Thoughts From Eagles-Washington

Sep 13, 2020; Landover, Maryland, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (11) is sacked by Washington Football Team defensive end Chase Young (99) and Washington Football Team defensive tackle Daron Payne (94) in the fourth in the fourth quarter at FedExField. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Which Franchise Is The Dysfunctional One?

Oh boy.

There’s a lot to unpack from Sunday afternoon’s disaster against Washington.

An early 17-0 lead blown. 27 unanswered points. Poor playcalling with even worse execution. Eight quarterback sacks allowed. Three turnovers by the quarterback. Those are all the ingredients necessary for a frustrating upset.

I thought Doug Pederson really did a poor job managing this game.

Up 17-0 with less than two minutes to go in the first half, Pederson and the Eagles were in the driver’s seat. The Redskins had absolutely no momentum to speak of. They hadn’t moved the ball an inch through the better part of the first half.

Given that the Eagles had such a patchwork situation on the offensive line, one would think that this would be the perfect situation for the Eagles to simply run down the clock and go to the half with the game firmly in control.

Instead, Pederson opted to keep his foot on the gas, which has been a trademark of his throughout his coaching tenure. This time, that mentality really came back to haunt him. Wentz would fire an interception that set Washington up with a short field that the opposing offense converted into an easy score.

Doug didn’t back off from this attitude, and really got careless in the second half. Going for it on a fourth and three at about midfield when the Washington pass rush was really starting to dominate was just foolish. Pederson looked as though he was calling plays for a Madden football game in that moment rather than managing the situation in front of him.

The players have their share in the blame here too.

Carson Wentz was terrible after his first interception. The offensive line was garbage, but Wentz was exceptionally poor today. He was missing throws throughout the game, failing to connect on deep passes with Jalen Reagor and DeSean Jackson towards the end of the first half. Wentz also missed a wide open Jackson in the second half of a third and three. Jackson was left all alone on the sideline and desperately tried to get Wentz’s attention on the play, but instead of looking to move the chains and take the easy gain, Wentz fired up a shot down the field that didn’t connect.

Wentz spent the entire game waiting for big plays to develop down the field, failing to grasp that the offensive line just wasn’t capable of giving those plays enough time to develop. In a situation like today’s, the ball just has to get out of the quarterback’s hands faster.

Wentz generated three turnovers, including one on a strip-sack towards the end of the game, as pocket awareness just continues to be a major issue from him. You can’t have your quarterback giving the ball away so easily.

Quick Thoughts


  • Some have criticized Pederson for not making enough of an effort to run the ball today, and I get it, but at the same time I just don’t think the team was generating any push with the offensive line they had deployed today.
  • I thought Jason Peters was exceptionally bad today. He was getting beaten and overpowered just as badly as anyone of the line. Clearly worth the raise in pay.
  • When Zach Ertz drops the fourth down pass late in the game, you can’t help but wonder how much his focus has been impacted by the contract situation with the team. Ertz and the front office aren’t in a great place right now, and you can’t blame him for being upset. The Eagles set a terrible precedent when the caved to Jason Peters. If I’m Zach Ertz, a guy who has been an all-time great Eagle, that has always done everything right on and off the field, I’m disgusted seeing Peters squeeze dollars out of the franchise while his loyalty has gone unrewarded.
  • Want a bit of good news? Jalen Reagor looks like the real deal. Between him and DeSean, this offense won’t have issues with speed anymore.
  • JJAW was a no-show once again. Not that anyone was particularly counting on a lot from him.
  • Want a little more good news? Dallas Goedert looks ready for a true breakout year.
  • You can’t help but continue to question why a 2020 second rounder was used on a quarterback that predictably was on the inactive list.


  • Hard to really fault the defense today. Pederson, Wentz, and the offense constantly put them in terrible positions with short fields.
  • That said, Avonte Maddox dropped what should have been an interception.
  • Darius Slay had a solid debut with the team, really limiting what Terry McLaurin was able to do.
  • No Javon Hargrave today, as he’s still recovering from his Training Camp injury. Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham left the game with injury as well, leaving Josh Sweat and Genard Avery as the only healthy defensive ends.
  • Sweat was a bright spot on defense, coming up with a strip sack.

Special Teams

  • Jake Elliot was put in a tougher position by Wentz taking a sack, but he’s got to make that field goal. Another major momentum swing in Washington’s favor.

Final Thoughts

This was such a brutal loss for this franchise.

Starting the year 0-1, against what’s been one of the worst teams in football, and to lose in this fashion really sets a poor tone for the year.

The Eagles needed to start fast. They’ve got a very difficult schedule, and these first three weeks were all games that were expected to be wins.

If Lane Johnson and Miles Sanders are still out next week, I’m not sure I feel good about the team’s chances of avoiding 0-2 against the Rams. You can bet Aaron Donald will be salivating at the opportunity to tee off on this offensive line.

The season isn’t over. It’s only one game, but I don’t see a lot about this team that makes me think it’s any different from the past couple of seasons.

16 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Washington

  1. Kotitean effort by Doug. My lists of malfeasance starts with Denny’s observations , regarding the end of a 17-0 under two minutes halftime bone head move to have wentz taking a deep drop and flinging it around at that juncture of a totally feel good half. The defense was pitching a shutout,the make shift line wasn’t exposed ,and then kotitean Philly style crept into our head coach. The hopes of 24-0 was insignificant but Doug rolled the dice and literally crapped out. The mixture of run to pass was absurdly miscues, as the only enemy at that point was the clock and shortening the game. Let’s not throw bouquets at the Dee, as Washington has the weaponry of an Iranian army. Let’s see what we have vs true weapons. Now on to howie. Wtf good is a non suited second round pick ? I’d have loved a serviceable tackle or guard. If wentz is the franchise why pick his position? I thought he was a weapon even if he wasn’t at qb ?? I need answers ?

    1. Totally agree, brother. And where was the pressure from our vaunted D-line? Fletcher was invisible, which has become a habit for him over the last few years. Goedert is the real deal. Trade Ertz for a 2nd-he’s already talking his way out of town. The Eagles have to cut ties with these older, expensive players. I’d rather see young O-linemen like Driscoll, Mailata, Pryor get on the field, struggle, and get better rather than watch that old busta Jason Peters flop around for $8M—he’s cooked! What a mess this team is. And WHY all the freakin’ injuries???! Mind-boggling.

    2. Hahahhahaaa we got a kotite reference! I thought i was the only one. Here’s a copy and paste of a text I Sent earlier

      Haven’t seen an eagles season over in week 1 since bubby Brister and rich cotite

  2. Somebody better get in Wentz Ear and Face this Week.. His lack of Accountability has got to stop .. Take what the Defenses gives you. Stop trying to make the big play on every drop back, protect the ball better and he had to go thru his reads quicker. Your a 5th Year Starter now and not a 1-2 Year Player..
    I sense a Matt Stanford type of Career for Wentz, Nice Stats but not enough Wins and especially in Meaningful Games versus good competition ..
    What’s Wentz Career Record Versus Winning Teams ?
    I do agree with the Posters about about wasted High Draft Picks with both Jalen Hurts in the 2nd and ZlB Davion Taylor in the 3rd who both are very unlikely to see the field in 2020 with any meaningful snaps

  3. The most Coddled Professional Athlete in America, Carson Wentz, of the Philadelphia Eagles
    And Joel Embiid of the 76ers is not far behind,
    Something about the Philly Fans, Local Media and their Franchises who continually coddle their Players Year after Year

  4. 3 Stars for the Eagles
    1) TE Dallas Goedart
    2) CB Darius Slay
    3) Punter – Cam Johnston

    3 Goats of the Game
    1) QB C Wentz
    2) LT J Peters
    3) TE Z Ertz

  5. Rams TE T Higbee is Going to be a matchup nightmare for the Eagles next week
    Who does CB Slay cover or follow next week (
    WR Cooper Kupp or Robert Woods ?

  6. This is a team, QB, and coach that cannot play 60 minutes of football; just like last year. Lack of starting talent, depth, and coaching to game conditions is their doom. At some point the NFC East will improve, perhaps it’s Dallas this year and the Eagles are out of the playoffs. If it happens this year I say get rid of Pederson and find someone to see what they can salvage out of Wentz. Maybe time for Lurie to hold people accountable instead of virtue signaling about America’s failings.

    1. Cannot play 60 minutes of football? Coaching game conditions? Um they’ve won an awful lot of games with this coach.starting talent…. 4 out 11 Offense starters hurt before the game… defense 2-3 starters before game … more than a third of the starters weren’t dressed… so you May want a different take.
      Fair to say dismal performance… fair to say the coach got to aggressive (of course no complaints when his aggression works)… he takes chances… when it works you say “gutsy call, perfect timing for that” doesn’t work you say “stupid call, why did he call it”…. pretty nice you can have it both ways… he cant

      1. Sorry not buying it…same script and results last year plus Eagles aren’t the only team with injuries. Where’s the depth at OL?

        1. I’m pretty sure that no line would overcome 3 starters out plus one reserve…
          Don’t buy it … so what. They have been one of the most successful franchises in the last few years.

          1. Successful due to a weak NFC East which won’t last forever…1 fortunate playoff win since the SB against a weak Bears team. Not trending in the right direction.

  7. Coach Pedersen has a good 2 Years Left before having to worry about his Job I believe..
    It just appears that Coach Pedersen and the Front Office (Howie) are not on a same page this year about the Roster and Draft and Player Personnel
    On a side note, the Panthers Hired a Good Long-Term Coach in Matt Rhule formerly of Temple and Baylor who has a bright future in the NFL

      1. I wonder if Doug was keen on bringing in Rick Sangarello.. who may have been Hired to help Solidify the Offensive Coaching Staff in case of losing RB Coach Duce Staley or QB Coach Press Talyor after this Season ..
        And the Bringing back Offensive Consultant Marty Mohrhinewig is still surprising a bit but I imagine he was brought in to work with Jalen Hurts and apparently is very high on him which may have been more of a Front Office move than what Coach Pedersen wanted to do

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