I Understand The Decision By Marquise Goodwin

CINCINNATI, OH – SEPTEMBER 15: Marquise Goodwin #11 of the San Francisco 49ers runs for a touchdown during the first quarter of the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium on September 15, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images)

I think true Philadelphia Eagles fans should criticize Birds wide receiver Marquise Goodwin, who has decided to opt out of the season because of his family situation.   His wife, Morgan has had three miscarriages and they had a daughter, Marae, about a year and a half ago, so he wants to be there for his wife and his daughter.  He wants to lower the risk bringing home Covid-19, so he’s not going to play this season.

Goodwin couldn’t help but get emotional when talking about the fact that he wasn’t there before to give emotional support to his wife when she had the previous miscarriages.  The speedy wide receiver was playing football when he wife miscarried a son in November of 2017 and he was playing football again in November of 2018 when she miscarried twin sons.  Understandably, he wants to be there this time, plus the fact that you have the Covid-19 pandemic on the scene.  Anybody with any common sense can understand why he would want to make sure he’s there now for his family.

Would it be great if Doug Pederson and the Eagles had a veteran wide receiver, who is running a 4.3 or faster backing up DeSean Jackson?  Could they use Goodwin’s speed to put pressure on opposing defenses.  Yes that would be great, but I can understand when a player faces a situation which involves things in his life, which are more important than football.  This is definitely one of those times.

How can you blame him for putting his family first in this situation?  I think true Eagles fans will back off of him with any criticism.  In fact, I take my hat off to Goodwin.  He shows me the type of character that you respect and value seeing in a professional football player.  I would want to see my son or grandson make that type of decision about being there for their wife and family.

I’m sure that good Eagles fans understand and respect his decision.  The people making all the noise are probably Cowboys fans trying to start trouble up here in Philly.  We know Dallas fans don’t have any class, but Eagles fans understand this situation.

I hope things will work out for Marquise and his family and hopefully next year we will get the chance to see him playing with Eagles.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing him blazing by a cornerback and chasing down a deep touchdown pass thrown by Carson Wentz.   Hopefully he’ll be able to help Birds win some games in 2021 season.

Until then, may the Lord bless and keep all the Goodwin safe and healthy, Marquise, his wife Morgan and their little precious daughter, Marae.

7 thoughts on “I Understand The Decision By Marquise Goodwin

  1. There will be no complete regular NFL 2020 Season, so why bother if you or your family are at risk
    Goodwin’s Family Health with a 5 month Baby is what’s important to him at this time which is the way it should be so god bless him and his family
    On a side note, Goodwin was no lock to make the Final 53 Man Roster to begin with even if this was a normal Off-Season and has actually played very little, competitive Football over the last few Years of his Career
    I doubt he ever dresses for the Eagles come 2021 though they will retain his Contract for 2021 which will rollover from his current 2020 Contract since he took the Opt-Out…
    I believe Malik Jackson, Jason Kelce will also Opt out and possibly Zach Ertz too for the 2020 Season
    The NFL and the NCAA College Football and Fall Sports should Cancel their upcoming Seasons

  2. G-Man
    Why do you continue to bring up the Dallas Cowboys in every article you write ?
    What do they have to do with Marquise Goodwin’s Decision or the impact of COvid-19 on having a Season or not
    Who even cares what the Cowboys or their Fans think, its like a juvenile addiction you have ….
    C’Mon G-Man … Be Mature and a Man.. You’re starting to embarass yourself

  3. I was expecting this article to read that this was a political stunt all to hurt Donald trump.

    Ps why does my work hate trump so much that they are forcing me to work from home rather than go interact with everyone and let us die from Covid? This is outrageous. The democrats and their phony pandemic is a disgrace

  4. Trump is planning on Families giving out Hydrachloriquene Tablets out for Halloween…
    A True Story … He’s going to Announce Sarah Palin as the Queen of Haloween who will oversee the Program

  5. Yo Semites!!!! What’s happening. Been a while since I have been here. Where’s John hart and koolbreeze and then special needs guy kooky cliff ?

    Ps why is the nfl nba and hockey and our governor out to get kkkonald ?

    Pps Gary is dumb as fuck

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