Eagles Must Add Speedy, Versatile Defenders

The Eagles defense needs to add some versatile defensive players, if they want to return to the level of being one of the top NFL defenses.  I call them “Tweeners”, which is short for between a defensive lineman, a linebacker and a defensive back.  A “Tweener” is a defensive player with tremendous versatility, who can do everything required of a defensive lineman, linebacker or defensive back.  He has the pass rushing skills of a defensive lineman, the tackling and run stopping skills of a linebacker, plus the pass coverage skills of a cornerback.  He’s tough.  He’s quick.  He’s smart and he is a playmaker. 

He may be a linebacker, safety, or cornerback, but he is able to tackle any of the other teams ball carriers, small quick ones or big powerful ones, as well as cover any of the other team’s receivers.  I’m talking about a guy who can step into a hole and stop a running back in his tracks, as well as walk out into the slot and matchup man-to-man on a speedy wide receiver, then turn and run up the seam step-for-step with him for fifty yards.  

Everybody focuses on Tom Brady, when they talk about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning the recent Super Bowl, but I thought the key to the game was the play of the Bucs defense, especially their talented linebackers, Devin White and LaVonte David.  Their speed, ability to get off blocks versus the running game and versatility allowed defensive coordinator Todd Bowles to stay in a two-deep defense all game long, which took the deep targets away from Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.  

White was a star at LSU, who ran a 4.42 in the forty-yard dash, stands 6 foot even and weighs 237 pounds was drafted with the fifth pick in the 2019 draft.  David was drafted in 2012 and has been one of the most versatile linebackers in the league during his career.  Their speed, smarts and playmaking skills are all over this year’s Super Bowl video.  The Eagles need these types of versatile players “Tweeners” to improve. 

A defensive coordinator feels comfortable matching up a “Tweener” with any of the other team’s running backs, tight ends, or wide receivers.   A “Tweener” is a guy who can do all of that plus rush the passer.  He’s a complete defensive football player in today’s pass happy NFL.

These players are invaluable in today’s NFL because offenses will go with two three or four wide receivers, but still have the ability to run the football.  Versatility is the name of the game in the league on both offense and defense.  Good defenses have “Tweeners” amongst their linebackers, safeties as well as their nickel backs or cornerbacks.  

Malcolm Jenkins was a valuable “Tweener” for the Eagles during their Super Bowl run.  In fact both he and the other starting Eagles safety Rodney McLeod would be matched up with running backs, tight ends, and wide receivers.  Jenkins could line up at the linebacker position and stuff the run.  He and McLeod showed that smarts and preparation can make up for pure foot speed. Tyrann Mathieu is a “Tweener” for the Chiefs, who they ask to be versatile and make plays.

Nov 9, 2019; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Penn State Nittany Lions linebacker Micah Parsons (11) celebrates after sacking the Minnesota Golden Gophers quarterback Tanner Morgan (not pictured) in the second half at TCF Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State Micah Parsons is a talented “Tweener”, who would be a great pick by the Birds in the fist round because of his speed, athleticism and playmaking ability.  It’s very unusual to have a linebacker with 4.38 speed while standing 6’3” and weighing 245 pounds.  He’s definitely a “Tweener” because he can step up into a hole and stop the run, come off the corner and sack the quarterback, while also being able to run with any running back, tight end or wide receiver with his 4.39 speed.

Notre Dame linebacker Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is another “Tweener”, who stands 6’1” and weighs 221 pounds.  He’s also said to run in the 4.4. range in the forty yard dash.  The young linebacker leaped 36.5 in the vertical leap and jumped 124 inches in the standing broad jump.  You can see his speed and explosiveness on video when you watch him play.  The young man made a lot of plays for the Fight Irish last year.  I think he would be a great addition for the Eagles.

Last year the Cardinals drafted Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons in the first round.  He is a “Tweener”, who tested like an athletic freak a year ago by running the forty-yard dash in the 4.4 range, while jumping 39 inches in the vertical leap and 125 inches in the standing broad jump.  He’s listed at 6’4” and weighing 238 pounds.  Simmons was drafted in the number eight spot last year by the Cardinals.  I expect a lot from him in his second season.  

The same is true of LSU’s Patrick Queen was selected in the number 28 spot in the first round last year by the Ravens.  Queen showed his explosiveness by jumping 35 inches in the vertical leap and exploding up in the air 125 inches in the standing broad jump.  He had a very good rookie season and you can expect another big year out of him in 2021.

“Tweeners” must be able to play the linebacker position on nickel and dime, so they must develop the ability to read blocking schemes and know how to attack and defeat them.  When necessary they can also slide outside and cover whomever is lining up in the slot.  This is the potential of guys like Simmons, Queen.  It’s why Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman and his crew must start adding these types of players to the roster. 

Remember what I said about the “Tweeners” being speedy, gifted and versatile players, who are able to tackle and cover any players on the field.  They are a necessity in today’s NFL.

76 thoughts on “Eagles Must Add Speedy, Versatile Defenders

  1. Speed,Speed, Speed is needed on the Back 7 for all NFL Defenses in this ERA of trying to cover all these dynamic Receivers, TE’s, Backs out of the Backfield and yes, even some very athletic QB’s who use their legs with Designed Runs as well as Scrambling out on broken Plays (Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Tysom Hill, DeShuan Watson, Jalen Hurts, and some in this Draft Class like Lance and others)
    The Game on both Offense nad Defense is about Specialization with the Various Packages that Offensive Coordinators send out in Pass Formations with 3-4 WR’s , 12 Personnel with Athletic TE’s, RB’s lined up wide and now today’s Defensive Coordinators have to the do the same things
    The Day’s of lining up your Best 11 on Offense and Defense and have them play 80% -85% of the snaps are long gone, Teams have to utilize their Rosters and have the ability and flexibility to use as many Players on both sides of the Ball in various formations and schemes which best suits these Plays Skill Sets in the hopes of creating mid-matches… The Top Units on either side of the Ball do this in today’s game
    Offenses don’t rely on 1-2 TOp Receives, 1 TE, 1 Cow-tail RB to carry the load anymore
    Good Offenses have 4-5 WR’s, 2 TE Options, Multiple RB’s who can either Run, Catch the Ball out of the Backfield and Pass Protect, Good Defenses have countered with having multiple Pass-Rushers and not just 1 or 2, but instead have 4-5 Players Rotating in and out in order to stay fresh and Rush that passer in the 4th Quarter when most games are still on the line….. LB”s, Some are stopping the Run specialists, Some are Pass Blitzers, and some are best in Pass Coverages where they have the Athleticism and Speed and Ball Skills to cover these Receivers, TE’s and Backs out of the backfield, CB’s … Goood Teams have 4-5 Good CB’s, some who specialize in PRess-Man who are strong,athletic and fast enough to Play bigger Receivers, some are smaller, faster CB’s who can cover the true speedsters in the NFL as every Team has at least 1 WR and usually 2 who can take the top off of a defense with a straight Go Route, then you need those quick in short spaces DB’s who excel in the slot where quickness, toughness and ability to change direction on a dime are more important then straight line Speed… Teams have to have LB’s who can cover 15-20-25 Yards downfield as Today’s TE’s have become more and more athletic, many Defenses will only employ 2 LB’s in passing Situations where both have a lot of open space to cover so they have to be able to run and make plays
    Safeties have to be both very good Cover Players with Ball Skills while still needing to be physical and strong enough to help out in the Run Defense, take on blockers, etc many Teams play 3 Safeties at the same time in certain formations, so Football is always evolving and there’s no doubt that what we see in the Field in College Ball and even High School Football is being brought to the Professional Level in some form or aspect
    Football is a complete Team game and now more that ever, the successful Team utilize that 53 Man Roster and Practice Squad Roster quite a bit for all Players have to be ready and prepared to Play at a moment’s notice
    which is one of the beauties of Football … Every Player and Position Group including Special Teams all have their Part to do in order for the Team to be successful which is why its difficult to Win the Super Bowl as so many things have to go your way over a the course of a Season and Post-Season where one bad performance sends you home for the Off-Season

    1. Yes each side of the ball has 13-14 starters…. at least. It’s another reason the trade out of 6 was a good one….

      1. I would say Defenses with at least 18-20 Players who see a lot of Snaps a game
        Rotating the DL, 7-8 DL Play every Game
        Run Stuffing LB’s, Pass Coverage LB’s
        Slot CB, Nickel & Dime CB’s , 3rd Safety
        All get on the Field over a course of game

        Offense using 4/5 Receivers, 3 RB’s,
        Multiple TE’s Sets, Jumbo OL Sets gets you up to 17-18 Players a Game

        1. Yes by that count that’s close to 40 guys who “start” depending on packages. Add kicker, punter and long snapper and back up QB you are looking at less than 10 “extras” on game day. Every guy better be ready to play.
          While Howie has some famous whiffs at the top of the draft he has been pretty damn good at filling out the second half of the roster.AND contrary to what dummies think the coaching staff has done an excellent job the last few years preparing guys off the street to play meaningful snaps …
          gotta get 3 guys who play significant snaps at top of draft, add Dillard as a 4th new guy to start, 6 guys who play as part of rotation with at least one of them a stud on specials

        2. Paul, I would love to see you with your own YouTube page, rather than waste your time trying to reason with imbeciles….Good to see you’re still doing well…Go get your YouTube page buddy…GMCliff

  2. By the shear nature of the draft teams get younger and faster immediately following the draft. In the eagles case assume 7 of the 11 drafted make the team… they would replace guys who are older, more banged up and slower. Also assume that 3 of the 11 make the practice squad.
    Eagles need playmakers on O and D and specials. The LB they picked up had 3 Ints last year. We would all take a duplicate season.
    The more I look at the draft the more I think Waddle is the choice. The question would be is he the BPA or do they have a defensive player higher?

    1. I think the Eagles will Trade up in the middle Rounds (3 or 4) at least once or twice tossing in some of their 6th and 7th Round Picks to do so and will end up with 9 Selections this Draft
      But they may use all these 11 Draft Picks
      (3 in the 6th and 2 in the 7th Rounds) and add
      a Punter and maybe even a Kicker to add competition for Special Teams id they are real high on a Kicker/Punter

  3. List of very Athletic and Speedy LB’s in this Draft in the 2nd/3rd/4th Rounds that the Eagles may look to add
    This may be the Deepest LB Draft Class in many Years ..

    1) LB Zaven Collins – Tulsa (6-4 255lbs) Runs a 4.65 40 time, Long, Big and Fast … Steelers,Ravens,Patriots, Seahawks and Browns are Reportedly are very High on Him. An impact Player from many Scouts

    2) LB Nick Bolton – Missouri (5-11 237lbs) Ran a 4.59 40 time, Probably has the most Natural Instincts in this Draft as a MLB – Sideline to Sideline Play, High Energhy, Very Smart and a leader of the Defense, Lots of upside
    with a lot of Teams like the Lions, Washington FT, Panthers and Falcons, Saints, Cowboys, Chiefs all very High on him..

    3) LB Jamin Davis – Kentucky (6-3 245lbs) – Ran a 4.37 40 time at his Pro Day, very athletic, rangy and physical Player, Only played 1 Year as a Starter so a small sample size and still learning the Position.. Has moved up the Draft Boards from a 3rd Round Prospect to now a High 2nd Round and some Scouts think he may go late in the
    Patriots, Colts, Lions and Bills reportedly are very interested

    4) Baron Browning – Ohio State (6-3 240lbs) – Ran a 4.53 40 Time at Pro Day, An OLB and has compared to former Eagles LB Nigel Bradham by many Scouts, He’s long armed, High Motor and Physical who is solid in defending both the Run and Pass with a High Football IQ and is know as a High Character Player and Leader in the Locker Room, Lots of Interest from many Teams around the NFL including the Eagles

    5) Chazz Surratt – UNC (6-2 227lbs) – A Former QB who switched to LB after his Freshman Year and just a Natural Football Player and Leader, Ran a 4.58 40 time and and to get stronger and more experience at the LB Position, He’s very good in Pass Coverage and has nice Vision and Ball Skills, Just needs more Experience
    and Coaching Up and will likely start out as Special Teamer Demon and play some Snaps in Pass Coverages as he gains more experience.. Could be a Defender Utilized in Pass-Coverage Packages, Special Teams and could be even play an emergency WR or QB

    6) Jabril Cox – LSU (6-4 231lbs) – A Transfer Player from North Dakota St who played 1 Season at LSU and really played well, long and rangy and can run, tackle and plays well in pass-coverages… A lot of upside as he gets stronger

    7) Jordan Smith – UAB (6-6 255lbs) – Ran a 4.74 40 time at his Pro-Day, a little raw but has great length with pass-rushing ability and would be better suited as a 3-4 OLB where he can Rush and Drop in Pass Coverages out in the Flats

    8) Dylan Moses – Alabama (6-3 240lbs) – Ran a 4.56 as his Pro, had a disappointing 2020 Season and has lot some of that Explosion he has back in 2018 when he was one of the Top LB’s in the Country, but tore his ACL in 2019 and seemed to be a little hesitant in his Play last Year… Could be a High-Risk – High Reward type of NFL Player, but many Scouts have seen his play decline after his great 2018 Season and especially after his Knee Injury

    9) Monty Rice – Georgia (6-1 235lbs) – Very Athletic and Quick, Not the most Physical Player and his strength is dropping in pass coverages and running to the Ball, needs to get Stronger at the point of Attack and improve in defending the Run better and getting off Blocks

    Some Mid/Late Picks who have some Upside
    Cameron McGrone – Michigan (6-1 236lbs)
    Garrett Wallow – TCU (6-2 230lbs)
    Pete Werner – Ohio State (6-3 242lbs)
    Charles Snowden – Virginia (6-6 240lbs)
    Tony Fields II – WVU (6-1 220lbs) and could be a Dynamic Hybrid Safety in 3 Safery Packages and a strong Special Teams Player

  4. Paul, I would love to see you with your own YouTube page, rather than waste your time trying to reason with imbeciles….Good to see you’re still doing well…Go get your YouTube page buddy…GMCliff

    1. Hey GMCliff, How are you doing ?

      Let see an Eagles Mock Draft from You here soon, always enjoy your Selections…

      Who’s your Picks at #12 & #37 ?
      Do you see Howie Trading Back from 12 or maybe packaging Ertz and#37 to get back up the end of the 1st Round ?

      1. Hey Paul, I think Howie had to do everything he can to save his job. I’m looking for the Eagles to be unusually aggressive; at least I hope. I still feel that we have to trade Fletcher Cox, Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz, and Brandon Graham, and couple them with Current, or Future picks to accumulate more picks in this draft, that has tons of talent, and potential – and this team needs top end talent.

        Here’s a mock from me:

        1a. Jaycee Horn CB
        1b. Jeremiah Owusu Koramoah S
        1c, Jamin Davis OLB
        1d, Terrance Marshall WR

        2a. Rashod Bateman WR
        2b. Zaven Collins OLB
        2c. Christian Baremore DT
        2d. Kelvin Joseph CB

        3a. Carlos Basham DE
        3b. Richie Grant S
        3c. Trey Smith OG
        3d. Tyler Shelvin
        **. Rashad Weaver

        4a. Kendrick Greene C/OG
        4b. Ben Cleveland OG
        4c. Jaelon Durden WR
        4d. Dayo Odeyingbo DE

        5a. Brennan James OT
        5b. Quintin Morris. TE
        5c. Jamar Jefferson RB

        6a. Bobby Brown III DT
        6b. Bryan Mills CB

        I do think when Dashaun Watson’s legal issues clear up, he will be a Philadelphia Eagle…. We’ll have at least 2 1st round picks, and plenty of cap space to go after Free Agents :

        DeVonte Adams, Saquon Barkley, and Marshon Lattimore, and perhaps a trade to get Danille Hunter from the Vikings…

        Good to hear from you buddy, and go make some money on your YouTube page. I’d subscribe to it. You’re just as knowledgeable as Joeyshakes, Philly 500, Lord Brunson, or any other fan video blogger….go get it. Go make that money. Take care, and be safe….
        6c. TJ Vasher WR

        7a. Felipe Franks QB
        7b. Ross Blankenship S

        1. “This team needs top end talent”… then he goes on to say trade: cox, Ertz, Johnson, Graham who all happen to be top end talent. Aging yes and Ertz will definitely go but all of the. Are top guys who have actually made great plays in the nfl! Contributed to wins, championships and division titles… weird

          1. Outside of Cox, They’re not Top end talent…..Ertz was, Graham never has been in my opinion, and Lane has been declining with his injuries.

            Because we’re rebuilding in a year that we have no cap space for Free Agents, we have to sacrifice Cox, Lane, and move on from overrated Graham, and Ertz….trade them for the benefit of the future of the team long term. Stop trying to hold on to 2017, hoping you’ll catch lightning in a bottle, and be lucky again….We need YOUNG TOP END TALENT, not these old has beens…time to move on

            1. But at one point you traded them away in their prime… with your philosophy they’d have picks and zero wins… you are a dummy.
              You had Johnson, Kelce traded away in like 16… you are an idiot

              1. you are like paul– you don’t care about on the field wins…you don’t care about players who contribute. You prefer 5th round picks.

              2. Dude we won 4 games last year, and would have been less with a kiss to the Bengals, if the Giants didn’t emplode their first game, and if Dak had played instead if a Division III rookie….Most if Graham’s sacks came against those teams…Big deal!!!.. ..They should have
                started rebuilding after the Superbowl….Those players you’re defending were on that realistically 1 win team, that Howie built…..it’s been time to move on, but he doesn’t know how, because he can’t draft to save his life… So he holds on to players that many fans have OVERRATED for years, and stupidly resigning them to extensions, hoping to catch lightning in a bottle from 2017, and win a Superbowl again…… Howie is an egotistical accountant, that thinks he knows talent….He doesn’t. We care about wins, but in the BUSINESS of FOOTBALL, our GM, has to be smarter, and build it through the draft…..That’s where he’s failed miserably.

              3. And Nonsense about wanting 5th round picks…..that’s all we’ve gotten from Howie’s drafts in total – 5th round talent. When that happens, you have to sacrifice some in house talent to replenish the talent on your roster…….Paul, and I know when it’s time to move on..

              4. No … you had Graham, Cox, Kielce all traded years ago. All of whom made big plays tgat contributed to a championship . You are a bunch of draft nerds. Your talent eval is crap and just repeating what you read on the internet . I specifically remember back in 14-15 you both wanting to move Kielce who is borderline HOF. You’ve wanted to trade Graham fir years…. guy has been a solid pro who makes plays.

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  8. Some more damning Reports from the Athletic Today with the Dysfunction and Mistreatment of this Eagles Front Office and Ownership to not only the former HC Pederson and Staff but to others who work in the Bldg ..
    Eagles better clean this Shit Up or they will good Employees, Scare off Coaches and Good Players aware from all this Drama, Drama, Drama…
    Putting up with Fans and Local Media is one thing, but as a Professional Player or Coach and to have to put up with garbage (Leaks, Rumors, Fabricated Stories, etc, etc ) from your own Organization is ridiculous

    The Philadelphia Eagles are becoming an undesirable Organization to come to and Play or Coach..
    That’s the Big Picture of things from around the NFL .. Jeffrey and Howie better figure out better ways to do things, communicate and keep people engaged or this is going to get really bad and toxic

    1. Damning? Maybe. If you go back to 2016 when Howie was put back in charge the eagles made very bold and direct statements about team hierarchy and management. They openly stated that they are taking a more global approach to running the team…old school nfl philosophy and practices were no longer their norm. They are taking a premier soccer, formula 1 etc approach to management. They are not just turning the team over to a tobacco chewing, whistle spinning, macho head coach. For those of us from “the old school” this comes off as dysfunctional….they don’t care how it comes off… they are committed to a new world order. It is a top down approach…. it will be very interesting over the next 3 years to see this play out… from their perspective they won a SB 2 years after this change of philosophy…. then they went to 2 playoffs followed by the worst season i years. Now a total reconstruction. This is a huge test to a new way of running g an nfl franchise

      1. Howie/Jeffrey can be as Bold or Global as he wants, but the Eagles Ownership/Front Office doesn’t have to treat its employees like shit … Analytics are definitely a part of the Game in Evaluations and Processes and finding those Traits in people, but its not the end all.. Eagles have lost their “Emotional Intelligence” and are become “Unemotional Intelligence” and this turns off Players, Coahes and the Staff and eventually the Fans for the Product they are putting out there is becoming more Robotic and Predictable

        1. Well as a follow up to the article Sheil Kapatia (one of the reporters) states that in reality the eagles are not dysfunctional. Simply states that through a series of events some things didn’t work out in the course of running the franchise. I’m not sure they treated doug like shit– doug was a good employee who semi-embraced the ‘new way’– in the end his ‘old football roots’ and the old way of a successful coach getting control did him in- that isn’t the way they are going to operate– all they have to fix right now is their drafting- (a lot of teams miss on drafts)– but they need to get these two years right.
          There are some perceptions about egos etc, division of power which are common in a large billion dollar business. As for turning off fans/coaches– not going to happen- if they turn the roster over and new guys have as much success as the last batch of eagles then all will be forgiven- if they chew up coaches and spit them out there will always be guys wanting the job.
          As for ‘can they turn it around”– under Lurie they have had 3 double digit loss seasons in the last 20 AND MADE THE PLAYOFFS THE FOLLOWING YEAR IN THE FIRST 2.– Giants have 8 double digit loss seasons, Cowboys 7 and skins 9–
          So there is every reason to be confident and POSITIVE moving forward– Lurie has been able to adapt and fix problems very quickly unlike their division foes. I know that positivism isn’t your thing but they have a good owner and thats really important

          1. But in the end, they still have Howie overseeing the “Football Operations’,
            The Draft, Player Personnel, Scouting, Game Day Rosters, Roster and Salary Cap Management, etc,etc.. Analytics are not going to be enough to make Howie Roseman into the legitimate “Football Guy” persona that he’s always been dying to become..

            I’m now hearing rumbles that a QB Prospect may be back on the Board at #12 for the Eagles where they may trade up with the Broncos at #9 to Select QB’s Fields or Lance
            for the Eagles #12th Pick and one of the 2022 1st Rounds

            1. Paul…. “football guy”? You do understand being in charge of a SB champion would certainly qualify howie to be a football guy. It’s impossible to discount that…
              I’m as frustrated as everyone else but it’s ridiculous to think he isn’t a FB guy or to think he can’t do it again.

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  14. Daniel Jeremiah who was in the eagles war room for a couple of seasons about 10 years back laughs at the notion that Lurie is more involved now. He unequivocally states Lurie was in the war room with a binder of notes, a highlighter and loads of questions and challenging questions about each pick.
    Any stupid fuck face fan that thinks a man that has a $2 B business and doesn’t question each and every major decision is a retard … Lurie has been owner for 24 years. To say he’s “not a football guy” is really naive,,, for a man to sit at the top of the nfl… to meet regularly with AR, JJ, Modrak, Peterson, RRhodes, Schwartz et al and not become an expert is so stupid on every level… he’s a major football guy…he has better insight into draft picks, personnel etc than anyone

  15. That’s Funny HAC,
    You firmly believe that since Owner Lurie, who because he sit’s in on lots of Meetings, Discussions, Reading Reports and Studying Analytics, Watching Film, Working on NFL Rules, TV Contracts, etc,etc that he and Howie Roseman are now “Football Men” .. Is there is minimum amount time or experience involved that qualifies a Person who Owns or Works at a Football Organization to now be considered a “Football Person” ..
    There’s a big diffierence of Owning and Working for a Football Organization and being a real Football Person/Guy.. You Just don’t get it, Do you Mr Jones (HAC)

    1. Jeffrey lurie and Howie roseann are definitively football guys ya dorks. Howies entire life has been and is football. Lurie has owned a team for almost 30 years. Ya literally can’t be more football guys then them. It’s black and white. If you expect or want different credentials then that’s ur opinion and right to express it but At the end of the day they’re football guys and infinitely more football guys then u 2 geeks. #100

      1. My bad hac just read ur message and i see we agree now lol. So above message is solely for Paul.

  16. I’m not sure what kind of training you think a guy needs to become a football guy. Ur pal cliff got a mail order degree in parks and rec, you are a truck dispatcher and you two cum on each other about your football knowledge. Mickey Loomis is a great Gm and basically learned on the job , has a degree in accounting and another in sports. Eric Decosta from the ravens played D3 football and has a degree in English. What makes him a football guy? John Schneider Seahawks did play freshman football at a D 3 school… football guy extraordinary…
    give me a break… unless Lurie is a retard you are saying he can’t learn ..: Paul you are dumb

  17. To become proficient at a skill a person must devote 10,000 hours to it. That amounts to full time for 5 years. Howie and Jeffrey have done much more than that….
    they have spent time learning, studying and becoming experts. To say otherwise is retarded

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  20. I can hear Jim Mora in his Playoffs Voice
    Lurie and Roseman Football Guys ?
    Lurie and Roseman Football Guys ?

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    mind. I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your head
    prior to writing. I’ve had a hard time clearing my thoughts in getting my ideas
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  22. I haven’t checked in here for a while because I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

  23. Super bowl GM Jason Licht I guess is a football guy. He played at a div 2 school than was an assistant scout under Tom Heckert (the same Heckert who was with the eagles for 5 years)…Heckert worked under Lurie and I assume Lurie would meet regularly with him. Seems like Lurie has had access to some real football guys.
    I just want to know what training a guy has to have to become a “football guy”… GM cliff thinks he’s a football guy because he has a mail order parks and Rec degree Paul thinks he’s a football guy cuz he watches college football and reads the internet.
    I contend that football isn’t rocket science. Any reasonably intelligent person that spends time, has experienced people around him, has resources can become a football guy …

      1. Please define how to become a football guy? What does it take? No one will say how to become one…. put in 10,000 hours and you should be damn good…
        Alex lifeson states he became a better guitarist for every hour he played
        Geddy lee same thing with the bass
        Neil Peart said his drumming improved throughout his career the more he practiced… he even TOOK LESSONS long after he was accomplished. his song writing also became more proficient .
        I contend that any man that’s ever posted on this blog if given the exposure, time and commitment that Lurie has would become a football guy

  24. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is magnificent blog. A great read. I will certainly be back.

  25. A much bigger story came out today. In 2015 (before chip was fired) the eagles hired a guy who was the managing partner of Arsenal from the premier league. As poster HAC has said for months in this site the eagles are using a more global, top down management approach. The birds were the first to use this guy who then started a consulting firm. Now several teams in different sports use this guy.
    He is of the belief that championships come from a an aggressive, analytic approach. Never letting a coach get too comfortable. Fire them before they get too comfortable. Being bold with the moves. Since this guy was hired they dumped chip, hired Doug (this guy was in dougs interview), made bold moves for Wentz, got Wentz to mvp level, won a SB, made 3 playoffs, fired Doug, dumped Wentz, hired a young enthusiastic coach, made more bold trades.
    The average fan HATES this approach, I’m not crazy about it. BUT it is becoming more the norms. Teams are selling their souls for championships in all leagues… fans call it dysfunctional… they prefer a three yard, cloud of dust…tobacco chewing, buddy ryan “football guy”… talk tough, give Vince Papale a spot on the team cuz he’s a “Philly tough guy”… hire a big tough guy like Matt Patricia …. maybe bring mike Ditka out of retirement etc… good luck with that.., like it or not we are going to have creative guys who embrace analytics and who let the front office control the roster… it’s micromanaging big time.

  26. When did Wentz Win a Super Bowl ?
    Or even play a complete Playoff Game ?
    I must have missed that during his Eagles Tenure…
    Wentz injured early Dec of 2017
    Foles Played for 2 Months and led the Eagles to their SB in February of 2018 going 5-1 during his magical ride , while Wentz had Zero
    Impact of their SB Run..
    Foles again in the 2018 Season led to Eagles to their Playoff run and not Wentz
    Wentz did lead the Eagles in 2019, I’ll give him that… but that was about it and didn’t get out of the 1st Quarter of that Seattle Playoff Game
    If Foles wasn’t around during the Wentz era, the Eagles would have been their usual Average Franchise during the Wentz Era

    1. Cant play the if game… Wentz contributed to that season. He was 11-2 as a starter. To win a Super Bowl it takes an entire season and he was certainly a huge part of it.Failure to recognize that would only prove you to be an idiot.
      Foles the definition of journeyman was magical. A testament to the flexibility and creativity of the coaching staff and his professionalism.
      Point is the eagles are not going to lock in on personnel or coaches. This is a new way of doing it. This consultant they hired from Arsenal fired 5 managers in the 7 years he ran the club. The eagles will make bold moves based on analytics. They made many of these moves prior to 17 and they worked out perfectly. They continued to make similar moves and the success wasn’t there for a variety of reasons…. this year with the collapse all the fans are panicking and talking dysfunction…. the eagles are in their lair with a plan to put it back…

      1. Post-Season Run is all 1 and Done
        Going 11-2 thru Early December means little to nothing in the Post-Season
        Yes they got Home Field Advantage and yet were Underdogs in all 3 Post-Season Games
        Foles and many other Players were responsible for theSB Run (Agholor,Jeffrey, Ertz,Clement, Ajayii,Blount, Big V, Wisnewski, Barnett, Patrick Robinson, BG)

        Wentz, Jason Peters or Darren Sproles did not contribute as they were not on the field to actually play in this run

        1. They were underdogs cuz they had a journeyman QB dummy. Think man! Damn some people let their stupidity come into arguments… ask any “football guy” if wentz impacted the 17 season you fucking dummy

          1. Wentz Impacted the Regular Season obviously which means absolutely nothing once the Post-Season comes along..
            It’s one and Done come Post Season and Foles, Big V, Clement all got the Job doneand not Wentz,Peter’s or Sproles who were all injured for their Stretch Run and watching from the sidelines like you and me were
            You don’t contribute when you don’t participate, it’s what happened over the last 2 months of that Season
            December to February over 6 Games
            Is an eternity in Football

            1. I get it…You’ve obviously never been involved with a team sport– only a bleacher bum would say such a thing.

              1. I’ve played plenty of Team Sports over my life.. From a kids to Hign School,College and Adult Years
                I know for sure that I never impacted any Team or Game in which I didn’t Play in or anyone else who didn’t Play for that matter …
                All the rah-rah from the sidelines means boo in Sports if you are not actually participating in the Game
                A Team Moves on with who they got and who’s available to actually Play and Co tribute that’s what I learned playing Team Sports over the last 40 Years , not this coulda,woulda,shoulda’s garbage Or well he played great 1-2 months ago and he’s still going to impact how we play today bulllshit that you continually spout out..

    1. Dude he impacted a season… it’s foolish to think a championship is confined to ONE game. A championship is a culmination of a full season…. from the moment the previous season ends till the final gun of the championship game . Every workout, every practice, meeting and game goes to the championship.
      A championship team is greater than the sum of their parts…. team game. Even the practice squad guys are part of the championship…. you are a fool

      1. A Championship Season cannot be culminated when you only Play 65% of the Season (13 Games out of 19 Games) , Sorry Charlie but being Close is for Horseshoes
        Did Wentz, Peters, Sproles help the Eagles in the 2017 Season to become a Playoff Team
        Absolutely, Did any of these Players impact the Team during the Post-Season Run and to actually Winning the Super Bowl, Absolutely Not, How could they when they weren’t playing and on the sidelines in street clothes.. Games/Championships are determined by the Players who actually Play the Games..

        1. Its a championship SEASON DUMMY— they didn’t contribute to the championship GAME– but they contributed to the championship SEASON- it is moronic to say those guys weren’t a part of that championship TEAM- actually I would need a stronger word than moronic–
          the original point I believe was that after the chip disaster the eagles made a bunch of bold moves- drafting wentz was one of them- those bold moves built a team that culminated in a championship- I contend that this is the way the team is now operating- always having the ability to make moves and fix problems quickly. I also stated I’m not a huge fan but it is the way they are operating- getting rid of a SB coach so soon after a SB is unheard of BUT whatever they heard out of doug (or doug heard out of them) caused a VERY QUICK DIVORCE-
          Now they have 11 picks, a very young coach and only time will tell if they can turn it around as quickly as they did in 15-16.

          1. All Water under the bridge now in 2021, Eagles Won their SB,
            Let’s see what Howie and Co do to rebuild this Franchise with their New Coaching Staff and the Upcoming Draft… They have a great opportunity to build this Team for sustained success in 2023 & Beyond if they hit on these Draft Picks and make good moves this and next Year
            No more resting on their past SB, it’s time to move forward for the Organization

            1. I believe that is exactly what has been said! They are making bold moves– some of them head scratchers (to fans and media) as they think they have invented a new way to run a team–They obviously aren’t resting on their SB win–
              You can hate them for it or love them but they are not about to sit pat– traditionally a SB winning coach and $100M QB gets a certain grace period- For example the Saints its been 12 years since a SB with 3 losing seasons in there yet they stuck with the same coach- The rams ( a more progressive team) dumped a QB who was 42-20 in the last 4 years for a QB that is 23-33-

              1. Saints have been legitimate Contenders the last 5 Years as have the Seahawks
                It hasn’t worked for either Team in Post-Season in recent years but both have been right there
                with the best chances in the NFC
                Even the Packers have made the last 2 NFC Championship Games
                The Eagles are not in the same Class the last 3 Seasons

              2. Fraud since you belittle championships for the philly teams and celebrate ‘in contention’ for other teams your response was 100% expected!
                I assume you are now saying ‘in contention’ is better than championships– but yet you put down the team with the most recent championship and compare them negatively to three teams that hasn’t won in more than a decade- Steelers just extended Tomlin, redid Ben– started 11-0 and went 1-5 at the end of the season including an ugly playoff loss– haven’t won a SB in 13 years! ==These old school teams are not the way the eagles will be operating —
                And your negativity fails to even comprehend the post– the eagles are going away from that stale stick with a coach for 15 years with one measly championship– they were very successful with that philosophy and they are trying it again– its a new way of thinking.

              3. Last 4 NFL seasons:
                Eagles have won 4 playoff games-Missed playoffs ONCE
                Saints have won 3 playoff games
                Packers have won 2 playoff games– MISSED THE PLAYOFFS TWICE
                Steelers have won 0 playoff games–MISSED THE PLAYOFFS TWICE

                so…. lets see contention…check, championship check–
                Seems to me your pet teams aren’t quite the quality you say they are. more importantly the eagles aren’t the disaster you say they are– what a joke.

              4. Seahawks 3 playoff appearances in the last 4 years … one playoff win. Haven’t been to SB in like 7 years … piss poor playoffs
                Eagles are hanging in there… of all your pet teams they all have HOF first ballot QBs… eagles have hung in with injuries, back up QB and a QB who tanked

  27. Eagles Rumor on Big Draft Day Trade

    Eagles Send QB Hurts, TE Z Ertz, #12th Selection, #84 Selection and 2 First Round Picks in the 2022 Draft (Eagles own Pick and the one acquired from the Dolphins along with a 5th Round Pick in 2022 Draft) to the NY Jets
    for their 2nd Overall Pick

    Eagles with this Selection, Select QB Zach Wilson of BYU

    (This will be Howie’s last Big Trade as he will get Fired the Monday after the 2021 Regular Season is over after Zach Wilson’s shows that he is nowhere close to being Ready for the NFL and Joe Flacco has to play QB for the Eagles and they end up with a 5-12 2021 Season) —
    Now the Eagles have less Draft Capitol for 2022 and only the Colts Selection for the 1st Round in 2022 Draft which comes in as the 24th Selection as the Colts make the Post-Season with 12-6 Record in 2022)

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