Thoughts From Eagles-Rams

Wentz Still Looking To “Clean Up” Mistakes, Eagles Sink To 0-2

Another week, another terrible performance from Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz.

One week after falling to Washington in humiliating fashion, and one week after promising to clean up the mistakes, Wentz turned in another miserable effort, committing two more turnovers, and finishing with a quarterback rating below 60.

The Eagles started the game slow, falling behind by multiple scores. After a Cooper Kupp fumble set the team up with an easy score, the Eagles had momentum on their side. Down 21-19, the Birds had a chance to take their first lead of the day.

But it was not to be.

Instead, Wentz forced an incredibly ill-advised pass into double coverage that was easily intercepted. The way this play developed was troubling on multiple levels. First, Wentz was protected well on the play. He had time to go through his progressions, but instead just locked on to his target on the play, and forced the ball into traffic even though J.J. Arcega-Whiteside had absolutely no chance to make the play.

Wentz was like this all game. Many passes were wildly off-target. Wentz missed Dallas Goedert breaking open in the second half, throwing a ball behind his man.

When you look at Wentz’s body of work since 2017, it just isn’t good.

He’s been below .500, and there honestly just hasn’t been a lot of good moments.

Even last year’s run to “save the season” should be looked at in a different light. The common narrative is that that Carson put the team on his back and got into the playoffs with a bunch of no-names.

The reality of that four game stretch is that Wentz and the Eagles defeated three absolute garbage teams. Three teams that all fired their coaching staffs at the season’s end. Washington, the Giants (twice) and a Dallas Cowboy team that had quit on Jason Garrett in early November.

Should we really have been all that impressed Wentz during that stretch?

If things don’t turn around soon, the Eagles are going to be faced with some very tough questions about their quarterback. 2017 was a long time ago. That version of Carson Wentz is gone, and it’s time to acknowledge that it may not come back.

Since 2017, Wentz has had the benefit of a lot of Sam Bradfordish excuses. He doesn’t have weapons. He doesn’t have an offensive line. He’s been dealing with injury.

Slowly, more and more people are going to ask questions about the quarterback. And it could get a lot uglier over the next four weeks.

Quick Thoughts


  • Miles Sanders gave the offense a major boost with his return to the lineup, picking up over 100 total yards and scoring a touchdown, but his fumble on the opening drive was a back-breaker that really put the team behind the eight ball early.
  • The offensive line was much better this week. The unit got some badly needed help in the form of Lane Johnson’s return, but I thought Nate Herbig also played exceptionally well at right guard.
  • The Eagles couldn’t get the tight ends going this week. Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert were both quiet on the stat sheet.
  • J.J. Arcega-Whiteside is terrible. He’s been utterly useless through two weeks as the team’s only big-bodied receiver.
  • Looking for good news? DeSean Jackson has made it through two full games healthy.
  • Jalen Hurts was active today, and got in the game for a handful of plays. The offense seemed to have the most success with him in the game. The Rams didn’t know what to expect, and keyed in on Hurts. Hurts didn’t touch the ball at all, but the unpredictability of the formations helped give the Eagles a little spark when they fell behind early.


  • Jim Schwartz had no answers for Sean McVay’s offense, with the defense offering little resistance throughout the game.
  • Malcolm Brown and Darrell Henderson combined to run for over 100 yards on the defense. Tyler Higbee scored three touchdowns. It just wasn’t pretty on all kinds of levels.
  • The Eagles defensive line is one of the most expensive in football, and yet continues to produce underwhelming returns.
  • Look at all of the money the Eagles have dumped into the defensive tackle position. Have they gotten any kind of positive return on it? Fletcher Cox and Malik Jackson have done little through two games. Javon Hargrave was active today, but was also invisible.
  • Derek Barnett? Still waiting on the breakout year.
  • The Eagles may have invested about a billion dollars in the defensive tackles, and about 50 cents in the linebacking positions, and the linebackers were also particularly bad. Nate Gerry should be a backup or special teamer, at best, in the NFL. He’s constantly flailing around, missing tackles, or getting beat in coverage.

Final Thoughts

After the game, Wentz spoke again about “cleaning up” the mistakes, that the sky wasn’t falling, and that the Eagles would be fine.

Well, Carson, the team is already 0-2. The Dallas Cowboys pulled out a miraculous victory against Atlanta, and have officially stepped ahead of the Eagles. Meanwhile, after next week’s game against Cincinnati, difficult matchups with the 49ers, Ravens, and Steelers loom large.

The Eagles were supposed to start this season fast with three favorable early season matchups.

If they don’t develop a real sense of urgency and get things corrected, 1-5 or even 0-6 is a very real possibility.

26 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Rams

  1. Denny; this was not on the coach, offensively , the read progression and high throws are becoming too familiar, weekly. I saw sanders wide open in the flat on the whiteside forced throw? Goddard was an easy 6? Reagor beat their safety and wasn’t peeked at? This between the ears misses are lack of focus, preparation and understanding of the design of plays. No question; that’s troubling. It can become a snowball that is only alleviated by a qb controversy (thanks to howies 2nd Rd pick) Drama would be heightened by a chorus of angry boos , the one saving grace at this time. I said let’s not throw bouquets at the Dee as washington was not a great O too say the least. Getting out coached and being outplayed by a team is becoming a manifestation of poor drafts and $$ being thrown into one side of the ball That’s fine if they were stellar, but sadly that’s not what we see.

  2. Good point. The worst thing about this is that Wentz does not seem to understand where to look by how the defense is reacting to a play. The missed opportunity to Goddard is an example. The LA safety overplayed another route going toward the middle, so when Goddard beat the LB covering him, he was wide open. Wentz needed to read how that safety was reacting to the other route and know that there was a hole in the slot, exactly where Goddard was going with his route. A 5th year starting QB has to read plays better than that.

  3. “The reality of that four game stretch is that Wentz and the Eagles defeated three absolute garbage teams.” Not only that, the Eagles needed 4th quarter come from behind rallies to win 2 of those games, one vs. the Giants and one vs. Washington. Having to come from behind in the 4th against teams having bad seasons is not exactly great play. They shouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place.

  4. CARSON WENTZ BLOWS AND ALWAYS HAS!!! Minus 7 game stretch rookie year against shit teams where he gave the bullshit image that he was mvp caliber he stinks. Guys horrible and a dickhead to top it off. Should’ve built a statue of foles and traded wentz years ago.

  5. A Total Regroup Time for the Eagles,
    Where’s the Leadership from the Coaches to the Players?
    Did anyone think Coach Pedersen was rather muted in his Press Conference, again failing to hold Players and Coaches accountable for their Performance and Decision-making…
    Changes are needed and sone strong action needs to take place among the Roster and Coaching Staff, simply staying the course is not going to work for 2020 I’m afraid..

  6. I wonder if Wentz has the fire to be the best. He strikes me a good kid, no drugee, abuse, or criminal behavior. Married his long time, gf, became a father, and signed a $100M contract. He’s got to feel pretty good about all that and who can blame him. Seems like there are very few who put all that aside and won’t settle for anything but SB’s such as Brady, P Manning, Brees, etc. I also don’t see him getting in anyone’s face on the sideline. Right now he’s not elite or top tier and maybe never will be but don’t think that means they can’t win with what they have in him. Maybe Pederson needs to reevaluate what Wentz is and is not capable of although missing open receivers and throwing into double coverage can be terminal .

    1. I think Wentz has a Bigger Calling In Life than Playing Football, He’s a Religious fella, Married to his Sweetheart and now a Father so I’m sure he still loves Football, but it’s not his whole life and only Passion and I don’t blame him for you have to have “life balance” in whatever your Occupation is.. It’s so funny that Fans take Sports so much more seriously as they treat it as life and death than many athletes do, but it’s the nature of our Society that we live in, You get a Big Contract with all this Guaranteed $$$ and Fans expect you to be perfect in every game and in every situation which we all know isn’t being realistic about expectations

      I’ve always liked Wentz as a Person, but I never thought he was an “Elite QB” worthy of Franchise Status until he proved his Durability and actual Winning (Carson Wentz Career Record is now at 32-26) which is above Average but nothing Great and when you take out that magical Streak of 7-8 Weeks in 2017 when the NFL Defenses were learning his tendancies, preparing for him after playing on last place Team in 2016 with little to no expectations and a last place Schedule in 2017, Wentz and the Team played great , but besides this period, Wentz has never really been able to recapture that magic, he’s basically a .500 QB in Terms of Wins and Losses

      Franchise QB’s are supposed to Elevate a Team and Franchise but we really haven’t seen this from Wentz since that 20117 magical run .. Where have you gone Coaches Frank Reich and Joe Defillipo ?
      Wentz has never been the same since the both of you left and that’s the truth…

      1. I call bull shit! There is a disconnect! Wentz is not being put in good spots. Someone dispute that Wentz wouldn’t have looked great executing rams playbook!!!! Wentz never has receivers as open as Goff had time and time again. I have no idea why we’ve become so vanilla

      2. I think elite QB’s elevating players around them is a very good point….I see no evidence of Wentz doing that…..maybe it is the coaching but it’s not like he picked up a football for the first time last week.

        1. Wait just a minute! Do you remember last year when he led a practice squad to the playoffs? There is trouble at the Novacare- parents are fighting, lawyers have been retained…. DIVORCE is coming.
          Carson’s ineptitude has zero to do with drafting Hurts (whoever thinks that is really just stupid), zero to do with a nice contract, zero to do with complacency. The eagles made a huge investment in him. Pederson was hired to develop him and he has regressed. Dougs offense is stale- I never thought I’d say it but I think Doug reached his ceiling and we are going to be saying hello to….. JOSH MCDANIEL is my early candidate.

          1. You on drugs hac? He didn’t lead Jack shit last year. Unless u call leading losing to the Dolphins, going 8-8 then getting hurt again after limping into the playoffs. Pathetic he sucks

      3. you didn’t see wentz lift the practice squad to the playoffs? no name guys looking like all pros? that was Carson-
        Something rotten in the state of Denmark! There is a bad funk wafting from the novacare!

        1. Versus what competition HAC?
          2 Games vs the Giants, 1 against the Redskins with both Teams with lame duck Coaches and the Cowboys with Jason Garrett ?
          Going 9-7 the last 2 Seasons with this Roster in a very weak NFC East Division?

            1. Eagles Performance spells it out HAC, Do you even watch other NFL Games outside of the Eagles ?
              Of course you don’t ..
              Good Grief you’re F‘n Homer !!

  7. You are the same guy that downplayed a Halliday no hitter cuz it was against the reds and the phils WS because it was the rays. It is your Achilles … stupidity

    1. Halliday was medicated up, whose know what’s was going on thru his mind
      Phil’s/Rays World was a boring one outside of the Phillies Winning.. Ranked as one of ho-hum Series with little competition or overall excitement , who even remembers this Series outside the Delaware Valley?

        1. And God Bless the Halliday Family,
          What a Tragic End to a Great Guy and Pitcher .. A real shame and surprise to learn all the demons they he was dealing with.. RIP Roy !!

      1. Jesus ur a certified scum Paul. Who makes up lies about dead people. Jesus u scum doosh

        This coming from you an alcoholic. Gross

        1. Lies about Halliday??
          Are you aware of Roy Halliday’s Story about his bouts of his heavy use of Alcohol, Depression and his ultimate Addiction to Pain Killers over a pretty long time during his Career and Post-Career as disclosed by his Wife in her Book and 30-30 Documentary …

  8. yea you are scum. you said he was medicated during his no hitter and that’s an irresponsible lie and that makes you just a scum human

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