once you take a long term view look at the Back-up QB situation behind Wentz, it really does make sense to get a young QB in Philly with growth potential, athleticism, leadership and high football IQ which Hurts checks these boxes
    The Kids been a Winner everywhere he’s been and has fought thru tough adversity as well
    This is about securing, developing a solid Back-up QB under a Rookie Contract for the years 2921,2022 and 2023
    So by having Hurts as their #2 QB saves the Eagles $8 and maybe even up to $10 Million per year by not having to Sign an experience, veteran on 1-2 Year Deals like they have ..
    plus the Eagles can add a few Wildcat Plays to take advantage of Hurts Rushing ability and could be a real nice Red-Zone asset and concern that Defenses have to prepare for

    I really like the DB D Wallace, WR J Hightower and both their OL Selections and especially OT Prince and think all 4 of these Players will make the 53 Man Roster and create more Depth, Athleticism and add sone versatility and Salary Cap Flexibility

    Safety J Mills is unproven in a new position
    R McLeod is on a 1 Year Deal as is Free-Agrnt Signing Parks and Slot CB Coleman so K Wallace will have ample opportunity to learn, contribute and be ready to help the Eagles on Special Teams in Year 1 and then be ready to compete by 2021

    Drafting 3 LB’s was maybe 1 too many but I do think that 1 will make the Roster or maybe 1 on the Practice Squad
    3rd Round Pick Taylor is very raw but has a very high ceiling as he gains more experience, strength and good NFL Coaching
    The final Pick (LB from Stanford) is an interesting Play, smart, fundamentally sound, more athletic and quick than he looks and may be a real surprise come Camp Time

    I was hoping they added a young thumper at RB with one of late Round Selections and I’m sure they’ll sign 2-3 Undrafted Free-Agent RB’s for Camp as you don’t need to overwork Sanders/Boston on Camp Reps

    The Team Got Faster,Faster, Faster and Younger this Weekend ..
    They also addressed Special Teams For 2020 as J Reagor is a fantastic Punt Returner and J Hightower is an excellent Kick-Off Returner
    I expect that LB D Taylor, DB K Wallace and the other LB’s ic thry make the Squad will play on most Coverage Units on Special Teams
    I think 7-8 of these 10 make the Roster and will have a nice young, cheap core of Players under rookie Deals as they move forward as years 2021 and 2022 are going to be a real challenge Salary Cap wise so Eagles have to get younger with cheaper Players to fill out the Roster

    Gone after 2020 for sure will be Jeffrey (if not sooner) , D-Jax, M Sudfeld, possibly J Kelce, Malik Jackson, R McLeod, and who knows about Players in contract Years like D Barnett, S Jones, R Douglas, J Mills, etc,etc

  13. Since during the draft many people were critical quoting “experts” etc… of course many of the experts have graded this an A-…
    To me every person drafted is just a name… if u go back in draft history you will find about half of first rounders have a long above average career, 40 % of second rounders and those numbers go down through the draft… it becomes a mathematical equation…

  14. Well the Eagles are going to have many more younger Players on their 53 Man Roster in 2020/2021 due to the Economics of their Salary Cap… Thry will need to have 12-15 Players Over these next 2 Draft Classes
    under cheaper Rookie Deals and this is just the reality of the situation which is why there’s no veteran higher paid Players like Nigel Bradham, Jason Peters, Malcolm Jenkins, Jordan Howard on this 2020 Roster and why there will be more cuts,releases or Teades cone after the 2020 Season
    It’s the way it if in the NFL and what could very well happen if there is delays or a shortened 2020 Season with all the loss revenue that will follow so there’s a very good chance of a actual “Lower Salary Cap” for each Team in 2021 and 2022 putting more stress on Teams Roster Building and Player’s Contracts which we saw reflected this past free-agency a little bit this spring

    1. Paul this is why I unlike you never over react to a players contract… Howie and most front offices can maneuver this cap with ease… you need a 53 man roster plus practice squad that can play… I think Howie manages the bottom of the roster as well as anyone…. cheap young players that come in and play…. in particular WR and DBs

  15. Taysom hill just signed a 2 year 21 million extension….. Peyton and Doug are chummy, both innovative offensive coaches… we are seeing a shift. All focus on offense.. the rules have created it. This is one time where the pros are evolving more towards the college game… well I guess we’ve seen it before.
    This is the type of stuff we thought Kelly was bringing unfortunately he was so stubborn wouldn’t even allow audibles …. Hurts is going to serve 2 roles backup and a situational weapon.

    1. Pman. I appreciate your feedback and thoughts, I respectfully disagree. I do sense a deal and it was more of a pick for a trade vs the back up . If I’m wrong it certainly won’t be the first time. I do feel that the second pick of Mims might have served us overall better but that’s why.Baskin and Robbins has 53 flavors. I do wonder if not having a season might even have contributed to the pick as well. Nobody has entertained that aspect.. just a thought?? Hac I didn’t forget about the injured, that’s why I pushed back on the 4000 yds amassed by wentzilla throwing to assholor and completely missing a practice squad guy that obviously was impactful. Why can’t we find this out on our own practice squads? It took too long to find a capable guy ??

  16. I just don’t see this at all Deserrt (Trading Hurts)
    What Value do the Eagles get back in return in trading Hurts? Is it Higher than #53 Pick they just used to Select him?
    Let’s say there is no Football in 2020, or it’s a shortened season (10-12 Games or so which is a possibility)
    Who is the Backup QB in 2021 & Beyond?
    Sudfeld is on a 1 Year Deal and the Eagles would have no other QB under Contract ..
    I agree with HAC here that the Eagles are changing their Offensive Philosophy a bit and are going to utilize Hurts in some other ways
    and do not that Consultant Marty Mohrnewig was influential in Lamar Jackson’s development and the Ravens 180 Degree Change in their Offensive Philosophy
    Look at the NFL Landscape with Arizona and QB Murray with HC Kingsbury
    The Hiring of OC Joe Brady by the Panthers
    The QB Position is evolving and changing around the NFL right now …
    Look at all the speed the Broncos added for their Young Franchise QB
    It’s spread them WR’a out with Speed everywhere and get the ball out to your playmakers and if and when the Play breaks down which they sometimes will, then you need an Athletic QB who can make plays with his feet… This is the New NFL thanks to AR and the success of the KC Chiefs Offense and QB Patrick Mahomes

  17. On a side note, I like the RB from U of Cincinnati (M Warren) they added to the Practice Squad.. He’s a tough, hard nosed RB and goes about 225lbs and has amassed 2,500 Yards Rushing with 33 TD’s his last 2 Seasons on a Good Program and think he has a real shot to make the Squad as that short-yardage/RedZone Thumper
    and the DT from Michigan State (M Williams)
    Had a nice Career in College and a possible developmental DT on the Practice Squad

    Eagles have 7 Draft Picks for 2021 (including the extra 5th Round they got in their Trade with the Cowboys yesterday

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