Jalen Hurts Leads Eagles To Big Win Over Falcons

YouTube Video – Second-year quarterback Jalen Hurts had an outstanding performance, as he led the Eagles to a dominating 32-6 victory over the Atlanta Falcons in their first game of the season. He completed 27 of 35 pass attempts for 264 and three touchdowns. On top the passing yardage, he ran seven times for 62 yards, as the Birds dominated Atlanta.

15 thoughts on “Jalen Hurts Leads Eagles To Big Win Over Falcons

  1. The coaches scheme and integration of two rookies on offense was a great choice of attacking the falcons. The defense o, once able to pin their ears back was dominating and did so without blitzing , leaving the coverages able to limit the falcons to a paltry offense. I’d assume the next four opponents will better define the arc of this team. I’m happy our O line is healthy, but the penalties will not hold up vs stiffer competition

  2. A Nice Opening Game by the Coaches, J Hurts,
    D Smith, J Reagor, TE’s Goedart & Ertz along with the RB’s Sanders and Gainwell..
    The OL got stronger and Stronger as the Game went on after shaking off some Rust early on..
    DL also started slowly but tightened up in the Red-Zone which is the most important time to do so and dominated in the 4th Quarter and never allowed Matt Ryan to ever get in a rhythm in the 2nd Half ..
    The LB’s we’re very Active as Singleton, Harris and TJ Edwards all were around the Ball making Tackles …
    I thought the Secondary played well and disciplined in their Coverages
    Special Trams Coverage Teams also Played Well and Punter Siposs was excellent on his Punts
    But Hurts was the Key and had an excellent Game and took what the Defense gave him and made some key runs at opportune times
    and sone nice throws into to tight windows
    Clean up the Pre-Snap Penalties and Stay Healthy and March on as the NFL Season is a marathon where a Team/Staff can’t get too Up or too Down over the course of a Season
    Take each Week and Game as a week of preparation, health, creativity and recharge

      1. Credit goes more to the Coaching in my book, it’s always about the Coaching and Schemes rather than Talent as every Draft Pick is Talented Physically.. It how to Develop,encourage, Coach up and challenge these young Athletic Players to play with preparedness and confidence as we saw yesterday with to young Players

        1. Credit goes organizationally to both the hiring of a new staff and the ascension of Hurts over wentz. Remember if wentz stays upright the birds add draft capital as well. I saw a spiritual awakening on the sidelines where coaches were in the ears of there players and a integrated team that seemingly had fun playing the game. That was something we didn’t witness in quite a long while. The beauty of young players coached up , is based upon seeing positive results. Now with San Fran and Dallas in their sight lines the truest test will be their respective resilience.

          1. Yes Desert, I agree, It takes the whole Front Office (Scouts,Player Personnel, Howie along with an engaged Coaching Staff to work together to find out what Players best suit their Schemes,Needs,Traits,Football IQ, Mental Makeup as best as they can to get for these Coaches and then up to the Coaching Staff to then mold and develop these Players
            Previous Coaching Staff and Howies Group were not very close, Coach Pedersen’s Staff
            had 3-4 Very Good Coaches on it and some not so good at Developing
            New DL, WR and DB’s Coach almost every year under Doug Tenure
            Coach Pedersen cared more about Game Plans and Play Calling then looking at the Bigger Picture which is actually developing Players and Creating Schemes and Plays that best utilize their Skill Sets… Dougie P is like next man up will run my system my way, hell or high water and obviously this just doesn’t work in today’s NFL where Coaching has to be very flexible and fluid based on so many factors
            (Talent and Skill Level, Opponents, Strengths and Weaknesses, Injuries and Availability of Teammates, etc,etc,etc)
            Dougie P is a Play Caller who had a Great Staff in 2016/2017 and they worked magic together, but he really lost his way once Joe Defillipo and Frank Reich left ,, Doug was never close to his own DC J Schawartz, who did not communicate as much as you would like to see your HC/DC talk
            A few young Players really lost key time in Developing on this Roster from 2018 thru 2020 and Dougie P has to take some responsibility in this area as well as the Front Office but that’s in the past and right now this Eagles Front Office and Coaching Staff down to the Players who all seem to all enjoy and resspect each other and want to work hard and smart to return the Team to one of the better Organizations in the NFL and move forward for the last few years of Dysfunction

        2. If it has nothing to do with the draft picks and they are “all talented” why do you do 100 mocks? why are you critical of picks etc? flip flop?
          Offensively, 15 draft picks, 12 of them recent made positive contributions to an impressive victory!
          Of course Sirianni and his staff deserve a great deal of credit. Remember many wanted Arthur Smith and poo pooed Sirianni “we hired a coach no one else even interviewed” (same w/doug).
          Howie isn’t hitting 100% but for all the criticisms and “he over spent and cant get FA” he’s had a pretty good couple of years- last year the wheels falling off he went in and salvaged the good parts and cut the cancer out. We never know the full extent but I’m gonna start following the colts very closely cuz I have a suspicion I know a big part of the problem last season!

  3. Helluva real start for hurts and the new hc! Defense was super frustrating the first 2 drives then absolutely dominated !!! Great and i mean great debut by smith! Would’ve liked to see our o line put in a position to maul and dominate that midget sized falcons d line by running more but no biggie. Bottom line i was pleasantly surprised in a facets yesterday.

    Let’s go birds !

    1. Yeah if you are looking for an OL to maul teams and grind out games you are a couple decades too late. Teams just don’t do it. Today’s nfl…. Like it or lump it. The greatest thing about the OL and it’s been this way for years is their ability to block in space, second level etc. there are 3 plays I can think of where kelce got out on a screen and lane on another one and blocked multiple guys and of course the Mailata destruction of the DB where the athletic ability .
      Say what you will about Howie but their commitment to the lines really showed yesterday. Birds and falcons were both horrible last year but the fact that the eagles have committed money and picks to the lines was clearly evident.
      Hurts has proven he can play… now it’s to be seen if he’s a top tier guy…. Would be nice to use 3 firsts next year on a tackle and 2 hi impact defensive players

  4. Paulman cmon man you’re smarter than that

    “it’s always about the Coaching and Schemes rather than Talent as every Draft Pick is Talented Physically.”

    This is not college man. This is the NFL. Scheme, Coaching, is always important, but at this level its about Jimmy’s and Joes, not Xs and Os. Elite talent wins at this level and you have to have start power to compete every single week. All draft picks are elite talent, but do they have that extra step or IT factor? Can they stay healthy and handle the pressure? Can they handle the speed and outside noise of the gaME? Nope.

    The Eagles are healthy. The OL has all 5 elite starters back on the line. Then to top it off, Ertz and Goedert are both on the field with our young talented WRs. It makes all the difference in the world.

    If Wentz played on a squad this healthy, it would be something to watch as well, similar to how Foles put up historic numbers behind this OL.. Wentz played well yesterday for the Colts, but the OL actually played awful allowing over 10 pressures and hits. They should trade for Dillard or Ertz potentially

    I love Hurts like I have said all off – season. The kid has what you cannot teach. Elite work ethic, poise, leadership.. He is obsessed with football…its why he has progressed every single year since his redshirt year at Alabama.

    Sirianni and that fake ass news story they made about the rock paper scissors thing…lmao… Also the whole debacle of “Not naming Hurts the starter” when anyone with half a brain who covered this team knows Hurts took every single first team rep.

    They put out this perception Sirianni was goofy and dumb bc of his first introductory press conference. LMAO Its very early, and rookie head coaches will always have growing pains… but Eagles might have found a damn good one who will be able to relate to the players at all levels AND Develop and teach the young guys..

    10-7 or 9-8 and we make the playoffs.

    1. If Course you have to have Talent, but every Draft Pick Selected has Talent, not there are a 10-12 Players every Draft that are super dipper freaky talented by after that , Picks from 15/50 is very little difference , Then 50 thrun125 little difference and so down the line
      Every Draft, most NFL Scouts say there are about 12-15 Players with True 1st Round Grades on them and that’s it .. Every Year out of the 250 Players Selected
      Example of 2-3 QB’s Selected in every 1st Round of the Draft really don’t have 1st Round Grades but Teams put such a major emphasis on QB’s for obvious reasons is that this pushes other positional Players down the Board
      We see other Positions like RB, LB and even DT de-valued a bit where Players go lower than originally projected due to these Positions looked at more of a role position in the NFL and not every down contributors
      Eagles could get 3 First Rounders in 2022 but will only Select 2 and trade one of them for a 2023 1st Round Pick to get the better bang for the Value, plus Eagles Cap will still not be that good for 2023 so spread out those High Dollar first round selections is the smartest Value for Howie in terms of Roster Construction
      But that’s another story for another Day

      In terms of pure Talent, look at Teams like the Cowboys, Raiders, Jaguars in recent Seasons where they all had talented rosters, but what good did it do with lousy ass Coaching and Front Offices ?
      The “mental make up/character” of a Player is hard to define and predict and the Teams that have sone this the best have been sone of the better Teams in the NFL Year in and Year out, so yes Teams spend a lot of time and resources into this area and the Teams that don’t have continual problems with Players getting into trouble on or off the field, bad eggs in the locker rooms, poor attitudes, unCoachable , etc,etc
      Eagles have always done well in this regard as Owner Lurie, Banner and now Howie are firm believers that Good Character,High Football IQ and a passion to Play, Good Lockerroom guy is as important as “pure talent”

      1. Wow! Paul kind of gave credit.
        Howie has it figured out…. He signed Mailata for pennies on the dollar. In 2 years he kicks it down the road and Mailata will be a 10 year starter . The most brilliant part of the rebuild is keeping the hu dollar high character , all time eagles on board to usher in Sorianni and the young guns. Teach them to be eagles.
        All the hand wringing was for naught .
        Look at the boys and the waste on Elliott and Cooper , Dez etc….

  5. It wasn’t a fake story.. he is a goofy nerd coach. Lives and breathes it… it’s authentic. The gruff, jock coach isn’t necessarily the way to go…
    Paul doesn’t like to give Howie credit… the guy is 10 steps ahead. Never panic … dummies like Paul want to criticize in March and April,.. Howie sits and waits and is smiling like a Cheshire Cat
    Watching the statue care and raiders the drop back and throw deep offense looks easy as hell to defend… Gruden blows

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