Eagles vs Rams Week 2 Preview

Week 2: vs Los Angeles Rams 1pm (FOX)

 Rams 1-0 (Beat Dallas last week 20-17)


Key Injuries:

Alshon Jeffery (OUT)

Brandon Graham (Questionable)

Derek Barnett (Questionable)

Vinny Curry (OUT)

Eagles try to get back to .500 as they host Los Angeles

After a disappointing week one loss to the Washington Football Team, the birds return to Philadelphia for their home opener against the Los Angeles Rams. The Eagles struggled to keep Carson Wentz upright last week, as he was sacked 8 times by the Washington defense. A similar outcome is possible if the Eagles don’t fix the line issues. The Rams have arguably the best defensive lineman in the league in Aaron Donald and can single handedly affect the outcome of a game. To go along with the All-Pro Donald, last season they added All-Pro Cornerback Jalen Ramsey. It’ll be interesting how the Rams use Ramsey vs the Eagles receivers. The Eagles don’t have a true number one receiver so I would expect Ramsey to cover Ertz and Goedert at times during the game. An underrated player on their defense is safety John Johnson III. Expect him to follow one of the tight ends for most of the game. He has the size and whereabouts to play in the box, but also the skill to cover pass catchers in space. 

Offensively the Rams are led by 5th year Quarterback Jared Goff from Cal. Last season Goff threw for 4600 yards, 22 TD’s, and 16 INT’s. The Rams however look a little different than years past on the offensive side of the ball. This offseason they decided to move on from RB Todd Gurley and trade WR Brandin Cooks. Despite moving on from those two significant parts of their offense, they replaced them this offseason as well. In the second round of this past draft, they selected RB Cam Akers out of Florida State and WR Van Jefferson from Florida. The strongest part of their offensive might be their two solid wideouts Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp. Last season Woods caught 90 passes for 1134 yards and Kupp caught 94 passes for 1161 yards. Kupp had receiving TD’s to Woods’ 2, but both are dynamic playmakers on the outside that could cause problems for the Eagles secondary. 

Offensively for the Eagles, protecting Wentz has to be priority one. He was sacked 8 times last week and if the Eagles have postseason aspirations, they need to make sure he stays upright. RT Lane Johnson is expected to play this week after he missed week 1, recovering from offseason ankle surgery. With Brandon Brooks still on the IR, Nate Herbig will get his second straight start at RG. The Eagles will also be getting RB Miles Sanders back as he is expected to make his season debut. The Eagles got out to a quick 17-0 start last week by utilizing the middle of the field, and playing with a quick tempo. While Washington has the better defensive line, the Rams have the better overall defense. The Rams have the personnel to make it difficult for Wentz, Ertz, and Goedert to get in a rhythm together. Getting Sanders back and adding him to Reagor, Jackson, Arcega-Whiteside, and the TE’s should allow the Eagles to move the ball. 

Defensively the Eagles are also getting some help. Jaron Hargrave is expected to make his Eagles debut as well at DT. The Eagles defensive line played really well last week before losing Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham to injuries. Malik Jackson and Fletcher Cox did an excellent job at disrupting the middle and getting pressure on Dwayne Haskins. Adding Hargrave will allow the Eagles to rotate Jackson and Cox and keeping them fresh throughout the game. The Eagles aren’t completely healthy on the defensive line but could get some more help as Brandon Graham and Derek Barnett are questionable. Barnett missed last week with a hamstring injury but is going to test in pre game to see if he is able to go. Graham had a great game last week until he was knocked out in the second half with a concussion. ESPN’s Tim McManus reported that Graham must remain symptom free until game time in order to play. 

Carson Wentz and Jared Goff’s careers will always be linked with one another’s. The top two picks in the 2016 NFL draft, Wentz and Goff have only squared off against each other once. It was 2017 in Los Angeles. Wentz led the 10-2 Eagles into LA looking to cement themselves as the top team in the NFC. In the third quarter, Wentz dove into the end zone trying to score and was hit in his knee, subsequently tearing two ligaments and ending his season. Before leaving that game, Wentz was 23 for 41, for 291 yards, 4 TD’s and 1 INT. Wentz was also on his way to having an MVP season. He had thrown for 3296 yards, 33 TD’s, and only 7 INT. The Eagles faced the Rams the following season but Wentz was out for the season with a back injury so Nick Foles started the game. 


Players to watch:

RB Miles Sanders

DT Javon Hargrave 

TE Zach Ertz


Matchup of the Game:

Carson Wentz vs Jared Goff



Although there are no fans, playing at home definitely is an advantage. The Rams also have to travel to the East Coast and play a 1pm game which is never easy for west coast teams. The Eagles were embarrassed last week, by blowing a 17 point lead and giving up 24 unanswered points. I expect the Eagles to be aggressive early again and with Lane and Sanders back, they should do a much better job protecting Wentz and establishing a run game. While starting 0-2 wouldn’t mean the end of the season, it’s definitely not something the Eagles wanna have to dig out of especially with a tough stretch coming up. Doug Pederson is 2-0 career against Rams coach Sean McVay and has shown the ability to bounce back after poor games, making this a perfect spot for the Eagles and Wentz to get back on track.

Eagles 31 Rams 24


104 thoughts on “Eagles vs Rams Week 2 Preview

  1. A Huge Game, and dare I say a “Must Win Game” which sounds ridiculous to say for a Week 2 Game , but with the Bengals,49ers,Steelers and Ravens as the Eagles next 4 Opponents, thry must get back to 1-1 today and find a W versus the Rams
    The Rams on Offense are a more Physical Team than last years Version when they couldn’t run the ball behind an injured and inexperienced O/Line which sounds like what the Eagles are Going thru in 2020

    Key Matchups… When Eagles have the Ball

    1) Interior OL vs the Rams D/L
    Eagles must Run the Ball effectively inside the Tackles to negate the Rams aggressive inside push with DT’s Donald/Brockers
    It won’t be pretty and don’t expect many long runs today, but Eagles have to stay with it to keep their DL honest

    2) Eagles WR’s vs the Rams Secondary
    Jalen Ramsey will likely cover D-Jax or Reagor
    and must take him Deep a few times to keep him I’m on his toes and have him cover the whole field, the Eagles other WR’s JJAW,Ward & Hightower must get sone separation and make some Plays vs The 2nd/3rd Rams CB’s

    Eagles TE’s vs Rams Safeties & LB’s
    Rams may have one of the Top Safety Tandems in the NFL with Johnson III & the Young emerging Taylor Rapp as they are physical,smart with some size and play with a nasty attitude and can deliver big hits…

    Eagles RB’s vs the Rams LB’s
    Eagles RB’s need to help make sone plays out of the Backfield in the passing game, Screens,Wheel Routes, outlet passes Etc to keep Drives alive and poop out of the Rams front 7

    Eagles OT’s versus the Rams DE’s
    Lane Johnson’s first action in 4 Weeks
    Jason Peters coming off a bad game where he looks a step slower both need to play well
    And help set the edges and give Wentz sone space in the Pocket

    Eagles Game Plan and Play Calling vs the Rams DC

    Coach Pederson must stay with Running Plays, Roll out Pass Plays, Quick timing routes, slants, Bunch formations, moving Receivers,TE’s across the formations, etc to give different looks to the Rams Defense
    This cannot be one a 1 Dimensional game and ask Wentz to pass 40-50 times today

    Last but not least, Eagles have to protect the ball and stay away for negative Plays/Penslties and win the one on one matchups on First Down and get positive yards (4 & 5 Yard Gains) to allow more Options on 2nd and stay away from the 2nd & 3rd and Long situations they had most of last weekend the 2nd half

    1. It sounds ridiculous because it is ridiculous.
      Every week is “must win” until it’s not… NFL season is a series of ups and downs … getting back a lot of help today. Things we learned week 1. Matt Pryor isn’t a player, at least not yet. He slid down the depth chart like he has a bag of rocks tied to him 2. Mikes sanders is a huge part of the offense and backs aren’t interchangeable. Look for an experienced back to be added 3. Relying on rookie receivers isn’t smart, even if they are burners… the 22 showed at least 3 costly mistakes by rookie receivers.
      Today will be the first real test for a new look defense. Looking forward to an entertaining game. Pederson has had MCvays # but it’s a new week. Go birds

  2. Key Matchups when Eagles are on Defense

    1) Eagles Interior DL versus Rams Interior OL
    Cox must be Play better, much better than last week, M Jackson had a strong game as did H Ridgeway, whatever Hargrove can bring will be a bonus as he’s seen no real practice,scrimmage sessions all summer until this week so I do t expect much from him until he gets in game shape, Eagles DT’s need to get Goff off his spot and make him move laterally
    Goff is very accurate when passing from the pocket and once in a rhythm with his feet set, and hips square, but he is erratic and shaky when on the the move as many Pocket QB’s area.. Grt him moving and our hits on him early and he’s an average QB who will throw some bad passes open for Interceptions

    2) Eagles DE’s vs the Rams OT’s
    Eagles DE are undermanned for today
    BG coming off Concussion, Curry out,
    Barnett playing in his first game after missing most of the Summer practices/scrimmages similar to Hargrave’s situation so it’s hard to expect him in his first game to have a major impact but a couple good plays will definitely help.. other DE’s like josh Sweat who has been the best Eagles DE all summer and G Avery and even a J Ostemann or Toolhill May have to be ready to play if BG is a no go today

    Rams Passing Attack matchups
    Slay vs the underrated Robert Woods who signed a nice extension this week and we’ll-deserved will be flying high today to make pays
    Maddox vs Josh Reynolds or Van Jefferson
    Robby-Coleman Versus Cooper Kupp/Josh Reynolds
    Eagles will miss Craig James today in 3-4 WR Sets and also on Special Teams

    Rams have a very solid, experience WRCorps who are not burners, but have been in the Rams System for a while (3 Years each) outside of Rookie Van Jefferson, They run good routes, have good hands and are tough players who complement each other well…

    Biggest Advantage for Rams is huge TE Tyler Higbee who I’m not sure who the Eagles will assign to cover (Jalen Mills would be my guess
    Or perhaps LB N Gerry or Duke Riley) but either way, it’s a mid-match and expect many passes going to Higbee who they move all around in various formations
    Higbee finished the 2019 Season with 4 Straight Games of 100 + Receiving Yards and had a solid Game last week vs the Cowboys
    Productive 2nd TE Everett was injured and is out for this game making their 3rd TE (Mundt) the Backup and who is more of a Blocking TE and unproven in the Pass Game t

    Rams RB’s vs the Eagles Front 7
    Rams will utilize 2 or 3 of the Backs
    Malcolm Brown is the bruise who runs mostly inside and is the type of back who gets stronger as the game goes along and gets more Carries
    Rookie Cam Akers has lots of moves and athleticism and burst but is still finding his way but is very dangerous in the open field
    3rd RB Henderson was a draft Pick from 2019 and is still trying to find his role in the Rams Offense but can run and catch the ball
    Rams RB’s run very hard but are below average in Pass Protection

    I expect a lower scoring Game today with Turnovers, Special Teams Play critical in determining the Outcome as I do t expect with Offense having a lot of long sustained Drives against each other’s Defenses
    Big Plays will be had for both Teams but who can make more of them will likely Win and which Team can control the line of scrimmage and run the ball effectively enough will have a huge advantage in Winning
    Eagles RB Sanders will see his first action Which is big positive but again, coming off a Summer where he rarely practiced/scrimmage or taken any hits will likely mean he’s more of a decoy than getting many plays called for him and can hopefully make a couple of big plays in what will likely be limited action

    Eagles Veterans must Play Well (D-Jax,Ertz,Wentz,Peters,Seumalo,Kelce & LJ and RB Clement) for the Offense to have a chance and then some of the Younger Players Receivers have to make Plays (Scott, Goedart,Reagor,JJAW, Hightower & Ward)

    Rams 23 – Eagles 19

  3. Potential Wrinkles with Today’s Game

    QB Jalen Hurts is active today and Sudfeld
    Is Inactive.. so Hurts will have to be ready as the #2 in case Wentz gets dinged
    But since Sudfeld is inactive I don’t see Hurts being used for a couple of gadget plays for you can’t afford to only have 1 QB during a Game

    DE Avery is inactive and seems to not have any Role with this Defense
    Rookie DE Toohill is activated in his Place and will likely see some action

    I also think that OL Pryor will play at some point today (bunch OL or if Herbig struggles)
    as last weeks skip over with him was a motivator for him ..

    1. paul i believed you have mentioned every possible “key to the game”– throw poop against the wall some will stick.
      To eagles fans who think a 2 rounder on a back up QB was stupid I say to them you are stupid- most important position in all of sports is starting QB– the second most important position is back up

      1. I didn’t mention LB TJ Edwards, Safety Rodney McLeod or the underrated 3rd Safety Epps, who will likely have a bigger role with Craig James out.
        Plus the Eagles Secret Weapon, Punter Cam Johnston

  4. Other Predictions for Today’s Games

    NFC East
    Falcons 31 – Cowboys 27
    Chicago Bears – 23 – NY Giants 17
    Washington FC – 26 – Arizona 24

  5. Let’s get out of this Game with No Major injuries and especially to the OL, DL, RB
    & QB !!

  6. Not a Good Start…
    The first Hits that’s Miles Sanders has taken since last January … Brutal !!
    Lots of Game Left !!
    Have to get back on the Horse immediately for the Offense & Sanders

  7. A Nice Response and Drive to get a FG and get onto the Score Board and regain some confidence back.. 7-3 Rams
    Let’s see the Eagles Defense step it up a notch !!

  8. Eagles offense has been “behind the chains” all season. This is a horrible way to run an offense. Rams giving no quarter . Eagles are in trouble … I don’t hop on and off the wagon. There are internal issues with the eagles. It’s showing on the field.
    I think Howie and Doug are at odds and at this point “staying together for the children”…. they will divorce soon

    1. “I think Howie and Doug are at odds and at this point “staying together for the children”…. they will divorce soon”

      Chimp throwing shit at the wall!!

      1. Not exactly… but I understand your comment. I am just repeating what mcClean said a week or two ago. There are internal issues.
        Of course as I type this the eagles are down by 5… as horrible as they look… as slow and lethargic and less than a TD down.
        Damn NFL

  9. Rams Rookie WR Van Jefferson is tearing up Eagles CB A Maddox, Goff on Fire and has been perfect with his reads,passes and execution..
    Rams Coach McVay is taking this Game personally vs DC Schwartz as he’s lost his last 2 Games against him and will keep the pedal to the floor this entire Game
    Does Schwartz and Eagles Defense have an answer or sone adjustments they can make?
    This Rams Offense is not Limited like the weak Washington Club the Eagles PlayEd last week,
    If not this Game will be one-sided withthe Rams winning going away and big…

    1. There are no adjustments to make,,, they are getting smoked. Personnel is better, coaching is better…, the eagles are flat and have been flat for the season. I hate to bandwagon jump but they need a good kick in the ass. They look SLOW on both sides. Doing an ok job with Donald but they are in quick sand

        1. Nope. They have internal problems … this is it. Jump off the wagon. Doug, who I thought had room for grace is gone. This problem goes deep, it’s not just an on field thing. This is blow it up.

  10. Hi bird gang !

    Just checking to see if someone can let me know if this is another preseason game or not. Can the authority of this delineation, HAC, let me know?

  11. I believe Doug and Coach Pedersen’s issues really started with this past Off-Season with assembling the Coaching Staff and the Draft…
    Coach Pedersen is a loyal Coach and I don’t believe he wanted to fire Groh and was forced to by Howie/Lurie , then some of the additions that were made (Scarmango and Mohrningwig) May have not been Pedersens decisions and then the Draft
    I believe Pedersen thinks he’s earned the right to have a say so on who the Draft but we all know that the Draft is Howies baby and he’s not sharing it with anyone …
    Just my Observations from afar

    1. That is absolutely what is going on. And the other member of that conflict is ?Wentz…I don’t think he was a Groh fan.
      On the “plus” side if u can call it that… the fucking injury bug is horrible

  12. Make this Game 38 -16
    Eagles do t presently have the mental toughness to make a game out of this
    Too many on the Coaching Staff and Players doing their own thing , Brutal !!

  13. Nice Drive to get 6 Points and back into the Game, Wentz is doing his job well today
    I’m not sure why you go for 2 points there?
    Now can the Eagles Defense stop this Rams Offense before the Half and get another chance to our sone more points on the board before Halftime…
    Down 11 Points is much different than being down 14 or 18points….
    Rams get the ball to Stsrt the 2nd Half so the Eagles Defense needs to stop them from getting any points and get off the field

  14. Huge Stop/Sack by BG,
    Eagles to put some points up right here,
    a TD would be great but even a FG here is good to carry momentum into the Half would be fine

  15. Huge Special Teams Play and a real stupid decision by the Rams Returnman, why even attempt to field that punt let alone return it so the break the Eagles needed to tie up the Turnover Battle and put up a TD before the Half… Game is On for the 2nd Half as neither Defense has really stopped with Offense in this First Half
    Coaching, Turnovers, Penalties are going to determine the Winner and now the Eagles are off the Carpet scoring the last 2 Times before the Half and forcing the Rams to Punt the last time they had the ball
    The Eagles showing some Grit and Mental Toughness that I didn’t think this 2020 Team had

  16. First half just like last week was preseason. Eagles regular season officially starts now and Eagles will win!!! According to my sources in the locker room howie and doug were sat down by Carson at halftime where they said 5 our fathers and 2 Hail Marys then Carson blessed them with holy water and now they are back in love with other and the make believe internal drama that previously plagued us is gone!!!!

    God bless the Eagles

    1. I don’t think any of them are catholic but ok– if hail mary’s and our fathers work– pass me the rosary beads!

        1. I think Carson is like a pentacostal type- maybe the snake handlers etc.
          This game is back and forth- JJAW needs to be on th bench.

  17. Some Major Injuries around the NFL with many one-aided Games today

    49ers DE Joey Bosa carted off
    Giants RB S Barkley carted off
    Colts WR Paris Campbell carted off
    Broncos QB Drew Lock with Shoulder Injury

    Cowboys have 9 Players on IR
    Both Starting OT’s out, Center retired before the Season, TE Jarwin Out for Season, ILB’s Vanderlesh & Lee our for a while,
    DT McCoy our for Season and Cut
    DB A Brown on IR …

    The hits keep coming for the NFC East

    Cowboys losing 29-10 at Halftime to Falcons
    Giants losing 17-0 at Chicago

  18. Eagles Defense holds up thanks to the Offensive Pass Interference on Rams TE Higbee and it’s still a 1 Possession Game ..
    Another Big Break that the Eagles need to take advantage of..

  19. no rhythm, no continuity– even tho 50 points scored total- seems boring as hell.
    It may be time to take a hike on a beautiful fall day.

  20. Turnovers the Difference of the Game and Eagles inability to stop the Run as the Rams have 165 Yards and counting on the Ground
    3-4 End around for 30 Yards and big 45 Yard run by Henderson giving them a whopping
    5.6 Yards per Rush
    It was was Rookie Van Jefferson in the First Half for the Rams doing the damage and now RB Henderson doing the damage in the 2nd Half and TE Higbee in the Red-Zone who USA match-up nightmare…

    Sone Positives for the Eagles
    OL played well – No Sacks given Up
    RB Sanders had a strong Game
    WR D-Jax finally made sone Plays in the 2nd Half

    Goff with a QB Rating a 142 today
    Wentz with a QB Rating of 66
    Turnovers are killing this Team and the Eagles Defense seems incapable of producing any
    so far this Season

    It is what it is…

  21. Make Wentz QB Rating down to 56!!
    I really do believe that he’s been negatively impacted by that Draft of QB J Hurts in the 2nd Round by the Eagles on the 2nd Day of the Draft that No One saw coming and it has affected his mindset, leadership and poise..
    He may be mentally damaged goods and on the way out after this Season..

  22. Wonder if DC Jim Schwartz is on the Hot Seat?
    Promote the DL Coach as DC for a new set of Eyes and Voice ?
    Remember when Schwartz interviews for the Browns Job, it appeared that Pedersen was surprised that he didn’t get the Job and was returning back as the DC
    So many issues with this Team all around..

  23. Wow, on the Cowboys coming back to
    Win 40-39 on another Falcons choke ..
    Eagles in Deep Trouble for the NFC East is another mess division this year with a 9-10 Win Team making the Post-Season
    Can the Eagles win 9-10 of their next 14 Games? Very Doubtful I would say ..
    The Bengals Offense with extra rest, will put 30 Points on this Defense with their Passing Game and Receivers and RB J Mixon
    Where was Barnett,Hargrave, the LB’s (outside of TJ Edwards) and Maddox today along with the Safeties?
    I think the Eagles have to reconstruct the Secondary, maybe put Mills as Outside CB and let Maddox be a Nickel Back and Move Epps/Parks into a starring Role at Safety
    LB Corps is just weak, you can’t have LB Geary trying to Cover an athletic TE like Higbee as I stated In Pre-Game Posts ,
    A complete mis-match of negative consequences as I predicted
    Eagles used a 2nd and 3rd Round Draft Pick in this 2020 Draft that will not likely help this Team for 2 Years, you can’t do this when Drafting, not as a middle of the road Team in a difficult conference as the NFC is… They needed impact Draft Selections with these Picks and whiffed as usual ..
    Bringing Peters back, then being held hostage to the Pay him more money to play LT , while Ertz wants a new deal and isn’t likely to get anytime soon is just more of the BS that’s lingering in the Lockerroom and that Coach Pedersen has to deal with ..
    Not a good road ahead I’m afraid

    1. Well their second round pick helped today. The offense looked fresh with Hurts in there . That’s a contributor. You may not like it but …
      Carson looks lost. He looks like he digressed. It is impossible to know the reason as a fan as you are just watching on TV. I don’t understand why the don’t get him out of pocket more, eagles brought in Rich Scangrella as a protege of Shanahan But offense looks bland as hell.

      1. Nah Wentz is exactly who he’s always been. Cant throw guys open, can’t hit guys on the move single covered in space. Often throws high, often throws to short middle of fields where TWO defenders are converging occasional worm burners. If he isn’t getting his slot WR OR TE killed he only throws deep balls to outside wideouts.

        Bottom line is he sucks and always has and he’s a phony ass leader but in interviews he passes the shit test for a year or three. Ditch this looser and move on

  24. I don’t have any Issue in Drafting Jalen Hurts, but not with the 53rd Overall Pick
    They could have used this Pick on so many other Positions and Team Needs And still got Hurts later on in the 3rd or 4th if they liked him
    so much…,
    The Next QB Taken in the 2020 Draft was the Indy Colts at #122 (4th Round)
    so it doesn’t appear that many Teams were thinking highly of the 2nd Tier QB’s of this Draft Class after three first few went in the 1st Round..
    the Eagles must have had sone Internal, legitimate concerns about Wentz Long term future for selecting J Hurts as early as they did since most NFL Scouts/Draft Geeks had Hurts More as a late 3rd/early 4th Round Prospect
    and now it may happen sooner than anyone would have thought…

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