Eagles fire Doug Pederson; Begin search for replacement.

On Monday, after five seasons with the team including a Super Bowl victory, the Eagles decided to part way with Head Coach Doug Pederson. In his tenure with the Eagles, Pederson had a record of 42-37-1, made the playoffs three times, and won Super Bowl 52. 

Pederson met with Owner Jeffery Lurie twice in the past two weeks and reports are the two didn’t agree on the teams direction in the future. There have also been reports of “fragmented relationships” between Pederson, Howie Roseman, and QB Carson Wentz. 

Per source, Carson Wentz had no involvement in the departure of Pederson, and his future with the Eagles is still up in the air. 

The Eagles, led by Lurie, Roseman, and President Don Smolenski, will search for their next head coach now. According to ESPN’s Tim McManus, the Eagles have already reached out to Oklahoma Coach Lincoln Riley about the vacant coaching position. Other names linked to the Eagles are Kansas City QB Coach Mike Kafka, New England LB Coach Jerod Mayo, San Francisco DC Robert Saleh, Dallas OC Kellen Moore, and many others.


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  1. Happy New Years Greg !!

    A few other Names linked to the Eagles HC Position and I have not read/heard about a any interest in Cowboys OC Kellen Moore, who just signed a nice 3 Year Extension to remain with the Cowboys

    Luke Fickell – HC of the U of Cincinnati
    Ryan Day – HC Of Ohio State
    Arthur Smith – OC of the Titans
    Joe Brady – OC of the Panthers, who I believe has already interviewed
    Todd Bowles – Former HC of the Jets and long time Dc with multiple Teams including the Eagles a few years
    back when he took over for the Fired Juan Castillo during the end of a Andy Reid Area
    Raheem Morris – Former HC/DC of Atlanta, and Tampa Bay
    Duce Staley – Long Term RB Coach and Asst HC of the Eagles
    Brian Daboll – OC of the Bills
    Greg Roman – OC of the Ravens

    1. Some Asst’s to be on the look out for Offensive Coordinator if a Defensive Minded Coach is Hired

      Duce Staley – RB/Asst HC of the Eagles
      Dirk Koetter – Former HC/OC of the Tampa Bay, Jags and Atlanta
      Mike Lafluer – Passing Game Coordinator for the 49ers
      Mike McDaniel – Running Game Coordinator of the 49ers
      Shane Waldron – Passing Game Coordinator of the LA Rams
      Luke Getsy – Passing Game Coordinator of the Green Bay Packers

      1. Add Brian Shottenheimer to the list of Potential OC’s Candidates

        The Steelers let go of their Offensive Coordinator, Randy Fitchner today so there are currently 9 NFL Teams in need of a Offensive Coordinator including the Eagles
        7 Teams Searching for a HC (Eagles,Jets, Jags, Lions, Falcons, Texans LA Chargers) an now
        both Seattle and Pittsburgh are looking for Offensive Coordinators to replace those they let go,
        Some current Teams may lose their OC to become HC elsewhere, creating more open Positions at OC
        which is why I believe Eagles will Hire a Offensive Minded HC who can run an Offense and then Hire
        a Veteran DC who has experience and can run that side of the Ball on his own

  2. Word around the League and Coaching Agents is to stay away from the Eagles as they are too dysfunctional and have issues with the Sanity of the Owner and General Manager who appear to be in cahoots together and believe that they can both run a Football Team and Staff and Roster better than Actual Coaches

    We’ll see as the Eagles “Dynamic Duo” will continue to feed NFL and Eagle Beat Reportes the usual lies and innuendos to discredit anyone who turns them Down or will even make up shit to discredit a Coaching Contact who simply Isn’t interested in the Eagles Job

    1. In the words of our doubly impeached whiner in chief “fake news”.
      The eagles style will not keep away too many coaches. Their egos (coaches) are too big and the spotlight of Philly too bright for a type A, egomaniacal coach to turn down. Oh someone might turn them down for whatever reason but these coaches are aggressive and way too driven to turn this down. They will get someone and probably already know who it is.
      To be clear if the words are true that Howie picks game day roster that’s crappy. I guess it’s their multi billion $ business to run as they see fit. I think in the end Doug wanted two things: control over Howie (and Lurie has seen that show) and 2. He wanted to throw away Wentz which forces a business man to make a business decision. That’s not really a football decision in my book. I’ve said since I heard Howie before week 1 that there was trouble in Mudville and it’s name rhymes with Fowie Schmosman .

  3. 3 Coaching Candidates off the Board
    Urban Meyer (Jaguars), Robert Selah (Jets)
    and Arthur Smith (Falcons)

    LA Chargers,Texans,Lions & Eagles still interviewing

    I believe the Eagles will settle with Duce Staley and Hope they he can ride out the next 2 Seasons to get this Team thru a rebuild which will be difficult and then go thru this process again … Staley will be a popular and easy choice with the Fans as many would like to see the long term Eagle get an opportunity
    Lurie is on the hook paying Coach Pedersen $6 million for next Season not to Coach so he will not be adding any high priced Head Coach this time around, it will be a newbie at low $$$
    Where the Eagles will hire most of Staff

    Doug Pedersen is taking the 2021 Season off as he’s getting $6 Million from Owner Lurie, and since he got Fired late in the Coaching Interviewing Process, not too many options as other Teams have been interviewing, formulating plans for weeks and months bow..
    Doug’s best move is to chill out for year and go at it again for 2022 Season fully re-charged with the debacle of the 2020 Season behind him, Heck he may just retire from the NFL scene all together and Coach at the College level if he chooses too..

    Reports are that Oklahoma’s Lincoln Riley wants no part of this Job/Organization at this

    It will likely beDuce, or a newbie Candidate looking for their first HC Job that will have little to no authority where Lurie/Roseman can control the Staff and Narrative of the Team for this is what they do …

    1. Please cite your source for the L. Riley report otherwise its just more of your toxicity and fake news.
      I remember vividly when doug was hired you and others were pissed the higher profile names were gone before the eagles SETTLED on doug, there was venom spewed about Dougs hiring- but then again toxic posts are what you do- here’s hoping the next guy they settle on has the same success!

      1. I will not name sources to protect the identity and mutual respect that I have with many people/sources..
        But let’s just say that from a person close to Bob Stoops, who is a former HC of Oklahoma and good friend of Lincoln Riley…

  4. My Top 3 Choices that I would like to See become HC of the Eagles

    1) Brian Daboll – (OC from Buffalo BIlls) – Blue Collar, Genuine and Creative and has really helped and developed QB Josh Allen to become a very Good NFL QB, who has similar Traits as Carson Wentz

    2) Greg Roman – (OC from the Ravens) – A great Play-Caller and Schemer for today’s NFL Offense’s

    3) Duce Staley – (RB Coach) – Give him an Opportunity, Great Leader and Strong Character while cleaning up the Salary Cap Hell and Roster and see what happens, But give him support too..

  5. Rumor – Eagles to play 1 “Home” Game over in London for 2021 Season, in yet another Punishment by
    the NFL for the Eagles Debacle that Final Sunday Night Game vs the Washington FC in front of a National Audience .. Decisions have Consequences , Sources tell me it will be the home game versus the KC Chiefs that will now be played in London…

  6. Detroit Lions are close to naming Saints TE Coach Dan Campbell as their Next HC
    Campbell spent time in Miami a few years ago under HC Joe Philbin and was Interim HC for the final 12 Weeks of the 2015 Season when the Dolphins fired Philbin after Week 4 with Campbell leading the Dolphins to a 5-7 Mark the remaining 12 Games in a tough Coaching Situation on. Hes been with the Saints since 2016 and comes highly recommended by Sean Payton ..

    4 Teams down with 3 to go, in terms of securing a new HC for the 2021 Season

    LA Chargers, Houston Texans and the Eagles

  7. More Reports

    Brian Daboll is earmarked for the LA Chargers open HC Position

    Eric Bienemy is slated for the Detroit Lions Job

    Eagles will go with the low-key Hiring of Duece Staley which will be their best Hire during this Cycle with an eye to the Future for a more dynamic Offensive Designer, but the Locker room and fans need a safe hire right now and Duece is best suited to operate in the Dys-function of the Eagles .
    Onto the Trades and Releases of many higher paid Veterans and then the Draft

    1. Jerrod Mayo will be Offered the DC Position of the Eagles and Brian Shottenheimer the OC and Playcaller under HC Duece Staley

    2. Remember when u called the Doug hire mundane ? Now Duce who you’ve advocated for in prior posts you say in your toxic way …”he’s the only guy for this dysfunctional team”… man you are a scumbag

  8. Bringing in an outside guy right now with the current “Stench” that is in this Organization and would be a disservice to that New Coach and to the Fans
    We will have to let it Play Out as a Total Rebuild situation which is currently underway and will take 2 Years to complete as they turnover the Roster with younger Players and get their Payroll under control , the sooner they begin and complete this process, the better for future success
    They put themselves in this position and now they have to work themselves out of it which
    Includes Howie and Lurie themselves and whoever the New Coach will be …
    There is no silver bullet here to save the Eagles short term from this mess..
    Duece is their only alternative to take hits for the Organization short term until they get their shit together

    1. There is no stench? Are you insane? Stench? They missed the playoffs one year in a row! They will shed salary, draft players, hire a coach… a guy who will work very hard snd is bright… will he be Adam Gase (ur favorite) or Doug who you hated at the beginning? I don’t know…
      stench? Why would you support a business that has a stench? You continue to talk about it… must be your low self esteem

  9. Eagles are 23-27-1 in their last 3 Seasons following a Super Bowl Win, Istead of re-tooling and getting younger and cheaper in 2019 & 2020 they instead get older and keep bringing back aging, injured players Instead of developing more young Players for the future and all this occurs while supposedly having a Franchise QB in his prime ,in Carson Wentz where he should be peaking as an NFL QB
    Offensive Coaching Staff Changes every year
    4 WR Coaches in 5 Years, 3 OC’s in 5 Years so it’s no wonder they can’t develop WR’s even though this has been a huge focus for years
    An Ownership/Front Office who want to pick the HC’s Staff ? What experienced HC is going to go for this ? Only Newbies who may or may not be ready will take this Job at this time ..
    There is Stench all over this Organization right now after all these leaks about back-stabbing, on who wanted who, drama in the QB Room..
    Owner Lurie has become too involved and somehow believes since winning the SB that he has earned this right to meddle in Football Operations… Howie is a glorified “Draft Geek”
    who thinks his voluminous notebook will make him a quality GM in putting a Quality Roster together
    Eagles will ride the Basement of the NFC over the next 2 Seasons before Lurie ever thinks about replacing Howie Roseman and until this occurs, the Eagles will have a major “Stench”
    throughout their Organization

  10. Well very selective cherry picking…. rotten cherries. You pick the disastrous season to say it …. of course you also tainted the SB win by downgrading opponents etc.
    after the SB you have to give it a shot and the next year they got a playoff win and we’re a dropped pass from the championship game. All lost on the alcoholic who lives in a zoo.
    If you are paying attention these kinds of things are going on all over the league. It’s business. All 4 teams that were in the championship round in 17 had horrible seasons, 2 have changed coaches 1 coach is on the major hot seat…. pay attention fraudman …. there only 6 out of 32 teams that have long tenured coaches. OC and DC shakeups everywhere. Standard operating procedure… QBs looking to move, be involved in coaching hires. It’s a big boy business and for pussies living in the woods.

  11. Cherry picking stats… prior to this year which is an aberration they were 31-17… two can play at that game

  12. And you can say the Patriots were in 3 of the last 4 Super Bowls too, if you overlook their current Season and More importantly their future situation,Roster, etc
    Stop living in the Past !!

    PFF has the Eagles with a 16% Chance of Making the Post-Season in 2021 and then a
    21% chance of making the Post-Season in 2022 based on their Roster, Salary Cap Situation and Competition within the NFC East and the NFC Conference
    Good Times ahead for Fans!!

    1. Good you can take a couple of years off from posting. With such poor odds maybe they shouldn’t show up? Nitwit! Who the F cares what some publications says.
      Fortunately they are brighter than you, will show up everyday, figure out the problems and go forward.
      They we’re in total disarray when Kelly was fired, bad salary cap, no QB etc…. it’s the business. Just reset , get to work, whining is for internet pussies . Your grasp of sports is always so poor and toxic . You seem to only whine and complain like an 8th grade girl at the lunch table…. it’s such a funny thing to watch. You make Angelo Cataldi look like he’s knowledgeable…. and that is saying something

    1. Says who? Funny they got Pederson by default too… you made that point then!
      So to provide context to the success of teams and perspective on down years etc. in this years playoffs the following teams have had at least one bad year out of the last 2: GB, Washington, Tampa, Rams, Chicago, Indy, Pitt, Cleveland, Buffalo…
      Whiners suck

  13. OL Coach Jeff Stoutland is leaving the Eagles to go back to the U of Alabama..
    Center Jason Kelce to announce his Retirement after the Super Bowl next Month
    What Asst Coaches and Staff will Duce be able to bring in ?
    Duce needs to be Hired today if the Eagles want to keep any Veteran Players or few Asst Coaches still around , if not , may as well do a complete tear down with the entire Staff and start with a clean slate
    The longer the Eagles go thru their Coachibg Staff and then choose Duce a couple weeks later make Duce look like a fall-back Candidate
    If he’s the Guy, then Hire him now,
    If he’s not, then completely clear the deck for the next Eagles era

    1. Aaaah I assume you rush into decisions with your multi billion dollar business? Why in the world would anyone rush into such an important decision? Remember when Doug was hired all the “hot names” were being taken off the board? And they ended up with Doug and you dummies called him the safe fall back guy? I sure hope this safe fall back guy is as good!
      Reading “seagulls” the Seahawks blog it’s hilarious because they have their version of fraudman… a big dummy. Whining… I never understood why a grown man who claims to have some success would whine. It shows a real lack of character… some would refer to such a man as a pussy

  14. Fraudman has been gone from the area so long and is a non Philly guy he believes Pizza Hut “stuff crust pizza” is actually pizza! A cheese steak in his area is a steak um on a hamburger bun

    1. I make my own Cheese Steaks .. Can’t get the Good Rolls from up North, but they still find pretty good… We have a few good Pizza Places with Shops owned/operated by Italians from NY.. remember we are a Colkege Town with 20,000 Students so plenty of Pizza Shops here in Town… Bella’s, Capones & Sorrentos all make great Pizza here in the High Country
      As long as a Pizzeria carries “Roma Brands” ingredients from NY, it will be good Pizza

      1. Our Pizza Gut in Boone closed about 7-8 Years ago so we don’t even have one…
        Mellow Mushroom Pizza is a local Franchise in the South that’s not bad either

  15. So much for the “you HAVE to run the ball” narrative. Buffalo ran the ball 12 times. FOUR of these were kneel downs and 8 were in the second half when they had the lead and were milking clock. I guess the dummies don’t want their OC as our head coach because he isn’t a 1970 ground it and pound it guy. The nfl is a passing league time to get used to it. Part 2, Lamar Jackson will have a short career. You can’t be the QB and the leading rusher week after week and he really struggles beating you from the pocket.

    1. Half of Buffalo’s Passes were extension of run plays, Hoe many WR screens anc 2-3 Yard Passes did Josh Allen throw last evening?
      10-12 Times ?
      Spread the field out and get the ball out to your Playmakers, Great Game Plan and Play Calls from their OC Brian Daboll
      Have your Young QB make quick,safe throws and then take a few shots here and there to keep the Ravens Defense honest and to keep your Offense ahead of the Sticks with manageable 2nd/3rd Down distances

      I agree about Lamar Jackson’s long term productions as his injuries will continue to mount as he takes too many hits and will eventually lose some of his explosiveness, he’s a below average QB when kept in the Pocket ..
      Ravens young QB Huntley actually looked pretty good considering coming in cold late in the Game… He may have potential and obviously a goid job of Coaching by Ravens OC Greg Roman and their Staff

      1. Same with the eagles… they have always said their screen game etc was an extension of their run game so you can keep arguing all you want but you don’t have to have huge rushing totals to win in the nfl. That’s just your toxic narrative on the eagles.

        1. And how many Screen Plays did the Eagles do this Season ?
          2-3 a Game ? Bills ran a ton last night by design as the Ravens are traditionally very difficult to rush the ball against so they got it out of the QB’s hand quickly and forced the Ravens to cover the complete field and got positive yards on 1st/2nd downs to keep ahead of the sticks which was something the Eagles struggled with for most of the 2020 Season

          On a side note, you sure didn’t keep your New Years Resolution for very long !!
          Good Grief !!

          1. Paul I wish u knew something about football. A screen play is dependent on a good OL. The eagles had 15 different combinations of OL. Screens are timing dependent, too many moving parts. As stated very early this year is a god awful season… it was off the rails. Even a dimwit like you would acknowledge that the screen game has been a major part of the eagles game plan for years.

            1. Not the swing out WR Screen/Bubble Route Plays HAC!!
              That’s what Buffalo ran all game and what shirt quick passes that I’m not talking about the traditional Screen Play where you draw the D/Line in and get the OL out an down the field and pass to the RB coming out of the backfield.
              Eagles used to have a nice Screen Playbyo the TE that always seemed to work well but didn’t see any this 2020 Season

              1. Say what you want they didn’t turn around and hand the ball to a back. You can’t even admit that.
                The eagles have tried the bubble screens, the WR screens and this year nothing worked. Point is you don’t have to turn around and hand the ball to a back. You are the one that continually harped on the number of rushing attempts even after I showed you numbers that clearly showed that for a terrible team that lost ALOT of games they actually ran it a decent amount…

  16. Eagles Offense sucked all 2020 Season
    They Played about 5-6 Good Halves out of a 16 Games Schedule
    All were at fault from the Coaches, to the QB’s to the decimated OL and young WR’s with little to zippo contributions from Jeffrey and D-Ajax and JJAW for a 2nd Season in a row
    Why keep any of this Group around for the Future and especially for a rebuilding time that the Eagles are finally going to go thru after years of short-term band-aids that miraculously worked in 2017 only by the out of mind playing by Nick Foles but is not sustainable nor a template of how to build a consistent Winner to compete for Championships

    1. That’s correct it was a horrible year but the apocalypse can be avoided.
      Would be simple for you to say, “HAC you are right, you don’t have to turn around and hand the ball off 30 times. The NFL has evolved given rule changes. The bills won without running. It’s easier to score a high number of points by tossing the ball around. Obviously run heavy teams like Baltimore are at a major disadvantage when they fall behind” simple. It’s not even worth arguing about because the number of runs is not relevant . The eagles this year because of their shitty team finished roughly 20 in number of runs… I. Dougs other years they were in top 12.
      It was a bad year.. been acknowledged a million times. But it wasn’t bad cuz they didn’t run a million times. You are just too passive aggressive to admit

    2. Paul by continuing to go over their horrible season it means zero… there were more problems than you can count, your incessant whining is kind of redundant. They were bad. Simple move on. Hire a coach, infuse some new blood and fix it. NFL turnaround can happen quick.

      As for the ground game understand I was a HC/OC in the 90s…. I was a run first guy. But understand that’s HS with kids playing and not in the nfl where the rules are pass oriented. I ran QB wedge (sneak) 7 plays in a row for 3 first downs. I love a dynamic running game . The eagles as has been stated ad nauseam were not dynamic in any aspect of the game in 20. You can continue to beat that dead horse and whine but there is no point… they were bad if you want to keep going over the ways they were bad go ahead it is just stating the obvious

      1. See no real improvement for next Season
        New Coaches, New Schemes, the departure of 4-5 Veterans and Leaders in the Lockeroom..
        New OL Coach with new Blocking Schemes/Techniques and Terminology so no easy Transition for even Veteran OL like LJ, Brooks and Seumalo who have been in the same system for the last 5-6 Years
        No leadership with Jason Kelce Retiring and a bunch of other young OL learning a new System next Spring so why expect a bounce back Season from the OL which is the engine that drives the Offense …

        Early Prediction is Eagles finish at 4-12 or
        5-11 Next Season

        Duce Staley becomes HC for 2021 and 2022 Seasons and then gets fired and replaced by Lincoln Riley who will then be ready for the NFL

        1. You wouldn’t see it any other way! That’s the negative nitwit… glass half empty the man who actually denigrated championships and perfect games.
          Funny you hold the saints in such high regard. In the mid 2000 teens they had three straight 7-9 records, have lost their last 3 home playoff games and have only been to one conference championship since 2009 and for as great as Payton and Brees are have only won 1 SB.
          Point is from a distance you talk about the as a successful organization but the team you claim to follow closely you constantly throw toxic crap.

  17. Maybe the Eagles will luck out with a QB Market this off-Seasons
    Drew Brees, Phil Rivers and Big Ben will likely Retire and their Teams don’t have viable backup QB’s ready to step in

    Colts have Rivers, Brisset where both Players Contracts are up and are not expecting to return

    Saints have Jamies Winston whose Contract is also up and gadget player/QBTysom Hill who is not an every down QB

    Steelers have backup Mason Rudolph under Contract and that’s about it and he’s been inconsistent when he’s played

    Patriots have Cam Newton whose Contract is up and J Stidham appears to a backup type of QB only

    49ers have a decision to make about Jimmy Garrapolo who can’t stay healthy
    CJ Beatherd may be their man next Season

    Bears have Trubinsky and Foles are still searching for a long term answer

    Broncos have Drew Lock who is very inconsistent and May look to add a QB

    Lions and Falcons may move from their QB’s being in rebuild situations and look to trade Stafford and Ryan for Draft Capital

    Texans have a Mess with DeShaun Watson

    Eagles have a Mess with Carson Wentz

    This Years QB Class probably has 2 Starters out of the gate – Trevor Lawrence for sure and maybe Zach Wilson of BYU but J Fields,T Lance are going to need time to develop and need the right teams/Coaches to develop with
    A Wildcard is the QB from Alabama who may move up the Draft Boards after a great Season and maturity, leadership but with that OL, WR Corps and RB with great Play Design and Calling, it’s pretty hard to not be successful playing with that group at the College level

    QB’s who will likely be out there in no particular order, J Winston, C Newton, J Brissett, T Taylor, M Glennon, D Haskins,
    And maybe a Wentz, D Watson, M Stafford and M Ryan, J Garrapolo thru a Trade scenario

    LA Chargers just announced that they are Hiring Rams young DC B Staley in a surprise Hire leaving B Daboll for the Eagles or Texans to pursue along with E Bienemy who has fallen a bit per NFL Reports
    Neither the Eagles or Texans Job look enticing right now after all the turmoil with both Teams Front Office/Ownership situations and with their franchise QB’s looking to get out of Town

    1. Don’t look enticing to a nitwit sitting in a trucking warehouse? So you think Josh McDaniels sat thru 10 hours of interviews for a crappy job? A guy who will walk into the Patriots job when cheat leaves? Big ego guys would think this is a great job…you know secure MEN not sissies. Unlimited resources, winning culture, a fixable franchise QB. Hell yeah any real man wants that.
      The other stuff is just white noise to keep the fan base and media buzzing…. and you feed into it.

      1. McDaniels will not get the Patriots Job when Bill Belichick Retires in a couple years, Belichek’s Son will take over for him which is why McDaniels is looking elsewhere,Where have you been ?
        It’s obvious that you don’t pay attention to what goes on around the NFL…
        McDaniels did a terrible job whike atDenver as he wasn’t ready, and really hasn’t done much the 2 Years as OC of the Patriots, reneged on the Colts job after handshaking on the deal…
        yeah, Josh McDaniels a real man !! GTFOH!

        1. I’m not saying mcdaniels is getting the job. I, saying you are a negative nitwit toxic asshole. Paul do you understand that when the 6-8 openings happen each year that people in the league essentially know who is getting which job? The extensive interview process is to steal ideas, get up on trends etc. I guarantee the eagles know who they are hiring. This is just to keep the buzz going etc. you over react to everything. I guess it’s cuz you don’t have much else going on.
          Cant you do some goofy mock drafts or something? At least there you aren’t a negative troll. You can give a thousand uninformed mocks of a thousand players. Read about them online and pretend to know what you are talking about. The toxic take on Philly teams sucks.

  18. And don’t be naive to think some Candidates are interviewing with the Eagles to find out
    more about the Organization works and more about the Carson Wentz situation too..
    Teams interview Coaching Candidates and Candidates interview the Organization as well

    1. Of course they are the whole thing is a game. It’s rigged. Everyone knows that! That is not a revelation!
      MarcuscHayes who is a negative guy in his own right lays out pros and cons of Eagles job and in the end the pros outweigh cons. Interestingly he says what I’ve said to you. Yes there is some ugliness in this vacancy but in the nfl that’s WHY there are opportunities. Each opening was created by ugliness of some sort.
      Also pointed out that the Eagles have a framework for very solid OL and DL and 2 QBs. That’s a damn good place to start

      1. I believe many of these younger Candidates are more of OC or DC Candidates and a opportunity for the Eagles to spread their Search beyond just a HC

        If they Hire X for – They can offer Jerrod Mayo a DC Postion and Mike Kafka as the OC as an example ..
        If they Hire Duce Staley as HC, Can Mike Kafka become the OC with Mayo as the DC

        If they don’t Hire Duce Staley as HC, I believe he walks and gets a Job elswhere and probably with the Steelers if he wants as the Running Game Coordinator/RB Coach as they have some real issues with their Running Game the last 2 Years..

        The Eagles OL has lots of ? with Players Returning from Injuries and 3 Starters over the Age of 30
        Yea a few of the Young Players did get a lot of experience and looked pretty good as their Game time Experience went on — Mailata, Herbig and Driscoll ..
        A lot will depending on who replaced Jeff Stoudtland and what kind of Running/BLocking Schemes and Techniques will the new Coaching Staff employ

        Eagles DL is aging and highly paid so it’s not a real strength moving forwards in my opinion
        5 of the 11 HIghest Paid Eagles are in their DL (F Cox, B Graham, J Hargrave, M Jackson and D Barnett) with 3 of these Players over 30 Years old and their best years behind them and there’s a very good chance is that 2 of the 5 Players I listed above will not even be Eagles after this Spring as they may cuts,trades to clear Salary Cap space that they put themselves into

  19. Heavy talk it’s going to be McDaniels. Funny I remember when they hired Doug all the talk was how the eagles were the only team he interviewed with and the eagles must be morons. Same will be said by dummies this year. Shows that the number one priority is fixing Wentz. McDaniel is notoriously tough on QBs and has stood up to Brady. I like that they aren’t going with the flavor of the day… the sexy hire. Sometimes they work (Mcvey has been solid) but most don’t (Gase, Mike McCoy, Kelly etc)

  20. I’m hearing Todd Bowles as the Eagles next HC,
    Brian Shottenheimer as the OC with Josh McCown as the QB Coach
    DC will be Larry Foote of the TB Bucs who is currently Todd Bowles LB Coach for the Bucs and a good one

    Gone are Duce, Press Taylor, J Stoutland, David Fipp and

    1. Meh…. sounds fine. All those dudes do a good job.
      Anything else is over reacting… with the lukewarm buzz when SB coach Doug was hired shows they all know what tgey are doing

  21. Eagles Agree to Trade the #6th Overall Pick to the Denver Broncos for their #9th and #41st Overall Pick in the 2021 Draft , The Bronco’s moving up to #6 to Secure one the Top QB’s in this Draft Class to compete with Drew Lock

    Eagles Then Trade the #41st Pick and Zach Ertz to the NY Jets for their #32nd Overeall Pick

    Eagles Draft the Following Players in the first 2 Rounds to Rebuild this Defense

    1st Rd – #9 CB Caleb Farley – Virginia Tech (6-2 207lbs)
    2nd Rd – #32 LB/Edge Zaven Collins – Tulsa (6-4 260lbs)
    2nd Rd – #37 Safety Trevor Moehrig – Baylor (6-2 205bs)

    1. Eagles second selection is actually # 34 Overall and not #32, which is the final selection of the 1st Round

    2. With these first 3 Selections, Eagles get one of the Top CB’s, LB’s and Safeties in this upcoming Draft Class and all will be major contributors/starters to their Defense in 2021 and beyond

      Quick look at the 2021 Defense

      DL – Barnett, Cox, Hargrave and BG with J Sweat, G Avery, H Ridgeway and R Williams as back-ups/rotational
      LB’s – Singleton, TJ Edwards and Zaven Collins with Davian Taylor as the Nickel LB and S Bradley as reserve
      CB’s – D Slay and C Farley on the Outside and Maddox in the Slot versus 3 WR Sets
      Safeties – McLeod and Moehrig with Epps as the 3rd Safety

  22. New Coaching Staff Structure

    HC – Josh McDaniels
    OC/Asst Head Coach – Duce Staley
    QB Coach – Josh McCown
    DC – Jerrod Mayo

    Draft Selections in the 1st 3 rounds

    1st Rd – #6th Overall – WR J’Marr Chase – LSU (6-0 205lbs)
    2nd Rd – #38th Overall – CB Jaycee Horn – South Carolina (6-1 205lbs)
    3rd Rd – #70th Overall – DE Joe Tryon – Washington (6-5 262lbs)
    3rd Rd – #91st Overall (Trade with NY Jets for TE Z Ertz) CB – Marco Wilson – Florida (6-1 191lbs)

  23. NFL News pertaining to the Indy Combine/Workouts

    There will be no Indy-Combine this Year due to Covid Concerns per the NFL
    There will be no “In-Person Workouts” by Players at any Teams Headquarters
    Only College Pro Days will be allowed
    All Player Interviews and Psychological Testing will be done Virtually instead of at Indy Combine or Player Workouts
    There will be limited In Person Medical Exams …

    This will make for an extra challenging Year for all Scouting/Player Personnel Depts and Front Offices around the NFL .. Teams will have to rely more than ever, simply by the Game Tapes of 2020/2019 Seasons for these Players as it will be very difficult to spend time in person with these Prospects this Spring due to Covid…
    There’s the upcoming Senior Bowl which will be more important this year but outside of this, Scouting Reports, Interviewing Coaches, Teammates, Prospects Virtually, Many Players Opted out on the 2020 Season,
    Some smaller Schools had a reduced Game Schedule for 2020 due to Covid

    Obtaining all current and pertinent Medical Information will be a challenge also, so rolling the dice on an early Round Prospect on Players with recent or serious injuries will likely not happen

    It will be interesting to see what, if any impact there is on this Draft
    Will a large Free-Agent of NFL Players this Off-Season and many Teams having Salary Cap Issues, Are Teams better of signing a Proven NFL Player to a cheaper deal than a Younger College Prospect that you are not really sure about or that you haven’t fully vetted ? Teams will have to make this choice
    Will you see some Teams looking to trade out of their 2021 Draft Picks for Future Draft Picks ? In recent Drafts, a Team typically gains a Round of Value with Trading a Current Draft Pick for a Future Draft Pick ..
    (Example – I trade you a 4th Round Pick in 2021 Draft for your 3rd Round Pick in 2022,etc)

    This may be a Year where you Stay true to your Board as you have it and look to list Prospects who are healthy, received Quality Coaching, have transferable Skill Sets to fit your Scheme and have the Personal Make up that reflect your Organization’s Culture

    Players from Smaller Schools will be at a disadvantage as will some of the lesser name Players who didn’t have much of a 2020 College Season, but maybe this creates Opportunities as well for some Teams
    Great Scouting, Personal Relationships with various College Programs, Coaching & Medical Staffs around the Country will be extra important this Draft

  24. 18 Eagles Players from 2020 Season will be pending Free-Agents this Spring

    Offense (7)
    RB B Scott, RB C Clement , OL J Peters, TE R Rogers, TE J Perkins, QB N Sudfeld, WR G Ward

    Defense (10)
    DE V Curry, DT TY McGill & H Ridgeway, LB’s A Singleton, N Gerry & D Riley
    DB’s J Mills, N Robey-Coleman, C LeBlanc, R Ford

    Special Teams (1)
    Punter Cameron Johnston

    How many of these 18 Players are Re-Signed for 2021 and beyond ?

    Offense – RB B Scott, WR G Ward and maybe TE R Rogers (if Ertz is Traded) ?

    Defense – DT H Ridgeway or TY McGill for DT depth ? LB A Singleton for sure, DB J Mills or R Ford (for Special Teams?)

    Punter – Cameron Johnston is one of the NFL’s Best Punters and needs to be re-signed

    This does not Include any Current Eagles Player who are Contract for 2021 and who may actually get released,cut or traded

  25. Eagles HC Rumors and Reports

    Jason Garrett reportedly to be added to the list of Candidates to Interview for the Open Eagles HC
    Smart Fella, Princeton Graduate and good with QB’s and did a Nice Job with Developing QB’s Tony Romo, Dak Prescott and now Daniel Jones last year with the NY Giants

  26. I like the Nick Sirianna Candidate from the Colts .. He Coached with Reich and Mike McCoy with the Chargers as a WR Coach and then was elevated to QB/Passing Game Coordinator with the Colts and has a bright Future.. His Father and Brother are life long Coaches too and grew up with Coaching ..
    I’m not sure he’s ready but is well liked and respected around the NFL
    I believe the Eagles will make their decision by Friday in order to get ready for Next Weeks Senior Bowl Week so that they have a HC and Staff in place to start evaluating this Draft Class in terms of what scheme and philosophy a new HC will have moving forward

    1. This exposes a major flaw in the hiring process in the NFL- There are 4 teams still playing. Obviously those teams have successful coaches who are a bit handicapped in the process.
      It also shows how there are candidates all throughout the league and the difference between the hottest coordinator becoming a successful HC and an unsuccessful one is razor thin. They all have excellent X and O minds. That is really the easy part- the hard part is getting a group of professionals who are in essence their own private corporation to pull in one direction. I think it comes down to McDaniel and Staley- Duce is obviously a fan favorite which means nothing in the end- hire him and he goes 10-32 over the next 3 years and he will be getting killed. I think Duce would be a good leader and a guy that get the team going in the right direction- its unknown what type of relationship he has with Carson and make no mistake that is a major factor

      1. Do you think Carson is back in 2021 ? I think he will be Traded and have a hard time seeing him back
        at the NovaCare Center and Eagles Locker Room for 2021.. Even though a New Coaching Staff was not part of the past Drama, I’m not sure that the Locker Room and Front Office can look or trust Wentz again .. I believe Howie wants him out with the timely released articles by Jeff McLane, who is Howies Hatchet Journalist, even though Owner Jeffrie Lurie wants to rehabilitate Wentz and return..
        Howie has been planting the seeds to move on from CW , Owner Lurie will come around too..

        On a Side Note, – Colts QB Phil Rivers announced his Retirement today which was expected
        Back-up Jacoby Brisset is a Free-Agent and doesn’t appear to be in the Colts future plans
        so all the Colts have left at QB on their Roster is 4th Round Rookie from last years Draft, Jacob Eason, out of the U of Washington and who started out his College Career at U of Georgia and has a nice Arm, but never quite reached his potential as a College QB

        Eagles can Send Wentz and toss in Ertz to the Colts to make a Deal Happen and even if the Eagles have to eat the $10 Million Signing Bonus due in March 2021 to Wentz, would be a good way to go for everyone to have a fresh Start…

        Eagles ride with Hurts and bring in a Veteran Free-Agent QB to Compete or be a Back-up for Hurts for 2021. Maybe a Ryan Fitzpatrick, G Minshew, Tyrod Taylor, J Brissett ,

  27. On the Coaching Hiring Process

    The only way to make a level Playing Field for all Coaching Candidates is to make all Teams wait
    to either a later set Date (like Feb 1st) or even after the Super Bowl before Interviewing/Hiring which would be difficult to manage for then you would have all these Coaching Changes and Staffs moving around in Feb/March which coincides with all the College Work Days/Indy-Combine, Senior Bowls, Draft run up, etc,etc unless you move these events to later in the Spring which again is hard to do and would also keep many Asst Coaches and Staff in limbo well into the Spring which is tough on Families, School Aged Kids, etc,etc

    Maybe they can keep it as is but allow and Coaches to Interview during their Playoff Runs which again would be difficult to manage but would only apply to a few coaches each season instead of impacting a much larger segment of the Coaching Community who are used to starting new Jobs in January and moving, etc,etc

    1. Well trading Carson is not financially feasible, a poster a couple of weeks ago said it was but the more I read I think even trading him is like 59$ million dead money…. I cannot see doing it PLUS as we are seeing league wide high caliber, franchise changing QBs are impossible to find. Think for a minute that Brees was 30 when he won his ONLY SB, Rodgers was 27 when he won his (so far) one…Wentz has already been a part (huge part) to one. QBs of that caliber are very tough to come by. Many really good QBs have some awful years in their mid to late 20s … take a look at Matt Ryan (for a recent example) or even Brees and Rodgers had major hiccups mid career. Historically Elway, Marino etc.
      gotta fix Wentz . I think as for the locker room etc…. if Carson gets form back and wins… the locker room won’t blink an eye

      1. It’s a big Cap Hit whether he’s on the Team
        Or Not for the next 2 Seasons
        The worse thing about his 4 Year Contract Extension is that it is Starting this year in 2021 lasting thru 2024
        $128 Million with $107 Million in Guaranteed Dollars

        He absolutely won’t be released for it would be a $59 Million Cap Hit in 2021 and $34 Million Cap Hit in 2022 if they simply released
        But if they trade him and have eat sone of the guaranteed $$ for a mid-round Draft pick may be the best they can get

        Would you want to Trade him and save
        some of the guaranteed $$$ for years 2,3 & 4 in terms of Roster/Signing Bonus $$
        Absolutely ..
        Eagles are better off to eat thr $34 Million rather than have to pay the entire $107 Million if the Player doesn’t want to remain an Eagle
        Remember No one held a gun to the Eagles
        and Wentz was not demanding a New Deal back in 2019 when this extension was agreed upon but OT’s water u set thr bridgd and this his Howie constructed this deal with heavy bonus/guaranteed $$$ in thr first 2 Years of the 4 Year Extension so it is what it is
        The question is how do you minimize the damage in order to move forward and that’s where they’re at with him…

        1. no one was holding a gun to their head but at the time it was a great signing and actually team friendly with how QBs salaries were going crazy. Goffs deadcap this year is even higher than Wentz and they aren’t happy with him either. Prescott made 32 M this and that will go up considerably one way or another next. QB money in football is monopoly money it means very little- 5 of the top 10 highest paid QBs this year did not make the playoffs (Wentz was 25th) So its all a shell game-

  28. Eagles Rumors

    Josh McDaniels reportedly is only taking the Eagles Job if Cam Newton comes along with him to Philly, that’s why HC interviewed with Owner Lurie for 8-9 Hours over the weekend as
    Cam had Josh/Jeffrie on hold for 6.5 Hours
    Per TMZ Channel who was also interviewing Cam at the same time about the upcoming Spring Fashion Show Good Grief !!

    Just Hire the Italian kid, Sirianna , from Indy
    And forgettabout it !!

  29. Josh Allen is entering his final year of his rookie deal. Bet you a dollar Bills wish they signed him last off season. Dude is gonna get some crazy money. Like I said real silly money. If Carson gets fixed he’s right for the market if not then it’s 2 seasons of cap hell . Gotta pay the price to play with the big boys. They don’t have the luxury to sit in a BarcaLounger and make hindsight decisions.
    QBs hold a very unique bargaining chip. If they don’t sign big long term then they hold the team hostage (cousins, Prescott) or you sign them big and they don’t always play to contract… it’s a game of chicken

  30. Eagles denied Lions permission to speak to Fipp. Speculation was that Lurie wasn’t keen on him but speculation is for losers. Further speculation is that it’s a good sign for Duce and or Bowles both whom worked with him. BUT remember this football guys are 100% used to working with coaches who come and go. It’s not rocket science and any coach they hire will have a handle on how he wants specials to run and Fipp would easily adapt …. again the X O part is very simple. When McCarthy went to Dallas he kept their same offense cuz it was easier for him to learn their terminology than it was for the team to convert to his terminology. An inside zone read is an inside zone read, the terminology is based on your prior knowledge… it’s easy to adapt . Don’t over think it… it’s just a bunch of big fast dudes bashing each other heads in

  31. Who is going to Fix Carson Wentz if he doesn’t want to fix himself?
    Can Duce Staley get it out of him? Or whoever the New Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach will be?
    Carson Wentz better have a Real Talk to Jesus this Off-Season or his NFL Career will be ending by the time he’s 30 !!

    1. Paul that is the only question for this off season. Can he be fixed? Obviously if reports are accurate (always sketchy) and he’s being obstinate then it may be impossible. But finding the right QB whisperer is job one because you have to try you have 100$m reasons

      1. Meanwhile if I’m the Eagles, I’m rebuilding the Defense with the Draft, most likely they’ll have a New DC with a New scheme
        They have to rebuild the Secondary with at least 2 longer, taller Outside CB’s to play and learn along with D Slay who is approaching that late 20’s/30 Age
        They need a Athletic, Physical Free Safety
        They need a 3 Down LB who can play vs the Run, the Pass and be a future Leader of this Defense and they need another Pass-Rusher to develop
        They have many pieces at OL (if Healthy) and a few Young WR’s in house to develop already so I would focus on upgrading their Defense in this Draft
        Maybe add a proven WR in Free Agency but I’m not sure they have the Cap Space to do it this Off-Season
        Depending on who the next Coach is, do you ride outJeffrey/D-Jax one more Season
        or move on for them this Off-Season which will require eating more cap space
        Would a Todd Bowles Hire as HC to focus on rebuilding the Defense with a young, innovative OC/Asst HC to work on the Offense be there way to go ?

  32. Hearing Rumors about a 3 Way Trade

    Eagles Send QB Jalen Hurts to his Hometown of Houston to the Texans along with this Years 1st Round Pick,
    2022 2nd Round Draft Pick and 2023’s 1st Round Draft Pick along with TE Z Ertz for QB Deshaun Watson
    Eagles in Turn Trade Carson Wentz and DE Derek Barnett to the NE Patriots for a 2021 2nd Round Draft Pick and 2023 2nd Round Draft Pick.. Patriots and Texans flip flop some Draft Positions and the Patriots Send RB Sony Michel to the Texans

  33. Reports that Eagles are going to Name their New HC Tomorrow (Friday 1/22)
    and get the Staff together for Next Week’s Senior Bowl Week in Mobile which will be the most important
    Scouting/Player Evaluation Event of this Off-Season with Covid Restrictions cancelling this Years Indy-Combine and many College Pro-Workout Days as well
    I sure Hope that Owner Lurie and GM Roseman have though about this for if they go down there to Evaluate Players with No HC, OC or DC or Schemes in place, this would be a huge mistake

  34. Phillies News —
    Catcher JT Reaumalto to Sign a 2 Year $45 Million Deal keeping him in Philly thru the 2022 Season
    More details later today ..

    1. Correction on Phillies

      Phillies Offer a 5 Year – $110 Million Deal to JT… ($22 Million per Year)
      He’s be a real fool to this this down in this environment

  35. 76ers News
    76ers are actively trying to Trade Ben Simmons but President of Operations Morey is having a difficult time finding any suitors right now.. Details at 6pm ..
    Is Ben Simmons a Top 50 Player in the NBA ? A Top 25 or even in the Top 100 ?

  36. NFL Free-Agents that could help the Eagles if they are able to get their Cap Situation under control
    All Players are 26 or Younger as there is no sense in adding aging Veteran Free-Agents to a Team in Transition

    WR Position Free -Agents for Eagles to check out if move away from Jeffrey,D-Jax and Grissom and clear some Cap Space

    1) Chris Godwin (Age 25) – TB Bucs (6-1 – 210lbs) 3rd Round Pick, Local Philly Kid, Strong, Physical and will have many suitors and choices, can be a True #1 WR in my Opinion
    2) Curtis Samuel (Age 25) – Panthers (5-11 200lbs) 2nd Round Pick, Versatile and coming off a Career Year, finally had a full healthy season
    3)Josh Reynolds (Age 26) – LA Rams – (6-3 196lbs) 4th Round Pick , Great Route Runner, Catches everything
    4) JuJu Shuster (Age 25) – Pittsburgh Steelers (6-1 215lbs) Former 2nd Round Pick, Strong & Big Target
    5) David Moore (Age 26) – Seahawks (6-0 215lbs) Very Physical, Good Hands and improved Route Runner
    6) Corey Davis (Age 26) – Tennessee Titans (6-3 210lbs) Former 1st Round Pick, Very Talented but has been Up and Down and Inconsistent thru his NFL Career and now has fallen out as being the Top WR for the Titans to AJ Brown who has outplayed him

      1. He would be my #1 Target in Free-Agency for the Offense
        Tampa Bay has Mike Evans under a Big Contract already, Young WR’s in Tyler Johnson, Scott Miller,
        TE’s Brate , OJ McDuffie and Veterans Antonio Brown and TE Gronk who are currently on 1 Year Deals
        I’m afraid there will be a lot of Teams after him like the Ravens, Jets,Patriots, Washington FT who have more $$$ to offer him but if the Eagles can clear $$ of the Cap and move Jeffrey, D-Jax,
        then I would sign Chris Godwin in a heartbeat
        Another Big Decision at WR to make is Greg Ward who’s been a nice Player for the Eagles, but to be honest ,Jalen Reagor, to me , is the Slot WR of the Future, so If I can get an Outside Receiver like Godwin or my 2nd choice in Josh Reynolds or David Moore, them I’m moving Jalen Reagor to the Slot where I think he could be terrific catching those slants, bubble routes, crossers, etc,etc
        and letting Greg Ward walk
        I really don’t believe Reagor will be a great down the Field WR as he doesn’t seem to track the ball real well naturally, I do think his strength is getting the ball in his hands on short routes while moving and then let him create afterwards with the ball in his hands.. Like a J Edelman type and run the routes that Greg Ward usually does

    1. Confirmed? Don’t pull a John hart?
      Why nice hire? Cuz he’s Italian? Never heard his name till a week ago?
      Will say similarities with Doug… OC who did not call his plays. Younger but apparently more strict.
      Duce passed over again, report today he turned down OC when Reich left because he wanted to call plays. That turn down is a career killer IMO.
      They are saying the young defensive coach will be DC… eagles go very very young.

      1. He was on my original list of Coaching Coordinator Candidates, who I was hoping the Eagles to speak to that I listed on the old previous Thread with 500 comments on it..
        Worked for the Charges under Mike McCoy and Frank Reich as their WR’s Coach, then moved up to QB/Passing Game Coach when Reich came to Philly, Then Reich Hired him when he went to Indy to take the Colts Job.. He’s about 40 Years Old, His Father/Brother are life time Coaches so he’s grown up around the Game of Football…
        I have no Idea who any of his potential Asst Coaches would be and curious to find out
        I would have to think that Duce will leave the Organization, but who knows, maybe he stays on as RB/Asst HC Coach ?
        I would like to see Jerrod Mayo be named as DC or the LB Coach from Indy (Dave Borgonzi)
        I read last night that former Jaguars Coach Doug Marrone got thr OL Coaching Position at Alabama which means Jeff Stoutland may return to the Eagles which would be huge

  37. Well as I’ve said any of these guys are fine X O guys. If fans whine about that it’s silly. It ain’t Rocket science. It really comes down to organizational structure, leadership. The other stuff these guys all know what they are doing.
    All I know is the sixers have played well, Embiid MVP level, Flyers a good start, phils in hot pursuit of JT and the birds are dominating the airwaves around here. I’m sure Jeffrey gets a Chuckle at the dummies who say it’s a chicken shit organization! Hilarious … they stay in the news next with combine, draft, FA, cuts, trades etc… 24/7/365 birds

    1. Its a Shame about Duce and am not all that concerned like many Fans are about a Locker Room Revolt with him not being named HC,
      #1, Many of these Players vouching for him are likely not to be on the Roster for 2021 or by 2022 and some are not even on the Team now… I like Duce and for what all he’s done for te Eagles, but if he truly aspires to move up and become a HC, then he will just have to move on to another Organization
      #2, Players don’t dictate who the Coaches are, that’s the job and decision made by Executive Management/Ownership of the Team does..

      1. In the nfl players jobs are so easily replaceable that their concerns are short lived and they will move on from Duce loyalty. Think about it, Doug brought those guys a championship which brings about : forever fame/never buying a beer in Philly, more management loyalty for a contract extension, satisfaction of a championship. Yet these guys have already moved on. Loyalty in pro sports goes as far as your next paycheck. All this talk about Duce or Carson… trust me if this guy comes in, Carson plays well and they win… “Duce who” and “Carson is the greatest teammate ever”.
        All football people have said this guy is a bright young star. Meticulous, hard worker etc… of course they say that bout all of them cuz they all are! The guy in Detroit had one interview and is the new chosen one.

        1. I like the Hire and the make-up/back ground of Sirianna, from Northwestern Pa and grew up in a Family of Coaches
          Frank Reich and John Dorsey are very high on him and his ability and I’m sure this carried some weight with Jeff/Howie/Don…
          Thr key now is surrounding him with good and experienced OC and DC
          Hopefully Duce comes back and Jeff Stoutland returns to continue his development of this young OL which got a ton of experience in 2020 and could make a strong unit with Brooks,LJ, Return from injury and squeeze 1 more year out of Kelce
          If Stoutland goes than I believe Kelce Retires and he may hang it up anyways

            1. We haven’t talked about the Roster Yet, this will happen come Spring

              1) Get Coaching Staff Upgraded and in place by Senior Bowl Week which starts next Week
              2) Get current Salary Cap Hell fixed (Trades/Cuts, Extensions, etc)
              3) Acquire Talent and upgrade thevRoster (Draft/Free-Agency,etc)

              1. No you were doom and gloom for weeks. You can’t change your tune now. It’s what they call flip flop…no worries you will flip a few more times

  38. My Prediction for Staff

    OC/Asst HC – Duce Staley
    QB Coach/Pass Coordinator -Pepper Hamilton
    DC – Kris Richard or Raheem Morris

    1. If Duce Staley Bolts ( he is under Contract for 2021) Then Pepper Hamilton becomes OC/Play Caller and they will bring in Josh McCown in as the QB Coach

      1. Sirrianni will call his own plays. That’s the way these young offensive guys do it. We have just gone to the normal model of many recent offensive minded coaches do it… Mcvay, the guy in Green Bay, cardinals etc…
        I prefer a figure head HC…tomlin, Carroll, harbaugh etc who lead the team but down to down play calling is delegated. These coaches are obviously entrenched in the game planning, down to the minutiae. Both ways work.
        Eagles are not far off… it’s a retool not doom and gloom the way many have reacted. If this guy can coach and Howie gets back some magic and the big if is Carson. Whatever the hell went on with him and Doug…wow

  39. You can add Anthony Lynn & Todd Haley to the OC spot and Romeo Crenell as the DC as experienced, available Asst Coaches to hire that have worked with Sirianna in the past

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