Eagles Linebackers Must Get More Aggressive

Eagles linebackers Alex Singleton and Eric Wilson were lining up about five to six yards off the line of scrimmage. The Dallas Cowboys had their center and guards fire out at the Eagles defensive tackles with a double-team block. They would come off and block the linebackers after they got the defensive tackles going backwards.

After seeing the play one or two times, the Birds linebackers should have been attacking the line of scrimmage and putting an end to the Cowboys running the ball right at the Eagles defense. The linebackers must come up and pound those running backs in order to stop that running game. It never happened and Dallas is still running the ball down the throat of the Eagles defense.

Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard are probably anxious to the chance to run against the Birds linebackers later in the season.

2 thoughts on “Eagles Linebackers Must Get More Aggressive

  1. They (current Eagles LB) are just not athletic or strong or good enough to make impacts on Games.. They will get their 8-10-12 Tackles a Game but most will be made 6-8 Yards down the field and not within 2 Yards of the Line of Scrimmage or behind the LOS
    It’s a Unit of the “bend don’t break” philosophy and schemes we’ve seen so far from DC J Gannon

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