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Notes From The Phillies’ 5-2 Win Over San Francisco

07:22 pm | Tweet The Philadelphia Phillies won their second straight game on Sunday afternoon, taking down the Giants 5-2. Their record improves to…

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Notes From The Phillies’ 12-9 Win Over San Francisco

12:45 am | Tweet The Philadelphia Phillies snapped their six-game losing streak on Saturday night, taking down the Giants 12-9. Their record improves to…

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Notes From The Phillies’ 10-2 Loss To San Francisco

07:51 am | Tweet The Philadelphia Phillies lost their sixth straight game on Friday night, falling to the Giants 10-2. Their record drops to…

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Thoughts From Eagles-Bills

12:32 am | Tweet Ronald Darby Provides Instant Spark It didn’t take new starting cornerback Ronald Darby long to make his presence known. Darby came up…

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Eagles-Bills: What I’m Watching

06:11 pm | Tweet First Look At Carson Wentz Without Jordan Matthews I was no fan of Jordan Matthews. I advocated trading him, and don’t…

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Carson Wentz And Eagles Need A Running Game

07:37 am | Tweet Yesterday at the Eagles practice they spent a great deal of time on the running game, but they were unable…

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Eagles Comeback

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Eagles – Every Fall, We Rise

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  • Thoughts From Eagles-Bills (16)
    • mhenski: Too many crazies here anymore. Patrick you need help. Gary do me a favor and ban me....
    • haveacigar: So cliff was outed by racists? WTF u talking bout. He was outed as a liar not as a...
    • patrik411: daggolden a good one,At the moment i cant answer that one though. I love the Eagles...
    • haveacigar: Not a generalization
    • haveacigar: Or a generalization of all… just you 5-6 doom and gloom posters on gcobb....
  • Notes From The Phillies’ 8-4 Loss To San Diego (68)
    • mhenski: Pretty sure your posts today are sicker and more repulsive than any language that can be...
    • Mac Dolo: zilents44 I have heard the most sickest, repulsive, satanic lyrics in heavy metal and...
  • Eagles-Bills: What I’m Watching (55)
    • mhenski: i second that. would hilarious if koolbreeze dolo caught a case over this
    • haveacigar: I’m going on record. I will no longer respond to any posted the moderator...
    • Mac Dolo: Chris Long has been consistent and clear about these issues… including not meeting dump...

Is Eagles CB Rasul Douglas A Starter? – Podcast

Tweet It was obvious to everyone that the Eagles entered this year’s draft...

May 8 2017 / 4 Comments / Read More »

Was Sidney Jones In The 2nd Round A Good Pick? – Podcast

Tweet The Eagles selection of Washington cornerback Sidney Jones in the second round...

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Sidney Jones In The Second Round? Is Malcolm Jenkins Pointing Fingers? – Podcast Nolan Carroll, The Team’s Best Cornerback, Should Be Starting
Running Backs

Donnell Pumphrey Fits The West Coast Offense

Tweet   Many times the key to the a player’s career revolves around which...

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Eagles Sign LeGarrette Blount To A One-Year Deal

Tweet The Eagles made quite a statement today by signing Patriots running back...

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Christian McCaffrey Could Be A Good Fit For Eagles – Podcast Joe Mixon Is This Draft’s Best Back, But….. Taking A Closer Look At Darvin Cook

Carson Wentz And Receivers Looking Impressive

Tweet There are numerous reports about Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and his receivers putting on quite a show at...

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The Development Of Carson Wentz

Tweet The upcoming season and the foreseeable future of the Philadelphia Eagles are both tied to the right arm...

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Carson Wentz Has Had A Great Start To His Off Season

Tweet There’s no question that during his rookie season, Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz displayed many of the qualities that...

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Carson Wentz Needs To Use His Tight Ends More Often

Tweet Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz has an inclination to follow the path of Brett Favre in his confidence...

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Clarity In The Tatum Controversy

Tweet Deadspin’s assault last fall on the reputation of former Inquirer sports writer Kevin Tatum turns out to have been wrong and...

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Five Misconceptions National Broadcasters Have About Philly

Tweet Shortly before the Sixers became ice cold, the NBA saw to it that the Sixers get some national...

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Takeru Kobayshi Shatters Wing Bowl Record By Eating 337 Wings

Tweet 94 WIP’s Wing Bowl XX took place this morning and the world’s greatest eater Takeru Kobayashi set an...

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Who Will Be In/Out Of Sixers’ Rotation?

Tweet As anticipation continues to build for the upcoming 76ers’ season, the team’s major moves of the offseason have...

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Giroux Feeds Philly Media With Embarassing Arrest

Tweet “We are aware of reports surrounding Claude Giroux. Until we have more information, we will withhold making any...

Jul 2 2014 / 4 Comments / Read More »

Temple Owls Come Close To Pulling The Upset, But Lose 24-20

Tweet Last night’s contest between the Temple Owls and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish was the biggest game in...

Nov 1 2015 / 2 Comments / Read More »
High School

QB Dan Williams Emerges As Timber Creek Batters Hammonton, 37-6

Tweet The talent on the Timber Creek Chargers football team has been quite evident all year long, but they...

Nov 18 2012 / Comments Off on QB Dan Williams Emerges As Timber Creek Batters Hammonton, 37-6 / Read More »

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