Don’t Know How It Happened, But Peters To Left Tackle Is The Right Move

It was a major surprise and it caught everybody off balance yesterday as head coach Doug Pederson talked to the media.    Rob Maadi of the Associated Press and 97.5 The Fanatic asked the coach about the Eagles left tackle situation and exactly who would be starting over there.   Pederson took advantage of the opportunity and talked about the fact that Hall of Fame left tackle Jason Peters walked into his office and told him he was ready to move back to the left tackle position.

Now the interesting thing was the fact that he insinuated that Peters made this move on his own.  He didn’t really say he did it on his own but Doug didn’t want to discuss the contract.  I really don’t care how the Eagles got Peters to move over there, whether it was totally voluntary or whether they had to pay him.   It doesn’t matter to me, but I know it matters to the Eagles because they don’t want set a precedent that guys can come in and demand money if they’re asked to change positions. Regardless this is something that needed to happen.   It had to happen.   It was the responsible thing to do. Jason Peters should be over at left tackle this week.

The main question with Peters will be his durability. If he stays healthy everything should work out.  We know that he’s a great athlete.   He’s not the player he once was, but he still is a very good player.   He’s 38-years old and playing one of the toughest positions on the offensive line.  That’s quite an accomplishment.  I don’t care how we got there that’s quite an accomplishment. We’ll see how he does but it’s the right thing to do.

Lining up Matt Pryor over there to start the season would be coaching malpractice.  It would also be malpractice as a general manager.  Howie Roseman and the Eagles did the right thing.

Carson Wentz made it very clear he’s happy about the move. I love the quote which he made.  Wentz said, “There’s a reason they call him the Bodyguard”!!!!   I have no idea how it happened.  I had said that Carson should go in there and tell them that he wants Jason Peters lined at their left tackle position.

I don’t know if Carson said anything or not, but they did the right thing and that’s the Bottomline!!!


7 thoughts on “Don’t Know How It Happened, But Peters To Left Tackle Is The Right Move

  1. Surprise G-Man? Not really , What else was the Eagles going to do?
    Word on the Street is that Carson Wentz called Jeffry Lurie and told him to move Jason Peters or he was going to Opt-Out for 2020 Season…
    Lurie then Called Howie Roseman who in turned contacted Coach Pedersen …
    C’Mon Man !! Your Really Slipping and need yo get out more to Campaign for Donald Trump to help him Win Pennsylvania !!!


    trump admits that he knowingly lied to every single American and his information from all of us and also our governors and local politicians. These lies and withholding of truths have led to thousands of unnecessary deaths.

  3. Chiefs in mid-season form and in complete control of this Opening Game vs the Texans
    Up 24-7…
    Their OL looks better and more Physical and Top Draft Pick RB Edwards-Helaire looks the Part of a NFL feature RB And an early leader of Offensive Rookie of the Year
    Big Games by TE Kelce and WR S Watkins with QB Mahomes Driving the Car

  4. Interesting match-up versus the Washington Football Club Sunday
    I don’t believe the Eagles will be able to effectively Run the Ball versus this Washington Defensive Front 7
    and will have to relay on Went and the Passing Game to move the Ball and to Score Points
    Washington has 4 First Rounders along their DL with experienced DC Jack Del Rio who has always been very effective as a DC.. New HC Ron Rivera’s Defensive Philosophy is similar to Del Rio which is Stop the Run First, Set the Edges and make a Team Pass to Beat You … The Washington Football Club has question marks in their Secondary behind CB Kendall Fuller and former Eagle Ronald Darby and Safety Landon Collins who are all susceptible to the Deep Pass and Stop and Go Routes and Deep Post Routes.. The Key is will QB Wentz have the time in the pocket to allow these routes to develop.. If the Eagles cannot Run the Ball Effectively early, then the play-Action will not slow down the Washington Pass Rush, so I believe that Wentz will need to take a couple of shots early in the Game and on 1st or 2nd down… The Short Routes for Ertz/Goedart and to the Backs out of the Backfield or even the quick WR Screens,Bubble Routes should be there all Game Long.. But the Eagles will need a couple of Big Plays down the Field to secure a Victory … 1st team to 17 Points Wins the Game

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