Eagles vs Washington week 1 preview

Week 1: @ Washington 1pm (FOX)

Key injuries: 

Miles Sanders (OUT). 

Lane Johnson (Questionable). 

Jaron Hargrave (OUT)

Derek Barnett (OUT)

Alshon Jeffery (OUT)

Divisional Matchup to start the Season

The Eagles kickoff their season this afternoon with a divisional matchup against Washington. The Eagles will be without some keep players for this week 1 matchup. Defensively they’re without big free agent acquisition Jaron Hargrave and starting DE Derek Barnett. On the offensive side of the ball, last night ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Miles Sanders, who is dealing with a hamstring issue, would not be making the trip to Washington and was declared OUT for today’s game. When roster cut down was made Alshon Jeffery was not placed on the IR or PUP list, which is good news, however he still is a few weeks away from playing and is OUT for today. After losing Brandon Brooks and Andre Dillard early in the summer to big injuries, the last thing the Eagles needed was Lane Johnson to miss week 1. According to multiple reports, Lane had what is described as a cleanup surgery in his ankle in the beginning of August. Lane was a limited participant in practice all week and is expected to play but he is definitely worth monitoring. Jalen Reagor was removed from the injury report and is good to go to make his rookie debut.

Washington may not have the fire power on offense to keep up with the Wentz and the Eagles, but they certainly have pass rushers that will cause havoc for them. Washington took Ohio State DE Chase Young with the number one overall pick in this years draft. They’re adding Young to a defensive line that already includes Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne, Montez Sweat, and Ryan Kerrigan. With the Lane Johnson battling an ankle, Jason Peters at LT, and a brand new RG starting today, Pederson needs to do everything he can to protect Wentz against that rush. 

Defensively for the Eagles, I would except Darius Slay to shadow Terry McLaurin today. The Eagles went out and traded for Slay this offseason, to have someone who could handle the opposing team’s number one receiving threat. Malik Jackson is back and healthy next to Fletcher Cox and with no Hargrave, will see extended snaps most likely. 


Players to watch:

WR Jalen Reagor

RB Boston Scott

DB Avonte Maddox 


Matchup of the Game:

Chase Young vs Eagles Tackles



Neither team had a preseason game to knock the rust off but the Eagles had the benefit of their head coach coming back. Washington has a new coaching staff and a new regime, I expect some issues early with them, which should allow the Eagles to capitalize. Wentz is 5-2 all-time vs Washington, and hasn’t lost since his rookie season. I expect that record to be 6-2 by 4:15pm. 

Eagles 31 Washington 20


105 thoughts on “Eagles vs Washington week 1 preview

  1. Washington has 4-5 Nice Weapons
    Young WR’s McLaurin & Sims
    Wonder Back Rookie Antonio Gibson who will be a match-up nightmare versus theEagles LB’s and 2 Veteran RB’s in J McKissock and Peyton Barber
    I expect the Washington Offense with a lot of short passes out of the backfield to Gibson/McKissock vs the Eagles LB’s
    Whichever Team Runs the Ball Better will Win this Game
    20-16 Final Score

  2. No Lane Johnson today so Rookie Jack Driscoll gets his first NFL Career Start which kind of tells me that the Jordan Malatia experiment has run its course after 3 Years in the System .. Expect the Eagles to pick up a veteran Swing Tackle sometime this week
    I do like Driscoll and think he will be a solid NFL OL as he gains experience and strength
    He is very smart with good technique And feet but lacks some strength and overall athleticism to play OT in the NFL and I see him more as a NFL Guard for his long term career and a very good one down the road but he will Play well today and be a stop gap for a week or two until LJ gets back healthy who had surgery a few weeks back to clean out his ankle .. Why he or any OL (Brandon Brooks) keep getting long term deals is beyond me which is another story for another day
    Both Brooks/LJ are 30 + now and their bodies are simply breaking down after years of Playing in the trenches in the NFL

      1. Long term deals after a rookie contract are up a fine, and welcomed as Players are physically in their primes, but I see no need to extend them for a 2nd time after that which takes Players into into their 30’s ..
        Replace them after about 6 – 7 Years but I give no extensions for Players that will go into their 30’s outside of a QB

          1. What’s the most “Value” is replacing Good Veteran Expensive Players with good Younger Players who are Cheaper and on Rookie Deals .. Look at what the Ravens, Patriots, Seahawks, Steelers , Saints Do year after year with their Off-Season Roster Building and Draft , maybe sprinkle in a few Veteran Players on 1 Year Deals to bridge a gap and to where there’s little future $$ commitment involved instead of paying Top $$ for Players who already have peaked physically and are approaching or passing 30 Years of Age

            1. You don’t understand salary cap, you don’t even try to
              Eagles won SB and then to playoffs consecutive… they are as much a model as the teams you name

  3. Nice 1st Quarter by the Eagles ..
    Wentz is very sharp and spreading the ball around nicely, Keep it up !!

  4. 15 Rushing Attempts with 35 Pass Attempts !!
    7 Sacks, 2 Ints which could have been 3 Plus a Fumble !! Where have you gone Nick Foles !!

    1. Teams can’t overcome 5-6 OL injuries… impossible …. I don’t understand why the injury bug has been so bad the last few years

  5. WR’s D-Jax and J Reagor have as many Tackles in the Game as do Fletcher Cox and Malik Jackson.. They all have 1 Tackle Each !!

      1. A Trade with Vikings for disgruntled OT Reilly Reiff, Or Free Agents Cordy Glenn ,
        Jerrod Veldheer or Josh Klein for starters

  6. Raiders over Panthers 34-30 in the Days most exciting Game today so far with 7 Lead Changes..
    Should the Eagles Tank for QB Lawrence of Clemson or for Top OT P Sewell of Oregon

  7. Eagles are awful.

    Awful coaching by Doug

    Awful qb play all day by Wentz. Wentz is absolutely a horrible qb.

      1. I’m not dumb wentz blows. Pederson went for it twice for absolutely no reason. Total dumb fucks. Wentz is garbage he can’t adjust and get ball out quick. The guy stinks period.

  8. Trade Ertz, Wentz and F Cox for multiple High Round Draft Picks over the next 2 Drafts
    Play Hurts rest of Year and see what you got in him and reload for 2021

  9. This will be Doug’s toughest coaching job. 2 OL out for year before game 1, all pro tackle gets surgery in camp, internal strife with ERTZ, jealousy, finger pointing in the JP thing….. reports of strife in the management of roster and staff…. inexplicable injuries everywhere AGAIN.
    Can’t jump off wagon week 1 like the rest of u. Doug and Carson tend to gel late season but lots of weirdness with this team

  10. A Huge mistake with the Today’s Game Day Roster
    No big healthy RB (Holyfield) called you instead of one of the other Guys activated and only carrying 4 DT’s when Hargrove is obviously out for a while and never even took a snap during summer camp was a 53 Man Roster mistake as he should have been on short-term IR.
    Keeping 6 LB’s on Active 53 Man Roster is a luxury they cannot afford this year as LB’s Davion Taylor/Shaun Bradley will hardly ever see the field , Keep 1 but not both on 53 Man Roster

  11. Carrying 6 Safeties is also a luxury the Eagles can’t afford .. You need 4 Healthy RB’s on the Active 53 Man Roster

  12. Shit Meets Howie Roseman and DP in their Current 53 Man Roster carrying extra WR,DB’s and LB’s and being to light along the OL/RB/DT’s Positions

  13. Whatever happened to sweet Wentz, he looks like he’s lost his sparkle and Isnt the same, living on Reds, Vitamin C , and Cocaine, and all a friend can say, isn’t it a shame”

  14. By every single statistical measure minus a 7 game stretch in his rookie year against absolute trash teams Carson wentz is absolutely horrible.

    He blows and isn’t a top 20 qb. Everything needs to be perfect for him and he needs 5+ seconds every snap to throw and that will never cut it with this line. It’s time for him to evolve and learn to be an nfl qb and work with what he got. Max 3.5 seconds and ball out. No more slow developing 5-6+ seconds or he’ll be hurt (as always) by week 4

    Awful calls by Doug to go for it twice for absolutely no reason. Ur offense is playing like shit and skins are shit.

    Looking like an awfully long year fellas

            1. There isn’t a debate… there just isn’t. Anyone who has even a little knowledge of football would laugh at you. I was being polite just saying ‘dummy’. But since you want to engage- it is stupid to say he isn’t a top 20 QB- that alone makes your post not really worth commenting on.
              I would say at 17-0 with several big qb plays you had a bit of a different opinion. Its the NFL and things happen- the over reaction crowd (of which you’ve become vice president) is just dumb fan stuff. If you were to go back on this site to the year they won the SB there were just as many stupid comments as yours. So you are have company- dummies run amock

              1. Ur 7 grow up. Making fun of Paul’s job and where he lives instead of being critical of our team. Grow up dick

  15. Here is the deal with today’s game: The eagles had 3 OL hurt and then their back up hurt. Their best RB hurt and his understudy got hurt. DL by the 3rd quarter was decimated. The OL problems were actually more of the missed assignment variety — I am not ready for doom and gloom- twitter, BGN and of course this shithole of a blog are ready to throw in the towel- trade this player and that player– we are a LOOOONG way from that.
    I think the thing to watch is that Maclean story from last week- there seems to be some internal friction- If you heard Howie on WIP this week he was overly giddy – doug has been kind of normal but you can just sense a friction- started with the Groh firing, then the Peters thing, now Ertz– seemed like they tried (probably my imagination) to make Goedert look dynamic and Ertz the more dink dunk guy– like I said thats probably 100% shit against the wall but …

  16. Let’s go zeke!

    Let’s go dak !!

    Let’s go beast mode OL!!!

    Great job drafting a stud to play next to cooper in dee dee lamb!!!!!!

    America’s team!!!!!!!!!

    Let’s goooooo cowboys

        1. I haven’t gone on here bragging on Wentz….
          Oh and I see your vaunted cowgirls are currently tied with the eagles… sooooo

  17. NFC East Predictions for Week #2

    Bears 20 – NY Giants 16
    Falcons 33 – Cowboys 31
    Washington Football Club – 23 – Cardinals 20
    EAGLES 24 – Rams 23

    After Week 2 Standings
    Washington FC – 2-0
    EAGLES 1-1
    NY Giants 0-2
    Cowboys 0-2

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